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CyanogenMod Announces the M-Series Builds, Not Quite a Nightly, but Not Quite a Release Candidate

It takes a certain type of Android user to flash the latest nightly to your phone whenever you see it. You’re living on the cutting edge, expecting bugs while keeping your phone as up-to-date as possible. However, some people like a bit more stability to their lives. CyanogenMod is looking to split the difference here with the new M-series builds.

On their blog post, the CM team said “These builds should be stable enough for daily use, and we encourage feedback and bug reports.” It’s important to note that these builds are tagged as “experimental” and that you still might run into some bugs, but not as much as a nightly. The Verizon Galaxy Nexus has its first M1 build ready for download now, but if you’re looking for the full list of M1 devices, hit the source link below and find your device.

Via: CyanogenMod

  • Alfonso M. Oliver

    a lot for sharing. You have done a brilliant job.

  • sirpaa

    htc sdcard not mounting .any help

  • sirpaa

    Hi,i used your jellybean beta 0.33 zip on my htc desire but in the process of flashing the Rom it stopped working and i try to backup my formal OS but the sdcard couldnt mount. and the phone can boost to recovery mode but mount sdcard for backup or update.plse i need help to solve this problem

  • gpzbc

    Actually, the CM10 nightly builds have been surprisingly stable for me.

  • kselby

    Does this include the quick reply in the notification bar feature yet?

    • kervation


  • So I’m thinking about giving CM a shot now that AOKP isn’t officially building nightlies. Any opinions on that? I’d love to hear from people. I haven’t used CM since Gingerbread.

    • kervation

      I can’t speak for others but I have been a fan of CM since the OG Droid. You are not going to have the endless amount of customizations that AOKP contains but you will have a stable, source built Rom that should have enough customization to keep you satisfied, IMHO.

      • Thank you for the reply. I had CM on my OG and I still have it on my Nook Color but I’ve grown to love some of the customizations on AOKP. I only use about 10% of the customizations though. AOKP has been unpredictable lately as far as builds go, so I guess I’ll try CM out today. I’ve been needing something to flash haha

    • Droosh

      Although you don’t have some of AOKPs options, since AOKP is built off of CM, you will be further ahead of the curve with fixes with CM nighties. This may not be important for devices like the Galaxy Nexus, however, for devices like the US GS3, I want the latest fixes since significant updates are in most nightlies.

      • AOKP is not built from CM. But so far I am liking CM, but I miss being able to change the Nav bar button color to Holo Blue.

  • kervation

    CM has always had the perfect balance to me of customization and rock solid Aosp stability.
    I run their nightlies routinely and there are hardly any bugs to speak of.

  • I tried a nightly of CM10 a few days ago and ran into an issue where my Picasa pictures weren’t syncing with Gallery. I hope they get this taken care of soon because its a dealbreaker.

    • Droosh

      This isn’t the ROM’s problem, it is the G-apps package you are using.

      Since JB has the camera as part of the gallery, most G-Apps builders are clueless or have chosen to take this out so that the ROM maker can customize the camera for the device. If you value picasa sync and don’t mind using the stock Galaxy Nexus camera you could install an apps package with the Nexus gallery.

      This one should work well for you:

      Download this version: gapps-jb-20120831-JRO03O-Formula84-PicSync

  • DanWazz

    So far I’m pretty impressed. has the features I look for for customizations. Smooth ans stable (so far). Battery life is what I really look for. AOKP killed my battery, so I had to go bad to BB. We’ll see how CM does.

  • marokey

    anyone try this on their vzw s3?

  • CyanogenMod CM or KANG JB build 1 on galaxy nexus? I’m pretty happy with KANG and I’m not sure if its worth a switch.

    • John

      I’m a huge AOKP supported since the beginning of having my Galaxy Nexus/ICS. I’ve recently switched from bamf to CM10 nightlies (for JB roms)& I’m impressed. It’s solid & has quit ea bit of customization – much of which I didn’t think was implemented yet. It runs great & you can dirty flash nightlies quite a bit w/o ever having issues.

      • mudleyblind

        Thank you John. I am currently using BAMF too and your information has answered my choice to flash CM10. BAMF was currently the smoothest I have seen so far. (AOKP build has lag while I use the keyboard).

        • John

          Agreed. I thought CM10 was way behind the curve, even tho most of their code is kanged into AOKP, but I was very impressed shortly after going through all the options in CM10.

  • MikeCiggy

    I’m already running M1 but only because it’s the most recent nightly. I’ve been running CM nightlies for a while now and rarely have problems.

    • unexpected62

      So I can flash the M1 on top of the nightly and not wipe data/cache?

      • MikeCiggy

        I always wipe cache… you dont loose anything it’s just the temporary memory and should be cleaned before an install.

        I do not wipe data you can just install rite over the current CM10 version just make sure you install gApps after also. If you experience problems then you may need to wipe data&cache.

        • unexpected62

          I don’t think I need to install gapps after…

          • MikeCiggy

            yes, always install gapps after installing a rom

          • unexpected62

            I have not once done that after flashing a new nightly for CM10…. what’s the point?

          • r0lct

            It depends on whether the rom includes the gapps or not. If they don’t you need to flash them.

      • John

        @5aff2607f660e800381a1f8070996592:disqus Flash but wipe cache & dalvik cache. It’s not going to hurt anything but make your initial bootup take a few min longer. You don’t have to touch data though. You’ll be fine

      • Droosh

        The pace CM has been updating their kernel, you should always wipe Dalvik Cache in addition to cache. FWIW, I also wipe system, as there have been some builds that recovery fails to automatically wipe system before installing.

    • Droosh

      M1 isn’t necessarily the most recent nightly. The way I understand it, it might have backed a few commits out until they are sure they are stable. I think this will be a good program for those that don’t need to be bleeding edge with every nightly or even unofficials.

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  • is CyanogenMod even an important build anymore? i’m finding much more comfort in running ROMs like BB or AOKP. CM just seems to be a bit to buggy and bloated with every feature they can imagine to code into it.

    • MikeCiggy

      CM10 is actually very stable. They have not even cooked in the amount of features AOKP has yet but for the sake of stability.

      AOKP was very buggy, I would have to do battery pulls and get other random glitches. 3 friends have a gNex and all of them are running AOKP because that’s what I installed. They ALL have problems. I’m running CM10 and never have any problems Ill be switching them over very soon.

      It’s actually sad because I love AOKP and all its features.

      • John

        Agreed. CM 10 doesn’t add EVERY SINGLE feature like AOKP + other JB roms. CM10 is stable as fuc k if you ask me. Try it out for yourself 🙂

      • KleenDroid

        I have not run AOKP for any length of time for a long time now on my Nexus. I find there are many far better running options available.

        As far as CyanogenMod goes many roms seem to “borrow” features and code from it. So yes I think it is still important.

      • moelsen8

        i’ve been debating going back to cm9 from aokp jb build 1 because of the bugs i’m having with it. and bugless beast is too plain for me. i’m glad this popped up today.

      • Royal2000H

        I have yet to try out CM10, I’m on JB Bugless Beast (pretty much stock JB). What features does CM10 add over stock? I heard about the quick reply messaging, but I use Google Voice, so that doesn’t apply to me. Anything else?

        • MikeCiggy

          One thing that I love are the notification toggles. bluetooth, data, wifi, and torch all come in handy. I hid my pattern dots on the lockscreen so people who dont know how to use the phone have no clue. I changed the screen color settings to CM setting presets and it looks so much better.

          They haven’t added that much yet but it’s got some good stuff and its very stable.

          Oh yea take a photo with the power button.

    • Cm has every feature they can code into it? I think you mean aokp.

      • moelsen8

        yeah seriously

      • JoshGroff

        Swagger toggle. Nuff said.