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HTC Rezound Drops to $80 From Verizon

Verizon dropped the price of the HTC Rezound this weekend to $79.99 on new 2-year contract. This is easily the cheapest price point that we have seen Big Red hit, but we shouldn’t be surprised since they just announced two new phones this morning and are planning to unveil more tomorrow at Motorola’s NYC event. What’s a bit wild, is the fact that the Verizon is selling it cheaper than even Amazon is, something we rarely see.


Cheers Sam!

  • ezpotato

    yeah sold my gs3 and picked this up on CL. no regrets. awesome phone. even though sense is KINDA Ugly, its functional on ICS. Didnt mind the GS3, but honestly too big for me with a case on, (yes i need a case on that fragile plastic) and a little annoying with the launcher redraw. (yes i know i coulda got rid of it)

    This phone is awesome. way ahead of its time and runs awesome.

  • I got this when it was $50. Its an awesome phone and with ics kernel source out AOSP development is starting to take off.

  • c4v3man

    Considering the cost of the contract + the device, you’d be a fool to not get a device with a S4 processor in it, aka Inc4G or GS3, especially now that the bootloader can be unlocked. Not so much for the speed, but just the better battery life is well worth spending an extra $120 up front (less than 5% increase over the cost of a 2 year contract).

  • shehippie

    Excellent deal on a great phone!

  • I just wish there are more Roms for this phone. The rom I know and love isn’t being updated anymore. It isn’t buggy, luckily, but I miss the frequency of updates and variety of Roms I had to choose from from my OG Droid. In the future, this will teach me to stray from the herd! Not a bad phone though!

  • HueThree

    Great phone, but a lot of work to root and s-off. Also the chipset is fast but can be really choppy at times.

    • jtniggle

      How is it hard to root, HTC will help you unlock the bootloader, then all you do is flash a recovery and SU. With the HTC Dev Unlock it really couldn’t be easier!


    They shouldn’t show a pic with Beats headphones. I believe they stopped including them with the phone, if I’m not mistaken.

  • manny

    Boy am I glad I traded my galaxy nexus for an iphone 4 ahead of the new iphone release. At least i can get some money for an iphone. All these android phones lose their value faster than cars.

  • steven ross

    I bought the rezound for my wife when verizon had it on sale for 50 dollars back in April

    • how is it?

      • steven ross

        She liked it until she dropped and broke the glass and lcd. I’ve since put her on my old droid charge.

        • jahsoul

          As a punishment??? lol

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        It’s a crazy solid phone — fantastic camera, amazing 720p screen and a speedy dual-core processor (Gingerbread did not take advantage of all the great things built into this phone… but on ICS – this thing is a beast!!)

  • This isn’t the cheapest.. They had it at $50 about six months ago.. Still an excellent deal.

  • KleenDroid


    • Edwin M

      Do you mean that ironically? Because that’s how I’m deciding to take it.

    • mustbepbs


      • KleenDroid

        Insane Clown