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Kindle Fire HD (All Sizes), Kindle Fire 2, and Kindle Paperwhite Available for Purchase Now

If you were impressed by today’s Kindle announcements, then it’s time to place your order. Most are available starting September 14, with the Kindle Fire HD models coming a bit later on November 20. Why not pre-order, though?

Kindle Fire Family

Link:  Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 4G LTE (32GB for $499, 64GB for $599) – Available November 20

Link:  Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ WiFi (16GB for $299, 32GB for $369) – Available November 20

Link:  Kindle Fire HD 7″ WiFi (16GB for $199, 32GB for $249) – Available September 14

Link:  Kindle Fire 2 WiFi (8GB for $159) – Available September 14

Kindle Paperwhite

Link:  Paperwhite 3G ($179) – Available October 1

Link:  Paperwhite WiFi ($119) – Available October 1

  • I bought the Paperwhite. Someone asked why would you buy this if you could get an android tablet. Someone suggested the name sucks because it seems like Paperweight. I say the answer to both issues is the same one. Weight. The Paperwhite is only 7.5 ounces, my Xoom tablet is 1.6 lbs. Try holding that with one hand to read. Your wrist aches after just under a minute. The Paperwhite may sound like paper weight and that is a good thing if you associate that with the weight of paper instead of something you put on a paper to weight it down. Either way, I think keeping the eReader market fresh benefits all tablet fans.

  • eddieonofre

    paperweight has only 1.2Gb come one amazon I think the old kindle touch had more space

  • Why would anyone buy any of those over a Nexus 7 (Not just speaking in Android terms but general consumer terms as well)

  • After watching the video (Youtube – watch?v=zXFCkLi-yqU) it looks to perform sub-par compared with the Nexus7. (Lags a lot in that video where as my N7 does not lag swiping)

  • Well, I’m impressed. The Fire 2 has the same processor as the Gnex, so I doubt the one on the HD is as much better as they claim, though I’m sure it will still scream along. Definitely up for consideration when I get the money to get a tablet.

  • PyroHoltz

    Was it just me that read the last one as, Kindle Paperweight :-/

    • Aardvark99

      No, Stabone did like 15 mins before you posted this…

  • droid209

    i don’t understand why everyone charges a lot for an extra 8gb or 16gb of storage. isn’t the form factor for these storage devices the same regardless of the size of the storage? if i could get a 32gb for $18, i’d think they would just charge us a lot less.

  • If the nexus 7 wasnt such a poor quality build and offer a 32gb model, id consider it. Plus i love a size bigger than a 7, but smaller than a 10. 8.9 Fire HD 32GB model is PERFECT.

  • Aardvark99

    So what Amazon content can you get on a Fire that I couldn’t on a Nexus 7 with Amazon’s apps?

    • Josh Flowers

      Amazon Prime, i think

    • Amazon Instant Videos and Kindle Lending are the two big things I can think of that you can’t. Their app, music, and regular store services are also better integrated on their own platform versus using the individual apps on regular Android devices.

      • Raven

        This I just learned the hard way. I just redeemed some Blu-ray Digital Copy Editions on Amazon Video expecting them to work on my Nexus 7 and found that I can’t use them. Ultraviolet + Flixster seems to be the best way to go.

        • Which is not a terrible combination, though a few of my digital copy editions don’t use that either and I’m stuck with a copy sitting on my computer instead of online.

    • michael arazan

      Is amazon prime that allows you to watch videos movies tv shows on these tablets? Does it work on any tablets? I couldn’t find how to put prime on a phone either, using my gnex.

  • Josh Flowers

    have i missed the specification of OS (android?) & what version? i couldn’t even find it listed in any of the ordering pages on Amazon
    edit: nvm, according to kellex, “heavily customized version of Android 4.0”

  • ddevito

    Not for me, but competition is always welcome. Kudos to Amazon.

  • mershedperturder

    ololllol, still get all the 4Gs with rooted gnex, lololollloll $130 more for more Gs

  • EC8CH

    Not gonna lie… this makes me question my Nexus 7 purchase a little.

    Google has all my music and app business, but I’m a Prime member and thus they have my video business. Amazon Prime is on all my TV’s, bluray players, etc, but I have no way of watching Google play video’s on my TV unless I buy new hardware and they don’t have any free content like Amazon Prime does.

    Bottom line… Amazon is crushing it with this new Kindle refresh.

    • cheezer88

      I already have a N7 but I might just to have Amazon Prime

      • Tyler Chappell

        I have my 16GB N7 and absolutely love it, wouldn’t have been able to settle for an 8GB tablet at all. I also have Amazon Prime from being a college student, free for me last year, only $39 to renew this year, so I am all set. I gladly would have paid up to $300 for a 32GB N7, that would have been most ideal for me, but I am super glad to see Amazon go this route, as it is definitely a smart move on their part and shows just how much they have learned from the tablet market.
        Other Android manufacturers really need to take note.
        But the price increase for the 4G LTE models is a little absurd.

  • Capt. Crunch

    Amazon really should cut back on the bezel

    • Scott Souder

      No way. I hate thin bezels. I have big hands and need a place to hold the thing.

  • DerpDerp

    7″ inch is 1280×800 resolution. Kind of a let down after hearing all the 1920×1200 talk.

  • Stabone

    I read that as Kindle Paperweight.

    • cheezer88

      lol so did i. amazon should come out with a Nexus Q competitor called the Paperweight.

      • Stabone

        The Kindle PaperQ?

    • Mike_Cook7

      Same here that must be the worst naming idea yet!

    • Genius Jones

      I’m looking at the official logo and everything on the Amazon sales page for it, and I am STILL reading it as “paperweight.” Even knowing better, I can’t unsee it. How did not enough people involved bring this up at any point before actual release and think a different name might be better.