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McPixel for Android, an Awesome Yet Surprisingly Disturbing Game

Sometimes you come across a game that leaves you confused and even scared. McPixel is one of these games. The objective is easy – make sure the bomb doesn’t explode, but it’s the means you take to make sure the explosion doesn’t happen is what is disgusting. Each level is a puzzle. You click on items inside the level and depending on what you choose, McPixel will either do something extremely nasty (stick a bone up a cows behind) or solve the puzzle and the bomb won’t go off. 

It’s actually really hard to explain how gross this guy can get, so watch the trailer and determine if you’re willing to enter the sick mind of McPixel.

Play Link: Free | Pro

  • Dolan would be better suited to play the main character

  • bealtaine

    Go to the third door, play the first scene (the coffee shop)…tap the bucket, then tap the coffee machine.

    lol @ what happens next

  • Dain Laguna

    oh come on guys where is your sense of humor? locked away like your phones bootloader?

  • You_fail_at_everything

    What I learned from the video was that Obama sucks cock and loves white gay men

  • meow

    Got the running around with a bomb skit idea from the 1966 Adam West Batman movie, not nearly as funny.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Pass. No thanks. There are far better and less bazaar, crazy, confusing, disgusting, and somewhat strange games out there.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Why was that cow treated like that? That’s so must up I want to punch someone in the face! Or something. Or an object. Or Apple employees.

  • Trevor


  • New_Guy

    “Crack is a hell of a drug…”

    • Its cocaine not crack …sorry had to point that out :p

      • TheCheapGamer

        He was quoting himself though….

  • SD_Scott

    AMAZING! Most times I feel like my kind of humor goes unappreciated… not today.

  • New_Guy

    Downloaded this game a week ago. By far the strangest game I have ever played. The weird part is the more you play the more the game makes sense. that fact scared the hell out of me so I took the advice of the warning when the game opens and stopped playing =o…

    You are warned…

  • I’m disturbed just watching the trailer. Did I just get flashed and watch penetration… by 8bit looking bitizens? I’ll buy it.

  • aBabyPenguin

    Downloading since the music was amazing in the trailer

  • Did the trailer explain nothing to anyone else?

    • New_Guy

      Dude… the GAME explains nothing. Trust me, just play it for about ten minutes and you’ll understand. My recomendation: play it no longer than that…

  • John

    That video clip was somewhat disturbing/

  • I thought that the video was kinda funny, music was good, so I’ll have to check it out.