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“The Playground is Open” – Google’s Nexus 7 Takes a Seat on the Homepage

Google’s homepage is the start to millions of people’s adventures everyday. Any possible piece of information can usually be found just by typing a few words, but today, the most important piece of information is available right from the homepage.

When visiting Google.com, you will notice the phrase, “The playground is open” with the head of a Nexus 7 tablet just below it. Naturally, the linked text showing the price of $199 takes you right to the Play store for you to purchase a new tablet. That’s enough to spike anybody’s curiosity.

Good thinking, Google.

Check it out.

  • I dont want one but I want this ad off my home page.

  • so how do i get rid of the ad????

  • Sylvia Jordan

    Mini Ipad October

  • It even shows up with my custom background. Usually that stuff doesnt

  • can’t see it,

  • Greyhame

    I love how Google used a “scroll bounce back” animation as the N7 floats up from the bottom, as if to say, “SUCK IT, APPLE!!”

  • Alfonso

    This same discussion is up on Gizmodo. They are such hates and remind me of my little 2 yo always whining on what others are doing. Give it a rest Gizmodo…

  • Don

    I want one but I don’t want to see it every time I launch of the page. Blocked it with Adblock in Chrome.

  • Adam Schechter

    I just bought my 16 GB from Staples online today as they were back in stock. Yay, free shipping! Boo paying sales tax:(

  • feztheforeigner

    I hope Google doesn’t start making advertisement this graphical on their homepage…

    As much as I love the Nexus 7, I don’t want anything but text banners for advertisements…

    • Tristan Cunha

      That was my first impression as well, a little put-off to see an advertisement on the Google homepage. But I think that in this case, I’m actually OK with it. Google isn’t making any money from selling the N7 (and might actually be losing a little at first, and I don’t know how they’re going to recoup the upfront costs). They designed and built it solely so that more people could afford a nice tablet.
      The only people this really hurts are companies that sell crappy tablets cheap, and companies that sell nice tablet for a lot more.

  • I found several Nexus 7 tablets at my local Walmart Saturday, shocked to actually see any at all, I quickly grabbed an employee to unlock the case, bought it and am LOVING IT!!!

  • jcorf

    I would never have seen it if it weren’t for you guys. I search Google through Chrome so I never go to the Google homepage.

  • Steve J

    Are you sure that is a Nexus tab? It looks like an iPad.

  • QuestionGUy

    Can you use Microsoft Word on this thing?

    • Russ

      Great comment, Corky.

  • CRH45

    Still debating on getting one. Or maybe i shouldn’t……decisions decisions…

    • Riz Virani

      Oh no, you definitely should. It’s completely worth it for gamers, developers, and web browsers all alike.

  • 有对我有用的,转到QQ空间了,嘿嘿

  • violator702

    The Nexus 7 link has been there before. I don’t remember the picture being there though.

  • MichaelFranz

    Anyone Notice the free $25 in play store money when you purchase one? I am highly debating it.

    • violator702

      That’s been the case since it came out. I think you can still get the Transformers Dark of the Moon movie for free still as well.

    • Mack

      What do you mean by saying you’re debating it, the tablet or if you will get the $25 credit? If you’re debating getting the tablet, go for it. I got the 16GB version and I couldn’t be happier. I have had zero issues with the tablet and it was completely worth the money. Also you will get a $25 Google Play Store credit when you first sign in on the Nexus 7 and the third Transformers movie will be added to you account.

      • Jon

        You also get a few free magazines and a free e-book of the latest Bourne Novel.

      • MichaelFranz

        only reaosn im debating is I already have a Xoom, grnated its older and outadated, but i have LTE and its running JB. Don’t know if i really want 2 tablets at this point

    • PC_Tool

      Mmm…Play Money….

  • I work in a nursing home and some of my residents have them.

    • KleenDroid

      How the heck did these old folks wheel themselves over to the Best Buy to get one of these things?

      But I feel for ya… It is very difficult when asked by 20 grandma’s and grandpa’s to explain how to use “this thing”.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Google Nexus 7 FTFW!

    • EvanTheGamer

      Whoever disliked my comment owes me an apology. Now!

  • blah


  • DanWazz

    Hopefully I’ll be getting mine tomorrow.

    I didn’t even notice it this morning, since I keep my browser window pretty small.

  • John

    I want one so bad. Screw the mortgage payment!

  • JoshGroff

    As if they weren’t already hard to get a hold of, I went to Staples the yesterday to grab a new work PC, and overheard an employee telling a customer the shipment they received Sunday had already sold out.

    • EvanTheGamer

      Damn…still sellin’ out like coke! Or wait, I meant hot cakes…yes, hot cakes…

      • JoshGroff

        I think Coke sells faster than coke.

        • EvanTheGamer

          You can say that again. hahah

  • Until Android supports gotomypc I can’t buy their tablet unfortunately, I have to still use the ipad and I hate apple 🙁

    • GoToMyPC has android tablet support

      • steve0617

        Yep it does. Right here: http://goo.gl/GO9Lr

      • Preston

        However, the Nexus 7 is not supported. This app won’t work with the N7

  • geedee82

    I just got my Nexus 7 on Saturday and I freakin love this thing! Anybody have any recommendations for ROMs?

    • HAM

      ParaAndroid. Tablet mode FTW

      • geedee82

        Thanks, that’s actually the main one I was considering, looks awesome.

      • Mack

        This. ParanoidAndroid is amazing especially on a 7 inch tablet.

    • Booyah

      BAMF Paradigm works really well.

  • New_Guy

    What a great way to market the best tablet on the market. By placing it square in the middle of the most used search engine on the internet.


    • JoshGroff

      Good thing Google doesn’t have to pay for advertizing. 😉

    • David Henry

      I think it is only for certain countries, which makes sense. I am in Argentina and I can’t see it, even when I go to Google.com and not Google.com.ar. I also only have a super limited view of the Play Store here….

  • Dc

    I wonder how many iOS users have Google set as their homepage 🙂

    • New_Guy

      Haha! I defintely wonder. It’s funny that Siri uses Google to search for images =)…

      • GazaIan

        What are they supposed to use?

        • antwonw

          well since Apple went with their own Maps app and not Google Maps, you’d think they’d make their own search engine.

          • GazaIan

            They already came out a year or two ago and said they have no plans to enter the Internet search area.

          • antwonw

            @GazaIan:disqus You are correct. I should have said: you’d think they’d at least intergrate the results into Siri itself rather than open up a Google Images in the browser.