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Newest Google Nexus 7 TV Ad Takes Dreamers to the Moon

The last Google Nexus 7 ad, the one with the father and son camping in their backyard, was nothing short of brilliant. The new spot that was released this morning, somehow manages to be equally as good. The focus is again on cute kids and their imaginations, but even more so with family, ease of use (1-handed for cooking lessons), video chatting (with grandma), and last but not least, Google Voice Search. Take that, annoying Apple Siri ads. 

  • Sean O’Neill


  • “…it was just the right size for a little monkey…”

    That is a brilliantly subtle suggestion that the Nexus is the perfect size for a small child, worked right into the narrative. To reinforce this, the Grandma calls the girl a “monkey” only a few seconds later.

  • MikeSaver

    yeah put this on TV google!

  • JMonkeYJ

    i really like this ad because it shows people handing off the tablet frequently to each other. one of the things i love about the N7 is how easy it is to pull something up, pass it to someone else, then they can investigate further. it really feels like a tablet from Star Trek in that way!

  • That…is a good ad. Makes we want to buy another N7

    • Christopher Hsu

      Heh, already purchased 2. One for the gf and one for meself.

  • droidrob3

    is there any way to turn off the voice when using voice search? i’m perfectly happy with it just displaying quick results without it speaking back to me, plus don’t want the “copying siri remarks” either.

  • Kevin Niven

    very nice

  • Treknologist

    Love it!

  • that brought a tear to my eye

  • SleekGN


  • Guest

    i feel so warm and fuzzy inside after watching the nexus 7 commercials..

  • Guest

    i feel so warm and fuzzy inside after watching the nexus 7 commercials.

  • Great ad. It shows a bit the huge advantage of 7″ tablets which we can hold in one hand and is also a nice size for kids. Loving my Nexus 7 – awesome device.

  • very cool ad. Love that they are actually getting the word out on this tablet. especially since you know apple is going to release a 7″-er. get them while the world doesn’t know about the ipad mini

  • These Nexus 7 commercials are great along with all the internet advertising Google has been doing. Why the hell didn’t they push the Galaxy Nexus this hard?

    • JoshGroff

      I have no idea. Hopefully they do this with the next wave.

  • EC8CH

    I think Google is really smart in centering these ads around kids.

    I bought our N7 in large part so that our kids could play with it. The size is perfect for younger kids to hold, and at $199 it’s not too expensive to let them play with.

    • michael interbartolo

      bought one for daughter it should be arriving today. my son wants one also for his birthday and with the new gift cards I can avoid having accidental purchases on my credit card.

    • Mike Yost

      I think what Google is trying to get through with these ad’s is that it is for everyone. If you notice there are also some adult things sprinkled in here and there (Video chat, using it as a cookbook). Basically, the Nexus 7 is for everyone, exactly how a tablet should be.

  • michael G

    what was the app she was using to fly the spaceship around the earth?

    • not completely sure…but looked like galaxy on fire….its a tegra zone app.

  • DanWazz

    I received my Nexus 7 this morning. Going to the Moon after work.

    • sounds like someone is stopping by their dealer on the way home. Have fun with your Nexus too!

  • Wow that ad is *really* good and I don’t even have kids 😛

  • this ad rules, and will pull at the heartstrings of any parent. much better than how apple’s ads make the listener feel greed and craving

  • tu3218

    Put this on TV Google now! ;)…but seriously, this advertises every feature the average person could want in a tablet.

  • andy
  • Sirx

    And then they killed funding to NASA. Sorry, little girl 😛

    • CoryDobak

      Ok, that was brilliant.

      • michael arazan

        NASA went from multimillion dollar satellites to $400 android phone satellites. I guess they will integrate the ISS with the nexus 7 tablet.

  • J450NM

    i <3 my N7 really really