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Reminder: Join the Droid Life NFL Eliminator and Win a Phone of Choice

Since Friday was the start of a holiday weekend, we wanted to make sure that you all saw our newest contest, the 3rd annual Droid Life NFL Eliminator Challenge. We are giving away a free phone to the winner, in case that helps you decide whether or not you want to join. Even if you aren’t a football fan, you can participate in this by simply picking a single winner each week without much thought. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

If you outlast the competition, you get to pick out a brand new phone up to $650 in value. It doesn’t have to be something that came out recently either, because by the time this is over with, we should be past the holiday season and onto some incredible new phones. So, are you ready to join? 

Join the group:  Droid Life Eliminator
Password:  droidlife

Simple rules for those new to eliminator chalenges:

1.  Join the league up above.  Create an entry for yourself.  Get ready to pick winners.
2.  Since this is an eliminator challenge, you only have to pick 1 winner each week.
3.  Remember though, that you only get to use a team one time and cannot pick them to win again.
4.  If you choose correctly each week, you continue to advance.
5.  If you choose incorrectly, you are out.  There are no mulligans in football or this league.
6.  If that didn’t make sense, check out the full “How to Play” rules here.
7.  If we run into a tiebreaker, we will decide a winner based on these rules.

We will try our best to remind those participating to make their picks each week. The best way to see those reminders is by following us on Twitter.

  • wheineman

    And then there were 213 left! If Baltimore loses this week, we could have a winner by week 6!

  • Matthew Fura

    Screw you New England. Week 2 and I’m done.

  • So pissed. Went on and picked all my teams for the 17 weeks on August 6th, just to log on tonight and find it did’nt save my picks or put me in the group. God dam it!

  • 1 Week too late to join. Dang.

  • Hlsilver

    Two minutes too late to join, damn…

  • Managed to pick all 17 weeks and leave some ringers free incase I have a change of heart on a few picks.

  • master94

    Good luck everyone Football is awesome.

  • Jaime

    I think you pick all weeks now. The espn form says entries are accepted until the beginning of the season

  • Jaime

    I think you enter all weeks now. The espn form says entries are accepted until the beginning of the season

  • Stupid question… do we have to pick ALL 17 weeks right now or is there a deadline each week?

  • The phone is all mine! I made some pretty good picks

  • Yayyy Its Bacccck!

  • David Vanderbush

    Do I pick all weeks now, or one per week throughout the season?

    • When are we going to be able to make week 1 picks? Am I missing something obvious? http://Unlimitedjoys.blogspot.com

    • Icehunter

      Last year we could go week by week.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Pretty sure it’s week by week. As long as you pick the winner of Week #2 before that week begins, you shouldn’t have any issues.

  • Butters619

    How nice would it be if we see a Razr Nexus HD Maxx around then?

  • T Hall

    Hopefully I last more than three weeks this year…

  • Andrew Elliott

    Yea so hopefully the new line of Nexi are out before this is over, because that’s the phone I’m picking!! Week 1 is a lock but I bet about 25% get eliminated.

  • Well, I’ve got a decent schedule picked.
    I’d love to get that phone. 😀

  • When are we going to be able to make week 1 picks? Am I missing something obvious?

    • T Hall

      Pick on “my entry” at the top of the group page

    • Click on the 1 on the chart that has the players

  • jose

    Juat made my week one pick. Guaranteed to take it !

  • S2556

    that phone is mine!