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HTC Also Acknowledges That ICS for the Incredible 2 is Late

This shouldn’t surprise you reading after HTC’s acknowledgement that they had missed their own deadline for releasing Ice Cream Sandwich to the Thunderbolt, but we wanted to make sure Incredible 2 owners were also kept in the loop. And for those few Inc 2 readers that have yet to upgrade to the next big thing, you will be waiting longer for Android 4.0. On Friday, HTC also made it known that they are actively working with Verizon to get ICS out to the Incredible 2. They will notify us as soon as they are nearing completion.

Via:  Facebook

Cheers Nikolas!

  • milkman

    thansgiving here in under a week still no ice cream sandwitch any more news for my htc dinc2

  • gene

    i too have been waiting for my tasty treat of ice cream sandwitch for my htc dinc2 my daughter recieved a nice up date on her stratasphere this morning although not ice cream sandwitch a nice update anyway.

  • I like his comment before when it was on HTC’s page, and I like it now. Where are our answers? We purchased this device and HTC promised updates…where are they?!

  • Chris Mullins

    Frankly I’m just amazed that the author of Twilight commented on that facebook post…


    BUY Iphone then you don’t have to deal with VZ.

  • Hatyrei

    HTC and Verizon are bunch of liars.

  • master94

    Translation, we have it but VZW wont let us give it to you.

    • Miguel S

      VZW keeping android fragmentation alive and well since 2010! [email protected] Verizon

      Verizon sucks worse than a loose hooker after a busy weekend

  • Alan Burnstine

    Given how badly they screwed up the Rezound (Battery runs hot and kills the life, SD card doesn’t auto-mount on reboot, a few other glitches), we should be thankful for the delay. I would prefer they get it right rather than fast.

  • Thanks Kellex for the “cheers”. You are my hero! I write from AndroidMeter.com and boy are you posts my inspiration! Keep Up The Good Work!

  • Lambo_21

    Big ups to HTC for owning up to the fact that they missed the window. other companies should take note to this *cough* MOTOROLA *cough*

    but seriously big ups to them and their Marketing/ PR department

  • coolsilver

    Same lame canned message. HTC must piss off Verizon a lot. I’ll keep this Thunderbolt until it won’t charge or the next Nexus comes out. Motorola, Samsung, hell even LG. Give me your best stuff.

  • What’s ICS? We’re on to Jelly Bean people, keep up.

    • Havoc70

      Ahh yes Jelly Bean, such a good dessert =)

      • Yes, ICS was just a beta. JB is the real deal. After using JB for a couple months, ICS seems so slow and unrefined.

  • mustbepbs

    Seriously? What the hell is taking them so long? This is embarrasing. ICS has been out for 10 months!

    • LionStone

      One word…Verizon.

  • Nicholassss

    My girlfriend won’t let me root her incredible2 so we’re waiting patiently on this update -___-

    • normmcgarry

      Sounds like it is time to kick her to the curb.

      • Nicholassss

        If only it were that easy. Haha

      • coolsilver

        I hope the phone.

  • zepfloyd

    Hey at least it’s still coming…

  • AhsanS

    Goddamn Verizon. Where’s JB for the Nexus?

    • It’s right here. You’re welcome.


      • AhsanS

        Heh, you know what I mean though.

        • I do. But I give up on Verizon. Besides, the devs (the good ones I mean) put out much better ROMs than Verizon could muster anyway. Peter’s BB is built from source with the official Verizon 4.1.1 binaries with ever so slight modifications that add to the ROM (like a reboot menu) without junking it up. As far as I’m concerned it IS the official JB OTA for the Verizon Nexus.

          • This is embarrasing. ICS has been out for 10 months! http://Unlimitedjoys.blogspot.com

          • Noyfb

            Not everyone wants a rom or android that has been customized, some of us just like stock android by itself. I feel because I never learned to root with my D1 that I missed out on the learning curve to root the gnex. If their was a youtube vid by the devs on root, backup and installation I would totally do it.

          • Michael W.

            Me too, I’d totally watch a youtube video if it covered installing rooting and backing up my phone so I could install JB, like someone holding your hand with the video teaching it too a noob. Like rooting for beginners or something.
            Also, if you get JB for the nexus will flash player still work effectively to weatch videos on your phone still?

          • Do you know what Bugless Beast is? It pretty much IS stock. I insist on the stock experience (I HATE AOKP and CM and all those ROMs that muck up Android) and I love BB. He only touches what he feels he needs to. The biggest change he made was to add a reboot option in the power menu.

          • Mgokeefe

            Bugless Beast is basically stock. Majority of the tweaks are internal. Stock JB and vastly increased my battery life as well. It really is as close to an official vanilla stock experience as you can get, even better in my opinion.

  • tryptech

    Jumped ship to CM9 a long time ago. Currently on CM10

  • Captain_Doug

    Didn’t come soon enough. JB on Dinc2 anyone?

    • paulternate

      Ahhhh ya. Although there are a few bugs, I can get past them.