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Samsung Stratosphere to Receive First Update – Includes Face Unlock and Other ICS Features, is Not ICS Though

The Samsung Stratosphere is set to receive its first update since being released on Verizon almost a year ago. The update is labeled FF1, is 53.8MB in size, and includes a number of features that will add to the user experience. The biggest is probably the new face unlock that security feature that we have become familiar with thanks to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), however, this update is not Ice Cream Sandwich. The device will still be running Gingerbread (Android 2.3). They also tweaked the incoming call screen, gave more sorting options in the app drawer, included a photo editor, and allow for stills to be taken during video recording.

Other than those major UI changes, Verizon and Samsung patched security (probably a root exploit), improved navigation audio, added video chatting in Google Talk, and improved touch screen response. Again, it’s the first update for the device, so as you can expect, it’s a pretty sizable one.

No official word has been given for a timeline for rollout to users, but we usually see it within a matter of days once Verizon has posted up support docs like these. 

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  • antidancer

    This is why I never install an update just to be the first to have it. I wait at least a month and read all reviews. My stratosphere is still agreat phone and I will never upgrade it now.

  • mIKE

    give back the scrolling wallpaper it was a key feature for this phone along with the puzzle unlock!!! GIVE US OPTIONS DONT TAKE AWAY FEATURES NEVER BUYING SAMSUNG PHONE AGAIN!!!

  • R3D

    ‘If you’re having trouble connecting the USB to your computer, go to “Settings”, “Applications”, “Development” and check the box next to “USB debugging”. You have to do this BEFORE you connect your phone to your computer. I have to uncheck and recheck every time but so far it works.

  • R3D

    For those who are having trouble with their USB after the update: Go to “Settings”; “Applications”; “Development” and check the box next to “USB debugging”. Do this BEFORE you connect your phone to your computer.
    I have to uncheck and recheck every time I want to connect to my computer. A pain, but it works for me.

  • Deniece

    I really hate this update. It seriously makes me consider getting a new phone. I’m a full time college student with a job and I purposefully got a phone with battery life, now I can’t even make it to lunch! Please fix this.

  • frankfurtr

    I want the puzzle piece unlock back! My USB doesn’t work anymore I can’t connect my phone tho my computer. I want the scrolling wallpaper back. Facebook won’t load fix this crappy today now please!

  • Lon Kieselhorst

    I can’t use the USB to upload pics and download music since the “update”. Bring back the puzzle piece.