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If You Think You Know Your Music, Then Check Out SongPop for Android

I love testing my knowledge of different things, especially that of music. If you do too, and feel like challenging your friends, then you may want to check out SongPop. Imagine, Draw Something or Words with Friends, but with music. Thankfully, it isn’t just music that you’ll hear on today’s radio either. The music spans the 80’s, different love songs, modern hip-hop, and other different genres. The app plays you 10 seconds of different tracks and you have to correctly guess either the artist or the song name before your opponent does.

Besides the occasional annoying ad, for free it’s a great deal. Check it out, challenge your friends, and enjoy the music.

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  • summit1986

    The scoring formula really sucks… you can get every song right, beat your opponent the first 4 songs, then on the 5th song, if they’re fast enough (and not really by a lot) you still lose.

  • Actually pretty fun, my wife’s playing and won’t give me my Gnex back.

  • Higher_Ground

    These games never seem to last more than a month or so. They’re all missing some fundamental aspect of gaming… but i can’t quite put my finger on it.

  • mbaldwin85

    This is not new and the fad is already fading on this game.

    • No one ever said it was new. 😛

      Plus, who cares about fads?

  • Steven Gonz

    Why is DL so late on this?…Im pretty sure not a lot of people are playing this anymore, already. : /

    • maratu


  • How long before Zynga buys, then ruins it?