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Gallery: Kindle Fire HD 8.9, Kindle Fire HD 7, and Kindle Fire 2

Amazon finally posted all of the press images of the new Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD, so we wanted to share. This will give you the cleanest looks of these new devices that you have seen yet. You can see the hefty bezel for easy handling, the HD camera front and center, and the slightly tweaked form factors between the three. 

Kindle Fire HD 8.9″

Kindle Fire HD 7″

Kindle Fire 2

  • Speakers on the front of the device! How hard is that?!?

  • youdoneyo69

    That bezel is huge! I’d rather have my Prime! 🙂

  • ozo012

    Are there still no physical volume controls on these? It doesn’t look like it from the shots.

  • Dan-O

    7 inch screen, with a 12 inch bezel.

  • mustbepbs

    The Nexus 7 is just a better package all around. You’re getting pure Google. That means when the next updates come out at Google conferences, guess what? You’re getting it first. You aren’t attached to a carrier, you don’t have to wait for hacked together builds that have issues and need tweaking every night. Google has your back.

    Amazon’s ecosystem can’t hold a candle to Google’s. You’re getting a bastardized version of Android with a handful of features. I can’t even recommend something like this to my parents. Google’s offering is just better. It’s much more supported in every aspect.

  • hard to see the screen inside all that bezel!!

    • dms

      the bezel is the width of a human thumb. seems like a reasonable design decision to me.

      • seems like a design excuse to me… not ever have i held a tablet and thought… i wish the screen was smaller so i could put my thumb here… or… I wish the device was even bigger so i could put my thumb here…

  • DanWazz

    Glad those press shots are there to clarify between the three. Especially the Fire 2 and Fire HD 7″. P.S. I hate that star.

  • EMcTx

    I like the hdmi. It’s one of the main reasons I got my crappy chinese tablet last year. It’s great for watching videos on the tv. I have a friend who uses hdmi on her phone, so she might be interested in one, too. I’ll wait for the official reviews first.

  • Alan Paone

    They look so awful!

  • Is that really how they sold the enormous bezel? For easy handling?! Hah, lame!

  • zepfloyd

    I actually think Amazon hit a home run with these. 254ppi at 8.9in for $299 will do very well.

  • IcerC

    A lot less people buying android tablets now. This takes away some apple sales too, but mostly android. What now google?

    • DroidCzar

      How do you figure?

      • IcerC

        It’s cheap. It’s amazon. People looking into tablets previously bought an ipad or the currently cheapest competitor.
        Nexus 7 had some good sales but for all those who are not as savvy will get these.

        • Jason James

          i wonder if the people ever notice that apps barely get updated on their appstore

    • MikeCiggy

      This is an android tablet.

  • Hefty Bezels are for easy handling, meanwhile we are getting phones with next to no bezel…

    • Alan Paone

      You don’t need a bezel on a phone because your hand wraps around. On a tablet, you need something, but these are a little outta hand

      • 640k

        I disagree. As I sit here, holding my Nexus 7, I have not reason to touch the bezel. Nor doing have a reason to hold the device by the bezel while reading content in either portrait or landscape. In fact, I avoid touching the bezel because it interferes with the light sensor.

        • Alan Paone

          In portrait I just hold my N7 by the edges, but in landscape I stick my thumb on the bezel and sort of cup the speaker with my hand. I can read or watch movies forever that way. How do you hold it without touching the bezel?

          • 640k

            I let gravity do most of the work. The creases in my hand do the rest. Even if I hold the tablet landscape and with one hand, I’m able to hold it with the silver bezel itself and not by touching the black edge of the screen.

            Still, as I sit here and type this, I notice that holding the 7 with just one hand requires touching a little of the screen. If the screen were edge to edge, I could see this as a problem, so the bezel makes sense.

            However, if the screen WERE edge to edge, I’d bet people would be holding the tablet by the edge and with two hands more often than not.

  • I think I’ll wait for Google’s 9/10 inch Nexus. I also don’t see the point of a 4G LTE tablet when you are limited to 250 meg a month and it’s costs a total of $250 more.

    • r0lct

      I would like that option. I use my N7 under WiFi 95% of the time but would be nice for those other times I would just use the built-in 4G versus tethering.

      • I don’t mind 4G, I mind the 250 meg limit. You’re paying $200 more for the tablet and another $50 for the capped 4G. It’s great to hop on & check your email but I can do all that from my Galaxy Nexus already. I wonder if the Nexus 7’s performance is better than these new Kindles, I wager that it is despite their OS customizations.

        Your move, Google. Let’s see a 10″ Nexus please!

        • r0lct

          Well I agree the extra $200 is too steep for me for that convenience for a 7″ tablet. But I would imagine it might sway some people looking only at 10″ tablets who where going to spend $500 anyway.

  • Rex

    Nexus device > Amazon.

  • moelsen8

    that’s the worst zombie hand yet

  • Rex

    I’d still rather have a Nexus7

    • New_Guy

      All day long….

    • evltwn

      Nothing beats pure Google.

    • zepfloyd

      Perhaps from a ‘geek’ perspective. But pound for pound, Amazon has a much much better content ecosystem, and toss in the parental controls, kids’ options, profiles and other features and you have a more competitive mainstream product.
      ..Not to mention said ‘geeks’ will CM the heck out of this thing anyway.

      • yes because the android market isn’t a good content ecosystem

      • CopierITGuy

        @zepfloyd:disqus My wife is not a geek – only a geek-lover (and a might fine one at that!) but she has been begging me to get her a Nexus 7 because of the limitations of her Kindle Fire.

        As far as content goes, Amazon does offer more books & music titles, but there is nothing that I can’t buy from Amazon and read/play on my Android device until Google Play catches up. TV/Movies is the only area where I cannot access all the same content as Amazon – for some stupid reason. Patiently waiting for this…