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Motorola Confirms the Obvious, the RAZR M Will Pack an Intel Processor in Europe

When the Motorola throws another event later this month in London, they will unveil a version of the RAZR M, only without the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor inside, according to Pocket-Lint. Instead, this will be Moto’s first Intel-powered device.

Let me just say, that this should surprise no one. In fact, if you were in our live blog earlier or any of the early RAZR M posts, I mentioned this to be the case several times. After all, when Motorola announced its partnership with Intel, they told us to expect phones before the end of 2012. Also, the invite for the London event not only includes Intel’s logo, but mentions that they want to “take you to the edge.” Since the RAZR M is Moto’s “edge-to-edge” device, something we brought to light over the weekend, it would make sense that they would simply swap out chipsets while keeping the same form factor. 

Oh, and let’s not forget that we saw the Motorola-Intel device pictured some 7 months ago.

The only question remains, “Will it pack Intel’s Medfield processor or something new?” Probably Medfield. The new Intel goodies, aka Clover Trail (dual-core processor), will likely be here next year. Remember, this phone has been in the works for some time.

Via:  Pocket-Lint

  • Robert Jakiel

    LOL it will be releasing with the Intel Atom. Wow talk about underpowered device on launch. The Snapdragon S4 dual and quad core as well as the Exynos dual/quad and Tegra 3 are all becoming staples of the current gen smart phones. By the time Intel rolls out its’ second gen chip the A15 based units will be dropping and again Intel will be the underpowered econo option. Hell the new dual core Cortex A5 looks more interesting that the current Intel offering.

  • Geez

    So much gloating in this blog post.

  • Milton Aleman

    Don’t really know too much about these Intel processors that are going to be used in smartphones… are they the same as the ones being used in netbooks?? they seem to have the same names… and also, how do they stack up against processors being used in smartphones and tablets, like the S4, TI OMAP, and such???

    • Robert Jakiel

      Simply put for general performance they are on par or slightly slower. Anything that requires any real horsepower the Intel Medfield just can’t compare to the OMAP 44xx, S4, Tegra 3 or Exynos 44xx/42xx. By the time Intel drops Clover Trail the Cortex A15 based SoCs will be out from the various manufacturers and Intel will once again be left in the dust.

  • bedwa

    Early in the year/late last year US phones pulled within a hair’s breath of Euro phones, now the gap is back. Ugh.

    And people wonder why I go GSM unbranded.

  • qmartman711

    Still scratching my head today- what exactly does edge to edge mean? Cause I still see a bezel..

    • I think it has something to do with that really small gap between the phone screen and bezel where there are no pixels and its just s black line. Maybe they are getting rid of this.

    • it means the side edges, and logically that’s all it could ever mean. If you get rid of the top bezel where are the FFC and the earpiece going to be? And I’d have to see a render to eb sure but I imagine a phone with no lower bezel and only a top bezel would look like crap.

  • TheRobotCow

    So i wonder if the motorola nexus will sport a intel later this year?

  • I wonder why not the Intel processor in the USA?

    • Probably an LTE thing.

      • Maybe but it seems the Europe devices are better.

        • michael arazan

          I didn’t even know intel processors could work in phones, man an i7 chip in a phone or tablet with 8 gb ram like a gaming laptop would revolutionize mobile gaming.

  • tanknspank

    The render is eerily similar. Really shows how long this device has been in development. I’m actually kind of surprised it kept virtually the same look over the course of this year.