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Live Chat – Apple’s iPhone 5 Event

Look, we fully understand that we aren’t an iPhone or Apple site, but the iPhone 5 is the only story in tech today. Every other company is probably using it as a holiday of sorts because they would be foolish to try and announce something that would compete with this moment. So since they are the competitor and we like to see what kinds of silly things they claim to invent, we thought we would run a live chat. No, not a live blog since we aren’t there or covering as press, but a “chat” because we like to hang out with the DL community and talk about hot topics.

Let’s keep it clean, yet fun. Join us below.  

  • jannahbanana

    these iphone 5 cases are so pretty http://www.ebay.com/itm/130791889419?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 CANT wait to get my iphone 5

  • Pat

    I can’t wait until Google announces the new Nexus phone. That will definitely the one to get.

  • MonkeyWork

    Apple actually did innovate on their camera:
    Schiller demonstrates pics on the iPhone 5. “The ocean looks bluer, kids look happier.”

    It makes your kids happier!

  • It’s the only story anyone else wants to cover today, so you go ahead and just turn into effing engadget. Smart. This used to be a great source for android news. Now it’s just a copy/paste effort from other sites.

  • Josh

    It’s the iPhone I always wanted…last october

  • Jacob Svonavec

    Thanks for the live blog it was great fun.. Keep up the good work guys

  • hkklife

    I have to admit, the carryover iPhone 4S does make a pretty good showing as a 16Gb $99 handset compared to big red’s current $99 devices like the G-Nex or RAZR M or the Atrix HD on AT&T. I was really expecting the existing 4S SKUs to be phased out and a new 8Gb version introduced to fill the $99 spot, so a “free” 8Gb iPhone 4 is a MUCH better value than the “free” 3GS that’s available now. And keeping the 16Gb 4S around for $99 was a pleasant surprise. 8Gb is really too little for any modern smartphone, and it’s a shame Moto couldn’t have squeezed a bit more into the Razr M.

    I bet all of the teeny-boppers and soccer moms will go nuts over the free and cheap iPhone 4 & 4S now. It is also nigh miraculous how long the IPhone 3GS lasted in the marketplace–remember, folks, the 3GS came out BEFORE the OG Droid and it’s still receiving official iOS updates (though how well it handles them is up for debate). I still must commend Apple for supporting that device for so long.

    Now with today’s hoopla finally out of the way, I’m looking forward to official VZW Note 2 availability and seeing HTC’s 1080P phablet.

  • It looks ugly and apparently no one told Apple that their Aluminum scratches easy (my MBP is only 6 months old and I can count 20 deep scratches and its never been off of my desk!

  • Jake

    I can’t believe that Foo Fighters dedicates their performance of “My Hero” to the folks at Apple who are working to “change our world”. Seriously? I give Apple all the credit in the world for popularizing (not inventing) smartphones and tablets. I also give them kudos for picking up the baton of style and design after Sony dropped it. However, that song dedication makes it sound like the folks at Apple are working hard at curing cancer or resolving world hunger. Apple’s just a company milking their brand to nickel an dime every consumer they can. Let’s not call them heroes.

  • Raven

    I swore that I would never by an Apple product, but I did get a 4th Gen Nano for my 10 year anniversary at work. Maybe I will get a 7th Gen one next year for my 15 year and then that can be permanently docked in my car where I don’t have to see it instead.

  • ezpotato


  • JamesR

    I wonder why they don’t stop trying to make the phone so thin and increase their battery size & life?

  • New connector. That means that all of your old connectors are now obsolete. That means that your Bose Soundwave with the ipod dock is not soo cool anymore. Sure. Maybe they will come out with an adapter, but how good will that really be???? It seems to me that apple just found a way to make fully integrated apple people have to go out and buy all new everything. Car stereo, home stereo, speaker dock, car charger, a gazillion chargers, you get the drift.

  • Dee

    no s jobs rip apple

  • Dee


  • fixxmyhead

    everything about this just screams GAY!!!

    gay colors, wrist straps, “ear pods”

  • Dee

    so onderwhelmed

    • j_peter

      That’s exactly how I feel about Android.

      • fixxmyhead

        oh but this gay sh!t is better? look at those colors what man would be caught sporting that, and the wrist strap

        • j_peter

          Did you consider that MAYBE Apple is appealing to the female demographic? Geez, you fandroids are completely dense.

          • fixxmyhead

            even if i hated android i certainly would not be caught sporting some b!itch phone. i would go for a MAN phone something with a big screen. even windows phone are manlier than this thing

        • obviously j_peter would…. he’s a pickle though

      • dee

        you have feelings about android? do you get out of the house much?

  • Akeem McAllister

    I believe my biggest disappointment in Apple is the lack of new hardware. I wonder how long they will continue with this design?

    • j_peter

      Lack of new hardware? Did you even see the iPhone 5? It’s been completely redesigned!

      • Akeem McAllister

        lol true!

  • RoadsterHD1

    How much RAM does it have?

    • ezpotato

      more than you’ll ever need, honestly.

    • Buckoman

      1GB, my friend.

      • RoadsterHD1

        Thank you.


    Wow Apple is nothing but squares still no widgets. Apple is old technology all they care about is the camera and the screen. Both HTC and Samsung are gonna own that piece of crap phone anyway because they own the LTE. Go Galaxy 3 so much more Technology

  • Aaron Fredricks

    All these new products being announced are a serious joke. I was actually hoping for good stuff, good competition, a good show, something more than the same predictable Apple fanfare.

    • Akeem McAllister

      This is only new stuff to the Apple fanboys and girls who can’t take their eyes off of Apple for one second to realize Android has done much of this already and so much more.

  • Akeem McAllister

    Why is replying to call you can’t answer with a text or iMessage really a new feature? I have had this on my Droid X for the last two years now. Apple is #1 in selling crap. I am so forward to the real innovators…Android Manufacturers! *Patiently awaits the next Nexus*

  • Nexus

    did they release the details on the iphone 5 yet?

    • Akeem McAllister

      yep but they are some old features Android has already had that you probably missed them.

  • Nexus

    what about that new MP3 player Samsung put out? Looks like a GS3, didnt check it out but passed by it in BestBuy

  • j_peter

    Apple is seriously the best technology company in existence. I cannot wait to get my new iPhone, and will definitely be pre-ordering on the 14th.

    • NexusPhan69

      Your extreme sarcasm is getting annoying.

      • j_peter

        Sorry to disappoint, but I am completely serious. Apple wipes the floor with Google, Samsung, and all the others. Amazon might be the only competitor they have.

        • jobsjabs

          j_peter sucks jobs dead but preserved balls

        • j_peter has aids

      • Buckoman

        I have yet to see something that categorizes it as sarcasm, but yes, please stop, Peter, it’s getting exhausting.

        • j_peter

          The unnecessary Apple hate here is getting pretty exhausting as well.

          • Buckoman

            There’s no Apple hate, only broken dreams of what Apple could have done today.

        • NexusPhan69

          He is painting himself as an apple brat to get comments and fire people up. Its gotten quite annoying.

    • sarcasmister

      Pre-order a new brain while you’re at it troll

      • j_peter

        Fandroids are the ones that are lacking in that department.

        • Buckoman

          I encourage you, please: Share with us why you think Apple is the best and Android is the worst. With a die-hard like you, I’m interested in your opinion, honestly.

          • j_peter

            The Apple ecosystem is completely unmatched. iOS is the easiest, most pleasant mobile OS on the market. OS X is the best desktop OS, and iTunes is the best music ecosystem. Android is a half-baked OS that focuses on throwing in new features, as opposed to making a pleasant user experience that doesn’t lag.

          • Buckoman

            I don’t think you’ve come to experience Jelly Bean (or ICS even, for that matter.) Sure, android has been pushing in features, and previous iterations have been extremely laggy and not smooth.

            But you have to remember, iOS is a series of icons moving across a static wallpaper. Android has widgets and other things that make the experience rich. iOS devices run on an underclocked processor (save for gaming, which is when the GPU kicks in) because iOS doesn’t need much else than a 512Mhz processor to run a series of icons. It doesn’t have true multitasking, either. OSX and iTunes? Pick your poison, I guess. I enjoy using both OSs for different things, but Windows 7 is still my daily driver.

            I encourage you to try an Android device in a completely unbiased way, as it seems your opinions are based on Android 2.x and lower. Lets compare the present to the present, yes?

    • LionStone

      What color wrist strap are you gonna get? haha

      • j_peter

        Definitely the black.

        • pinkstink

          get the pink you bitch

  • Capt. Crunch

    Ugliest earphones i’ve ever seen

    • j_peter

      Good thing no one is forcing you to buy them.

    • Aaron

      seriously. i loved the old earbuds. these new ones look flat out uncomfortable.

  • droyd4life

    Crap.. Apple is beasting with their new iPod. I’m more impressed with it than the iPhone 5 lol.

    • Justin

      Same here – the back looks pretty sick to the new iPod Touch. Not that I would get it – it’s pointless since I have an Android device with all the same features, only, better.