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Google’s Very Own Punit Soni Appointed as VP of Product at Motorola Mobility

A well-known Googler named Punit Soni, whose passion lies deep in the Android and Google Apps ecosystem, has been appointed as the new VP of Product over at Motorola Mobility. According to Mr. Soni’s own LinkedIn, his responsibilities will go a little something like this:

Responsible for all things software at Motorola Mobility

I am a general manager responsible for all aspects of the product development including crafting strategy, building teams and executing to go to market.

Given Google’s purchase of Motorola’s mobile sector a couple of months ago, this is the type of change we have been looking for. Definitely an important step in Motorola’s return as a strong competitor in the smartphone race.

Feel like following Punit’s journey as the new VP? Follow him on Google+!

Via: The Verge

  • Isha

    Good Luck!

  • jim

    a towel head made it to the top


  • Alexander Garcia

    Yes. Yes. YES!!!

  • Leroy Washington

    Did he just get out of the shower?

  • nightscout13

    Just glanced over his G+ and I am extremely disappointed by this comment he wrote: “I am not educated enough yet to say much.” He is referring to the state of locked bootlaoders. WHAT??? Why would they hire someone who isn’t already knowledgeable in the field????? I don’t get these company decisions….

    • I’m sure he is more than knowledgeable, and probably has a lot more to say about the issue than he is willing to comment on publicly.

      • nightscout13

        He could have worded that differently…like “I cannot comment at this time”

  • Punit is the man!

  • Carlos Moreno

    I think they should make AOKP or any one of the many fabulous roms the new blur

  • RIP blur

  • Michael Gomez

    Punit Soni link-name should been linked to his Google+ page 🙂

  • EC8CH

    Now more than ever… unlock the bootloader… bury the blur… do it for the OG!

  • Too little, too late. Motorola has permanently lost me as a customer. As an application developer, I’m now a fan of HTC and their support of the developer community.

  • disqus_IHpm8UzFns

    This is a great thing! We need moto as our flagship OEM again. Its funny that Google said they weren’t going to change much, but has replaced the two most important people there. Thank you Google!

    • michael arazan

      Every company says that when a buyout occurs. And nothing happens till the buyers have complete control and assess the company. Then they change for improvements to make it better, or cut it up and sell it off.

  • Drew

    Very good news. Hopefully he’ll push for Jellybean on the Razr.

  • Finally. Adieu to Moto Blur and its bootloader lock.

  • I hope Mr. Soni realizes that Blur and locked bootloaders are worthless, and that he does something to get rid of them.

    • michael arazan

      All moto phones from now on will be Nexus like phones, crossing fingers.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      So where are all the trolls that hated on me when I said Blur and Locked Boot loaders are garbage? Igreg64 and kixofmyg0t, you guys wanna weigh in here and defend blur?

      • Wow there were actually people that defended that crap?

  • Destroythanet

    Does Blur serve any purpose over at Motorola Mobility anymore?

  • notme

    When they release an unlocked Nexus device ill need to borrow his diaper cause Ill be crapping my pants.

    • sc4fpse

      😐 If the “diaper” you’re referring to is what I think it is, then… wow… just… no. There are no words for how incredibly racist that is…

      • EC8CH

        I know… when I read it I went as pale as a cracker… wait, what?

        • notme

          If they release a unlocked nexus, perhaps moto will be in the black, oh wait..

      • That’s not racism. Ignorant, but not racism.

        • notme

          Think ignorant in a revers Bill Maher kinda way.

        • Agreed. Could also have been an innocent joke, albeit in poor taste.

      • notme

        yea pointing out a hat that looks like a diaper is truly racist. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

        • Willis Drummond

          It’s a hat? Really, they call it a hat? Quit pretending to be offended when you don’t even know what you are talking about.

      • one2one

        Yea if it was a cross or a kippa he never would have passed the Google screening process so please don’t even go there. If the tenets of this mans faith were scrutinized at all, he would never have been hired.