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Samsung Posts Five Minute Documentary on Designing the Galaxy S3

Samsung has spared zero expense when giving people an insight into the great lengths that they have gone to design one of the world’s most popular smartphones. The Galaxy SIII went through an amazing design process that took designers across the world and back, which resulted in a design that many have fell in love with. 

Whether we feel that Samsung’s love of this phone’s design is a bit corny or not, it’s still a cool idea to give the public an idea as to what it takes to make a device such as this one.

  • Favio Flores

    It’s in Chineese.

  • bob

    Would you like some wine with that cheese?

  • jim

    the S3 is everything the nexus should have been, and its cheaper lol

    • michael arazan

      I’d love an S3 if it was pure android and no skin with TW

      • Jim McClain

        Well now you can unlock and root it, then change anything you want. This phone makes the nexus look very bad, it’s better in every way

    • vitriolix

      The Nexus is available for $349 outright, it is almost half the price of the GSIII

      • Jim McClain

        S3 has s4 chip,2gig ram, better camera, better speaker,better radios, there is no reason to buy a nexus over the s3,nexus has had so many problems

  • jim

    any else get that gmail about google wallet up date? it would not load on my nexus,anyone got a work around on this ?

  • jim

    video is lame, but I am very impressed with this phone, got it for my wife,her battery was at 13% after being on for 36 hours,this is the best phone out, wish they would have put half that effort into making the nexus

    • LionStone

      That’s great for her… I’m curious what this phone does with 3 or 4 hrs of screen time? Maybe someone can post some screenshots?

      • jim

        what do you mean ?

        • LionStone

          Screenshots of battery usage/screen on time from a completely full battery. Power button and volume down for about a second, hear a snap, post here.

          • jim

            ill try, but using her s3 and my nexus side by side,both have 2100 mah batteries,,its no contest, her S3 blows my nexus away

          • LionStone

            Thanks Jim, yea, the processor in the GN is older and the SG3 has the newer S4 processor.

  • DanWazz

    I still don’t like the look of the phone, but now I better understand what they were going for… on an emotional level, emotionally speaking, connecting emotionally…emotions.

    • Diablo81588


  • Liderc

    How did so many people come up with such a poor looking phone? The physical button was the nail in the coffin.

    Don’t worry I’ve down voted my comment already so you don’t have to.

    • ABerry5

      I think it looks incredible.. if only it had soft nav buttons.. but I feel the reason they didn’t do it is it makes the phone’s bezel look smaller than it really is

  • Kevin McDole

    First, we started with out legal team. We liked their ideas of not getting sued so much that we made their designs into the final product!

  • Q

    “Samsung, you didnt build that” – Apple

  • EC8CH

    It’s amazing how much technology we can hold in our hands today…

    but the whole GSIII inspired by nature thing… I think they took a lame idea too far.

    • Aardvark99

      Or not far enough, nearly all of special features of the S3 don’t work. All the gestures are awkward and/or unreliable. Smart Stay is a great idea, that isn’t reliable and often makes the phone do dumb things if left on. S Voice, even when it works (it often doesn’t), just lacks features.

    • paul_cus

      I remember when Motorola did the whole nature design for the PEBL back in the day.

  • Greg Morgan

    watching this kinda makes me want to get an SIII…especially since the bootloaders unlocked now.

  • frankandsimple

    what a load of crap… they traveled around the world to get inspired.. and yet we ended up with pentile screen and cartoonish/garish touchwiz!..

    yea right Shamsung!

    • Don’t forget the useless physical buttons.

    • jim

      dude this is the best phone out there, bar none

    • S2556

      are you actually complaining about the screen? How did you survive the wvga era?

      • jim

        I have a nexus, and the screen on the s3 is just as good

        • S2556

          actually the S3 has an upgraded super amoled from the Gnex. none the less either are good enough for me and some

          • jim

            wish i could trade my nexus for an s3

        • possomcrast1


      • frankandsimple

        I survived it coz we didn’t know much better than. Now we do..and using Pentile is a big poo poo

  • I didn’t see a single lawyer in the video… did I watch the right one?

    • Aardvark99

      (S)he was holding the camera

  • KleenDroid