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Miss Samsung’s IFA Presentation and Galaxy Note II Unveiling? Watch it Here

We know not everyone is free to watch an hour and a half long presentation at work, so if you happened to miss Samsung’s unveiling of the new Galaxy Note II, Galaxy Camera, and their new line of Windows 8 products, feel free to sit back and take part in the magic right here.

  • This note is very nice.

  • yarrellray

    Looking forward to this hitting tmobile in October/November

  • cb2000a

    Actually, I like the older (as in ON…original Note) 16:10 format as it is wider in portrait mode.


    I wouldn’t say I ‘miss it’, Bob…

  • Watching the intro. Love this.

  • Sven Enterlein

    The headline is confusing. Shouldn’t it be “Missed…” instead of “Miss”? I thought I’d see a hot “Miss Samsung” presenting and unveiling. 🙁

    • Aspiring Pugilist

      Came here to see if they had a pic up of Miss Samsung 2012

      • Larizard

        i lol’d