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Cell Broadcast Settings Menu Came With Jelly Bean for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus

After digging into settings menus in the Jelly Bean update that was released this week for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus, a handful of readers noticed that a new “Cell Broadcast settings” area was now included. This new area appears to give you control over emergency alerts that could push through to your handset. For example, a child abduction notification could appear on your phone should one happen near you. I’m assuming that a notification of some sort would also pop up if say a hurricane were blowing through, if an earthquake just went down, or if some sort of terrorist activity that threaten lives was happening. You can even set your phone up to speak them out loud as they appear on your device.

We hadn’t noticed these on any other phone before, even a GSM Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean, and wanted to share. We aren’t sure if this is something that is only showing because this is a test build or if this is indeed going to be a new standard in Android going forward. Pretty neat, though, right?

To access the menu, head into Settings>Wireless & networks>Cell broadcasts.

Cheers Steven and 4n1m4l!

  • ElixirBlack

    I’ll be switching those to “OFF” immediately.

  • David R

    I just had an alert show up in my phone. Scared to poopie out if me. It was from National Weather Service about a sand storm in my area.

  • tehstig

    This was added on an update to the Bionic back in December.

  • PaleFlyer

    That is VERY similar to the Emergency Alert app on the Motorola Droid Bionic running both GINGERBREAD and ICS (leaks)… the alerts are infrequent on Bionic, but i got one on ICS, and a friend got one on GB. Like the Setting menu is almost the same.

  • machete

    yeah the new B.A.M.F roms have had it for a while also. lame sauce on the late reporting.

  • I get these on my DROID RAZR MAXX running ICS 4.0

  • scott walmsley

    The text messages that people are receiving are part of the Wireless Emergency alert system that went live June 28th. http://www.informationweek.com/government/mobile/wireless-emergency-alert-system-goes-liv/240002942
    Not all phones are set up to receive these messages and not all carriers are set up (Sprint and Verizon are ready). All cell phones manufactured at the end of 2014 should be set up to receive them.

  • My father’s Samsung Fascinate got this during hurricane Issac last week….old news.

  • Plasticky

    This is old news. The phones that have the capability allow you to turn off everything except the Presidential Alerts. Mr Presidente better not send me anything.

  • Mike

    I’ve seen this in the Xenon HD Rom for a while.

  • Guest

    I’ve seen these settings on the Xenon HD Rom for a while.

  • Tom

    I’ve been getting these messages on my Thunderbolt for a couple of months now. I don’t think I have any settings like you show in the article. The only messages I’ve seen are Flood Warnings.

  • maxxy

    Razr maxx has done this since day one..get it together brah!

  • Adrynalyne

    BAMF Paradigm has had this since Jellybean. That was when it was first included. It is part of the Toro proprietary files that Google provides. However, we use the AOSP version as it supports more languages.

    Thats right, it is in AOSP, so don’t anyone start thinking that Verizon is adding more bloat.

  • danofiveo

    Looks like the Emergency Alerts app on the Droid Razr w/ICS.

  • Vzw droid 4 ICS update had these alerts too.

  • Sounds like some people dont get how this works. Its like that emergency broadcast test they do on tv and radio where it beeps very loudly and its really annoying. This is not just a text message like amber alerts. This never happened on my DroidX and i now have a SG3. It scared the crap out of me and it did send a text telling me there was a tornado warning and to check my local news station for further info. I put on the news and there was a tornado warning cone literally over my house. freaked me out a bit. Happened during Isaac.

  • Gasaraki

    I have the latest version of Bugless Beast and it doesn’t have this.

  • Lucki

    My Droid X has this and has had this for a couple of updates… Really guys?

  • markopolo

    My droid RAZR does that all ready.
    .. just today. A message saying flashflood warning til 7pm in this area.. i wonder. I never request or adjust any setting s on my phone. .don’t know if this is the same thing.

  • Oh well

    Turned them off the first time I got a stupid Amber Alert. I don’t like children, why do I care if one goes missing?

    • Yea, I don’t need anyone telling me what I already know. Wait…

  • Trust me, these alerts work! Last week when Tropical Storm Isaac blew through, the are where I live in central florida was put under a tornado watch, and even a warning and my phone scared the sh!t out of me! First off, I wasn’t expecting it so when my Droid Razr starts going off at full volume and vibrating like there is no tomorrow I got a little worried! Then when I turned on the screen it says,”Tornado Warning has been issued for this area. Take shelter NOW! Stay tuned to local news for more info.” I was a little shocked and frightened!

    • michael arazan

      Weatherbug has helped me out too like that with tornadoes here in Missouri.
      I’d like to see everyone get an amber alert text to every one’s cellphone the moment it comes out. If everyone everywhere got the alert with a picture and information and telling them to stop for a second and just look around you where ever you are, I think could help a lot and may even find missing children faster.

  • I think this is Verizon specific service that they just introduced.

    • maxx

      no its not.

  • I know the Droid X has the emergency alerts on it with the latest update.

  • I received flood and tornado alerts recently

  • Quidam03

    Merely another example of Big Brother/Government intrusion into our lives…without
    even asking permission….at least in this instance we are given the option of turning
    it off….for now at any rate.

    Does anyone really believe that a hurricane or some such catastrophic event can
    sneak up on us with the 24 hour news cycle that now exists? They do not need to
    beep your cellphone with such information.

    Makes one wonder about the real purpose of this capability……..

    • will bartlett

      are you stupid?

    • Let me guess, if you had a gone another couple of paragraphs, you would have came up with the New World Order. Or maybe Skull and Bones.

    • Matt Donow

      I guess they should get rid of Tornado warning sirens and nuclear emergency alert sirens too.

  • Verizon galaxy s3 has that option too with stock ics. I its under settings in the messaging app

  • johnc7995

    About a month ago there was a tornado warning for my area and my mom’s Incredible 2 received 3 warnings about it on her phone. My 4.1.1 running Galaxy Nexus received nothing.

  • Black Roger

    Can anyone confirm these alerts actually work? Never seen a single alert on any AOKP or BAMF rom with these alerts built in.

  • pardonmyfreedom

    First, no one cares if your phone has this already.

    Second, awesome that they let you turn off AMBER alerts.

    • maxx

      who cares if a kid gets kidnapped if you dont have any…troll.

    • tom

      It would be nice if they would let you assign times when you receive them. I don’t need to receive amber alerts at 2am when I’m sleeping. During the waking hours it would be fine. I would like to see further customization of these features. For example, the most severe would always go to alarm.

  • mule0331

    There already is settings, just not this in depth. In the app drawer going back to GB there is a icon with a red triangle in it. Its the emergency alerts settings.

  • Umm no thanks. I don’t want yet another government intrusion into my life, I have enough of that already.

  • Morlok8k

    It’s been on stock moto phones (the Emergency Alerts app – com.motorola.cmas (on my D4)) for a long while now. I’ve never received an alert with it, even though they are all enabled… Maybe just the area i live in?

  • Does anyone else consider this crap that they don’t want?

    • I consider it something that could be useful in case of emergency. It never hurts to be prepared, unless you aren’t.

    • Yes

  • NorCalGuy

    AOKP has had this for a while now not sure exactly when it showed up, its been in the last 5-6 fitsnugly ports of AOKP

  • br_hermon

    My wife’s received some alerts on her Thunderbolt but to my recollection, there’s not a settings screen for it.

  • nightscout13

    Kinda interesting, but where will it stop? We need to draw a line in the sand for privacy… What’s next?

    • Sadly the next step is probably just getting rid of your phone all together or turning it off when you aren’t using it

    • I hate it when people warn me about bad things too. I really wish the next time some natural disaster or flash flood came up, I wasn’t warned so I could see how the fun insurance policies work! I’ve always wanted to have a lot of my person property destroyed. It’s a weird thing I have. Also, whenever I hear about child abduction, I try my best NOT to spot the kids. Screw them!

      • nightscout13

        Mr. Sarcasm, you must not have caught where I was going with my comment. I was referring to what other freedoms will the government take away from us next? In the name of National Security, will all of our phone calls and data usage be monitored by bots for keywords? Will we have to wear a digital tracking device at all times to prove we are not up to no good? At first there will be beneficial changes to our lives, but then there will be changes that will strip us of all privacy.

  • I’m pretty sure AOKP has had this for quite some time on their jb builds…you guys rock

  • UndergroundWire

    I like it.

  • That’s pretty cool

  • razrlvr

    This isn’t that exciting….you’ve been able to do this forever on the razr/r a z r m a x x with the emergency alerts.
    Moto FTW!!!


  • nsauce7

    Been in toro jb ROMs for awhile now

    • I notices this the night i put AOKP on my LTE Nexus while doing my first rounds of customizations

    • nsauce7

      Running aokp and have for awhile now, go into stock messaging, settings then cell broadcasts

  • AbbieRosario

    These are on the Galaxy S3. They are very annoying if it is even just a minor storm outside.

  • The first ROM to have this, I’m downloading. Bugless doesn’t, unfortunately D:

  • Jonathan Berry

    Verizon has been implementing an emergency alert system. Where I live, this generally involves storm watches/warnings (severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and the like). Most likely, this is a Verizon-specific feature enabling this new system on the Galaxy Nexus.

    • Lucki

      A friend of mine has an HTC from AT&T and it has the same system. We both got the exact same alerts when we were in Las Vegas even though I’m on Verizon

  • Aren’t alerts already in Android. Could swear my wife’s Bionic gets these updates. Old news.

    • MyStroPro

      Yes, you receive them. The news is that you can now shut off the reception of any /all of them on this build. That isn’t on any other rom right now.

      • Guest

        It is in Bugless Beast.

      • Evan Knofsky

        AOKP also has it

      • LionStone

        It’s been on ICS on Droid Inc4 stock since launch day.

        • MyStroPro

          I never had it on my Razr. I wish it was in Axiom but it isn’t right now. My point was that most phones haven’t seen this functionality and I am figuring it may become a staple on JB roms as we move forward.

  • Adam Emshwiller

    not sure if this is true.. i have the “cell broadcast Settings” in my AOKP JB Build 1 rom. Looks like it has been there for a while now.

  • My GS3 (TMo) had this

  • ddevito

    I believe Google Now does this as well.

    • Bionicman

      nope i didnt get an EAS that my wife got on her GS3 when a flood warning was issued in our area and i have the updated Google Search app :/

  • I saw this on my coworker’s Verizon Galaxy Nexus with AOKP installed.

  • gbenj

    I’m pretty sure its going to be in ALL cell phones going forward…and I’m pretty sure it exists on the Bionic and some other devices. May not be called the same thing but the emergency alerts are coming to all phones. (And the iPhone)

  • sc0rch3d

    never seen these alerts, therefore never touched the settings

  • Larizard

    tied to the new Google Now feature?