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Contest: Annual Droid Life NFL Eliminator Challenge is Open, Chance to Win a Phone of Your Choice

Yeah, I’d say I’m ready for some football. Just like we did last year and the year before, it’s time for the annual Droid Life NFL Eliminator Challenge. In last year’s contest, we upped the stakes by giving a way a phone of choice to the winner. Since that seemed to go over well, and our winner walked away with a brand new DROID RAZR MAXX, we’re sticking to that formula. For 2012, if you win this challenge, you get to choose a brand new phone from any carrier in the U.S. up to $650 in value. Ready? 

Join the group:  Droid Life Eliminator
Password:  droidlife

Simple rules for those new to eliminator chalenges:

1.  Join the league up above.  Create an entry for yourself.  Get ready to pick winners.
2.  Since this is an eliminator challenge, you only have to pick 1 winner each week.
3.  Remember though, that you only get to use a team one time and cannot pick them to win again.
4.  If you choose correctly each week, you continue to advance.
5.  If you choose incorrectly, you are out.  There are no mulligans in football or this league.
6.  If that didn’t make sense, check out the full “How to Play” rules here.
7.  If we run into a tiebreaker, we will decide a winner based on these rules.

We’ll try to remind folks to make their picks each week, but cannot guarantee that we’ll remember.  If we do though, it will be on Twitter, so be sure to follow us there. Week 1 starts next week, with the first game being between the Cowboys and Giants on September 5.

Good luck!

  • me, me , me … i am here to win the phone

  • Hey, whats the password to join your group. I made my pick but im not in a group or ur group

  • Very Cool guys im in

  • Let’s do it!

  • name

    Get ready for some footbaaaaallllllllll

  • Damn they sh*tting all over the browns on this LMAO!!!!

  • Lucky Armpit

    Sweet! I’m in!

  • nice, so in this. 🙂

  • Guest

    Droid-Life – I know the article says, “from any carrier in US”..does that mean its only for US residents ?

  • I am not gonna complain if I get a free phone….but the choice of a Nexus 7 would be better

    • JoshGroff

      Just pick an S3 and sell it for an N7 and some cash.

  • easy, just pick the jets to lose every week and you should be OK

    • Nick S

      The Jets secondary is arguably the best in the NFL – not even Green Bay could pass for a TD on them the last time they saw each other (GB won with 3 FG’s)

      • Ethan

        The Jets secondary is not top-notch (and I’m not saying this out of bias or fandom). Revis is Revis, everyone else is mediocre at best aside from Cromartie and his 100-foot-long arms.

        • 3D

          They have a top 5 defense every year and their secondary is the best part of their defense…

          • Ethan

            Yards allowed is one of the worst ways to measure how “good” a defense is. Actual statistics, like sacks, points allowed, turnovers forced, average field position, etc. are what I’m judging by. But hey, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, you included.

  • Darksthour

    woot in. Lets go Buff-a-lo.

    • Darksthour

      This is actually really easy. Just look for who the dolphins are playing each week. Choose other team.

      • Nick S

        I used the same strategy, but with the Colts lol

        • michael arazan

          I live in St.Louis, Let’s Go Rams! The Rams Are Going All The Way This Year……..hopefully not all the way back to L.A.

  • Ankur Singh

    i’m IN

  • SD_Scott


    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      *In Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Voice*

      • balagiwithak


    • Br_d

      That last part is what I say every night when I plug in my Thunderbolt.

  • adb.push.Freedom

    Thank you guys!

  • how about 3 nexus 7s????

  • triangle8

    I hope I don’t get eliminated in the first week like I did last year…

  • FelisLachesis

    What the heck, I’m in!

  • TG

    In! houston texans sure thing

  • EvanTheGamer

    Didn’t play last year, but I’ll join in on the football fun this time around. We’ll see how this goes.

  • I’m not seeing where to make the picks. Is that the ‘My Entries’ tab?

    • Why downvoted? this is a serious question haha

    • shdowman

      Yes, it is on the my entries tab. Remember, you can only pick a team once. So there is a little strategy.

  • usiphi203

    No problems here. Thanks.

  • Joe Minarik


  • Liderc

    Says it’s locked, when you put the password in it says:
    There has been an error processing your request.

  • SagarPatel

    make the winner have a choice between phone and nexus 7 and save yourselves some money if they pick the nexus 7

    • Benjamin Sicard

      Good call. I’d likely take the Nexus 7 and save myself the trouble of selling an expensive phone on the secondary market just to get the money for one.

      • As would I.

      • epps720

        Why do that just get a phone worth $650, sell it online for $500. And buy yourself 2 N7’s. Or a Transformer Infinity!!

    • That is a fantastic Idea

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      I’d like just an unlocked GSM phone (on VZ now) as a travel phone. no carrier needed.

      of course i’m also not smart enough nor lucky enough to win this thing. but that won’t stop me from trying.

    • MichaelFranz

      How about a phone and a nexus 7 🙂

    • How ’bout just giving all participants one 😛

      • Ken Bosse

        I think there were 20+ pages of entries. I hope DL got deep pockets.
        Deep like Brady to Gronk all season