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Verizon’s LG Intuition Press Shots Leak – Don’t Worry, It’s Still Huge

More images of the LG Intuition (previously known as the Optimus Vu) have leaked onto the web. From previous posts, we are still expecting a release on Verizon sometime this quarter and we also know the device will launch for $199 on a new two year agreement and have a full retail price of $549. In the mean time, let’s have some speculation fun. See the date on the widget? “9/15/2012” Oh my, is that the release date? We shall have to wait and see.

With the Intuition being Big Red’s first huge display-rockin’ device, any thoughts on how popular it will be? Would love to hear your thoughts on this monster.

Via: Droid Dog

  • cb2000a

    Square sharp corners in pockets in a phone this size= not good.

  • rcrow490

    Considering dumping Verizon just so I can get a Galaxy Note 2!

  • ThatsHowISeeIt

    Verizon screwed up by not getting the Note AGAIN?

    The LG Intuition Verizon is about to get is a half-baked POS. It is
    garbage. You have to be an idiot to buy a phone that ships with a stylus made by a company that didn’t think far enough to include a place in the phone to store the stylus. Verizon must think their customers are morons to offer this phone.

  • dmagicp

    They made certain apple couldn’t come after them for having a rectangle with rounded corners that’s for damn sure.

  • quiklives

    I had an LG Voyager, and at the time that I bought it, it was freaking amazing. It was indestructible, and it did far more than any other dumb phone that I ever owned. I don’t understand how LG made such great dumb phones and have failed so miserably with smartphones. I don’t care for this phone at all. I’m sure there will be people who do, but I just don’t get it.

  • UGLY!! Ugglllyyy!!! Why can’t Verizon just do the Galaxy Note 2? So freaking lame!

  • hulk

    Samsung is now going to sue LG for green rectangular call logo

  • shehippie

    The last good phones to come from LG was the enV line..its been all down hill since then.

  • spoke to my lg rep yesterday, he expects the spectrum 2 to do well but not much from the vu, its a year old device and verizon smart phone customers dont typically jump on lg devices, for the same price as a galaxy s3, i still see them going to that instead and by time this launches they will be wetting their pants over the new iphone anyway

  • No support for the Spectrum = no more purchases of their phones. LG’s loss.

  • nightscout13

    “Don’t worry, it still has a HUGE bezel”

  • Beezey
  • Destroythanet

    This phone’s so ugly, Apple might give LG money simply out of pity.

  • ceejw

    This thing looks terrible.

  • New_Guy

    That’s what she said =)

    • Probably what he said, actually…

      • New_Guy

        Damn…you got me =)

  • paul_cus

    And everyone thought the RAZR was a wide phone…

    • RAZR_is_too_Wide

      Still is, just not as wide as this…

  • John

    Nice to see LG hasn’t changed. Glad I parted from them after the EnV.

  • Me!

    It’s an LG. Obviously somebody is buying them, as they keep offering them. Still… That thing is Fug. For LG’s sake, I hope it’s successful for them. I like to see companies that aren’t headquartered in Cupertino succeed.

  • LG “Dared” me to buy a device once will never do it again.

    • DaretoCompare

      LG Dare was the best dumb phone ever made!

    • Me!

      Pfffft. The Dare wasn’t a bad phone. Better than that crappy Voyager. I had the V, the enV, and the Dare. All decent phones at the time.

  • Flop…who wants a giant square in their pocket?

    • New_Guy

      It is the most awkward looking phone I have ever seen. My eyes keep trying to focus and make it thinner. But it just won’t happen…

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Man at this point its either about having good software (stock or something that makes stock better) . . . Or Good Hardware that looks good enough to want so you can just root and put stock on it… at this point… LG has neither

  • Greg Morgan

    “its still huge…” and ugly…

    • paul_cus

      Damn, beat me to it.

      • Greg Morgan

        LOL 😉

    • Stevedub40


  • ok

    w h y i s t h i s s t i l l 4 : 3

  • Its still LG