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Tegra 3 Powered HTC One X+ Shows Up at FCC, Looking Towards AT&T

The HTC One X was one of our favorite phones of the year so far and the company is looking to make it even better. The device above passed through the FCC today under the model number PM63100 which if rumors and benchmarks are believed to be true, will be the HTC One X+.

From the prior benchmarks we know that this device is running the newest quad-core Tegra 3 chipset clocked in at a crazy fast 1.7GHz. Throw in some LTE and the One X’s great SLCD2 screen and you will have one powerful phone, a device that will suck battery like none other. Unfortunately for Verizon owners, the LTE bands in this device indicate an AT&T release but who knows? If rumors are true and a 1080p phone from HTC is headed to Big Red, you won’t mind if you miss the One X+, will you?

Would you like to see this device on Verizon? Or the 5″ 1080p HTC device instead?

Via: Engadget

  • j_peter

    Seems like a pretty good device. Too bad it runs Android, because WP8 would be great on this. Actually, pretty much anything but Android would be good.

  • LionStone

    Yea that One X is pretty beastly…my lil cousin turned in his ifone and got a One X so I was checking it out and did a speedtest. This is near SFO…bam , 25 down and 10 up!

    I’ll wait to see what HTC has for VZW since I don’t need to switch carriers for any reason.

  • Butters619

    This phone will go great with my diesel generator I will need to power it through a day!

    • j_peter

      You can thank Android’s terrible power management for that!

  • Darksthour

    Dunno tough question. Coming from my Droid 3 and looking at upgrades for it anything would be nice. However I have never owned an HTC phone and probably never will unless they make the next best nexus (assuming there’s more than one). Not that I have any problems with HTC I just cant see myself dealing with sense and as a personal preference I never liked the build and design of them. I also am in the thought process as do I really need 1080p on my phone? Anything I’m doing with 1080p should be my TV/computer/tablet. I don’t watch TV on my phone or anything intense I would just prefer to not have something that ghosts when I move and the colors look right.

  • nightscout13


  • Paul

    The s4pro is much faster than the tegra 3 though, so there isnt really any loss for verizon users, besides looks possibly.

  • r0lct

    Since it’s an HTC phone I’ll wait on the battery benchmark before looking at the processor ones. After the GNex I’m not getting another phone that requires me to carry a spare battery if I am out all day.

    • Don’t worry, you won’t be carrying a battery for it – you will need a charger instead since it’s not swappable.

      Seriously, though – once I got a custom ROM on my HOX with an undervolted kernel, my battery issues went away. The AT&T crapware-ified OS that shipped on the phone was garbage, though.

      • j_peter

        The entire OS itself is garbage.


    Note II

    • j_peter

      …is completely overrated.

  • summit1986

    No NFC? 🙁

  • ch_fiammaq

    Galaxy series is copy
    I want to buy oneX plus

  • jak_341

    Android Life is weeping. It really wanted this story. I weep for it too.

    • Now that you mentioned it. Android Life is MIA again.

  • I’m not interested in a 1080p panel in a phone.. even with pentile and at 720p, i never notice pixels on my galaxy nexus. And i look for them. I would rather devote all of the power of the snapdragon s4 pro to a really nice 720p SLCD2 panel, rather than bog it down with 1080p.

  • HTC1

    Much ratcher have this OneX series. That leaked photo was gross on the 5″ device (if that is the actual phone). I hate that we can’t get this thing. It’s almost my perfect phone (“My” perfect phone). I think the looks are unmatched on the OneX

  • geedee82

    Its good to see they have Tegra 3 and LTE compatibility now. I’m not really interested in either of those phones but this can only mean good things for the near future.

  • cns2007


  • ryan buky

    its tough to say. depends on the size of the OneX+

  • al

    HTC 1080p s4 pro……..nexus. yes I will take that…..

  • mustbepbs

    I’m happy with my GS3. For once in my life.

    • j_peter

      Are you really happy, or do you just tolerate it because you were told it’s the best phone on the market?

      • mustbepbs

        Yes I’m really happy. It’s a very solid phone and I cannot find any faults with it. I love it.