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Amazon’s Kindle Fire Completely Sold Out, Holds 22% of US Tablet Market

This morning, Amazon announced that their Kindle Fire tablet holds a massive 22% of the U.S. tablet market share and that the Fire is now completely sold out. Bummer. But don’t worry, Amazon has a press conference set for September 6, which more than likely, will be to unveil their newest Kindle lineup. Amazon’s CEO certainly seems excited about their future offerings:

Kindle Fire is sold out, but we have an exciting roadmap ahead—we will continue to offer our customers the best hardware, the best prices, the best customer service, the best cross-platform interoperability, and the best content ecosystem.

The Kindle Fire was released less than a year ago. To come out as the #1 selling Android tablet and to hold a big stake in the entire U.S. market is quite impressive. There’s no doubt that Amazon’s next offering(s) will surely live up to high expectations.

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  • Big_EZ

    They should add the word “second” before each best. It was a good value when it came out, but not the best. Best content ecosystem my @$$.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    You know what I would like to see, their ink display underlaid under the digitizer but over the LCD. The ink display is clear when off and while using the tablet function, you wouldn’t see it. But… when reading a book. The LCD could remain off and you could use the ink display for ten times the battery power. Literally the best of both worlds. Then crank out a 8 or 9 inch display for a tab/reader. Yummy.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Maybe i should patent that….

      • Just make sure it isn’t a rectangle with rounded corners.

  • I have a feeling IF amazon comes with a new one it will have to be at the $150 mark just to compete with Nexus.

  • Google really needs to push the nexus 7 and really get the word out …..i took my nexus 7 to work one day and there’s about 4 people that have the fire…..they have never even herd about the nexus 7…. Google should of started a big ass campaign way before it was even released……and those fire owners wanted a nexus 7 after i got done showing it off XD

    • shooter50

      YES, Chad, you are the first person here who gets it. A superior product that no one knows exists won’t sell as well as the heavily and well marketed inferior product. Your example is exactly what I encounter with Fire owners. Most never heard of the Nexus 7.

    • Niteperson

      I see Nexus 7 commercials all the time. I think Google is doing a great job of promoting it.

  • PuzzleShot

    “Today, Amazon announced that Kindle Fire is sold out, and that in just nine months, Kindle Fire has captured 22% of tablet sales in the U.S.” – From Techcrunch

    I read that to mean that in those nine months, 22% of tablets sold in the US were Kindle Fires, not that it has 22% of market share.

  • Steve Benson

    Who in their right mind would buy a Kindle Fire over a Nexus 7 at this point? I think Amazon is hoping and praying that enough customers remain uninformed enough to buy their inferior product.

    • TheWhiteLotus

      I totally agree. What I’d love to see, though, is Amazon come out with a tablet that has the Play Store and is actually a real tablet like the Nexus 7 instead of a Amazon-only media consumption device like the Kindle Fire.

      Of course, I’ll always opt for the Nexus, but if Amazon does this I think it would be great for Android.

      • shooter50

        Another “well thought out post” Surely Amazon is going to release a tablet and sell it below cost and then allow purchases from Google Play. That way they can lose money on hardware as well as in the Amazon Market. What are you people thinking. Does Fanboyism really cause stupidity???

    • shooter50

      This is where you show your fan boyism and a complete lack of understanding of the market. Most people who own a Kindle Fire don’t even know that the Nexus 7 exists, much less the difference between the fire experience and jelly Bean. They love the Amazon culture and the ease with which they can make their purchases. Just check the Kindle Fire page on Facebook and you’ll find thousands of people thrilled with the Fire. Many who bought several units for their family. No doubt the 7 is a far superior tablet, but you’re missing the point. The non-technical majority of people want simplicity and don’t understand specs. Thats why specs don’t sell to the general population. “Feel good” sells which is why overpriced Apple products do so well.
      I’m betting Amazon does enough that the upgraded Kindle fire will still do well.
      Though I’ve owned several high end Android tablets including the Galaxy Note 10.1 which is my current one, I’ve purchased several Kindle Fires for my less informed family members and they all love them. Last but not least, even the least informed among us knows what Amazon is, but poll the general population about the Google Play store and you’ll get many blank stares.
      Your calling the Kindle Fire an inferior product, while true, is like the Apple fanboy calling most Android tablets inferior. There is truth in both statements but everyone makes their buying decisions based on different criteria

      • stupidllama

        You should root/rom those fires and then see what they think. I have quite a few people that bought the fire and the nook tablet, all of them wanted me to root/rom so they had a true tablet experience, a few bought them just because i could make them a full table experience. Simplicity is nice, but not at the expense of functionality. Simply = good, watered down=bad. Also every single one also wanted access the the play store, yes they know the play store and know it well.

        • kwubba

          Actually we are minor group in the world of Android. Majority of the consumers out there have no idea what rooting or a ROM is.

  • UrDoGG

    I tried one out… and was not impressed. The custom Amazon UI sucks. Sure Amazon’s library of content is pretty stellar, but the device itself is meh. Even if the new ones coming out have awesome specs that make the N7 look outdated, the UI will still suck. Don’t mean to sound so negative, but custom skins of any kind (on top of any OS) are just irritating to deal with.

    • DaveTea

      The Amazon UI does kind of suck for ‘regular’ Android usage but it does work pretty well for a reader/media device. That said…my Fire runs Jelly Bean as I also find the Amazon UI to be pretty irritating.

    • shooter50

      if you don’t know what a custom skin is and have nothing to compare it to, can you really dislike it? Most Fire owners have no clue what stock Android is or that the Fire is heavily skinned.

      • UrDoGG

        Yes, you can dislike it if it is laggy and has bugs that need to be worked out. These things take away from the overall experience. But otherwise, you make a good point.

    • Todd Duvall

      I have rooted my Kindle Fire placed Google Play Store on there then unrooted. I kept the UI because my kid watches the Prime Videos. If not for that I would put Jelly Bean or CM on it. I really wanted a good ereader and the KF is that and more. It can be even more if you put a different ROM on it. Is it Google’s fault for not getting the word out more, aren’t they a marketing company? Are you guys saying that the Marketing Giant Google let Kindle kick its butt with an inferior product? I like the KF for what it is. I don’t understand the anger toward one product over another… Thought about the N7 but picked up a KF for $100 and am happy. My $0.02

  • Apakal

    Goes to show just how far a recognized brand and a good marketing campaign really goes to sell a relatively mediocre device. Sounds like another popular tech company… coughApplecough…

    • shooter50

      Not true. Apple sells overpriced products. The Kindle Fire was sold below cost.

  • If the Nexus 7 is better thatn the new kindle (and there is a very good chance of that), will Amazon just pretend that it doesn’t exist?

  • David Henry

    Does this mean at least 22% of the US tablet market now kick themselves for not waiting for the Nexus 7?

    • Laki S.

      The Kindle Fire was an impressive tablet at the time. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutey love my N7 and you couldn’t pry it from my cold dead hands, but a year ago I was rocking the Galaxy Tab and wanted to bash it against the wall so many times. I didn’t trade it for the Fire because it was tied to my VZW account and it at least had GB on it, and you can’t even get the Play store on the Fire. When the N7 came out, though, I didn’t wait for my contract to end to get it. I’ll eat the early termination fee for a Nexus device. But if I had to choose the Fire over an iPad, I’d definitely get the Fire.

    • lgreg64

      Will you kick yourself next year for buy the nex7? It’s been a year and in this world that is a life time. You can’t say i’m not buying something because next year there will be something better. There will all ways be something better next year.

      • David Henry

        That’s true. I was just being cheeky. But I can say that like many people in this forum that I don’t like the Fire UI . For some I’ve talked to it was more tolerable because of the great price. It’s nice that now you can have both.

        • kwubba

          It may not be for everyone, but for my 8yo daughter it’s perfect.

    • manny

      Nexus 7?? more like Ipad mini. Any body who wasted their money on a fire did so only because of the price.

      • DaveTea

        Wasted their money? Do you think that it was a success because people don’t like it? Until very recently the Fire was the only game in town if you wanted a small tab at a reasonable price and it was especially attractive if you are an Amazon Prime member.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      The Kindle fire is the droid eris of android tablets. Perfect for the wife, kids, and my patents. The hardcore folks should have had another tablet or waited. For group A though, it is perfect. Like my wife who loves her Charge, ignorance is bliss.

    • Mgokeefe

      I don’t think that in the least. When the Fire came out last year I don’t think there were even rumors of Asus making a Nexus tablet yet. I don’t see why there is so much hate on this little guy. On the one hand you have a tablet perfect for kids and the not so tech saavy portion of tablet users who might not have plunked down the cash for an *Pad. On the other you have a truly devout development scene that was able to root, develop a whole new kernel from scratch (thanks Hashcode!) for it and provide working JB ROMS. Something for everyone at an affordable price. And while carving a 22% android share of a market that was once dominated by Apple? Pretty impressive little pioneer device right there.

  • Bionicman

    got one for my mom when they were 139 refurb and she loves it. anything from reading books and watching shows to playing her favorite vegas slot games. now i just need the courage to root it and load ICS on it!

    • TheWhiteLotus

      Or to return it and buy a Nexus 7.

    • Finally loaded up JB on mine yesterday…first time I have actually used it. It went from the biggest waste of space to something I think I will now use on a semi-daily basis. Highly recommend putting CM10 on there.

      • Todd Duvall

        So JB runs well on the KF? I have pondered putting that on mine… I may do it this weekend. I really like the ease of “ROMming” the KF.

        • So far so good…granted I haven’t used it much yet, but so far its like butter. I love it. I can’t stand that my Tab 8.9 is still on HoneyComb. And of course I have a nandroid backup in case I want to go back (for dev purposes down the road)

    • DaveTea

      The latest Jelly Bean ROM from Hashcode runs great on the Fire. The only thing I miss from the regular Fire ROM is the awesome battery life while the tab is sleeping. With the ICS and JB ROM’s you need to power it off if you plan on letting it sit for a long time.