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HTC Could Win Ban Against New iPad and New iPhone Based on LTE Patents

Surprise, surprise, there is another patent battle going on. This time Apple and HTC are arguing over patents in the International Trade Commission. In this trial, HTC is claiming that Apple is infringing upon patents having to do with LTE technology, patents that were secured for the HTC Thunderbolt. They now say that these patents are used in the new iPad and will be used in the new iPhone.

ITC Judge Thomas Pender said the case might end up with an import ban unless Apple can invalidate the two patents in question, which he also said is not very easy. We just got a statement from Samsung last week saying they would sue over an LTE iPhone, is this going to give Android some wins in the court room?

Via: Bloomberg

  • jeff campbell

    HTC should get the apple devices banned to prove a point that Apple is being stupid and then after a month agree to lift the ban and say we we lifted the ban in good faith of fair competition and all these lawsuits are just proving that Apple is a big baby and can’t play fair.

  • Matt D

    Time for Crapple to get a taste of their own medicine.

  • a.youth.in.Asia

    LTE is an Android thing. iPhones do just fine 3g.

    • JazzoRenee

      You’re kidding right?? The amount of people I hear complaining of NOT having 4G, who are IPhone useres, would prove your statement wrong.

  • I love HTC so much right now. I really hope they win!

  • al

    I just hope HTC or Samsung just uses there patents to force apple to pay them for each and every Icrap they sell! Maybe to the tune of 1 billion dollars…..

  • wm snyder

    I think Apple should quit phones all together! Start building the latest greatest eye pop in candy…. The Apple Android (a real android robot) it has round edges elongated it has icloud memory it never forgets it has bounce back attitude has speech and Internet capabilities and you can buy upgrades yearly! Male or Female versions available. Comes with it’s own unique charging plug and sync with itunes with your very own The Android Store!

  • ArmanUV

    So it’s all good when HTC sues Apple over a industry standard like LTE but Apple is evil because they sued samsung over design conventions? Come on people.


    • JazzoRenee

      Apple insist that they are the best when in fact that aren’t the rules are if Apple can use so can HTC and Samsung. Don’t cry foul because Apple is in a position of losing.
      That’s what they get.

  • Brett Besa

    I am of two minds on this. I would love to see this patent nonsense end and let products win based on how good they are. However, Apple drew first blood and Samsung got ripped off in the last major court case. It would be great for them to get a taste of their own medicine and feel what a ban over triviality feels like.

  • Noel

    I also wanna see a truce on all these lawsuits. But it will be nice to see Apple get a taste of it’s own med…they are the culprit of most of the lawsuits on Android OEMs. Like I’ve said b4 competition should be on showrooms not courtrooms. Let the best product win…besides in the case of Sammy and the fruit they are both making a killing sales wise. They are all copying and stealing and improving on prior technology.

  • So when is the date when the ban will go in effect? I want to mark that on my calendar as laugh at an iSheep day!

  • Will htc be able to win these? Arent all the 4g patents under the FRAND agreement? Didnt another company already get in trouble for abusing the frand patents?

  • Apple never thought this thru, they fought and fought paying millions upon millions of dollars just to get a FEW devices banned from the market. But here is where they made the dumbest move of all time..they pissed off companies that could essentially leave them with no current generation technology on American store shelves. If HTC wins this ban then what will Apple have to sell? The iPad 4 or whatever won’t be out until middle of next year and thats an ENTIRE holiday season Apple would have to give up to Android Tablets. What about when Samsung screws them over with the iPhone, if iPhone is banned then Apple has nothing to fall back on,unlike Android where one device gets banned, another device similar just gains in sales.

    • JazzoRenee

      Well, I guess that’s why they are forcing college students in China, working at less than the appropriate labor amount, to manufacture these phone and them out before the verdict is given.

  • A.J.

    Heh, I guess Apple should have jumped on the LTE bandwagon a little sooner eh?

  • Mike

    I hope they stick it to apple. Teach them a lesson using their own medicine.


    I’m sure as of right now HTC and Samsung have their lawsuit briefings all set and ready to send them into court and announce the suit once Apple announces the “New iPhone.”

  • Would an import ban matter if they already imported x million of them? Maybe 6 months down the road. Probably wouldn’t stop the launch.

    • MicroNix

      They can certainly get an injunction just like Apple tries to do in addition to the import ban.

  • lye

    Jesus Christ. I hope Android wins this and then these companies just f’ing stop. It’s completely ridiculous and not what innovation is about, it’s neo-conservatism at it’s worst. Apple is mad that someone is cutting into their historically unprecedented profit margin. Yeah…richest company in the world crying that everyone is stealing their profits. This Android push back and just showing how absurd the market is.

  • Kc

    The hell with HTC. They need to worry about updating their phones on time. I have an incredible 2 and I still haven’t received ICS. I will be buying an Iphone 5 because the customer service for apple is great and ios is much smoother then android. Who cares about all the customizing home screens if it doesn’t run smooth…Android doesn’t even have a stock group chat…smh

    • PhillipCun

      Your problem is that you bought an HTC. Your experience is as good as your phone. Your phone sucks so your experience sucked. iPhone 5 will be a great phone, have fun with that.

      • Kc

        Well I have had Motorola as well. Actually the phone I have now I have to say is my best one. I had the original droid which was my first smartphone. It was cool until it got an update. After that is was horrible and I had to keep sending it in until I finally got a droid 2. That phone was just as worse..

        • PhillipCun

          OG Droid was great for its time. I loved that phone. I got an HTC after and it was a total POS. I even thought about switching back to Apple myself until I bought the Samsung Gnex. It reminded me how awesome Vanilla Android was. The developer support and updates and the pure Google experience has convinced me that this is what Android was supposed to be like. All these manufacturers are ruining the experience with their lack of updates and their skins….. Look into Nexus before you take the dive to an iPhone 5. Remember Steve Jobs is gone, and he took the innovation with him (IMO).

          • Kc

            I’ll check it out. I read that the Iphone 5 is the last phone he really had to do something with. I agree with you though, I loved my original droid until it got the update. HTC doesn’t support their phones. I don’t feel like I should be buying a phone ever 6 months because they have made a new one and don’t support what they already put out. That’s bad business..

    • Jason James

      are you claiming that google talk doesnt come on your phone or that it doesnt have group chat?
      ps. it does have group chat

      • Kc

        When I say group chat I mean with my telephone number sir..Where all the messages come to one thread from different people..

        • Jason James

          i thought imessage was in a separate app just like BBM was but im not sure as idc to know. but i would rather have my messages on all my devices instead of one which is why i use google voice. but i thought imessage uses your apple ID not phone# because the *pad has it to?

          • Kc

            Actually if you have the phone it uses your number but if you have an Ipad it uses your apple ID. Its in the stock messenger though. My wife has an iphone 4 and it hasn’t had one problem. She’s had it since it launched on verizon.. That’s over a year and a half…

          • Jason James

            i get what ur saying but its stupid for apple and blackberry to lock people to only talking to ppl with their same device for free when probably everyone on all platforms can download can use an app like google talk or any other internet app to text/ group chat other ppl for free because its an app and a not a stock app. apple isnt winning any points for allowing apple users to message each other for free when they’re services that have already been doing that for years. Google wouldn’t lock out other platforms