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Throwback Thursday: Win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 from DL and NVIDIA (Update: Winner Picked)

We have partnered up with NVIDIA once again to bring you a Throwback Thursday giveaway! Today, we’re offering a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. The tablet was recently updated to Ice Cream Sandwich so it will surely be able to handle any of the tasks you might throw its way. But enough with the talk, let’s get down to it. 


Prize:  Up for grabs is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 16GB WiFi tablet. It’s powered by a Tegra 2 processor, perfect for on the go gaming and all of your other tablet needs such as watching movies and editing documents.

Update: We have our winner! The tablet goes to “PlzSirIWantSomeMore” who says his cat ate his last one. Yikes. Thanks to everyone who entered and for making this another successful Throwback Thursday!

How to Enter:

1. Follow Droid Life and NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2. Tweet out the following message:


Oh boy, @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra are giving away a Galaxy Tab – Enter here for your chance to win: http://goo.gl/iSEHz

3. Comment down below with why you need to win this tablet. It doesn’t need to be epic, just a simple reason why you want it.


Winner:  We will choose our winner randomly from the comments section below today at 3PM PST. We will notify winner by email so make sure to comment with a valid email address. Good luck!

Thanks to NVIDIA for fronting the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

  • Nate

    For college!

  • Ahku Droid

    My Hack-A-NOOKcolor running AOKP Build 40 (ICS 4.0.4) isn’t cutting it anymore…

  • Because I’m desperate to get into the android tablet universe?

  • Brandon

    Plain and simple….My 4 year old has taken over my only Android Tablet so when he is awake, I am lucky to even touch it. This way I can have my own!

  • Mustang5Oh

    I want it because my 5 yr old dropped and broke my GTab 8.9! 🙁

  • I want it so I can cook without running to the computer for my recipes.

  • Splicer78

    Because my PC shot sparks at me and I need something bigger to surf Droid-Life with

  • Freddo301

    I’m getting to old and tired to lug my notebook around.

  • Because I want a big awesome tablet for developing indie games onboard with!

  • I need to win this tablet because I need more Android in my life. Always

  • I need to win this tablet for my wife.

  • want it because its anti-apple

  • AppleSucks

    I’ll make it the iPhone 6

  • Rob

    I Want To Give This To My Son.

  • not want….need this to show my boss how awesome these things for work will be…productivity will go up. i’ll work from home, on the “can”…everywhere…PUHLEEEZE!?!?

  • I want it because my mom needs a good tablet and doesnt need quad core or anything like that


    As any human being is born his demands are born too and so hence i would like to win this tablet because i am human being and i have some wish and demand

  • I work as a bus driver. My down time between routes is boring. I need one to relieve my boredom with games and to show off to the children and make them all jealous. XP

  • Travis John doesnt need to write down why he needs this tablet. DroidLife needs to write down why they think Travis John should accept this tablet. He is simply the most interesting man in the world

  • Bigredandroid

    I don’t own my own tablet! I have to ask wife if I can borrow her ipad all the time. This should be reason enough.

  • I need it, I’m addicted to Android and don’t have any money.


  • I would like to have it for college work that I need to do. Thanks.

  • Mike Lazaga

    I need some new technology. Thanks for the contest Ex

  • DigitalEnforcer

    I would like to have it so it can be a dedicated tablet for my wife and kids. Every time I come home, my Transfomer Prime’s battery is always dead and so I don’t get to use it as much.

  • ROBV_100

    I have a Motorola Razr MAXX, a XOOM would be a nice big brother to have around. Love Motorola equipment!!

  • I need one cuz I have a inferior ipad

  • I want to be cool.

  • Brian Costello

    So my son stops taking my galaxy nexus to play games, watch cartoons, and take pictures.

  • Gobaku

    Because my boy needs to be introduce to android and the wonders of tablets (=

  • Nps

    I want it because i love it::

  • justin marden

    I’m a broke college kid! #sobstory

  • I should probably get it because I just got internet three minutes ago and seuch.

  • dukenilnil

    Under the wire

  • jothen2002

    Anything to take my mind off my soon to be ex wife

  • I want it cause my wife wont buy me one (even though she has the same one already)

  • I need the tab because my touchpad broke and it hurts to be tab-less!!

  • Fredy Nativi

    I want it cause Apple tries to ban it.

  • SysWiz

    My daughter needs a good tablet for school.

  • I need a new tablet since my husband doesn’t know how to share his Nexus 7!

  • Coltsfan74

    Because it is cooler than an iPad

  • Clifford Gadd

    I would like to give it to my girlfriend of 6 years. She really wants one but we can’t afford it because we are both going to college and need to save our money for tuition.

  • I want it so I can go paperless this next year at school. No more lugging around textbooks.

  • Gil

    Because I’ve always wanted an “ipad”

  • Chris

    I want this tablet so I won’t be as jealous of my wife’s new Nexus 7 🙁

  • I would like to win because android is the only way to go with anything mobile, and having a Galaxy Tab would be sick!!

  • Shelby46

    Would love a 10 inch to go along with my Nexus 7!

  • I must win! I must win!. Well I’d really like to tryout an Android tablet after living with my obsolete iPAD1. Please. I must win! I must win!

  • leroybrown

    I want it so I can read these posts better.

  • Gregorious

    I want it because It deserves better than to be called a throwback

  • because I need a tab to test my android apps and do tutorials for friends

  • Because Android is better than iOS

  • Don Evans

    I want it so I can see DroidLife on a bigger screen than my phone

  • HenryWM

    I need it for research and writing. My e-reader died, and I cannot afford to replace it. this tablet would also provide a portable way to take notes and write ideas.

  • wes

    I could use one pretty bad at work…

  • richardsonadm

    I thought this was an iPad, but i definitely would take this one instead. I’m confused. Are you sure its not an ipad?

  • Matthew Whitaker

    I would love a tablet to play games on! My screen is too small:/

  • Adam

    I want it because it’s free.

  • AndrewScardino

    I would like one because my prime has decided to not work with wi-fi and I bought it at gamestop so they wont replace it 🙁

  • I would love to win this because I’m an Apple fanboy, but wanna give Android a fair shake.

  • I would like to win it to test it out at our school. As the principal, I’m interested in using android tablets instead of laptops and textbooks. Would be nice to see if this would work with our infrastructure.

  • fyrhtu

    I need this tablet because it’d be great to match my wife’s 10.1

  • Because carrying a 10.1 is lighter than my books.

  • thesailingboss

    Me wants! Thanks Droid Life!

  • Because I would give it to my wife!

  • I need one for college.

  • RelentlessPace

    I need this tablet so that I’m not left empty-handed when my mom wants to play Angry Birds!

  • …Because this could be my first tablet 😀

  • tishabarr

    I want to win because everyone and their mom has a tablet except for me.

  • Mixwell

    My asus transformer prime broke. I’m helpless without a portable 10″ portal to the interwebs. Also, I’m studying for a massive exam and developing serious back pains from lugging around my 17″ behemoth laptop. Please help. You’re my last hope!

  • I need to win this so I can give it to my mother for ease of use ,so I don’t have to keep explaining to her how to turn on a computer!

  • Rob

    i want this instead of the 8.9 i have now!

  • Graham Wilson

    Because I don’t have a tablet!

  • ThePirate

    I want it because i love Samsung’s products and I’m tired of lugging around my 17′ laptop also like drewbie_al said i want it because CrApple hates it 😉
    I REALLY hope i win this!!

  • My children have taken my tablet over and I need one for myself. Hook me up!

  • I want it to be more versatile with my work presentations.

  • Ricky Schleining

    I need a tablet to complete my tech collection.

  • Mrpicolas

    I want to win Cause I sold my tablet to pay for my sons braces…

  • Will be traveling more in the coming months, would make a nice travel buddy. Thanks guys!!

  • john.b.henderson2

    Because I don’t have one. Thanks

  • felipeghale

    My dad could use a tablet.

  • EGilk

    I need it to finally get rid of this damn iPad!

  • I need to win because I don’t own a tablet. I like games too so the tegra zone will be nice.

  • I want it to view a single still photo

  • Doug Stanley

    I need to use more bandwidth

  • I want to win this for my son. It would be a great way for him to communicate with the world around him.

  • Mark Bowman

    I have always wanted a tablet! Droid life best android site EVER!

  • ace

    Want to play some sweet games with the tegra

  • HouseofCrew

    I want a good large tablet for recording notes in class!

  • Rick

    I’d like the Galaxy Tab so I can save my money for other important things like beer.

  • I want it because I’ve wanted a tablet for a long time

  • I want it cos its a nice looking tablet

  • I need it because the wife won’t let me buy it!

  • I want this tablet so my wife will stop putting this like bakery story on mine!

  • So i can download my textbooks

  • tiptoptommy


  • I want it because I don’t have a tablet… my kids do but I don’t…

  • Because m Cm9 Touchpad just isn’t cutting it…

  • papi92

    I need to win this tablet because I need to take notes in college and this would save me money on notebooks.

  • watchthesky

    I want it because my phone battery dies to often to play games on.

  • tanknspank

    I could always use another Android device.. good enough? 😀

  • I want it because it’s not Apple!!!

  • Francis Scardino

    Love me some iPad…oh wait….that’s a Samsung Tab, I was confused. hah. Bring it. Thanks for the contest.

  • Because I love android, and android accessories.

  • MontanaMoody

    My son really needs this pad for school.


  • raoul duke

    I want it cause I want to win at least one of these contests

  • ki11ak3nn

    I want it because my Toshiba laptop that I’ve had for four years just died. I would love a tablet to replace it.

  • Kiter86

    I would like to win it because android is awesome and it is an awesome tablet

  • Why not, would be nice and freeeee

  • Adam Call


  • Alex K.

    i just want it to guide my army of robot wolves into battle. i figure i could make that happen with it.

  • Phase3d

    All I can say is it would be AWESOME to win. Been with Droid Life from the beginning. Have always enjoyed your website! Take care…

  • I want to gift it.

  • I want it because it is made by BEASTUNG

  • alershka

    I would give this to my son who would use it for note taking in college

  • Would love to win it.I Greatly appreciate it.thanks

  • TheShrevest

    I need it to replace a broken laptop.

  • Antti Elonheimo

    I would surprise my fiance with it.

  • tat2junior

    I want to win because my wife took my Nexus 7.

  • Please!

  • Because it would make an awesome birthday present…for myself.

  • Just to show up all the Apple fanboi’s

  • Adam92Wilkins

    i want it for the sleek design and tegra 3 😀

  • I want it so I can add this obnoxious signature in emails I send from it: Please excuse any typos. Sent from my Galaxy Tab 10.1.

  • I’m a huge android guy, and having a tablet would be awesome!

  • Alex

    I want to win because I need a new tablet. This Xoom is too heavy to be taking everywhere -.-

  • I commute every day and would love to have this tablet. All I ever see are iPads and I just want to say . . .forget you patent trolling supports my tab rocks!

  • Because…winning.

  • jason

    I would use it to preach with.

  • i need it to stream more football on watchespn

  • Always wanted an iPad.

  • i need it because it’s cool to use old things

  • I need to win this tablet because I don’t have a tablet! I need my own tablet for when I am on the go!

  • Rachael Hedden

    I need it so i can finally have a tablet to replace my crappy computer

  • Dan Lopez

    I’ve never owned a tablet. Seems like a great way to start.

  • Because my Touchpad doesn’t cut it any more.

  • I want to win this so I can have another samsung device to rub in apples face

  • Fadi Al-Mubarak

    I’ll give this to my daughter so that she can watch the cookie monster eating cookies

  • Because I don’t have a table and I don’t want an iPad (or iPad mini, or Kindle, or Kindle HD, or Super Kindle HD 4G MP3 blah blah whatever)

  • I actually own a bluetooth keyboard made for this tablet despite not owning it. Would be pretty epic to unite it with its daddy.

  • It’s made by Samsung. I must know what all the lawsuits are about. It must be good.

  • I need a backup tablet

  • grea8one

    My laptop died and I want to be able to use interwebs while watching tv

  • I want it so I can ditch my laptop for when I travel for work.

  • Kusold

    I want it because I accidentally bought a bunch of tablet only games in the Humble Bumble and I can’t play them.

  • shadesmctuba

    I need this tablet because I have a wiener dog who loves tablets. He is very, very hard to please.

  • randompsychology

    I don’t yet have a real Android tablet, but I’ve been wanting to get one forever! Please pick me? 😉

  • Wes Turner

    I like Tablets

  • I need a tablet for web development testing at work.

  • CapnShiner

    I want the Galaxy Tab 10.1 because I don’t already have a tablet and if I did get a tablet I would want a 10″ one anyway because the bigger screen is better if you don’t need it to be very portable. I think it would drastically improve my Draw Something experience.

  • cause tablets are sweet

  • thecharrr

    I would like an Android tablet

  • I need because I don’t have a smart anything. And to show my co-worker that android beats ios hands down.

  • Hunter

    Because I don’t have a tablet. 🙁

  • I’ve always had a use for a tablet, just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.

  • I love DL and love gaming. I’ve been in need of a tablet, and this would be so perfect!

  • I want it because I do, and I do because I want it.

    …Does that even make sense?

  • omgitzjose

    i need this because i never win anything from you guys and im dying for an android tablet!

  • A. Scott Kingston

    I would love to win this to spread the word that an Android tablet can be far more superior than Apple’s offering of its “revolutionary” hardware and software!

  • JustinRhode

    I don’t own a tablet. I would love to have one I just can’t afford one at this time.

  • Look, I’m just a biochemist. Most of the time I work in a little glass jar and lead a very uneventful life. I drive a Volvo, a beige one. But what I’m dealing with here is one of the most deadly substances the earth has ever known, so what say you cut me some FRIGGIN’ SLACK and give me the tablet!!!

    • Tim

      Welcome to the Rock!

  • so my kids will leave my gnex alone

  • i need me a fantasy football companion.

  • Because this tablet rocks the socks off of the iPad!

  • Prasad Chaudhary

    i want galaxy tab 10.1 because its my dream to play games on a big screen but financial problems can never afford to get that precious tablet..but i usually go to stores n play live on it..its gonna b whole loads of amazing holding dat 10.1 in hand as if iam dreaming..

  • Christopher Mann

    I need to win this thing because everyone else at work has iPads and I can’t be one of the sheep!

  • It would make a sweet couch tab

  • Chris Nelson

    I want it because it would go very well with my galaxy s3.

  • Kangamitzi

    I thought getting a Galaxy Nexus would satisfy my desire for a tablet (coming from an OG Droid, it practically IS a tablet), but it backfired. Now I want one EVEN MORE. My husband is all ‘We don’t NEED one, we both have laptops and Galaxy Nexuses(Nexii?)’. As if needing it were important, *scoff*

    Roses are Red
    Violets aren’t yellow
    My man won’t buy a tablet
    Cuz he’s a cheap fellow!

  • androidformetoo

    I would like to win it so that I can use it for the new technology blog that I’m starting, called “Yesterday’s Tech”. I’m always jealous when Kellen posts a pic of a bunch of tablets unboxed and stacked on top of each other. In fact, I don’t need this new one…I’ll take some of his hand-me-downs…

  • jromash

    wife won’t let me root our current tablet

  • steak fried chicken

    Whats twitter

  • Stephen Gaskins Jr.

    I would love to use this as a replacement for my broken laptop.

  • MattSweeden

    I want it because I have always with held myself from getting a tablet in fear of a better one coming tomorrow.


    It would certainly help keep my younger kids occupied when I have to take my Autistic son to therapy or his numerous doctor appointments.

  • Josh Persaud

    i want it so i can show it off to all of my friends. help out a broke college student!

  • Because… I don’t own a tablet, and I should.

  • Teresa

    So i can give it to my mom who’s been in the hospital for 3 weeks so far..(and will be another 2-3 weeks) so she can video chat w/her kids & great grandkids


    I need a mobile device tab like this one, pick me please.

    Ian B

  • My partner wants an iPad but I want to keep our household completely Droid by proving to him that Droid is ALWAYS better than a,pl! 😉

  • I’d like to win this to replace my HP TouchPad, which will be given to my roommate.

  • Matt Collins

    I want it to give to my wife since we’ll be separated due to work for nearly 4 months. We can do some fun hangouts!

  • I want free stuff. You have free stuff. Pretty simple to me.

  • Kevin72

    I want it because I want it and I want it now!! :verucasalt

  • I need the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 16GB WiFi tablet because my bionic is not good enough to play tegrazone games.

  • Adam Intinarelli

    I want it so i can give it to my mom for her birthday(:

  • I need it because I am shopping for one right now and this would make my day.

  • I want it to take notes in class and watch my dramas 🙂

  • Unbeliever64

    I want one because my wife already has one and it’s no fair when she gets better toys than I do. 🙂

  • JoshHenry

    I could sell this tab and use the money to get the know 10.1 note!!

  • Android tablets are cool

  • I just need a tablet that is bigger than the one that I have.

  • Danillo Oscar

    I want it to make my days happier!

  • Brent Wride

    It’s time to move to a tablet and I’m not about to start using Apple products.

  • SpiderMonkey

    I want one because I didn’t know that you could patent round corners!

  • This would be a great tablet to help start my paperless office service business. I plan on using a tablet to show prospective clients different scanner options to fit their needs. I think it would give me a professional , update look that would impress people enough to close the deal.

  • I love to win this to give to my lovely wife who so deserve it.

  • Kyle Bailey

    I want this tablet to help me in college. It’ll make working on power points and word document so much easier. And also it will help me with circuit designing

  • TheFatCook

    I want to win this tablet so I can game and watch my own movies in peace and not be succumbed to my girlfriends crappy romantic comedies!

  • So my wife stops using mine.

  • Rich

    I need it to keep up with my kids, and to read a bit too

  • TheCheapGamer

    Because I don’t own an official Android tablet.
    (Touchpad only)

  • vanessa

    I want to play Angry Birds!

  • Mike_Cook7

    I would love to with this, I just want to give my first gen ipad to my daughter or something cuz I refuse to buy the same apps on both platforms.

  • I want it so my Kids will leave mine alone.

  • I need it because I NEEEEeeeeeeEEEEEeeeeeed it!

  • CurtisNic

    i need it to take notes for school, and get books on it. 60$ for a ebook is alot, but not as much as 300$ for the paperback book!

  • I need to win this to cure my gadget fix for a bit

  • I am a very poor college student with a desperate need for a tablet to carry to classes. So I would be grateful for it.

  • Want it for my girls birthday she’s dieing to get one

  • Bradon Says

    Because I have never owned and android tablet or any tablet, it is time… past time and Tab 10.1, you are it.

  • magneto198

    i want to give it to my little sister since she has been bugging me to get her a tab

  • This tablet will make my life a lot easier.

  • Byron Galvez

    I want it because I like free things

  • Simply because I have wanted to get a tablet for my family and do not have the extra money to afford one.

  • Andrew Egger

    i want this so my family will stop using my N7

  • MJ

    I like to win this tablet since I don’t own any tablet right now!

  • Thomas Kefalas

    To take it to class and use as a notebook…I hate writing notes and I have serial killer handwriting…it’s embarrassing…lmao

  • Scott Haggerty

    Anything NOT crApple related would work for me!

  • jamaall

    I need it for when my OG Droid Razr dies with its crappy battery!

  • rreich49

    I want to get this tablet so I can give my iPad to my Apple-loving wife.

  • Scott H

    It would be great for the kids! Until I can create a few “user profiles” on my rooted Nexus7, they can’t touch it! 😛

  • Jason Corder

    I want one so I use it for work and play. I travel a lot and a legit tablet would help make my life better!!

  • Senate9690

    I want it because I want a quality tablet, and this is one quality tablet!

  • Want to break free of the Apple ecosystem

  • aero0311

    I really need to win this tablet because it will give me something to do and my wife watches her boring shows.

  • It’s time to dump my iPad!

  • ehoffman557

    I need this tablet so I can do something while my husband takes our laptop at night. That and its pretty cool.

  • Throwback Thursday? Well just throw that tablet on my lap please cause i want it!

  • Jason M

    It hurts to admit, but I don’t have a tablet yet. I need something bigger than my phone to make reading a little easier on the eyes.

  • I want it for my 29 month old

  • Tony

    On Tuesday, my parents and sisters went to the Ellen show (I couldnt go because i had an exam) and each got a free brand new Nexus 7 and Play card! Ive been trying to save up my hard earned money to buy a tablet for school and they got one for free. The worst thing is that they just had to rub it in my face. I sucked up the pain of being so unlucky and decided that I would catch a break soon. This is my chance! Thanks!

  • So that I can have great games and a new way to explore this amazing website. Plus my droid 3 isn’t cutting it in the gaming department

  • Beer Chops

    Love to win it so that it can be used in my wife’s Autism behavior and tutoring business to help children with autism and aspergers

  • Nick F

    I want it so i can have all of my books and notes on one thing, instead of 3 big books and 3 note book >_>

  • onthego

    I want this galaxy tab because it’ll make my life SOOO much easier!

  • I just got a Moto Lapdock and I’m getting spoiled by the tablet experience but I don’t have a touch screen! Gah. This would be an amazing upgrade for me. Dreaming of reading Google Currents on this thing. Thanks!

  • jer85008

    Because my kids need to leave mine alone!

  • I want it because I need a tablet to use at the fire department during downtime so I can read Droid Life on a bigger screen.

  • Anthony Sanders

    Quite simply, I love EVERYTHING ANDROID!!

  • Keith Johnson

    I have Samsung products (phone/TV/) but my tablet is a Motorola Xoom (it is built like a tank though). The GTab is nice!! Droid-Life and Nvidia can complete my circle!

  • I’vE Never OwneD A Tablet. I Would LikeToWin This Just To See What All The Hype Is About. Please Pick Me. Thanks.

  • I need it because I just dropped my Xoom last week & cracked the screen. I had no insurance on it & I need another tablet asap but don’t have the money! Heeeeeeeeeeeelp!

  • Mike McAteer

    Samsung, Nvidia, and Android. It just doesn’t get much better than that! I need a real tablet!

  • trumpet444

    I want it because I never win these, and I dont own a tablet anymore. Just sold my last one. Slow work, $hitty economy and everything

  • Nick

    I would love to have this. It could go with my SGS3 lol

  • JD11669

    I not only want but need it…I bought one last year and got to play with it for 3 days before my WIFE and KIDS claimed it as theirs and I haven’t had it since.

  • chris125

    Because it isn’t from apple and would use it while out and about while traveling.

  • I want it because Samsung is the king plus Apple can kiss my a**

  • This isn’t the tablet people need right now. It’s the tablet that the people deserve.

  • I tried buying a Nexus 7 tablet but kept getting the raised screen issue with every replacement google sent me. This would solve my problem entirely…

  • I need to win this tablet because I won’t own one until I win a giveaway.

  • I want one because I want one.

  • bigdav1178

    I want to win it so I can show my iPad using friends why their toy sucks in comparison.

  • Ryan Song

    A seventeen inch laptop is too big to lug to class.

  • I need to win because while I love my Nexus 7, it would be nice to have a bigger screen to work with when watching movies and shows on the go.

  • I’d love to win because I need a good 10″ tablet to replace the crappy one I have now (Archos POS)

  • necroscopev

    I need to win because this tablet paired with my Samsung Galaxy S3 will let me be one step closer to Samsung and myself taking over the world!

  • skylordusa1

    I want this tablet cause it is Samsung and I love all things Samsung.

  • I want it because I’m too broke to actually buy one?!

  • Why I need to win this tablet: because I don’t have one yet, and I want to see what all the fuss is about. 😛

    Question: How do we know if our comment is a valid entry? Can you get our email from a Twitter Disqus account? If you need mine, it’s my twitter handle (without the @) at gmail.

  • Ryan Kratochvil

    I’ve been considering a tablet for some time now as a travel replacement companion to my laptop. I want something that I can use to upload pictures from my camera’s SD card to picasa and drop onto my ftp server. I’ve been looking at a nexus 7, but if I win this I will make it work.

  • Kevin_R.

    Want this so our 16 month old daughter will put our Android phones down!

  • Otis Akfabio

    I need to a 10 inch screen to watch porn

  • Andries Menko

    I’ve got 5 kids who all want a tablet for Xmas, this would be one step closer to at least 1 kid getting one 🙂

  • Tex

    I would like to have a tablet to score my little league team and help keep things more organized and connected.

  • harryharry

    Hey why not? Not the newest or best, but still damn good. Oh, and because Apple.

  • Mike Cechi

    …And in addition to the reason I explained below, may I add, “I NEED this tablet so I can be on DROID LIFE everywhere I go!!””

  • I would like this because I think it would look good alongside my white Galaxy SIII! It would also be fun to have two Samsung devices in a house with multiple Apple devices in it! xD

  • I want the Galaxy Tab 10.1 because I would love to play games on it.

  • I have the GS3 and would love to sync between the two devices.

  • bigee1212

    Could give my s3 some company.

  • tha_peopleschamp

    I need so I can stop using my wife’s [email protected]

  • droider10

    I would like to win this tablet to celebrate the new iphone 4…..i mean 4S…….haha i love android

  • EngineerGA

    I want one so I can stop carrying my laptop around with me. I leave the Xoom in my office docked and streaming Pandora, so I could use another tablet.

  • monsterenergy22

    Just to show my campus that the word tablet isn’t synonymous for an iPad

  • rockstar323

    I want to win this so I don’t have to buy one with my own money.

  • Tweekex

    I want it, because I used to love my Touchpad until it was stolen from me over a year ago. I still don’t have the funds to replace it, thus why I am entering this contest.

  • Jon-Eric Deutsch

    Just sold my OG transformer.

  • Would love to get this tablet for my daughter to keep her busy and entertained and my old droid x just doesn’t cut it anymore.

  • Because I am going blind playing N.O.V.A 3 on my DROID Razr Maxx

  • Show me some throwback thursday LOVE

  • I could use this tablet for my notes in class, and put on educational kids shows for my daughter when on the road.

  • Royal2000H

    I just want a freaking Android tablet!!

  • I just really like Samsung products!!

  • Would love this very much! And I’d take good care of it.

  • Robert Emerson

    I’m a gadget monkey who loves playing with all the toys…

  • I’d love to win one of these, because I could really use a more functional and featured tablet than my TouchPad.

  • I want it because It endorses the new spelling a.pl not apple

  • Joshua Vaughn

    I run a small private school in CA that helps underprivileged children and those with difficulty learning to do well academically. I also assits families that want to educate their children at home. I have been looking to get a pad for use in the classes that I host for parents and families. These classes teach parents how to help their children in school and create a better family life where the children are happier, safer and more eager to learn. Thanks!!

  • I want it so I can walk into my parents house and tell my dad and my brother (who is a stubborn as all get out Apple fan) that my tablet is faster thinner, and lighter than his i(fail)Pad.

  • Joseph Ree

    To read e-books on something other than my PC.

  • Adam Collins

    I need to win this tablet because otherwise the terrorists win. The Apple terrorists. Save me!

  • I could use this to help my son with his homework!

  • I need it because its awesome and i dont have one

  • jarrodaydelott

    I want it to go with my s3

  • BillJude56

    2 good reasons: 1) My iPad 1(bought used) is walking the green mile, 2) I’m mulling buying my 1st smartphone & leaning Android. I suspect the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will seal the deal!

  • Mike Fink

    If I don’t win then Apple does, and we just can’t have that.

  • Arlind Emini

    I would like this tablet because I’ve enjoyed NVIDIA products since my first GeForce video card on PC’s and Samsung products ranging from TVs to my latest SGS3 (and retired GNEX :P).. they are iNNOVATORS and together I’m sure have created a beast tab… just my $0.02

  • B Lepper

    Kids keep taking my phone to play Angry Birds. And hey, free stuff, what’s not to like.

  • droidify

    I would like to win. I’ve actually been looking to buy a used one for my dad.

  • red014

    I need something to do while I poop.

  • Craig LeBaron

    I want it so I can read digital comics on a screen larger than my G´nex

  • Jen Herweg

    I’d love a tablet to work on – my laptop is kind of old and I can’t afford anything newer yet. So, crossing fingers!

  • maybbmay

    Because my wife won’t let me use our other tablet!

  • Rx7freek

    This tablet would absolutly make life at school and work absolute heaven!

  • smAshley

    I work at a Verizon store and I want to use it as a selling tool to push more ANDROID devices instead of the lackluster iPhone 5 that everyone has been calling for for the past two days. Also, I think that someone in Billings, MT needs to win this to use the large screen navigation on our covered wagons since we don’t have cars here yet. 😉

  • Because I don’t own a tablet at the moment 🙁 Just sold my Kindle Fire a couple of months ago.

  • xHabeasCorpusx

    I am a salesman at a large Electronic retail store, I sell the Galaxy Line but I am not able afford one. When I try to sell someone a tablet the I make sure it’s a Tegra powered device. I want my customers to be happy and for them to be able to sneer in the the apple users faces. I use a car analogy to describe processors to people who know little of electronics. A processor determines nearly every aspect your enjoyment of your device (which is why I will never own a TI device again), battery life and Speed (like gas milage and horsepower), matters most.

    The Tegra devices not only perform flawlessly in both aspects but excels in others. When my TI device trys to render any graphic, it lags, stutters and heats my device to a uncomfortable point (like my 2000 Camry 4cyl engine). When I use Tegra devices at work, they seem to power through any game, app or website. There is no stopping a Tegra, and the future only holds more glory! If the Tegra had an exhaust it would sound like a stock car in NASCAR and perform like a formula one car. I love everything about them. Look at the stats! Tegra Vs. Snapdragon is a joke as well, snapdragons should be renamed to Gingersnaps. I have never seen such a huge gap before. The Tegra is like a SR71 and any other processor is a prop bi-plane.

    You can depend on a Tegra device. Battery life would be important to anyone. My TI and Snapdragon devices seem to have random rapid (sometimes extreme) discharges for no apparent reason. I have yet to see that from a Tegra device, something I find reassuring. I love the 5th core idea, in Tegra 3’s, (and it sounds awesome to tell customers that it’s really a septa-core), one core for standby usage to maximize battery life. I would love to have a Tegra device (even a two, those are still AMAZING), so when I do housecalls to work on peoples computers I can use it as a resource and not to worry about losing power before the job is complete, plus they will be in wonder as I am able to destroy their iPad in any competition. Apple is jealous of Tegra3’s performance and lied horribly to try to compete. Someday I maybe able to do so, until then I will be a devout Tegra 3 fan! You can call me a fanboy if you want, but it’s easy to be such a die-hard fan for something so great.

    • AmazeBalls!! I see you went with the long narrative rather then the simple reason. :]

      • xHabeasCorpusx

        Oh that’s only half of it. Ha ha, i had to cut it down.

  • Guest

    I’ve only got an old laptop, and would LOVE a tablet to work on!

  • coolsilver

    Meh already have an original tab.

  • Sirx

    I want this tablet because it will allow me take my writing with me on the go. That would be awesome!

  • xzombiex66

    I want one for my 7 year old…her kindle fire was stolen, and I can’t afford her a new tablet .

  • Manuel ORTIZ

    With all the apple puppets (friends n family) out there I would like too show them that Samsung can make good tablets as well. They are hot items as well. @Droid life rocks!!!

  • master94

    I want it to play those sweet tegra exclusive games.

  • MikeD675

    I want it because I didn’t win the Nexus 7.

  • droyd4life

    I want it so I can give it to my girlfriend 🙂

  • mike

    This tablet would make so many tasks at school so much more simple!

  • Liderc

    I want it because I want a product that has rounded corners and violates a company’s patents that released a phone yesterday that is basically 2 years too late.

  • Michael Clark

    I just want it!

  • pezjono

    I need this tablet to prove to my brother that the iPad is not the greatest thing ever!

  • Derek Koerte

    It would be great to win this.

  • Kids would love this thing!! [dad too heh!!] Entertainment on the go!!… what parent doesn’t need that to keep the kiddies quiet!

  • Because I want it.

  • Guest

    Kids would love this thing!! heh!! Entertainment on the go!!… what parent doesn’t need that to keep the kiddies quiet!

  • i need this tablet so i can get school work done

  • Jake

    I want this tablet because it would look great next to my galaxy nexus!

  • Jacob Hobbs

    I have always been jealous of my brother-in-law’s Galaxy Tab. Winning this would allow me to even the playing field.

  • mjv5117

    Because i dropped my asus transformer eee pad and would like my ics to run as smoothly as it once did on this new samsung Galaxy tab! it would look great next to my galaxy nexus!!

  • I always wanted to have one, but could never work up the courage to buy one.

  • pinkchrome

    I want it to give to my mother in law who is technologically impaired. I know she can figure this out. 🙂

  • Jerry M.

    Perfect present for my wife’s b-day coming up

  • Joshua Wehmeyer

    So me and my wife can video chat with friends across the country and not on the tiny phone screen.

  • Justin Cabreira

    So I can stay awake during class (and still not listen)

  • Ryan McFadden

    I want to win this because I didn’t have it back when it came out and I still don’t have it, or any other tablet, now.

  • I want to win so my wife will get off my back about getting her a tablet.

  • Jpm7714

    Id like this tablet because I’ve recently fallen in love with all Samsung hardware

  • Guest

    I want it to give to my mother in law who is technologically impaired. I know she can figure this out. 🙂

  • So I can give my POS Xoom to the kids and play Angry Birds in peace.

  • THIS

  • Stephane

    I love this tablet and have always had it on my list of things to buy!

  • I want it so I can play all the nice new tablet games out COD Zombies Dead Trigger and the new Unreal Engine game

  • I need to win because my 13 year old daughter won’t let me use my desktop. .

  • Kie

    I want this because it’s an android form factor i don’t have. Wanty to experience it all

  • I need this tablet or any tablet for that matter BC my laptop died a yr ago and all I have for internet and doing any work is my GNex….my eyes r killing me!! Lol

  • htowngtr

    I need to win for two reasons: I never win anything and I want an Android Tab that I can root and put CM10 on it. I don’t own any Android tablets :emo.

  • So my household will stop taking mine.

  • cuzzin binh

    i need to to do stuff on the go! play games, read books, etc!

  • derek connolly

    I need this tablet because if we don’t keep up the love for Samsung then the terrorists win. (Read A.PL)

  • ocdtrekkie

    I’m looking for a solid tablet for my little brother to use!

  • Denis Anderson

    I want one so I can show my wife how much better it is than her iPad….

  • I want it because because.

  • So my wife can stop lording her Nexus 7 over me.

  • ConCal

    I need it for my work! I would make me so much more productive.

  • bonanzalarry

    something to read certification books on at work

  • Ljedik

    I have wanted to get a tablet forever! and this Samsung tab would look pretty sexy next to my Samsung Galaxy SIII 🙂

  • i was planing to buy one~

  • Ramprathap Thevendhriya

    Im in…

  • Joel

    To read eBooks and keep all my notes in one place for lectures!

  • Flyinion

    I need to win this tablet because I don’t have a tablet yet 🙁

  • I would love to have something better than my wife’s TF Prime.

  • ScottM

    You lost me at ‘Twitter/tweet’

    Never have, never will…

    But I’ll comment anyways should the hosts be gracious enough to overlook that I will never use Twitter… I’ll send up smoke signals before I succumb to that media.

    Why I need the Galaxy 10.1? Because my 2 year old grand daughter has an ipad (her great grandparents bought it for her) and SHE won’t let me play games on HER ipad. I need a bigger, better tablet so I can show this little 2 year old what’s up!

  • agorski3

    For school work.

  • S2556

    because I have yet to use an android powered tablet!!!!

  • I want it because I sold my Xoom in tough times and have regretted it ever since

  • Mario Mendez

    I need it because I have never had a tablet. I would enjoy the huge screen and amazing speed

  • bittrblue

    I should win because my Iconia A500 seems to be dying on me…

  • MrBlonde04

    I would love to get my hands on it!

  • Mike Lamb

    Yes please.

  • No I just read this…..I really wanted to try and win that Tab too. I don’t own a tablet at all and the best shot I have at having one would be to win one. DAMN!!!!!!! (In my Raphael Voice)

  • I need this so I have something to read my books on when my wife takes my tablet with her on trips.

  • David Lo

    Better late than never!! yay!

  • Duggleass

    I want it as it would be my first Android anything. Thus allowing me to exercise the tips I see here.

  • I need one

  • I need one because I don’t own a tablet

  • I just want to win something

  • I really like the Samsung products and I have been wanting a tablet for a while now.

  • I need to win this tablet so I can read in bed at night without a light on. I have a 10 month old that is a REALLY light sleeper and any light doesn’t go over well with him.

  • I need to win this tablet so I can use it in college to take notes instead of lugging around a ton of notebooks or the wrong notebooks to the wrong classes.

  • MTPenguin

    I want to win this tablet so I can compare it to my Nexus 7.

  • My G-Tab broke and with 5 kids it’s hard to come up with the scratch to replace it…

  • At my last job interview I was told I didn’t look professional enough because I carried around a notepad. I can’t think of anyway to look more professional on top of my suit than to carry a Galaxy Tab. Still looking for a job and think this could help.

  • So I can leave the office and have my boss think I’m being productive while ‘on the go’.

  • I want this tablet so my wife will stop playing Words with Friends on my Nexus 7. =)

  • kjun

    I would like it so I could use it for school and to show my friends why its better than the ipad!

  • da

    I would really appreciate winning this tablet because the only way I have of connecting to the Internet is through my cell phone.

  • Darius Bryant

    Man I want one of these, my wife has an Ipad and I have nothing!! Enough said!

  • rabernethy

    I need it because i’m allergic to the [email protected] kool aid…

  • jmodawg

    Because I love Androidddddddddddddd!

  • CAPerkins22

    I owe my brother 2 birthday gifts – this would clear my debt and my conscience.

  • Just because I do

  • I need a cool tablet. I’m tired of my hot laptop roasting my chestnuts.

  • jeff

    I want this so my daughter will stop asking to use my. My phone to play games

  • I want it to share pics and video of my baby girl with my wife. No matter where the Army sends me!

  • tehserver

    I need this so the girlfriend will stop using my TPrime.

  • I want it to replace my old ipod touch… which will be demoted to paperwieght status soon.

  • Hazadriel

    I want it for my wife. She could use it while she’s on maternity leave.

  • I want it because apple doens’t want me to have it.

  • I want it so I can use it for my karaoke business and I love the Galaxy line!

  • Jason Hansen

    I just want a tablet 🙂

  • Don’t own a tablet yet and would love to especially since Apple doesn’t like the idea.

  • I want this tablet so I can replace my old ipod touch that’s just about ready to be a paper weight.

  • Finire

    I need this so my brother can stop asking me to borrow my transformer

  • Ivan92116

    I don’t have a tablet…so yeah, I want this. 🙂

  • matt walker

    Well my birthday was yesterday…this would be one HELLA GIFT from the best Android site on the planet. ( like how i brown nosed at the end there?)

  • ramifications

    It would be my first tablet! So that’s why I need to win it 🙂

    Thanks DL and nvidia.

  • shdowman

    I need this as I had to sell the one I had due to being out of work.

  • Josh Parish

    I have been wanting an Android tablet for a while and this would be perfect. That way I won’t have to steal my daughter’s 7″ Samsung tablet.

  • DillonDaniels

    I need this tablet so I can game while pooping 🙂 #GWooping

  • joedirt2217

    I want one!!

  • Holy Cow! It’s the last second. I don’t have a laptop or Tablet yet. Good reason?

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    I’m so awesome I can make Minute Rice in 48 seconds. Thank you for your consideration.

  • Andrew Bockus

    I want it because I love Samsung’s products, and I can’t stand Apple’s patent nonsense. I would make it custom some how, to show how much better it is than Apple’s crap. 🙂

  • Paul Taylor

    I need this tablet to watch netflix while I ride the ellyptical at the gym.

  • Alex Layton

    I want it because it would make Angry Birds that much better.

  • Danny R

    I can load my school books onto Penelope (that’s what I named the tablet 🙂 )lol

  • realfoxm

    I need the tablet to pass time in the bathroom

  • Gimp_Ninja

    I want one for viewing web pages on my couch. Apparently 4.8″ is not always enough screen.

  • Quintin Williams

    i want to teach my 6 month old how to use an android tablet 🙂

  • elemeno

    I want this because it’s awesome.

  • William Peterson

    Daughter leaves for UC Santa Crtuz next Wednesday. Would love to send her off with this little monster. Looking for some love, hoping for YO! Thanks for the chance, DL.

  • bungadudu

    I would really like to won this as I don’t really have the money to buy one and I think that at the college this would be quite usefull… I saw some friends already putting their tablets to good use.


    Hope to win one!

    //fingers crossed

  • Christy

    I want to win it because I’ve wanted a tablet for quite awhile, but we can’t afford it.

  • I need it to advance in my college studies nd because ipads suck!

  • Dylan Wednieski

    Laptops on its last leg and this would be very nice to have in class for “learning”

  • shdowman

    I need to win this tablet as sadly I had to sell the one I had due to being out of work. Not a pity case, just the truth.

  • Justin Koch

    I want it so that I have a 10 inch tablet for traveling and browsing/gaming on the go.

  • TheKaz1969

    I need it to replace my dying G-Tab… 🙁

  • Lenesse Berg

    I love Samsung and that happens to be one of the tablets I really really want anyway ^.^ so I’d simply love to have it 😀

  • michael o’brien

    I want this tablet, so that I can show my wife everything that her iPad doesnt do.

  • Just because its NOT an iPad. I do alot of travelling and im getting sick of reading articles on my phone.

  • violator702

    I want this because it is a rectangle with rounded corners.

  • I love the S pen!

  • I want this because I’m tired of my girlfriend stealing my tablet.

  • Radgatt

    I need to win it because I had to sell my previous tablet and need a replacement

  • It will go nice with my Galaxy S3…and I want a tablet. I don’t have one yet.

  • I have yet to try a 10″ tablet, I’d love to win one to see what the fuss over the form factor is about.

  • I want it because I had to buy my daughter an iPad for school and I need this to counteract the iPad!

  • I need me a tablet! This sure does fit the bill

  • Tyler

    Plain and simple, college. I have a large 17 laptop that isn’t easy to carry around and would like something smaller.

  • Alan Paone

    It may be old, but its still thin with a nice display and great developer support!

  • Kieran Hodgson

    I want it because my kids would love it.

  • Lee Sandler

    I want it so I can stop using my ipad

  • Les

    so i can give my kids my Tab 2

  • lance kortesoja

    This would make taking notes in class so much easier!

  • Daddy needs his own toys. The kids can use the old iPad
    first gen, while I upgrade to a real tablet. Don’t touch dad’s Galaxy Tab!

  • Craig

    Would be able to watch porn all the time.

  • Matt Donow

    To fund n7

  • Extremely helpful for classes

  • I need to win this because I can’t afford a Nexus 7.

  • I had an Android tablet before, and ever since I sold it I realized how handy it was to have one. I’d like to have another!

  • brian_debes

    I wanna win this so I can replace my slow laptop with a fast tablet.

  • I would like to win this so that my wife and soon to be kid have something to play games on 🙂

  • I want it because I want to win one of these contests!

  • Greg

    Would come in handy in Grad school, taking notes and playing games in classes.

  • Les

    Because it is bigger then my 7″ Tab 2

  • I want it because it’s not an iPad.

  • Simply because my galaxy note’s screen isn’t large enough.

  • I want one because it’s not an Apple device and I want to help Samsung win the patent war.
    Plus it would compliment my Galaxy S3 very nicely!

  • Gary S.

    I need to win this tablet because I’m still trying to recover from the awesomeness that was the iPhone 5 announcement yesterday…not! I can’t believe how excited people get over anything that Apple announces…even when it’s mediocre at best.

  • I would like it because I could use it for school!

  • I would love to win this tablet because first of all I don’t have one and secondly I want to show my husband and daughters that all have an ipad how much better Android and Samsung are!

  • I want it so I can rub it in my friends’ noses that have iPads.

  • FlameOnBryan

    I need one for a portable song list at karaoke!

  • pharmdy

    Would love this tablet to help out with school…and fun time! Thanks for the contest!

  • I don’t own a tablet D:

  • Alex blah

    i need this tablet because i have yet to own a tablet

  • Leo

    I need it so I can give it to my wife so she can use it for school.

  • I need the Galaxy Tab so my kids can play games on it instead of my phone.

  • mikeszekely

    I need this because my wife’s always playing with my Nexus 7.

  • Ballmore

    I make wallpapers for Android phones. I use apps such as Picsay Pro and Picsin on my phone. It would be awesome to be able to use android apps on something that has a larger screen.

  • Dan

    I want it for college, i’d connect a dock to it and use it like a hybrid laptop.

  • Jason Brown

    a tablet would be great for gaming on the go with a decent sized screen!

  • I want it because I haven’t gotten into the world of tablets yet (I know, shame on me), and the Tab series has always seemed to be the best place to start for whenever I have the cash available.

  • Nick Norman

    For my wife! So she can be nose deep in Android!

  • I travel all the time because my GF lives 1000miles away. This would be better than lugging my laptop.

  • osseus200

    I need a tablet for streaming and mobile gaming on something bigger than a 4 inch screen

  • Beer Chops

    I would like it because …. just because ..

  • chocolate noodle

    I need this tablet because i had to JB weld and super glue my laptop back together last night…lol i know i know smh

  • s2k_848

    Because I don’t have an Android tablet…

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    I need a tablet and I don’t want an iPantyLiner


  • SD_Scott

    I once owned a 10.1. Absolutely loved it. Then some bum (don’t really know this) broke into my truck and stole my briefcase with this gem inside. I would love to win a replacement.

  • Brian Petty

    I need something a lot more portable than a laptop for productivity at work. I’m frequently out of the office and need to do a quick edit on a document, answer email, etc. I also need to take basic pictures to include in some of those documents to make explanations simpler. A tablet is exactly what I’ve been looking for…currently I’m using my phone. It works, but it’s FAR from ideal!

  • iiBinxx

    I want it because it would be a more light weight option than carrying my laptop to every class to take notes

  • Chewey246

    I don’t have a tablet and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 would be a wonderful way to get into the tablet game. Thank you for the chance of winning DL and NVIDIA!

  • Billy Dillon

    because my laptop sucks, and my desktop is hard to carry around.

  • firant

    I want it because my 1 year old always pries my xoom out of my hands so he can play with the drawing app. Also, it’d be nice to be able to use it for google-video chats with my wife when I’m on the road.

  • BigV592

    I want it because it’s not an iPad.

  • twitter follows…check!

    twitter post…check! http://www.twitter.com/chanmannn

    i want this android tablet because i’m stuck with an iPad2 which i NEVER use. so jelly of my housemate’s android tabs (even though one of them is just an asus transformer. the other being the nexus 7)

  • Caleb Martin

    I need to win because I don’t have a tablet yet.

  • I want one because my wife’s iPad jeers at me. My galaxy s iii needs a big brother.

  • DL, I need this. I am trying to develop a tablet app and have no tablets! Please, it has been a nightmare dealing with the emulators.

  • Because 1 year old daughter has gone a whole year without a tablet!

  • I want this so that my HP TouchPad with CM9 will have a friend.

  • I’m tired of using the heavy lenovo just to browse reddit

  • xboxkid

    Because tablets!!!! Pssh clearly I need ALL THE TABLETS!!!

  • My Xyboard is just not cutting it need this one BADLY!!!!

  • It is great to watch movies and work on without having to carry around a heavy computer.

  • [email protected]

    I need it to read case briefs for law school! Please, DL!

  • epps720

    Why b/c I may be the last guy left in america who doesn’t own a tablet

  • A tablet is the only way I can catch up on my shows while Bubble Guppies occupy the big screen!

  • I need to win this tablet so I can put e-books on it, so I don’t have to lug all my books to my college classes.

  • because i sold my ipad

  • fsufranzella

    Would love to give it to my awesome wife for her birthday! And because Apple hates it. 🙂

  • Ryan Thompson

    I want it because I am a huge Android enthusiast who hasn’t pulled the trigger on a tablet yet.

  • I’m stuck with a 1st Gen iPad and I’d live this new GalaxyTab to work with my HTPC running XBMC powered by my NVIDIA video card. The kiddos take over the iPad anyways and daddy needs his own toys!

  • Guest

    I’m stuck with a 1st Gen iPad and I’d love this new GalaxyTab to work with my HTPC running XBMC powered by by NVIDIA video card. The kiddos take over the iPad anyways and daddy needs his own toys!

  • BC I love Samsung Products 🙂

  • Guest

    I’m stuck with a 1st Gen iPad and I’d live this new GalaxyTab to work with my HTPC running XBMC powered by by NVIDIA video card. The kiddos take over the iPad anyways and daddy needs his own toys!

  • If I won this, my kids could share my rooted kindle fire and I could FINALLY have a tablet of my own!

  • I would love to win this so my wife would stop talking about wanting an iPad.

  • I want to be able to watch NFL Sunday Ticket on the go and around the house! That’d be dope.

  • I want this tablet so I can have an awesome tablet!

  • Need to multitask while sitting on my couch watching TV!

  • i want it because i own a samsung galaxy 2 phone and a tablet to accompany it woulld be awesome.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Woot woot! The kids would love to have this to kill some zombies!

  • jmu33

    cuz android rules!!!

  • Because I don’t want to root my Nexus 7. Please fulfill my tablet rooting desires!

  • On the go alot, and simply can’t afford a tablet right now.

  • john dechert
  • Oscar Botelho

    I need one Because i dont have a tablet yet! and i want one really bad!

  • Adam Minichelli

    Laptop LCD shattered last night…

  • TJM
  • My 6 year old son really, really wants a tablet. And I don’t want to buy him one…

  • cns2007

    My kids want a tablet…and it will not be an iPad.

  • Nate

    I’m not going to lie. I simply need this tablet and I cannot afford to purchase one.

  • hector. o.

    I want this tablet for mi 2 kids. For school Because I can’t. Afford to buy one at this moment.

  • jmasterj

    I want one before Apple bans them here.

  • Rototti

    Because I’ve never had a tablet. 🙂

  • vincet3

    So my kids aren’t indoctrinated into Apple!

  • MattM1974

    I want it so I can give it to my Mom as an awesome Christmas gift

  • jaybar

    I am a poor college student, and need samsung stuffs please!

  • I’m tired of my daughter watching Netflix on my phone.

  • becasue i really need one

  • cjgoudy

    I just started physical therapy school without a laptop, and my bionic lapdock is struggling while I wait for an ICS update (that might never come…)

  • Brittany N

    I would like this because I can’t afford one and I’ve been wanting a tablet for a while now

  • Nicholas Brickhouse

    I need it for my start up t-shirt business. I want people to be able to design custom t-shirts on the tablet and have it printed 5 mins later instead of waiting 2 weeks when you order one online. Consider me winning as an investment in the economy 🙂

  • firant

    How random is random?

  • its sadly to much money to buy for school..

  • I need to win this tablet so I can use it to take photos of kittens. Fuzzy kittens…..

  • Jeff


  • I want it to give my daughter something to play with on long trips

  • DJ Woozie

    I still want to make music on a tablet, whenever FL for Android comes out, That’s my reason.

  • I want this tablet because I like to win things. Also my 2 year old would have a blast “drawing” on this thing

  • xix19

    Because I want a tablet

  • Kevin Mortenson

    Sorry guys, its all mine

  • Volpix

    It’s a tablet. Has Android. I want it.

  • KK

    Kids keep trying to take my TF700.

  • Glen

    I would like to have it because my wife and kids make sure our curent android tablet disappears most of the time I want to use it.

  • I want it because I’ve been waiting to get some money together to get a tablet and every time I do something comes up. So I would love a free Tablet.

  • I need this so I can prove to my son that there is something out there that is better than anything produced by the almighty Apple.

  • Davros

    I’d like to try using a tablet at school instead of a giant laptop.

  • jeepguy04

    To develop apps that are more tablet friendly. It’s hard only testing on the emulator.

  • Champlification

    I could use it to keep my kids from fighting over the one we have now(that I won from a Samsung Facebook contest 😉 ).

  • ‘Cause I need to show all my iSheep friends whos copying whom and whos better… And I love SGTab 🙂

  • itznfb

    I’d love to win a tablet but I refuse to use twitter and I already own this tablet. I love my Galaxy Tab 10.1 so whoever wins is a lucky sob 😀

  • I’ve been debating buying a tablet but winning this would resolve that issue immediately. 🙂

  • I need some Tegra love!

  • muscal

    Please pick me!

  • It would help with school work while on the go.

  • Alex

    I just really want a tablet!!! I don’t exactly know why, but I know it would be cool!!!

  • Allan Thompson

    I need to win this tablet because my wife wants to buy an iPad. Let me win before she wins.

  • I could use that for work actually. Pick me please!

  • I need to win it so that I can keep the family happy with a “can do it all” device.

  • Sean27030

    We wants it because we needs it… to stroke it… to holds it… to browse’s with it.. to games with it …My PRECIOUS..

  • Matthew Stout

    I want it so i can root it, rom it, and have lots of android fun with it

  • kerrigjl

    Having a tablet would help me help my patients.

  • Tyrian

    i want it because it will make me happy

  • Dilson Silva

    i want it because I want it.

  • Michael Gillenwalters

    This would look great with a movie on it.

  • Kagnon

    I need to root, CM and show how awesome it is.

  • My Xoom is on its last leg, and I’ve always wanted a Galaxy Tab 10.1 to go along with my Galaxy Nexus!

  • I want it so I can play games on a bigger screen than my phone.

  • carl larsen

    I just sold my Acer A500

  • because im pro droid !!

  • Because I would love a Samsung tablet and don’t have a tablet at all.

  • Brandon Eason

    I want to win because it would give me something to play with while my wife is using the laptop.

  • Krees

    Well, I just gave my Toshiba Thrive to my mother for her bday so she wouldnt have to plunk down the cash herself. So I have a 10″ tablet void right now. Could really use the galaxy tab 10!!!

  • tomn1ce

    This would be nice so I can give my ipad2 to the wife…..

  • I need it cuz I don’t have one

  • will bartlett

    i would like to give it to either my mother or my girlfriend. they both really want a tablet

  • If apple hates it, I want it!!

  • I want it so I dont have to lug my desktop with me every time I go to the bathroom!

  • SubMatrix

    I’ve been wanting a tablet for a long time. Nexus 7 is really nice but I think I like the 10.1 form factor better.

  • i’m hunting for a tablet and apple hates this tablet with a burning passion!

  • takabanana

    Because I hear it’s the same thing as an iPad. Just kidding. It’s (currently) one of the best Android tablets (prob 2nd next to Asus Infinity)

  • I need this because my nexus 7 and galaxy s3 aren’t enough 🙂

  • i just want a tablet

  • Kpirate

    I want it because I don’t have a tablet yet.

  • Saxmusiq

    I want to use this as an educational and entertainment device for my soon to be born son. Until then, NETFLIX and HULU baby!!!

  • I want this tablet because of the huge screen!

  • I dont have a tablet yet and really really want one 🙁

  • Anthony Williams

    I should win because my wife… appropriated by Xoom.

  • markstevenwoods

    Want a dedicated tablet as a Plex client/media device for my stereo.

  • Alice Farquhar

    This would help me so much to draw my designs with!

  • Shimamasu

    I want one so I can assist my son to learn many things better than on my phone.

  • mbagasao

    Got a GNex…need an Android Tablet in my arsenal. Tab please. =)

  • I need this because Netflix will look great on a screen that size.

  • ManiDePRico

    cuz i never win these things

  • Shawn Kim

    I’d sure love one for my gf!

  • I want it to take better notes in class!

  • Dave Diamond

    I want to show my iPad friends what a huge mistake they made!!

  • I want it because it will help immensely with stage managing and taking rehearsal notes!

  • eddie

    I want a bigger screen to surf and play games at home and in hotel rooms.

  • ProfessAndObey

    I want this to replace my dying laptop.

  • Jason James

    Because my view sonic gtab isn’t working 🙁

  • I need it because my laptop sucks.

  • I want this tablet, period.

  • HRlady12

    I need this tablet because my student loans are going into repayment and this will help drown my sorrows.

  • HollywoodWebber

    I only own 1 Samsung product. I’d like another.

  • Relex

    I could use this tablet because I’ve been wanting one since the xoom came out I just haven’t had the funds for one yet.

  • droid1234

    It’s just the right tablet for the android fan.

  • I want it because my kids have taken over my Xoom

  • portrub

    Because Apples give me goosebumps

  • I really need this tablet because I don’t own one! Plus, I’m a cool guy and I think my wife would like me more if I had one.

  • This guy is surrounded by iSheep, and wants to show them the truth.

  • SJ Prettyman

    I need to win this tablet so that I can give it to my husband, so he’ll shut up about wanting a tablet!

  • Adam

    My company uses iPads on job sites. I’d like to be able to show them what I can do with an Android tablet to improve the quality of work and efficiency.

  • ankit199

    I need a tablet since my laptop no longer works and I need a something to read the news on while I poop.

  • gamble2gain

    Since my birthday is tomorrow…..I got the drivers license 2 prove it! LONG LIVE ANDROID

  • Stephen Morrison

    I need to win this tablet because beer.

  • Big_EZ

    I need it to play tegra games

  • I want it so that I can find a new way to take up my time.

  • LGT

    love me some Sammy goodness!

  • dfecko

    Because I don’t have one… yet.

  • Jakemerrell

    I need something to take notes for school and keep my 3 and 5 year old girls entertained on the weekends

  • ThatHarleyChick

    I want this because my sweet, wonderful non-techie husband bought me a second-hand Toshiba Thrive for my birthday 5 months ago. He’s still alive, so I think I deserve something for that……

  • I need a pad for testing at work for web design.

  • Ellis90009

    Because i don’t have a tablet and that makes me sad

  • DroidLifer10

    It would be nice to have another device to mess with.

  • I would love a Galaxy Tab. I keep hearing good things about the galaxy tablet.

  • I need to win this tablet because I need a tablet for travel. lol

  • I would like a galaxy tablet because it is a beautiful slick device and I don’t own a tablet.I also love the s pen. Besides that, my computer just started crashing last week and giving me blue screens of death all the time

  • Justin Langfeldt

    I want this to make life easier!

  • man this is aweommeee 🙂

  • Homer Rich

    I would like this tablet as a media center for my mom with family pictures as the screensaver!

  • HuskerDroid10

    Because I don’t have a tablet. Simple.

  • blackcatroad

    Because I’m tired of my wife having this tablet, and me having none. 🙁

  • br_hermon

    I want it because well…. I want it.

  • ryanwv24

    I want it so I can go back to the VZW store I just left and smack the manager with it. He bragged for 30 minutes while i waited for a new sim about how great the IPhone 5 is. I asked whats the difference between that and the 4s? “everything” I asked what does that do that my razr cant “everything” really. At least have some kind of thought pattern as to why you think something is better than something else.

  • Landango

    To increase or decrease my productivity on any given day as desired.

  • I want it because I can’t justify the purchase of a tablet. Let alone have the money to do so. But if I win one, all the better.

  • Matt P

    Because iPads are for babies.

  • I need it to get into the Android tablet game

  • glee24

    I need to win this tablet because I don’t have one and this one looks fantastic!

  • cause college

  • To show support to samsung and that they will kick Iphone booty in everything that they do. And I like Free Stuff as well!!!!

  • JamesD

    I want one to give to my grandfather. He has poor eyesight and can’t hardly read anymore. Having a Tab to give to him loaded with his favorite books would allow him to be able to read again.

  • My viewsonic Gtab is too slow I need this one.

  • cashclay

    I love Samsung products… it would match my TV and my Phone.

  • I would like to get this tablet so I can get my girlfriend into the tablet world. It is about time.

  • Scott Bowen

    I need this tablet because ipads sucks!!! 🙂

  • 10yck

    I would love to win this for my wife.

  • I need a 10 inch tablet and definitely don’t want an Apple product.

  • John Collard

    Is still have a NotionInk Adam (Go Tegra!) as my primary tablet. Battery life is dismal after almost 3 years of use. Unit is very well worn. Works great, though — even with Jelly Bean. However, it is time for a replacement.

  • powerskc

    I bought a Nexus 7 for my wife…. isn’t it my turn for some tablet fun???

  • Simcona

    it’s have it would be nice if keep my kids off my phone wanting to play games and watch movies

  • baldypal

    I need this tablet so that I can develops better tablet apps.

  • My Galaxy Nexus needs a friend!

  • Octotron

    I want one because I need a 10″ android tablet.

    • itznfb

      Shouldn’t you be exempt?! :p

  • Jeremy Gentry

    i sold my motorola xoom to pay for rent! i need a replacement!!!!!!! LOL

  • In our weekly department meetings are two people with iPads and one with an ASUS Transformer. The iOS vs. Android playing field must be leveled!

  • Me

    I just finished my degree in Computer Networking and I’m searching for a job. A starving “ex” college student could use a leg up.

  • I want this tablet because it looks JUST like an iPad!

  • Because I don’t have one.

  • Adam Steiner

    I haven’t seen the necessity in purchasing a tablet until the technology shows a sign of plateauing, but I’d like one now, if it was free!

  • Sparky Tweek

    I want to win it because, as Twiztid says, “Free is like my favorite word, right next to food!” Thanks DL!

  • Br_d

    Because it just recently got Ice Cream Sandwich!

  • I need it because my transformer broke.

  • Benjamin Sicard

    Because I’ve never owned a tablet and believe that this would be a great introductory one for getting acquainted with the Android tablet ecosystem.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    I would just like to own the tablet that scared Apple into the courtroom. This tablet has become a piece of history and I would cherish it as such.

  • my wife could use a tablet. hard to sit down at a computer w/ a toddler.

  • My wife and I could really use a tablet to replace our aging laptops that don’t do much more than email and reddit anyway. This would be great for relaxing on the couch, browsing the front page of droid-life and reddit.

  • sciroccohsd

    Because a bigger screen than my phone to play games would be great.

  • GuidZilla

    I could use a device like this for my kids on our frequent road trips.

  • Would be nice, lighter than my current A500, need one to ROM also.

  • tu3218

    Would love to have this for college to view/take notes, powerpoints, assignments and browse the internet for all my classes.

  • TroyNikola

    Needing a new tablet for daughter to try homeschool with.

  • I want it for a very simple reason. I want to use the hell out of it! Come on DL!

  • Adam Cargal

    Are you kidding me, why wouldn’t I want this??

  • I need to win because I live in Brazil and here the tables are very expensive

  • subiedude85

    My mom has been talking about getting a tablet and this would be a perfect match.

  • roswellraygun

    I need to win this because I can’t afford to buy it.

  • JesterEE

    I just started my PhD research and have a stack of papers on my desk waiting to be read. An epic 10″ Samsung tablet would make so much more sense for storing and reading them, but I’m a poor student. $500+ is my food budget for almost 2 months!

  • Derick Mc.

    Perfect timing guys. My laptop at home finally died and a Galaxy tab 10.1 would be the perfect replacement!

  • shehippie

    My poor old eyes need it!

  • Charles Wilson

    I would love to watch some Netflix on the go!

  • All I have is a Kindle Fire. I want physical volume buttons.. Heck wouldn’t want 3 more inches.

  • I would love to win this tablet so that I can use it for school, I am always in need of sending emails to professors and it is nearly impossible to lug my big 7 year old HP laptop around with me in my backpack

  • BrunoGama

    I want this tablet because I can have it all on a screen of 10.1 inches.

  • ChuckDz3

    My laptop just broke on me after 4 years and that was my only means of sending out job applications and job hunting.. just graduated college. Thanks DL

  • So my wife has her own tablet, simple.

  • I need to win this tablet because after supporting my family I seem to be unable to buy one. :/

  • Darren

    Because I don’t confuse this tablet with an iPad

  • I want to win this tablet because I never win anything!

  • pd240

    I would love to have this since I sold my xoom. It would be a good companion to my nexus 7

  • I need this tablet so that I can stay connected better on the go. With a full-time job, full-time college classes, and playing music on the weekends, I need something that gives me roaming access to my business documents, schoolwork, calendar items, and music schedule. Hoping for a win!

  • Joshua and Bristol Kantor

    so i have something with which to compare my kindle fire HD 7″ when it gets here

  • EdsonDJ

    I kind of miss having a 10″ tablet.

  • TankerTuff

    I need to win this tablet because…well…I don’t have one.

  • eye knead aye tablet.

  • evltwn

    Because I’m ready to sell iPad.

  • ~

    It would be great for my trips.

  • S.Ober

    I need this tab so my 3 boys stop fighting over the iPad and my S3. I put Jellybean on my OG Droid and thats not good enough for them lol.

  • cykotix

    I’d love to win this because I refuse to buy an iPad.

  • I want to download all of my emulators to one device!

  • erikiksaz

    I want it because I want to mount this sumbitch as my car’s head unit.

  • David Dreyer

    I would like one because I had purchased an Android tablet for school (finishing my bachelor’s) and the wifi antenna on it is now fried. And of course it happened mere weeks after the warranty expired. :-(

  • dont have a tablet and i want one for home and work. love my samsung s3 so i bet id love this too.

  • I sure can use this tablet to replace the Nexus 7 someone stole from my car

  • arthur2142

    I need to win this tablet because my wife has been out of work for the past six months, and I haven’t been able to keep up with the Android world!

  • Eric J

    I’d love this for casual browsing and music/video playing on my couch… hook it up please.

  • Derp

    I want one cuz why not.

  • Needing a new tablet for daughter to try homeschool with.

  • I love my Motorola Razr Maxx, but a tab would be excellent for watching movies in my down time working in my 18 wheeler. 🙂

  • amugofjava

    I’d love this. My three year old loves painting apps on my Android phone so much, with this I might actually get to use some apps myself!

  • My wife can’t play angry birds on her crackberry so I need to win a tablet so she will stop using my phone all the time!

  • mike

    Need to replace my hp touchpad.

  • Need it for a Christmas gift for the father in-law. He’s Android right now (Razr Maxx) but his son is pushing him towards iPad for tablet.

  • Richard

    Would be nice to have something easier to carry / lighter than a laptop to tote around school. Also a bigger screen would make browsing and movie watching much nicer than my Droid 4… It would just be a good time basically.

  • Dan

    Because my refurb Thrive just died and Toshiba is taking forever to fix it.

  • C-Law

    I need to win this tablet bc I’m currently stuck with an ipad2 that is my mom’s and I desperately need to get off of iOS and onto an awesome android powered Samsung tablet!

  • Masta Marc

    I want a tablet. I don’t want to leave a huge dent in my pocket!

  • Droid3guy

    I need this tablet so I can take it to class in college and stand out from all of the iPads there are.

  • Sudeep K.

    I Would Like To Win This So I Can Stop Using This Old iMac From 1999 and Finally Join The New World Of Technology LOL!! ( Originally Posted On g+ Can’t tweet from it not fast enough lol! )

  • I would mount it to the wall of my cube in between the Minotaur, Lizard and Dragon effigies I have of my cow-workers allowing me to display which ever Dilbert was most apropos for my lovely day as a consultant at a Government office.

  • This would end the days of which I carrying my 5 year old 17′ laptop to take notes in class.

  • i want it to watch my shows and relax

  • I need it so my kids can play with it during road trips and I can drive in peace!!!

  • humidity

    I’d love to use this for college!

  • I want it so I dont have to haul my Laptop to and from school.

  • Joe P.

    Gotta have my fill of Android tech toys. Thanks for offering this

  • Justin Duncan

    i need one because my xoom was stolen 🙁

  • PuzzleShot

    I want it to have another device to test my web designs on, and so my mom will have something nice to use.

  • gsteele023

    It will allow to eliminate printing a lot of paper to teach from my notes!

  • dapbmonkey4u

    I hate sitting at the desktop and would love to lounge and still be connected.

  • phil

    I’d like to win so I can use the tablet to check droid life every night on an upcoming cross country road trip I have to make to help out some family, otherwise I have to use my slowly dying droid x that can now only hold a full charge for one hour! Help!

  • bkrampe

    I want this tablet so i can further my 20 month old’s obsession with electronics and make him the next Tech Guru of his generation.

  • ray_420

    Cause I can’t afford a fancy tablet

  • Tyler Hills

    I want it because Android changed my life

  • Brian

    I need to support Samsung!

  • kevintufts

    I want it because it’s a rectangle with rounded corners.

  • I want to win this tablet because it would make college life so much easier!

  • Dylan Dreisch

    free is always good

  • Would help my daily commute

  • Cause my wife stole my iPad.

  • Calicrs

    Because I don’t have one!

  • PlzSirIWantSomeMore

    I wanna win because my cat ate my last tablet. It was a Sony 🙁

  • Nadora

    This table would be perfect for me. Would love to win it! Can’t afford a tablet right now and the only laptop we have in the family is 99.9% of the time in hubby’s hands, so yeah.

  • Eric Davis

    Simple reasons: Greed

  • Ryan

    I wants it because we don’t have a tablet yet because we’re poor! damn bills… Though once there is a larger version of the Nexus tablet for equally impressive pricing something may have to give

  • Been waiting to get a tablet, holding off while the technology changes. This one looks great!

  • nwd1911

    I want this tablet so I can teach my 7 year old daughter the joys of Android (She is not allowed to touch my phone).

  • My 5yr old daughter takes over my own tablet.. so i need a 2nd one for me to use!

  • I need me a tablet!

  • Would like to work with Android on the big screen.

  • Ivo Shandor

    Computer is over 12 years old and barely able to check email and I was just laid off work 2 weeks ago (I’ll get called back eventually though). This sure would bring a little sunshine into my life right now!

  • Nyree

    Is it Samsung SAFE? I want SAFE (Seeking Android For Entertainment) 😉

  • I want this tablet because I do not own a tablet yet.

  • bjayjr5679

    I want to throw at ipad users.

  • Brian Sprague

    I would love this tablet so I can give my wife the iPad!

  • Todd B

    I need to win because I need to see what it’s like to play Jetpack Joyride on the big(er) screen!

  • Adam Hughes

    To have a tablet native to android, and not a WebOS hybrid…

  • Its a nice device to travel with.

  • jakymiwm

    Because I would actualy use it.

  • Because I don’t have a tab at all!

  • daniel375

    because android rocks and i would love a tablet!

  • Kenny Lussier

    My wife has an Asus TF101. My KID has an Archos tablet. AND THEY DON’T SHARE!!! 🙂

  • Kcdroid

    Because it would be awesome to win a free tablet.

  • I would like to win it because it would be my very first tablet!

  • Aaron Bulak

    I need this tablet since I’m the last droid lifer without one.

  • therealjbriggs

    I need to win this tablet because I have a tablet-shaped hole in my life right now.

  • Mr ilheis

    Iwas recently thinking of getting a T3 based tablet for the whole family. We would all use it as a central hub for email, news, skype, entertainment (Mostly Games) and more.

  • I want this because I would love to have a tablet to take to class and on long trips =D goodluck everyone!

  • I could really use a tablet with some processing power!

  • Chezitman

    Always wanted a tablet. Having my mom who owns a nexus 7 kills me, especially since she barely knows how to use it. Lol

  • Need this to run my Mass Effect 3 Live wallpaper on a tablet!

  • Raul G JS

    I wan it because I love samsung devices =D

  • I don’t really have any good reason for wanting this. I just love gadgets and would love to have a tablet.

  • I would like a tablet to be simple and I’ve really enjoyed what I have seen about this tablet.

  • Its the Bees Knees

  • Muddy B00ts

    I want this tablet because my wife hasn’t let me get one. 😛

  • Butters619

    I want it so I can have a backup every time my gf tries to use my tablet.

  • lorrimar

    I do not currently own a tablet, but have been considering buying one. This looks like a great one to start with.

  • Brent Wride

    10.1″ would be much better for watching Netflix than my phone.

  • TomStieger

    My nook color is just so slow compared to newer devices.

  • DrewNusser

    I want this tablet to make my wife happy so she’ll start putting out again.

    • wait wait wait, it can do that???? i change my answer why i need this…

      • DrewNusser

        I’m hoping…No guarantees.

  • Joshua Rossi

    I need to win this tablet- simple not epic

  • I need it because i want it and my wants become needs.

  • Anakin Solo

    I wont have to hack it to run Android 🙂

  • i want to win so i can prove to my wife that the crapple ipad isnt the better than Android once an for all.

  • JazzoRenee

    I need to win this Galaxy Tab, because I don’t usually win anything that I enter into and taking a change never hurt anyone, not to mention. I love the Galaxy Line!!

  • Jeremy Gill

    I need it so my family will leave my Nexus 7 alone…maybe

  • Law school. Nuff said.

  • I want it so I can so much friends how much better an android tablet is over a stupid apple haha

  • So my son will stop borrowing my tablet.

  • Stephen Vanderwarker

    I’d just like to own my first tablet. I bought my galaxy nexus instead of a tablet but a tablet would be nice.
    P. S. Not winning won’t keep me from this amazing website. Keep up the good work guys

  • I want it because Apple says it’s exactly like an iPad but better and cheaper!

  • droid209

    to replace my old, non-responsive, original gtab7

  • jaredgreenwald

    so my kids will stop stealing my nexus 7

  • Sven Enterlein

    This would replace my wife’s Nook Color (that is actually mine but she inherited it when I got a TF101). And I’ve never won anything yet!

  • I would like to win this tablet simply because I don’t own a tablet and would love to have one!

  • Rob Mounts

    I am yet to join the tablet revolution. This would make my life so much more mobile.

  • charlie chan

    I need a tablet for college, so it will be easier

  • Pdiddy187

    Give it to Maple Syrup since he bricked his and I want more butter on mine!

  • Brent Newcomb

    I need to win this so I can give this tablet to my girlfriend because she is always stealing my Xoom

  • Larry Franks

    So I can watch Arrested Development on Netflix when the new episodes come out. EVERYWHERE

  • Connor Brinton

    Notetaking! My laptop only has a 3 hour battery life, which isn’t nearly enough for back to back college classes. I *need* this tablet so I can take digital notes during all of my classes for as long as I need to, and win!

  • Al Chandler

    I need win because it can run sites I do my school work on!!!

  • John Nagy

    because…uh…. ‘Merica!!!

  • I need one because it’s a cheaper ipad according to Apple.

  • GreedySmurf

    It’s as simple as I want a tablet but can’t afford a tablet since I’ve been laid off

  • So I can Netflix while my wife watches The Bachelor/ette/Pad /shootme

  • cloutist4

    I need a capable tablet like this to help me stay organized as a graduate student!

  • Winning!

  • Brad Smith

    This will go with my “I WAS DEFEATED BY APPLE” Shelf 😛

  • I want my life to be paperless.

  • So my work can be more efficient with my clients

  • Brett Koger

    Because my kids hijacked mine

  • jo_stv

    I need this tablet so I can get my mobile gaming on!

  • Bill Burbage

    I want it cuz it looks like an ipad

  • i would LOVE to play GTA III on a bigger screen! 🙂

  • chaosDRandom

    Because having yet another Android powered device will drive my Apple friends crazy.

  • bffhusker

    Take pictures of my dog. Really!

  • Greg

    I want to fabricate it into my truck as the entertainment system.

  • Nick

    I need to win this because it will help my studies tremendously as a poor college student. Going paperless would be incredible.

  • Joe Paul

    my wife is using an [email protected] (because i use the xoom) and we need to fix that.

  • Because it’s awesome

  • delesh

    I don’t even have a tablet yet and need to join modern society.

  • Justin

    I need this tablet because the only thing I’ve ever been able to compare my N7 to is that aweful iPad device (which lost, btw), and I like Samsung’s screens.

  • I don’t have the money but need one.

  • smingo

    i’ve been trying to use my nook color as a tablet and it just sucks. i want an actual tablet!

  • Laszlo

    I am trying to replace all my laptops with tablets!

  • Bapt

    I want to discover the tablet experience… a smartphone with android is great, but a tablet is better… and I dont want an iPad 🙂

  • CheetahInk

    I would simply like to win this and give it to my wife for use in her middle school classroom. She teaches English to Special Education students and this would help to really engage the kids in learning.

  • LordStickMax

    cause i want to create a power remote that will control everything in my house

  • Neil Voskeritchian

    To keep my kids away from mine.

  • Ivo Shandor

    My computer is 12 years old and barely powerful enough to check email and i was laid off work 2 weeks ago. This sure would bring some joy into my life.

  • I need this simply because I don’t currently own a tablet.

  • area52

    I need this so I can stop using the wife’s IPad to read droidlife

  • JustPlainJoe

    I would like it because it’s NOT an I-pad. Pick me please….raises hand.

  • Geran Smith

    I need to win this so I can have something awesome to make my wife jealous 🙂

  • MR

    I need this so my wife will quit yelling at me for messing with hers..

  • I need to win this because I just saw my paycheck and can’t afford a tablet.

  • JamesU513

    I’d like to have the tablet so I can sit on the couch without a big laptop and still surf the web with a larger screen. Killing hordes of zombies too 🙂

  • I would love to have this for my computer science classes to take notes and code on the fly instead of simply writing notes in my notebook. So much easier to organize my notes from my classes

  • Josh

    I need to win this cause I don’t currently own a tablet.

  • Anthony DiMatteo

    To show my iFriends there are iAlternatives.

  • Eric Shelley

    I’ve wanted a tablet for awhile, just can’t afford to splurge on myself lately.

  • dbaca000

    So I can follow droid life the 10.1 way….

  • Jerry

    I need it for it’s large screen and my upcoming road trip.

  • MaggieMae

    I want to win this tablet for my husband, who is a truck driver, so he can stay in touch with family and friends when he is out on the road.

  • I need a tablet because my meaty sausage-fingers are too big for my phone’s touchscreen and continually send my Battleheart healers gleefully skipping to their deaths instead of healing the warriors.

  • I want it, so I can study for the CPA exam anywhere and not just at my desktop!

  • Tim Buchanan

    I want it so I can gently usher my wife into the digital age by presenting her with her very own tablet.

  • Adam

    I need this to show all my @pple friends that even an old Android tablet already has all of the things that @pple just “invented” for their iphone5…

  • I need this tablet because my laptop just died on me. Beats buying a new one…

  • For my Autistic son to use.

  • Kernschatten

    I need to win this tablet because I never win anything and am now suffering from low esteem. What better way to feel good about myself than winning something from Droid Life?

  • Sm1tty300

    Will work for 10.1 Tab

  • Because I have better chances on this one than I have before!

  • Josh

    I need this tablet to prove to my dad that tablets are actually useful.

  • Dima Aryeh

    I need it because of reasons. Mostly gaming reasons. Also I have family coming over soon, I need to entertain their child with a tablet!

  • Lawrence_Hart

    I want it because my CR-48 is just up to the job of playing video anymore

  • wheineman

    I need to win this because I am gonna be doing a lot of traveling for work soon, and being able to bring a tablet with me would be great!

  • To replace my Playbook which can not effectively do the few things that I need it to do (Evernote and Netflix for example.)

  • Schrade13

    My son could use this for school.

  • I need to win, because I like it.

  • TruEastSydeBoi

    I don’t need to win this tablet because how I was raised, but i certainly WANT to win this tablet because I refuse to buy any brainwashing apple products.

  • Greg

    I don’t want to give my money to apple..

  • Why do I want one? Because I don’t have a tablet yet, nor the disposable income to buy one.

  • I need this tablet because there is an imbalance in the human to android ratio at my house. Getting this tablet will help stop the arguments over who gets to play Angry Birds when and on what device.

  • I need it so i can leave my ipad and the galaxy tab in my living room and get confused about which one is which. /s

  • Michael H

    I need this device because my tablet I’ve been using for college to take notes and do hw online crapped out on me and i can’t afford to buy another one

  • Levi Wilcox

    Need a new tablet. Fire isn’t cutting it.

  • Simply put, I would like to get a Samung Tab. Special reason? None really. I just hope to see a lot of Samsung products over the iCantstandApple.

  • picaso86

    I need this tablet to teach my grandma’ how to email me in case of an emergency….

  • faganm24

    I need a tablet for Sunday afternoons to browse the NFL scores! So I can win the Eliminator Challenge!

  • I’ve never used a 10″ android tablet… it sounds like a really good time. So, I need it.

  • CaptainJulioG

    If I win this. It be a lot like my GS3 but with all the 10.1 goodies. Watching all my shows on there would be awesome!

  • Write_carrie

    cause i’m broke and a free tablet would be nice to have.

  • MichaelFranz

    I just flat out need a tablet 🙂

  • Andre C

    Cuz my gf has been wanting one ever since she tried it out in the store, and if you give me one for free, I will send a virtual high five your way as I’m getting thanked in her oh so special way

  • jcorf

    My GNex has been my main device for Netflix for awhile, but I have been thinking about getting a Nexus 7 to use for this instead. So a Galaxy Tab would work for this as well.

  • I need a new toy

  • Randy Kandt

    Because I don’t have one…

  • I want to switch over to tablets and away from my PC. No better place to start than with Android, Samsung, and Nvidia backing me up!

  • For the couch!!!

  • Mike Daubenspeck

    Who wouldn’t want one of these guys? I’d love to show off the speed and power and rub it into my wife’s face when she is struggling along with her silly ipad..

  • zUFC

    Because i have to use a work issued I-pad and refuse to do anything but work stuff on it. Never even been to apples store to look (or i should say “Buy” with them) at apps. I refuse to use it for anything (except what i have to for work).

  • Kory Cook

    So I can get my Nexus 7 back from my girlfriend!

  • Been a fan of droid-life since I got my Droid x,you guys always keep me up to date with all the latest android news.

  • I’d like a tablet that can play .mkv files without a 36 hour conversion process.

  • lnimmer

    The Wife and I are having a baby any day now, and this would be a great thing to be on during late nights, early morning hours! 😛

  • Michael Persico

    Need one so I can look for a new job.

  • engemasa

    I need to win this Galaxy Tab because it would be perfect for me to use for an in office project for scheduling conference rooms and making appointments with co-workers… And I can’t afford to buy one out pocket. :’-(

  • geedee82

    I need to win this tablet so my wife will stop using my Nexus 7! 😉

  • I cc want this because i don’t have one

  • i need to win because i love winning 🙂

  • I need a tablet so I can stop draining my phone battery with everything except phone calls and texts.

  • I want to get rid of my PC and switch over to tablet. No other better place to start than a no-

  • normmcgarry

    I need a tablet for my wife and little girl to play games on. I use mine for work and development too much for it to always have a drained battery from gaming.

  • gdaysoccer

    I’m a student and this would be super awesome to have in class.

  • hfoster52

    My daughter steals mine all the time so this would be hers.

  • fjhpsu

    I need it to ditch the desktop and for class

  • r0lct

    I want one to give to my mom so she can easily see pictures and video chat with the kids.

  • Brian C

    I want it to use it for work. I am currently the event manager of a major U.S. arena and would like to use this tablet to make things more organized for my daily work functions.

  • Greg

    Because all my friends think Ipads are better… I want to show them up.!

  • Because I <3 Samsung

    • pete

      you are less than 3 samsungs?

  • middlehead

    I need to win this so I can have a device streaming Netflix on every wall of my bathroom.

    • JoshGroff


  • Jooski

    Unlike everyone else here that “wants” this tablet I need this tablet. I need this because i do not have a tablet and i would love a large android device that i can tinker with. I only have a Rezound and it is my first android.

  • it would be useful for traveling

  • JoshGroff

    I need it so I can troll Apple employees.

  • i want one

  • NyReynolds

    Seriously does every contest have to involve twitter? I hate and refuse to use twitter! Guess I have no shot to win!

  • Gordon White

    I have a lot of traveling coming up – and don’t want to lug my clunky laptop.

  • Wayne Broder

    I can’t afford a tablet right now and my computer is very old. It would help me on the go, with work, and around the house. It would be great to use this to read as well. And I would love to show off an android tablet to all my ipad loving friends.

  • I don’t currently have a tablet and cant afford one.

  • Anthony Timoti

    I want one so I can take digital notes in class

  • Kyle Cole

    I need to win this tablet because I have to keep fighting my wife over who gets to use the nexus 7!

  • My wife wants a tablet.

  • carluverdrm2004

    I need to win this tablet because my Galaxy Nexus has a terrible battery life.

  • I want it because Android rock

  • Like so many others, because my wife and kids keep stealing mine… or is it the cats?

  • Asteosarcoma

    I need this tablet because I’m a poor college student who would LOVE a mobile semi-computer. LOL.

  • Jason

    i want it because i just sold my touchpad

  • Aaron

    I need to sold that a Tablet is worth while to purchase moving forward which I have a hard time with still. I’ve yet to be sold its worthy purchase of my hard earn $$. So winning it would be put to the test for sure and get heavy use. Not being sold just yet on Tabs if it sells me I’ll donate your gift to me and go out and buy one of the NEW 10.1’s in no time

  • I need a tablet so I can have something to use in the living room and around the house while my wife hog’s the laptop.

  • Kensicks

    Samsung phone. Samsung tablet. I need not say more.

  • Corey Foltman

    Because my daughter wants to play Angry Birds on a bigger screen than my Galaxy Nexus…

  • strows

    I’ve been wanting a tablet but providing for family won’t allow me to 🙁

  • I want it because I have too much free time.

  • Daniel Dlugos

    I want it because its awesome

  • villian1998

    Someone stole my gnex so I’m suffering the ultimate throwback of my og

  • I’d love to win this for my 2 and 7 year old sons. They both get excited to play learning type games/app’s on my phone and I’m sure that they would both really enjoy using a tablet for those games.

  • Jason Jackson

    i would love my first tablet.

  • I love Samsung and Tegra!

  • i want it because i just sold my HP touchpad

  • Because how awesome would it be to win a tablet!? Exactly.

  • My daughter needed one for college and since I was out of work I gave her mine. I need a new one but can’t afford one right now.

  • I want this this because I really don’t want an iPad, I love Samsung and I mean come on, look at the thing! Who wouldn’t want one!!!?

  • because 10″ is longer than 7″.

  • So I can use the Samsung and give my wife my HP Touchpad!

  • Jimmy Garcia

    Because my hands are too big for a Nexus 7!

  • I ant to win it because Samsung is way better then Apple and Android rules!!!

  • I need to read more books to be better edumacated.

  • Justin

    I have a dell streak 7. it blows. i need something better then Honeycomb. Please hook it up? i will tattoo Droid Life on my body. #whoringmyselfout

  • My wife is having a baby in a few weeks and this would be great for something easy to keep her entertained.

  • I need one. It’d be cool to win one

  • Corey Hass

    I don’t need a tablet, does anyone really NEED a tablet?

  • DavidHollinger

    Because it would be easier to carry around at work and get things done than with a laptop!

  • Mark F

    For gaming on the road !

  • michael haller

    I would love to have one of these! Then my son won’t have to play games on my phone anymore 😉

  • Could really use a larger tablet to pair with my N7.

  • drfromnc

    i want one to replace my hacked HP Touchpad so i can run real ICS on a tablet made for it.

  • brandito

    I could use it as a gift for the gf.

  • I would love to own a tablet so i can work on the go!

  • I’m getting ready to move in with my girlfriend and there’s just not enough room for all my books. I need an e-reader!

  • Colonel_Awesomesauce

    because Apple doesn’t want me to have it

  • So I can develop better apps and ROM’s for the Android community. Also, i just broke my tablet!

  • I need one, because reading stuff on my nexus is just not cutting it for me. 10.1 inches of tablet would help out.

  • Does it dispense my favorite beverage??? Tab

  • Greg Buxton

    Because Apple doesn’t want anyone to have one… and it’d make a great netflix-in-bed device.

  • BikerBob1789

    to keep my kids entertained in the car.

  • zmberven

    Because I want one….duh

  • I need this to evolve my traditional artistic skills into the new digital era

  • Lance K

    I’ve always wanted an ipad… 🙂

  • Adam Howland

    So I can watch that Jimmy Kimmel video over and over again while on the go

  • LewisSD

    I need/want this because I still dont have a tablet!

  • My fiance needs something for school that is a bit more robust than her rooted Nook Color. This would be great for her to take notes with.

  • Brian Norris

    Because I’m posting from my iPad which I would love to replace and sell 🙂

  • I simply need another Samsung device for iFans to envy.

  • Cause it would be a great gift for my daughter.

  • KleenDroid

    My son is out to sea on a Coast Guard Cutter and I would enjoy giving this to him to enjoy in his free time.

  • JoshGroff

    I need a bigger tablet to watch Netflix on.

  • Digital Comic Books. 10″ would be perfect

  • wtm1417

    I want it for school, casual gaming in the classroom ftw

  • Toan Ngo

    Free tablets all around!

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    To be honest, I would just really appreciate something like this. This is a tablet I actually have really liked for quite some time and I am sure I would make great use of it. I have never won anything like this before and it would be pretty cool. Nothing epic to write so I am glad I could fit the requirements. I actually joined Twitter for you guys 2 years ago for something just like this. I think it was for a hoodie.

  • Ryan Thornton

    I love Android and technology in general, but unfortunately don’t have the money to afford a tablet. I would love to have this to tinker with and put games on it for my son.

  • Guest

    I need this to evolve my traditional artistic skills into to the new digital era

  • Robert Bridget

    Because my 3 yr old now “owns” my recently purchased Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • I want to have it so I can play games on a ten inch screen.

  • awoodx

    Please for the love of android and spite of apple can it be me that wins:-)

  • Ben Booth

    I would love to win this tablet to help me with my mobile window repair business!!

  • chey023

    Because my kids took over the touchpad.

  • Mike Cechi

    Not only do I NEED this tab, but I also very much deserve it! I’ve been resisting the urge to join in the evil empire that is Social Networking for years now, and yet now, urged on by your promise of a chance to win a tablet I could never hope to afford on my 9-5 call center pay, I have given in and created a twitter account. In doing so, I may have killed off a little piece of my soul, but the possibility of winning a device that would quite literally be a life changer for me made the submission to social networking unavoidable.

    Oh, and the need for a tablet is because I got myself a Pell Grant and got into STCC, and something like this would be a huge help to me, NOT so I can tweet. Or twit. which is is it?

    • JoshGroff

      I think it’s tweet.

      • Mike Cechi

        Ah, then a Tweeting Twit I shall be! For the love of android, I will tweet away.

  • because my old tablet broke:-/

  • Nick Donofrio

    I want this so my girlfriend stops using my nexus 7!

  • Jan

    I’m a bus driver and a tablet would be perfect for those dull breaks at the final station.

  • David Faber

    I’m starting school in two weeks and want to have a tablet to take notes. Besides, my laptop is dying.

  • TheWenger

    Oh please give me that iPad!!!!

  • I bought one for my wife (Xoom) and i’m JEALOUS!

  • Dom Suppa

    it rocks because it’s not an apple product

  • Aardvark99

    I need more devices to keep charged!

  • For my daughter since her sister is getting a cell phone today

  • Would love to win this since my 3 n 1 year old keep stealing my phone and my wifes ipod

  • I would love to win this so I could use it for school, would be so much better to have than having to use school computers!!!

  • tbaybe

    because im cute? lmao JOKE

  • I’m trying to further my education and I need something to take notes and keep documents
    A tablet would be perfect.

  • Stud Muffler

    Who does not want something that nice for free? My wife would be pleased…

  • EvanTheGamer

    I already own a Nexus 7(which is still insanely awesome!), but if I won, I’d be giving this tab to my dad as he’s been dying to get one for the longest time, but just can’t decide on which one to get!

  • addicuss

    I need one for school and because I just want one 🙂

  • I NEED this tablet cause my wife keeps hogging the only one we own!

  • drewbie_al

    I want it because Apple hates it.

    • JoshGroff

      Good reason.

    • itznfb

      I vote this guy should win. I would like to win but I refuse to use twitter.

      • fixxmyhead

        yea twitter is ultra gay. why cant u guys just pick a random comment on here or enter with an email address

        • That’s why I have a B.S. twitter account. For contest’s and to receive bonuses for in-game achievements. Like “you’ve collected 50 times.
          Here is 100 resources. Tweet this for an extra 100 resources.” That kind of stuff.

          • likenother

            he revealed his secret! he should be disqualified. 😀

          • In full disclosure, I do have a personal twitter acct. Which I can use for this specific giveaway. Back in it baby. :]

        • trumpet444

          for me, twitter is ultra useful as a quick “rss” reader. I follow news sources for headlines – whether it be android, tech, or world/political news. To me, its a stripped down flipboard. (i still voted your comment up. There are a LOT of douchebags on twitter)

          • fixxmyhead

            got that right

    • trumpet444

      I won’t win now because of your awesome comment. You suck (and good luck!)

    • Aww. Good one.

  • topherct

    Oh yeah

  • Riz Virani

    Because it’s cool

  • I’m poor and winning one is the only way ill ever have one

  • David Louie

    because it’s free of course!

  • I want this tablet because my lack of ICS on my Droid Bionic is making me sad and I really want to have ice cream everyday!

  • Peter Pugliese

    I want a tablet to carry around my office all day for note taking and presentations.

  • QQpayne

    To use for home schooling my children, been looking for a cheap tablet to meet my needs.

  • kismet769

    1) I since I don’t have a computer/laptop/tablet, this would be great to have.
    2) I never win anything…

  • JaseYANG

    So I can give it to someone

  • rodney11ride

    because i cant afford to buy one… 🙁

  • Guest

    I want this tablet so I can watch funny youtube videos of cats

  • moelsen8

    i want it because it’s outlawed! 🙂

  • DMC

    I neeeed a tablet (and not an iPad).

  • This would make my day. Seeing as today’s been pretty horrendous, I could use it.

  • samthomas86

    I need it because it looks awesome!

  • Because. Tablet.

  • I want this tablet so I can watch funny youtube videos of cats.

  • disqus_UjZ7oZsjn9

    This would make my son’s 4th birthday very special…September 29th… Thanks

  • 007e

    I need to win this so I can show my Apple loving friend there’s other things out there. Aside from that it would be nice to have this instead of a laptop when lounging around @home or traveling to and from different places. Also, It would be awesome to win something from a give away especially a Tab 10.1

  • I could use a dev tablet that I am not worried about ruining.

  • So I don’t have to use my wife’s iPad for anything anymore… Its good for her – just not me 🙂

  • WalCs

    If I win, I would put all of my school books on it so I don’t have to carry about 50 lbs of textbook everyday!

  • I have an iPad… and want to get rid of it! Thinking of selling it but really need a tablet as well, this will pull me away from the iPad for sure and I give the iPad to a family member who needs it and doesn’t care whether or not its Android or not!

  • Mason Karle

    A Galaxy Tab 10.1 to go with my Galaxy Nexus 😀

  • I am fairly certain if I had this it would end a long dry spell I have had with the ladies.

  • antwonw

    Two reasons: 1) I am a graduating senior and hulling a computer from class to class for notes is a pain. A tablet is lighter and smaller and would be perfect. 2) My major is in Photojournalism. Having a tablet like this handy would make it easy for me to quickly view my shots on a larger screen in the field for review and make my life much easier.

  • My five year anniversary is coming up and the wife is Looking to replace a busted laptop. Help Me be the man !

  • ForrestTracey

    I’m working with Pinky and The Brain and we are “TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD”
    This Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the one KEY element that we are missing…!!

  • my iPhone using gf needs a tablet so she can truly understand how bad ass Android is…

  • i want to learn from it. ticker with it. because playing with myself will only make me blind

  • Dan

    because if i dont win, apple will sue you. and anyone that copies me ill sue you too. patent pending**

  • Justin Evans

    if i win this i will make my class mate jealous and it will make him go buy a nexus 7 that he wants, just like he did when i got my galaxy nexus. andd i need something for my daughter to watch while were takeing road trips to see family. @JL_Evans

  • antfigs

    I never won a random contest before

  • I would like to win..

  • I would like to win for the simple fact as I just ran out on my warranty for my touchpad and my son dropped it. So now without an Android tablet.

  • Gabriel Hart

    …so I don’t have to fight off my wife or child to get access to our transformer prime

  • N12X93R

    Have some online textbooks in .pdf. It’d be nice to use instead of a 17″ laptop on a small fold out desk area.

  • blazingwolf

    I need an iPad. Oh Wait that’s not an iPad? I can’t tell the difference. 😉

    Seriously, it would be nice to have to help keep the kids entertained on trips. 🙂

  • Rutherford the Brave

    I need (not necessarily need, but really want) this tablet because (1) my computer is fizzling out (2) I’ve been in the market for a tablet for a year or so but haven’t pulled the trigger because I have been saving money for point #3, and (3) my bank account is drained due to a recent engagement ring purchase! I am getting engaged Saturday. I am excited for the engagement. A gift for me would be great too. That is why I need it!

  • I need this for Xbox Smart Glass later this year!

  • craig1989

    My laptop has been giving me grief (macbook) and its frustrating to perform the basic tasks on. A tablet would be the perfect option for simple day to day things.

  • Jim

    My son is always on our Xoom so it would be nice to have a tablet for myself.

  • I have a little sister turning 18 next month. This’d be an epic birthday present!

  • Brandon Viada

    I want one so my mom can stop stealing my touchpad 🙂

  • I need to with this Tablet for the purpose of owning a Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. ^^

  • n0ppw

    Just because I’d like to win it! 🙂

  • I’d love to get my wife a tablet, this would be awesome. We are about to visit family across the country and this would be perfect to watch some movies on the plane. Thanks DL!

  • Bryan

    My wife saw a commercial for the Galaxy Tab and said “I want that!”. So if I win – my wife would be happy. And you know what they say: “Happy Wife = Happy Life!”

  • landon

    Always wanted an android tablet!

  • Michael Johnson

    I would love to win this because the Galaxy tab is awesome. I love supporting Android and I really could use a table to enhance my work life. Plus it’s just fun. I would love to win this. Thanks

  • I’ve wanted to buy a tablet for a while so I can bring it to my college classes which would be better than bringing my huge laptop.

  • FarmerTechno

    I need to win this tablet because I really need a 10″ device to fit in between my laptop and phone.

  • Doan

    It would give my niece something to play with when she’s down, rather than my primary phone.

  • awgilyas

    Because I kinda need one to use Chameleon fully. Doesn’t work well on 7″ tablets, need moar screen real estate!

  • sargentsnow

    I need this tablet because I don’t have one and my girlfriend just dumped me for no apparent reason.

  • i need one for the train rides home

  • I need a tablet because I am the only one in the IT department who is not only the biggest android enthusiast, but the only one without a tablet! How does that work?

  • Because a tablet would be really useful, is too expensive for me to purchase right now on my own, and because I don’t ever win these sorts of things.

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    Pretty simple, I just want it! Great replacement for my Kindle Fire.

  • John Hansen

    Because I love Android and this site and have always wanted an Android tablet!

  • My daughter’s birthday party is this weekend. Would be nice to give her such a cool tablet.

  • whosinaname

    I want this tablet so my kids will leave my nexus 7 alone 🙂

  • juliem82

    I would love to win this because I’ve been dying for a tablet and this is the perfect fit!!!

  • mtkregs

    I need to win this tablet because I have never owned a tablet, I feel something missing from my life, and
    @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra complete me.

  • I’ve been dreaming of owning a tablet of my own for a long time, but I currently can’t afford one. It would allow me to take my work and my hobbies with me wherever I go!

  • Dc

    I just want to mod the hell out of it!

  • danny

    Love to have this for work to keep notes and save/ file pdf’s and emails, create power points and use all the awsome tablet productivity apps.

  • Rob Black

    I’ve been wanting a tablet for WAY too long! This is my chance!! Thanks, Droid-Life!!

  • JPaquetteNY

    28 year old taking college classes again, dont want to carry my 15″ Acer laptop around that dies in two hours. That is all.

  • kaufkin

    can’t keep the 6 year old whooping me in Angry Birds on my GNexus – need something with a bigger screen so my “old” eyes can keep up with him. 🙂

  • Yellowsnow

    Because I don’t own a tablet.

  • amosk

    I would like a tablet to read and game on at home. Thanks for the giveaways DL and NVIDIA!

  • To make magic happen

  • Jigga_Z

    I need a tablet because I love to watch movies when I travel, but I need something with enough battery life to actually last through a whole film!

  • John

    I need to win this so I can show my wife how a real tablet experience should be!

  • James_Kernicky

    I don’t have a tablet. I want a tablet. I need this tablet.

  • Scott Willenborg

    I want it because I’m selfish and need all the toys.

    It would be super if you would stop taking entries now and pick a winner. My odds are going to suck my 3 o’clock… thanks!

  • MoonShadow_NM

    I want it because I don’t have one, yet.

  • Keyan X

    I need it so I can have a decent 10in tablet 🙂

  • jas1178

    With the economy the way it has been, a tablet hasn’t been a part of the budget. It would give me the ability to be more productive, a way to unplug – with the awesome gaming capabilities, and would give me a jolt of joy – since I have never won anything!

  • landon

    Would love to win this to play apps and root it!

  • Mike

    My son has broke 2 of my tablets in the last 6 months. I really need this…


  • Because I want to hack it! I want to make it an iPad! 😉

  • Because the wife got herself a Nexus 7 tablet and then said we didn’t have the money to get me one.

  • Adamania

    It would be amazing to win a tablet since the only one I have is the TOUCHPAD 🙁

  • David Simmons

    My wife is tabletless still…so she always steals mine!

  • Life is hard, and I never get to treat myself. I would love to win this fantastic tablet!

  • I would love to win this tablet to give to my daughter to help assist her in her school actifities.

  • Mclovin

    Please pick me!!!

  • With the economy the way it has been, a tablet hasn’t been a part of the budget. It would give me the ability to be more productive, a way to unplug – with the awesome gaming capabilities, and would give me a jolt of joy – since I have never won anything!

  • James_Kernicky

    I need this because my wife wants a tablet and I want to get an android and she wants an ipad. Help me show her that this will do what she needs it to!

  • Zach Lindner

    My wife needs a tablet, free is always good.

  • Masterminded

    I love Android, and I don’t have a tablet

  • Would love this to be my first Samsung product!

  • Shawn

    I want this just so I can have a non-Nexus or Google Experience device to test my apps on. My current arsenal is a Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Xoom, and Nexus 7. While I get that if the apps work on stock Android, they should work on customized versions too, but we all know that isn’t the case. That, and let’s be candid, who doesn’t need another 10.1″ tablet in their life?

  • Travis Faulkner

    To watch something besides Blues Clues and Baby Einstein while my son is awake. And to show off baby pics and video

  • bpow

    I need to win the tablet, because lets face it, you can never have to many devices.

  • Bonzix

    So I can watch even more football using the Watch ESPN App. Thanks!

  • I need this tablet to up the percentage of Android tablets in the world.

  • AbbieRosario

    I just need to win it. That’s it.

  • bitbank

    My 4 girls are needing more devices for doing their work, reading (and playing).

  • romma

    I want it so I can solve all of the worlds problems.

  • wolfedude88

    It would be nice to have a 10.1 tablet, never won anything like this either.

  • Anthony

    My girlfriends bday is on the 21st of this month. She said she wants an iPad. Ignorance is bliss lol. Give this to me so I can enlighten her about the truth. She is living in the Matrix haha.

  • Bradley Ruiz

    I need to win cause my 3year old stole my Nexus 7 plus im a fan on the Galaxy line

  • More goodies for the gadget shelf.

  • MattH818

    I’d give it to my bro who’s son has Autism. He can’t afford nice things atm.

  • Michael Forte

    I’d like to win this to give to my sister for her birthday.

  • kraze050181

    Simply put I need a tablet of my own!

  • Corey Marrier

    I’d like to win this tablet because I have yet to win an Android related contest.

  • DPAK

    I need to win this tablet so I can show to my friends that Android is the better operating system than iOS. (Especially cause most of my friends have iPads and are constantly showing off how “great” it is.)

  • pete

    because i have no money to buy a tablet with these gas prices!

  • I want the tablet so I can keep up with the Jones’s

  • i wanna win this tablet cuz ive never had one before, used them and i love them but a little too expensive for me so im hoping to win a free one!

  • Kevin Morales

    It would be very useful when I need to utilize my textbook through .pdf using this tablet, rather than bringing a laptop to school.

  • Parker DeWitt

    I am 14 Years old, and an beginning developer for android. I would really like to win this, it would give me a whole ton of motivation to keep on developing, as it isn’t an easy task.

  • mark

    I’ve always wanted a tablet that was designed to be a tab. Rocking a rooted nook color only takes you so far. Samsung design and hardware are top of the line. Being backed by droid life and nvidia just sweeten the deal.


    The school where i teach is a BYOD (bring your own device) school this year! Many students cannot afford a hand held device, let alone a tablet. I would like to give it away to a student…and obviously provide proof it was given! [email protected] ([email protected] – in case our filter snags up the winning email!)

  • casbar

    Well, I’ve learned to love my Samsung products and a 10.1 tablet would be awesome. Thanks DroidLife!

  • mustbepbs

    I need a bigger screen to do my daily studying than my phone. This would be fantastic.

  • Gtmike256

    I need to win it because i need a thin and easy to carry around device that is larger than a smartphone

  • Because I’m tired of using an HP Touchpad with hacked up Android and non working camera! I neeeeed this man!

  • I love having new toys to play with.

  • Live out in the boonies with no internet besides tethering, desktop just died. I could really use this for some good old fashion entertainment. Thanks for these giveaways. Hope I win someday. Would love one of these tablets.

  • ManBearPig618

    Alright Kellex. It’s time to just shut me up and let me win for once.

  • I need to win this tablet because my laptop just crapped out and I definitely need the on the go capabilities!

  • VinMessina

    Because I need a TV for my car.

  • Brian

    I have one and my wife is jealous.

  • base2wave

    I’d love to have a tablet to give my wife for her birthday.

  • Doug

    The price is the only one I can afford – Free

  • I’m heading out on a roadtrip soon and it would be fun to skype friends and family on he road!

  • My old tablet is falling apart!

  • Toliet tablet.

  • Mark43019

    The reason I would like to win the tablet is, I have a grandaughter with fine motor skill disabilities and feel it would be great therapy for her to be able to use the touch screen.

  • mystikalrush

    Great opportunity for me to get into the tablet market!

  • Sean Zubrickas

    I need to win this Tablet because I am going to start traveling a lot more with my job and I need something for long flights! Plus its awesome!

  • I NEED to win this tablet because if I don’t…I may just about die (“Archer” reference anyone?) Oh! &because mobile gaming is awessommmeee!

  • I need this because I do not have an Android tablet, and this is one of the best out there.

  • As a developer I’m looking to install a tablet into my SUV and have my entire media library synchronized with my house and into my vehicle.

  • Chris Cousin

    I need to win this tablet cause I am tired of lugging around my ghetto hacked Viewsonic Gtablet.

  • justincase_2008

    I would love this so i can read all my comics on the fly. I need a thin nice tablet and the 10.1 is amazing!!

  • My girlfriend does photography, and a tablet to work on and show her art would be AWESOME!

  • legalkill

    I just do.

  • MrToTo83

    I need to win it because, A its awesome and kicks Apples @$$. Two I want it. lol

  • I could use something a little bigger than my Nexus 7!

  • I need this so I can get rid of all the ancient magazines sitting on the back of my toilet. Oh come on people, you know you do (or would) flip through a tablet rather than old school magazines while in the john!

  • Because I’m a tech junkie and I can give it a great home!

  • Bauce40

    Because sometimes my Nexus 7 screen is just a bit too small

  • I need to win this because I never win anything

  • pimfram

    Because my laptop is an old piece of junk.

  • So my kids would stop asking to use my Nexus 7…

  • Divina

    I need this tablet so I can kick my iPod touch to the curb. I wanna be able to see better pictures, movies, n surf the web better on the go!!!

  • jofficus44

    I need to win this tablet, so I can save the money I would have spent on a new tablet for my inevitable new Nexus purchase this winter. Thanks DL!

  • Mark

    Want a tablet because this would be my first one and would get to see what droid-life would be like “on the go”

  • Jamen Lang

    i want a pandora playing – google calendar on my fridge.

  • strozykowski

    My 6 year old’s HP TouchPad just died, and is a month out of warranty. So it would be awesome to give this to him.

  • Its cool

  • Richard Garrison

    I want it because, I want it.

  • Guest

    My Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 is too old!

  • JP Dy

    To give it to Mom

  • Danny stone

    I just want it

  • I need to win so I can improve my sales experience to my customers! It would be so much easier to show product on a nice big 10″ screen!!

  • Joey Miranda

    need to win this tablet to give to my brother so he can stop using his ipad that his summer job gave him, that he hates.

  • So I can give my playbook to my mom.

  • Jeremy Bowling

    Because my daughter has confiscated my Nexus 7.

  • I need one because I’m sick of using my sister’s blinged out ipad, lame.

  • Joshua Casey

    I need this tablet because I am a tech junky and I must get my next fix!

  • I want to give it to my sister!

  • I need this because I don’t have a tablet yet.

  • yay another giveaway… i would use this for gaming (wildblood once out) for on the road and during work i would use it as a RDP to access my computer when i am out.

  • because i’m getting tired of my lapdock, and i REALLY wan’t it!

  • So my kids will stop taking my GN to play games.

  • Johny Merg

    I want this tablet becuase I love tabs and I’ve always wanted one and plus i love Samsung!!

  • Kutter Ross

    Would love to have this for my college classes!

  • Android gadgets are what get me through the day. Another one would make it that much easier!

  • Francisco Rodriguez

    I’ve never had a true tablet, and this would help me out immensely. Sure better than taking my laptop everywhere.

  • I’d like to have it to replace my ASUS TF101 if I liked it better.

  • dhuff44

    I need to win because I cant afford to buy my own

  • YankInDaSouth

    My wife and kids need this so they keep their grubby mitts off my N7 LOL

  • NexusPhan69

    Because I want to completely ditch apple (first gen ipad is all I have left to go). But I can’t afford a Nexus 7 right now. iPhone went first. Then iMac. Soon hopefully the iPad and the transition will be complete!

  • those ebooks look nice on a 10.1 incher.

  • Jerry Willis

    Add me to your “I want one list”

  • I want a tablet that can compete with my gf’s Asus Transformer.

  • tiptoptommy

    I have yet to be a lucky Droid life winner. I oh so wish this will be my lucky day

  • My mother needs to be introduced to the 21st Century…