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Video: Motorola Gives Us Video Tours of the RAZR M and RAZR HD

Motorola has dropped a few videos on their Youtube page to help us all get acquainted with the newest members of their mobile family: the RAZR M and RAZR HD. Besides touting the RAZR HD as the “all-day phone” and the RAZR M as “the full screen phone” Motorola also shows off a few of the software enhancements that you can expect on these new devices, when you eventually get your hands on them.





Software Enhancements


  • John Jenness

    Is this the “Blurry” Jellybean?

  • ChuckDz3

    I’m glad to see that finally manufactures are taking advantage of the ICS+ Android software that utilizes the on screen soft keys.

  • viciousking1914

    Wait…..so there won’t be a home screen to the left???

    • Brent Cooper

      Thats what it looked like…surely not though

    • My guess is the default home screen will be the farthest one to the left (so 6 others to the right) and then if you go left of that it will be settings

      • Michael G

        How….Apple-ish of them.

    • Brandon Beltran

      Actually, the way the chrome browser works is probably similar. Moving homescreens will probably be done by swiping in the middle of the screen in either direction, but accessing the extra controls is done by swiping from the left of the screen to the middle. Just a guess, but I have seen this work in multiple side swipe gesture apps.

  • azndan4

    What a gigantic bezel.

  • Knlegend1

    I’m a little disappointed in these devices. I was excited at first but now I’m just waiting on a new Nexus. Kudos to them though for the $100 upgrade for older devices not receiving JB.

    • Matthew

      Also waiting to see what the next Nexus will be before I make a final choice on a new phone this fall.