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Activision Anthology Hits Google Play – Check Out This Blast From the Past

What better way to head into the holiday weekend than with the Activision Anthology? For those of you who remember video games before 60 frames per second, Xbox, and PlayStation, then this is going to make your day. For the first time, you can download the classics such as Pitfall, Formula and River Raid onto a single application for your Android device. 

It works like this – after downloading the initial Anthology app for free from Google Play, you can play Kaboom! which is included and then purchase four different game packs for $3 a pop or the entire 45 game collection for $7. But it doesn’t end there. Activision has thrown in some cool features such as leaderboards/achievements, full digital 3D art of the game boxes and cartridges, and even tips and tricks on how to beat the games from their original designers.

If you’re a lover of the classics, then this is a no brainer. Check it out and let us know which classic title is your favorite.

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  • zackh121556

    **Stop apple from stopping global innovation by suing everyone for doing what apple cant do itself!!!! https://www.change.org/petitions/apple-inc-stop-slowing-down-global-innovative

  • Blades

    For those that are fortunate/unfortunate to have an Xperia Play phone. It is fully compatible with Gamepad.

  • michael arazan

    It better have Galaga, my all time favorite of the 80’s. I spent thousands of dollars for those machines to display my initials in every column on those machines around missouri. One in Bennet Springs still has my Initials

  • MrEnglish

    Mmmmmmm, nostalgia. Tastes goooooood.

  • adb.push.Freedom

    Sixaxis + Gameklip + Activision Anthology 45 Game Collection = Win

  • I was trying to think of a way to spend the last $8 I have from my free $25… And I’ve just found it

  • Kaboom! is really hard to play on the Gnex, my finger keeps getting in the way of the buckets. 😛 Gonna try it out on the A500 later. Tempted to buy the pack with Pitfall and Pitfall II and play some obscure games like Private Eye, Crackpots and Plaque Attack

  • SMD79

    Kaboom! Pitfall!! AWESOME!!!

  • whosinaname

    blast from the past…