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How to: Disable Application Notifications in Jelly Bean [Beginners’ Guide]

We have all been there. You download an application from Google Play, then all of a sudden it’s sending you notifications every ten minutes and annoys you to no end. Thankfully, with the introduction of Jelly Bean, Google has enabled the ability to disable any given application’s notifications entirely. If you have a pesky app doing this and you want it to stop, follow these simple instructions. 

Quick Way:

1.  When the application’s notification appears in your notification bar, long press on the offending notification.
2.  A dialog box will appear called “App Info.”
3.  After selecting App Info, it will take you to the Application’s Info page under Settings.
4.  Under the “Force Stop” button, you will see an option for “Show Notifications.”
5.  Un-check the box and it will ask you if you’re sure.
6. Once un-checked, you will no longer see that app’s notifications.

That’s the fastest way to disable notifications for an application.

Long Way:

1.  From your homescreen, go into the Settings menu.

Press the Menu button and then Settings. On some devices without a Menu button, you can pull down your Notification menu and select the Settings icon.

2.  Under the menu of “Device,” select “Apps.”
3.  Select which app you would like the notifications to be disabled.
4.  Under the “Force Stop” button, you will see an option for “Show Notifications.”
5.  Un-check the box and it will ask you if you’re sure. Yes, we are sure.
6.  To go back and re-enable the notifications, just make sure the box is checked in the future.

You will now no longer receive unwanted notifications.

*Android Beginners Guide is a way for people new to Android to get to learn how Android works. We will be posting many tips and tricks on how to optimize your usage of the Android operating system.

  • PyroHoltz

    Since my Verizon Gnex doesn’t have an official JB build, what is the best ROM out there currently?

  • Damn, a [Beginner’s Guide] how-to that I had no clue about. I feel like such a… beginner… now. 🙁

  • Raven

    I discovered this handy feature when I installed Set Orientation on my Nexus 7. It is a handy little app that fixes the stupid Nexus/JellyBean problem of not having a rotatable desktop. It does, however, put an annoying little icon in the top corner and using this trick to disable the notifications from it makes the icon go away and yet it still works in the background.

    • Joey Funk

      My n7 has had no problem rotating, on 4.1 or 4.2

      • Jonathan

        Raven posted that before the update to enable homescreen rotation on the Nexus 7 was released.

        • Joey Funk

          Whoops didn’t even see that. This came up in my reader feed a few days ago and I just assumed it was new

  • RoadsterHD1
    • Raven

      This article is from way back in April and the fact that Google’s Very Own Punit Soni was just appointed as VP of Product at Motorola Mobility makes this seem rather unlikely to happen any time soon.

      • RoadsterHD1

        OH Good, thanks for that….. I wasn’t sure what was going on….

  • oh wow news to me

  • JoshGroff

    Saw it recently on my N7 and just kind of ignored it. My only notifications are from gmail, and I’ve never had a notification spam problem, but still, good to know.

  • Didn’t know this. Thanks DL

  • WilliamKu

    hmm i wonder if this will disable wakeups coming from the app. i have groupon installed but even though i have all notifications disabled in the app, i can still see wakeups coming from it. in fact, it has the most amount of wakeups out of all my apps.

    • JoshGroff

      I know there’s a thing to disable those kinds of features, but I might be thinking of ROM Toolbox. I’m pretty sure I disabled something on my stock N7 though.

  • derek connolly

    Funny, I don’t consider myself a beginner to android (been here since OG Droid) and I didn’t know this was an option.

    • i can still see wakeups coming from it. in fact, it has the most amount of wakeups out of all my apps...Millionaire4Project.blogspot.com

      • Tim

        Go. AWAY.

  • Discovered this a couple weeks ago. It’s great for those stupid applications that put those stupid advertisements in your notification bar.

    • JoshGroff

      The ones most people consider malicious and immediately delete anyway?

  • very nice, i didnt know this.