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Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3 Receiving First Update – “No SIM” Error Resolved

The first update for Verizon’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been approved as build VRALG7. Many of you will be excited to learn that one of the issues addressed is the “No SIM” error message that continued to pop up time and time again on your devices. We know that more than a few of you were dealing with this nagging issue, as we have seen the various forum posts and petition that were targeted at getting it resolved. 

Also along for the ride in this update is Big Red’s Remote Diagnostics Tool, something we had yet to see appear on a flagship-level device. Sure, it was included in an update for the DROID4, LG Revolution, and DROID Charge, but nothing of the Galaxy S3’s stature. For those not familiar, the Remote Diagnostics tool allows Verizon to have remote access to your phone during customer support calls. While they can’t use the tool without your permission, you can’t help but feel a bit uneasy over something with this power hovering in the background of your phone.

The rest of the update makesBackup Assistant more stable, improves data connectivity when using S Beam, and fixes Samsung TecTile issues with NFC.

Normally when we see Verizon approve an update, it starts to rollout to users in a matter of days. As you soon as you see something, be sure to let us know.

The update is 30.7MB in size. More info.

  • Alaovic

    My Phone Give me No sim Card When I insert My sim card . And I change Many sim card in few Days .?

  • nikki creag

    i neef a sim card for my galaxy s3

  • R. Luevano

    Somehow I missed this update between all the apple madness and working. Showed green icon and download. So besides Google now. What’s difference between ICS and jellybean?

  • LN

    Just got the update minutes ago.

  • Rodrigo Grande

    Any good replacements for the S Voice app that has disappeared with the latest update? I assume the Apple court decision is the reason it is gone…

  • This update literally did nothing…I still have no SIM error

    • Doug

      It did nothing for me as well. I am still getting no similar error and it obviously took away my universal search.

      • doug


  • angie

    Mine updated last night.

  • hudock

    Does anyone have issues when placing or receiving calls that the person sometimes can’t hear you? Yet just redialing works fine? Happens about 1 out of 15 calls for me.

  • dbwatters

    Just received the update. Beat it no SIM card!

  • NeedACleverName

    Got the update a few minutes ago. You get an alert tone, then a pop-up warning and the opportunity to begin the update or delay it.

  • Jorge Guaman

    I got the update notificatoin this morning but I postpone it until tomorrow. Does anyone know if I update will prevent me from rooting?

  • STonypointdave

    Still can’t send emails from the native client via wifi…..How can they not have fixed this glaring issue? Major omission.

  • Cutest_Tech_Chick

    How do I *NOT* install this update? (I’m not having any of the problems
    that this poorly done, small “maybe fix” update will offer.)

    Is this update “pushed”? Or will I forever get those annoying “you should update” messages?

  • ks

    No that’s not true. The problem has not been resolved, the pop up that says no sim error just doesn’t pop up. The phone still doesn’t have service. ridiculous. Hate this phone, good thing i got the iphone 5

  • Jessica Wood

    Updated yesterday morning…phone still having ‘No SIM’ error. Did Verizon forget that the primary purpose of this device is to be a phone?!

  • Alexis Crute

    No more universial search.

  • invisiblek

    modem update for anyone who wants it (doesn’t require root if you use the odin method)


  • GR4474

    If you do the update, can you unlock the boot loader and still keep the update? What is the benefit of rooting and unlocking the boot loader?

  • achaff86

    I got the update this morning and I never had the no sim card problem…

  • adam l

    Phone tried to update this morning, but i deferred it until later. I’m rooted and don’t want to install.Anyone know how to stop or decline altogether? My phone went to recovery on its own to flash and i stopped it.

  • Updated this morning! I never had the no sim card problem.

  • djjaeger82

    Anyway to force the update to happen, mine keeps saying no update available even though i’m on the old version, and I desperately need the No SIM fix. On some older phones you could play with the date and get it to push the update to you, or there’d be an offline update.zip we could install, anything like that for this update on galaxy s3?

  • Well…..this killed my GPS for the most part and I’ve tried everything known to us to fix it and it still will not pinpoint me while I’m driving. If it does, it loses connection within a few seconds and doesn’t come back for minutes and sometimes never. I’ve tried clearing the data and cache for the maps/nav and Google services framework but still it won’t hold a lock for more than 30 seconds or less. I need my GPS to work perfectly or at least 99% of the time because of the lack of short term memory that I have due to surgeries in the past. For people like me, this is really bad for the GPS to just stop working and say GPS SIGNAL LOST. I really hope there is a fix for this coming or something else I can do besides running GPS Status and redoing the agps stuff which doesn’t work also.

  • LinZbee

    Just got my OTA update. I’m in South Florida.

  • Yup. Got my update here in So. Cal at about 10pm but I didn’t run it until about 11:30pm.

    The update took all of about 10 minutes including the update download via 4G — and the whole thing went off without a hitch. No issues noticed after the update finished but I didn’t really spend much time looking for any.

    • +1 for the screenies.
      I got my update too (L.A.) and… what you said. Quick, EZ, and glitch free.

  • Alex

    I just recieved the update

  • sakebomber77

    just got my update to my verizon phone

  • Dj Hidro

    After the complete lack of support for the Gnex until 6 months in I’m just glad to see that the phone is being supported. A level 2 tech told me the other day that a few other issues that aren’t listed on the official change log. That always seems to be the case for some reason.

    • Goose306

      The unannounced “features” include a relocked bootloader most likely…

  • Futbolrunner

    I just got my GS3. Coming from a GNex I love it!

    But is anyone else getting HORRIBLE reception and getting thrown off 3G constantly?? (Barely get 4G and I live in DC)

    My GNex had flawless service for the most part.

  • I better not have to wait until 2013 until I receive a Jelly Bean update.

    • Cutest_Tech_Chick

      What will you do if you DO have to wait? Demand a full refund? You have no choice at all.

  • Hopefully we’ll see more updates within this first year, I’m avoiding the Root until all factory updates are released. I hate the constant flashing (call me lazy)

  • Andy Christiansen

    anyone else get an error when trying to attach pictures to text? says too large or something. I have to restart phone to end. very annoying

    • gkinsella2

      I’ve been getting “Unable to attach. File not supported.” Yes, very annoying. Sometimes it’ll work if I try a couple times, other times I have to reboot.

  • cipearman

    For one, I am happy the update is coming. My wife’s phone (mine too, occasionally) is rendered useless by the NO SIM BS. All of this an a “very strong”, five bars LTE area of their network. I have a great video I’ve shown to VZW of this problem in action: 2 GS3s, a Droid Razr and a VZW feature phone. The 2 GS3s will not work at all they say “out of area” and “NO SIM”, while the Razr is on 5 bar LTE can make calls and receive streaming video. This is a major issue that the VZW and I’m glad it “may” be resolved. I just want the phone to work before I worry about bootloaders, wifi notifications, root, etc…

  • nicholb

    No global roaming yet 🙁

    • Futbolrunner

      That’s what I’m waiting on too

  • zack brown

    What about the microphone issues during phone calls

  • Vudu Gan

    Does anybody really use Backup Assistant?

  • I hope they finally added a feature I have wanted,
    “Automatically send text message to iPhone users that they dont have NFC”
    hahahaha. I’m still loving my SG3
    NFC in car to auto enable bootoofs. NFC is awesome. (for the few people who use it)

    • Andy Christiansen

      wait,,, what?

  • John_NHT

    Dont want it? Dont install it. Geez.

    Verizon purposely unlocked the boot loader for a reason, so no you wont lose it.

    Finally, if a notification annoys you: TURN IT OFF.

    Five Verizon apps and they’re whining about Bloatware.

    smfh. Just stop the whining though- i dont have anymore android pacifiers to give out.

    • mustbepbs

      Verizon didn’t unlock the bootloader. There was a leak (most likely from BEASTSUNG to throw it back in Verizon’s face) and the devs working on it took advantage of that.

  • Galaxy-s3

    No fix for the copy paste crash bug?

  • soremekun

    I can’t wait for the No SIM fix. It’s sooooo annoying!!!!!

  • VicMatson

    Isn’t having to do that kind of fix embarrassing?

    Test dummy! Oops that’s the customers!

  • TheCheapGamer

    Anyone know if this breaks root? (Still on stock BL)

  • I have no problems .. will not take this update .. however, Im sure them will include these fixes in future updates anyway so kind of a mute point

  • yarrellray

    Verizon is pretty pitiful with all updates..

  • td

    Every time I see these Verizon software update flyers Im like wtf. Verizon, you have NOTHING to do with this, you dont make the device, you are only making things worse. This isnt 2002. Getlost already

  • AhsanS

    Notice how they call it the “Samsung Galaxy S III” and not the “Verizon Galaxy S III” like do with the Nexus and Motorola devices. Sammy takin’ charge.

  • Anyone else having really really poor GPS quality with this phone? Was great in the beginning but now its slow to find a connection, if it finds one at all and loses the connection all the time. I’m even went through the process of flashing a JB rom to see if it helped and it still not 100%

    • klonoa

      yeah, noticed this as well. Sometimes it takes a very long time to find my location.

      • Sometimes it wont even find it. I’m following the route and it drops out “GPS signal lost” and takes 10-15 minutes to find it. Resets don’t help, factory reset didnt help. I’m lost at this point.

        • Andrew N.

          Identical issue for me, but my wife’s S3 works flawlessly under identical circumstances. To test, on a recent road trip, we operated both phones Navigation in the exact same spot in the car. Hers was near perfect, mine would have gotten us lost a truckload of times.

    • No issues here

    • I am having the same exact issue

      • i bought myself and my girlfriend one at the same time and hers works great, mine randomly quit.

    • Chronon7364

      It’s a little spotty from time to time, but usually quite fast

    • stang6790

      There is an thread on XDA with a fix that someone got from a call to tech support and a lot of people were saying it seemed to help.

  • thenew3

    Where is my Jelly Bean update?!?!?

    • Still in the candy store .. smh

    • that’s what I’m waiting for too!!!

  • Chronon7364

    Is there a way to block this if you are rooted and have unlocked the bootloader but haven’t flashed a third party rom? That being said, any suggestions for good Verizon GS3 roms?

    • I think if you freeze “FWUpgrade”, it’ll stop it, but Google for sure.

      A “friend” of mine has been using the Root66 stock rom and currently CleanRom. They’re both stock-based, but fwiw, Jelly Bean roms are not there yet, unless you don’t mind some random issues….

    • mustbepbs

      If you’ve flashed a custom recovery, you should be set as CWM doesn’t allow OTAs to go through.

    • Guest

      CM10 M1, Jelly Bean and stable. No issues, been running for past week.

  • jester4281

    Would be nice if this update resolved the “known WiFi available do you want to connect” issue, AM SO TIRED OF THIS.

    • check out the HiddenMenuWifiOffLoad menu and disable that.. a lil xda search will work for ya

    • michael arazan

      The Update is for Verizon Bloatware, when it comes to their crappy bloatware, Verizon is all over it and a fast and speedy update for you. FBS

      • Ralph Puerta

        Of course.

      • JoshGroff

        That awkward moment when you’re signed into disqus under your boss’s email. >.>

        Anyway, totally gonna use FBS in text rants now. 🙂

      • 1. Open up the Galaxy S3 phone dialer
        2. Then dial *#0011#
        3. Look for the “ServiceMode” screen and press the left menu button
        4. Select “WiFi”
        5. You should see that the “WiFi Power Save Mode” button is “ON” – now put it on “OFF”’

        quick google search

        • jester4281

          Yeah, have tried that and it still shows….

      • Dj Hidro

        They had bloatware on the Gnex and weren’t fast to update it.

    • zUFC
    • Roro

      Jester on the wifi setting uncheck the auto connect to wifi . This is the first thing in the list. Hope this help

    • AnnaMikk

      Dial *#6335623# then disable WiFi offloading hit ok and there ya go.

  • Jim McClain

    My wife S3 has had no problems

  • Nick

    Not gonna take it unless the devs say its okay.!!!!

  • nightscout13

    Does it break Root

  • tu3218

    I take it devs’ will implement this into their roms or publish this as an update? No way am I taking an update from verizon with my unlocked sgs3.

  • richardsonadm

    Not worth losing my unlocked boot loader.

  • aholeinthewor1d

    It never even got the vralg1 update? Did it? I know you can download it online and flash with odin but did it ever officially get that update? When I got my phone it had cm10 on it and I flashed the vralf 1 update myself and then went back to vralg 2 to try and see it if woold pull the official update and never did

  • I am curious all they still blocking Google Wallet at a software level after the update?

    • Michael_NM

      Isisuspect they will.

      • imneveral0ne

        I see what you did there.