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Ice Cream Sandwich Arrives for Thunderbolt in Form of LiquidSmooth ROM

If you were a little upset when HTC missed their self-imposed deadline of August for the ICS upgrade for the Thunderbolt, we may have some good news for you. LiquidSmooth has pushed out another milestone update for their ROM bringing a lot of bug fixes and general ICS-goodness to the aging Thunderbolt.

If you are looking for an AOSP-based ROM for the Thunderbolt this will be right up your alley. The developers have kept everything clean and smooth while still offering customizations like navigation bar colors and lockscreen customization. The list of features this ROM goes on and on so if you want to beat HTC to the upgrade punch hit the source link below.

XDA Thread for LiquidSmooth 

Cheers Ryan!

  • Terrance Steiner

    I have used it for a little over a week. It has been a pretty stable daily driver.

  • Marc

    Resets on me every so often -anyone else?

  • Anyone having trouble with the radios?

  • sergeant1975

    When I’m about to flash recovery three items come up; clear cache/dalvik, create back-up, and wipe data ( factory reset ). Do I want to check all three?

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    I would like to be the first to coin the phrase: “The Thunderbolt Curse”. Root owners have the right to rejoice. Us non-root users have been through the gauntlet.
    Ever since the belated birth of the Thunderbolt, the phone has been plagued with software issues, spontaneous rebooting, connection issues, and every release that has been presented has pushed back to a later date.
    I would suggest Verizon give Thunderbolt users a credit towards the next purchase of a new phone, but we all know better.

    End of rant.

  • dale

    This all sounds real good but what if it blows up my phone? What if there is unintended consequences? Am i stuck? Can I go back? My phone is key to my business and personal life. The risk is large. Thoughts?

  • Holy crap! This thing is awesome on my tbolt. Totally legit, vanilla looking ICS rom, no [non]sense in sight, etc. Definitely happy with this for the time being — as others have said, this makes it possible / bearable waiting for the upgrade date.

  • sergeant1975

    Can someone please post a list of instructions on how to use this Liquidsmooth on the thunderbolt… i have installed a custom recovery from the playstore ( goo manager ) and downloaded the Liquidsmooth link above. What’s next? I appreciate any help and thanks in advance!

  • sergeant1975

    I have downloaded and installed the TWRP custom recovery as well as the liquidsmooth file. I’m not having any luck installing though, would someone please post a list of instructions on how to do this? Thanks in advance!

  • Steve

    Boy am i glad i got rid of this and got an iphone

  • Steve

    Boy am i glad i got rid of this and got an iphone

    • leoingle

      We all are too.

    • Now if we can only get rid of you as well…

  • Steve

    Boy am i glad i got rid of this and got an iphone

    • Manny

      I agree man this phone was a pain. The only good was that this was the first lte phone and download speeds were craz

    • leoingle

      You should post this a few more times. The more you post it, the more it means. Idiot.

  • leoingle

    wow, this ROM is freaking amazing. I cant believe how this put life back in my Bolt. I am good until my contract runs out now!

  • Nagini

    Damnit Eric and Kellen, I hit the source link and broke my screen. Also, Kellex, I tried slapping the SIM card into my Galaxy Nexus and the card snapped. Try using more gentle instructions. Please and thanks.

  • coolsilver

    Hope it works a ton better than the leaked rom that keeps rebooting on me. Crashing and overall showing my battery is dead when I know it isn’t.

    • John Burton

      It does. You may have to flash a few radios to get the signal steady, but this ROM flies. I’m looking forward to what the community does with this.

  • I installed Liquid ICS on my old Droid X. It’s not activated at the moment, as I hope for the ICS update for my LG Spectrum, but when I’ve used it with wifi, it’s an amazing rom. I’m probably going to quit waiting and go back to the X, but if Liquid created one for the Spectrum, I’d be on it in a heartbeat.

  • edwoordd

    Everything works fine for me!! video cam works I havent tried tethering yet but i dont really need that yet lol. there is a small bug where the name of the apps are scribblish, overall everything A-Ok 🙂

  • 5h1f7

    I got all excited half way through reading the headline then got all dejected finishing. Awesome…

  • Forgive me for sounding completely stupid but do you need to be rooted to install this ROM? I’m not new to Android and have rooted before but never really messed with AOSP roms. I recently had to warranty my TBolt b/c I dropped it and I haven’t rooted the replacement I got.

    • Go Hawkeyes

      You have to have a custom recovery installed to install ROMs. You can install a custom ROM over a non-rooted ROM through recovery. On some devices this is actually how you gain root.

    • John

      If you’ve been happy without root, I suggest you leave it alone.
      There’s not a single custom ROM out there that works. Other devices fair a lot better.
      Bad batter life, crappy 4G speed, apps don’t works, camera/camcorder doesn’t work, broken Wifi/Bluetooth and overall just crap.
      If, on some chance, you are the tinkering type then by all means flash away.

      • KleenDroid

        Not a custom rom that works? What are you talking about? My wife has my old Thunderbolt and it has not been stock since close to the time I got the phone way back.Everything works…

        I have not tried this rom yet, but there are many wonderful roms for the Bolt. For a while it was very popular.

  • scrub175

    Liquid and team do amazing work. Thank you. Don’t forget to donate.

  • Jumped ship on the ThunderCrap phone…. SG3 and beyond!

    • Go Hawkeyes

      I jumped to the SGS3 as well and love it. I’m repurposing my TBolt now as a replacement for my daughter’s aging OG Droid (which was also a hand me down).

    • Same, but the Thunderbolt served me well. I got a little nostalgic seeing the pic of it in the article.

      • Lol…I was too upset about the lack of updates to get nostalgic…I tried several custom Roms but still could not find satisfaction with the phone.

  • picaso86

    Do you know how long I waited for ICS on my Tbolt??? I am glad I have the MAXX now. Congrats anywayz!

  • Viciousking1914

    Completely off subject, but Google just told me that they’re getting rid of the Google Wallet PrePaid Card October 17….just a friendly FYI

  • Nick Norman

    This ROM gives new life to the TBolt! Liquid0624 & Jester have out done themselves!

  • Buckoman

    Where the OEMs go wrong, xda makes it up with a ROM!

    • Buckoman

      Hey, that rhymed.

  • Jawabba

    I have this on my Droid X2 on Page Plus.

    • Jawabba

      this meaning ICS.

  • cooksta32676

    My DX has it. Works nice besides battery drops from 77% to 46% then 35% to 9%. Every battery I use does it. Nice smooth quick ROM though.

  • Josh Flowers

    no Netflix & no Video camera reported on this build.
    anyone able to confirm they’re working/not working?

    sooo close.

    • delerivm

      That’s a show stopper for me too. I’m really happy with the Thundershed ROMs, so I will hold out on this until they have all the features working. Excited about this progress though!

      • Thundershed rocks. I went to that from Liquid and haven’t looked back.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    is it complete aosp? or is it built from an HTC sense rom with an attempt to remove most of the sense elements?

    • I believe it’s built from aosp, at least that was my understanding of previous Liquid roms

    • Paul

      Yes, this is AOSP! They developed their own RIL for the radio and everything else had already been done months ago. This isn’t a desensed ROM, it is full AOSP! It’s running great so far and has amazing battery life! And as others mentioned, the only thing it doesn’t do is Netflix and Video recording.

    • Roy Harper

      its aosp, not sense-based

  • Misleading title. Maybe, AOSP Ice Cream Sandwich Arrives for Thunderbolt in Form of LiquidSmooth ROM

  • ryanallaire

    Awesome!!! And the file is only 93.6 MB!

  • Chris

    yes it is! this thing is amazing!!

  • Murphy

    And it’s damn smooth =)