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HTC Releases Kernel Source for the Rezound’s ICS Build 3.14.605.12

Good news, HTC Rezound owners. The kernel source for the latest Ice Cream Sandwich update, build 3.14.605.12, the one you received on your devices at the end of July, has been released! This certainly should help in development going forward. For those that aren’t developers, well, this probably doesn’t matter much to you until a developer does something with it.

Via:  HTCdev

Cheers Po1soNNN and Doktor!

  • Kevin McDole

    Undervolting here I come!

  • capecodcarl

    Well, I suppose this is better than nothing finally. Hopefully ROMs can still make use of this kernel source considering most of them are moving to using 4.03.605.2 as a base. I don’t think it is acceptable that HTC is allowed to release firmware without releasing kernel source at the same time though in the first place. I wonder if they’re violating the GPL.

    • Harold Goldner

      It depends upon how you interpret “violate.” HTC has taken the position repeatedly that it releases source “90 to 120 days after an OTA, ‘in accordance with common practice,'” however 90 to 120 days is an arbitrary designation, not based in the GPL, which doesn’t actually specify a time period. In this particular case, they released source less than 30 days after they dropped the OTA, which is unusually soon for HTC.

      • capecodcarl

        If it doesn’t specify a time then the source code should be made available immediately upon release of the modified binaries or else it is infringing. Let’s be honest, there is absolutely no reason HTC couldn’t release the source code at the same time as they’re pushing the images to the carrier, they’re just not doing that for some reason. I suppose 30 days is better than nothing, but I hope in the future they think about releasing the code ASAP once the firmware ships.

  • mmoreimi

    Ok…There is a god.

  • Sith77

    Maybe this means we can get a solid build with the new version of sense running . I am a sense fan so not getting the full latest and greatest was a bit erratating

    • wlmeng11

      Current Sense 4 ROMs are pretty solid except for no HDMI and no bluetooth headsets.

  • hopefully they (HTC) don’t screw y’all Rezound users like they did us with the Amaze. when we finally got our kernel source they didn’t include the wlan or bluetooth drivers.

  • Tony Perez

    Looks like HTC played Verizon’s game and let them “influence” what we ended up with in the stock ICS update. However, now that the Kernel source is out, I’m sure HTC intends for the amazing developers “out there” to take it and make it what it should have been originally. Even if they start with a “bloatware-free” and rooted version of the update, it would be a great start! Then we can maybe hope for an authentic Android experience with no Sense included. It will be glorious to have options like I did with my OG Droid!

    • wlmeng11

      We’ve had stable, debloated, desensed ROMs for the past few months.

      This means stable CM9 (and other AOSP ICS ROMs) and possibly even Jelly Bean.

  • Rodys Gonzalez


  • Great news! I think this means we’re finally going to see even more polished ROMs out there. AOSP or AOKP ROms as well which have been hard to come by. Glad I got my Rezound back in February. Still loving it.

  • Amazing. This comes at such a great time. CM9 and AOKP are currently running on the Rezound, but not without their issues and bugs. Hopefully in the next few weeks, we’ll see more stable builds being put out in the dev community. HTC….you’re alright.

    • brando56894

      I actually just removed AOKP from mine because of the minor bugs, looks like I’ll be going back to it in a few days, which is great because I didn’t really want to remove it in the first place.