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HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE Review

The DROID Incredible 4G LTE sort of came at a bad time, just like the Motorola Atrix HD. Both phones were released far too close to the phone of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S3. And just like the Atrix HD, I have had this phone for over a month now, but when the GS3 was released, the Inc 4G immediately took a back seat until things cooled off a bit. Actually, “back seat” is the perfect way to describe this phone. It took a back seat to not only the Galaxy S3, but also the entire HTC One series that was released earlier in the year. It didn’t receive the coveted “One” tag, nor did it receive any of the high-end specs of that series. Hell, maybe we should go with “stepchild” instead of “back seat?” Anyways, let’s talk about it. 

The Good:

  • Battery:  One of the few highlights to the Incredible 4G has been battery life. With only a 1700mAh battery inside, I was initially worried that it wouldn’t be able to get me through much of a day, especially while running on 4G LTE. To my surprise, this phone lasted all day and then some. As you can see in the screenshots, with steady usage on nothing but LTE, I had around 46% left after having been up and running for almost 16 hours. You can probably thank the Snapdragon S4 inside that is the most efficient processor on the planet, right now. It’s not the same processor that powers the Galaxy S3, but is instead a 1.2GHz version that could have been underpowered to help extend things like battery life.

  • Camera:  The 8MP camera on the Incredible 4G is really good. It’s incredibly fast, sports a f/2.2 aperture, and 28mm lens. You click and it shoots. If the lighting is great, you may not even notice that you just took a picture – that’s how fast it is. Unfortunately, it doesn’t contain the ImageSense chip that came with the One Series, so options like burst mode are not included. Still, you should be able to take some beautiful stills with this camera. If there are two massive highlights for this phone, it’s in battery life and the camera.

  • Price:  At $149, the Incredible 4G is priced reasonably well. It could easily go for $99 with its lower-end specs and small frame, but it does have NFC, 4G LTE, and enough goodies to help justify the $149 mark. I’d personally buy it through a dealer who would likely have it for $99 or less. In fact, Amazon is selling it for around $49 as of today.
  • NFC:  Yep, this phone has NFC. While Verizon refuses to let it use Google Wallet, you can at least beam links, contacts, and apps to your friends who also have NFC phones. NFC should be standard in all smartphones going forward, especially with more mobile payment options on the way, so we have to give props to Verizon and HTC for adding it in, even though this is a mid-tier device.

The Not-so-Good:

  • WiFi Notification:  Before we get into this section, we need to start off by calling out Verizon (again) for the most obnoxious ongoing notification of all time. We aren’t sure if this is a hint for you to get off of their network or because you may have a new Share Everything plan, but the “Tap to turn Wi-Fi on” notification that cannot be removed is easily the most annoying change on any phone in the last year. Seriously Verizon, we get it, we know how to turn WiFi on and off. And even if we didn’t, you should still give us a way to remove this notification, because at some point, we are going to know how and not want this massive notification taking up precious screen space.

  • Specs:  Normally we start every review off with specs, because well, most phones have great specs. This phone, does not. It sports a 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor that we have been told is “different” than the Snapdragon S4 in the Galaxy S3 and many other phones. We don’t know what “different” means, but it certainly doesn’t mean “upgrade.” It also rocks out with a low-end 4″ qHD Super LCD display, VGA front camera, and around 8GB of internal storage. I’m calling this a “not-so-good” because the Incredible was at one time a top tier phone, but has since been shoved into the mid-range game.
  • Display:  The display on the Incredible 4G is not good. It’s a Super LCD, so the pixel arrangement is what you would want, however at a qHD resolution and incredibly low pixel density, this thing isn’t impressing anyone. Take a look at the picture below and you’ll know what I mean. The colors are also off, with whites looking almost yellow at times. I’d call the 4″ display too small for my liking. I’m sure the iPhone 5 will launch with a 4″ display and the fankids will claim it’s the sweet spot, but for an Android guy who has been using 4.5″ and above displays for months, this thing feels tiny.

  • Violent Haptic Feedback:  The haptic feedback on this phone is crazy violent. When you press one of the soft keys, you can actually hear parts moving around. It almost vibrates out of your hand if you don’t hold it tightly enough. OK, that last part was a bit of an exaggeration, but not much of one. When this thing vibrates, you can tell that this is one of the more cheaply made phones in some time. Tone it down, HTC!
  • Build:  This bullet is sort of a continuation of the end of the haptic feedback section in that this phone feels remarkably cheap. It creaks, makes odd noises, and scuffs easier than most phones. When the camera focuses, you can actually hear a mini-popping noise, which is scary.
  • Sense 4.0:  I really do not like Sense 4.0 any longer. When it was first introduced on the One X, it was a breath of fresh air over previous Sense versions, however, it’s grown to annoy me just like most skins. The 3D animations and sluggishness are not fun to deal with. Now that Google has turned stock Android into a minimal and incredibly beautiful operating system, skins like this just seem like a downgrade. If you buy this phone, please install a 3rd party launcher immediately, to help hide most of Sense. If you would like to see a full overview of Sense 4.0, check out this video.

  • Bloatware:  Our official bloatware count comes to 13, a number we gathered thanks to a special “Verizon” tab in the app drawer. It’s a lot less than we have seen on other phones in the past, but with most of them being permanent fixtures unless you disable them, it’s flag-worthy.
  • Keyboard:  The Sense keyboard needs a major overhaul. It’s slow, only vibrates with every other key press, and has a row of arrows on the bottom that I have never used one time in my life. It also doesn’t auto-add spaces when you choose word predictions, something that drives me insane. If you force yourself into using this keyboard, at least go into keyboard settings and turn on its swipe/trace feature, as it works fairly well.

  • Hardware Soft Keys:  HTC tried to do the right thing when it eliminated the Menu button from its navigation keys, but since developers have been slow to adopt this standard in their apps, you are often left with a black bar across the bottom of your screen with a single button to access menu options. They fixed this issue in the One X with a software update, but have not provided a fix for the Incredible 4G. On a screen that only measures 4-inches, you need all of the screen real estate available at all times.
  • Size:  This phone is too small for my liking. Coming from big phone after big phone, it was a struggle to use something this small. Typing on it, browsing the web, and multi-tasking were painful at times because of the small icons and screen size. If you have dainty little hands, you may love this size – I just, do not.

Unboxing and First Look:



The Verdict:

With no reason to beat around the bush, I’ll just come out and say it directly – this phone is a mid to low-tier Android device that you shouldn’t waste your time with. Verizon chose to pass on the One Series and instead gave HTC fans this. It’s specs aren’t enough to make it a powerhouse, and the build quality is so iffy and cheap, that I’d be afraid to attach 2 years of my life to it. It’s $149 from Verizon, but you can pick up the Galaxy S3 for $50 more and hang out with the Android device of the year. It’s battery life is great, as is the camera, but those aren’t big enough selling points to mask all of its downfalls.

  • curtis

    will this device likely see android 4.1 sometime this century? We all know how Verizon is with updates; I mean teh GS3 has no JB yet, galaxy nexus is without 4.2(imma call it just the “galaxy” cause this verizon version puts the nexus name to shame), htc thunderbolt (lets not go there) and a thousand other devices on verizon take forever to receive updates.

  • It’s upgrade time for me; I’ve been using an Incredible 3G, and it’s been a pretty darned good phone. I bought a Galaxy 3s a week ago and am returning it, either for an iPhone or the incredible 4G. This review doesn’t dissuade me, as every single other one says this is the best small droid. So why am I returning the Galaxy? I HATE IT. It’s like carrying around a tablet. I really, truly thought I’d get used to the size and I haven’t. And I don’t have small hands. I might have gotten a lemon, but my Galaxy gets really hot, then drains the battery. Every time I unlock it, it’s on another program I didn’t load up, and the brightness control has a mind of it’s own, even when set to manual. It shut itself off on the third day, and I had to take the battery off to get it turn back on.

    I am bringing it back today and getting my old Incredible back online for now until I figure out what to buy. My guess is if you like to mess with your phone all day, all the time, the Galaxy will be a dream; but I like stuff that works. I want a phone I stick in my back pocket and sit on without fearing it’s going to break in two.

  • Stew

    Well Kellex, you went on a small rant about Verizon’s Wifi notification. You even said, “we get it Verizon, we know how to turn wifi on and off”. Well, this is how us readers feel about the Beginners Guide.

  • dcont

    Wow, Kellex, your review is quite dramatic!!! I’ve owned this phone for a little over a month now and disagree with every one of your negatives except for the persistent wi-fi notification. The screen is actually quite sharp and bright in daily use; 275 ppi is not top of the line, but hardly low. The CPU zips right along, and there is no lag with Sense 4. There is plenty of memory, even with a ton of apps installed. The haptic feedback is far from “violent”; I’d say it’s “effective”. And as for build quality — mine must be from a different batch than your test unit — I find the soft-touch rubberized back cover to be quite nice, actually expensive feeling, and I don’t have any creaks, pops or other odd noises you experienced. And finally, as for the size and form factor, it’s a breath of fresh air for someone who wants good specs, but not a gigantic near-tablet size…and I don’t have dainty hands! I can’t be alone in that regard. There’s really no other Android phones out there that are smaller with good specs, so this fills a nice quite nicely.

  • llwang

    I like my 4″ and thick incredible 4G much more than my 4.3″ and thin thunderbolt. The battery life is also so much better.

    • Diablo81588

      Since when is the thunderbolt thin?

  • Mac

    Well, at least this review is organized well… thats the good

    The bad would be the content and the majority of the claims therein.

    I own this phone and I also own an S3, and while I will agree that Verizon should have probably carried the one x or s instead of commissioning another incredible, I can’t find much to dislike about the dinc 4. It’s a solid phone, the screen is crisp and sharp, sense 4 is beautiful, and as far as I’m concerned, this phone is probably the best Iphone sized android powerhouse of a phone on the market… I love my S3 and it’s in a class of its own, but if you’re an HTC fan or a fan of smaller phones, this phone won’t leave you sad that you bought it.

  • db

    I’ve had this phone since it’s release date and I absolutely love it.

    My last phone was an OG Droid Inc. As someone with small hands, I absolutely loathe the industry’s recent swing towards “bigger is better.” I had the Rezound for a week and I couldn’t get a comfortable grip on the phone. I will rule out the purchase of any phone larger than 4.3″ – I’m looking at you, Moto and Samsung – based strictly on size. I returned the Rezound for the DInc4G, and it’s 4″ screen size is perfect. It fits great in my hand and it doesn’t feel cheap at all.

    The battery life on DInc4G far exceeded my expectations. The underclocked 1.2 GHz processor and “unimpressive” display probably lends to the increase in battery life, but it’s a fair trade-off for better battery life, imho. In a real world situation, I don’t care about the screen – especially of that size – not being sharp enough. I care about how long I can go without hunting for an electrical outlet. And if the phone lags, blame Sense 4.0. I do agree that AOSP has come a long way from its humble beginnings and it deserves to stand on its own. The manufactures should start focusing on the hardware because Google is doing a good job advancing its mobile platform; Android no longer needs to be skinned. If lagging is an issue on this phone, simply disable the bloatware (I hate you for the bloatware and the wi-fi nag, Verizon) and switch to a third-party launcher. I use Apex Launcher and I never experience lag.

    I can’t wait for this phone to get root and – hopefully – s-off. While the phone doesn’t need root to make it good, getting root will make it even better.

  • Nagini

    You know what phone has a REALLY crappy screen with YELLOW whites? The Galaxy Nexus.

  • Pdiddy187

    I wish I wasn’t falling asleep in an email migration meeting when this little show went down. Good stuff here. 😛

  • ozo012

    Kellex how does the radio in this compare to recent HTC offerings like the Rezound? You should also mention that there is no bootloader unlock available from HTC for this phone unless you were one of the few people who was able to do so in the first 2 weeks it was on htcdev.com

    • Radio is actually excellent. I’ve had one drop, but for the most part, no issues.

  • Tony G

    So in other words, DInc 4G is the TBolt of 2012.

  • dezignstuff

    Wow, you’ve missed the entire point of the phone. I’ve rarely seen reviews with such a lack of objectivity. The small display is most of the point here, well, that and the battery life, which I’m surprised you understood after missing the rest of it.

    The phone feels great in the hand and in the pocket, which is more than I can say for cheap stuff like Galaxy Nexus and SIII. Those things are ok if you sit at a desk all day and wear cargo pants with huge pockets.

    Also, I came to this phone from the Rezound, which has the highest pixel density of any phone, and I think the Dinc4g looks better.

    The advantages of the SIII are mainly gimmick. Once the Dinc4g is rootable, I’ll have no complaints. The biggest complaints I have are due to ICS and the damn menu button. Dont’ put that one off on developers, it’s Google’s fault for a poorly thought out button arrangement in ICS. The 3 dot menu bar is awful, but that’s not the fault of the phone.

    I did put Apex launcher on the phone, which has a very bad lag, but nice setup options. Maybe CM9, or 10 once its rooted.

    • Meh. The three dot menu button is what it is. And app developers have had 12 months to update their apps, not including Honeycomb.

    • Throw Nova Launcher on there, its VERY Fast.

      • I never thought i was going to replace go launcher with nova, but those guys proved me wrong. Nova is the best launcher for ICS right now.

    • ryan

      Couldn’t agree more. While this isn’t the phone for me (Running a gnex personally), it’s wonderful for my wife who’s 5’5″, 110lbs, and wears a size 3.5 ring. She has very small hands so a big massive phone is not for her. She wants something she can throw in some small tiny purse she carries around. I will say that Kellex is spot on about the haptic feedback. I can hear her phone vibrate from across the damn house. While it’s not some powerhouse, it’s a great phone for the average user who’s not looking for a massive phone.

      • Bionicman

        so not trying to start a flame war or anything but i honestly think if i would have given my wife an Inc 4G she would have went running back to her iphone 4. in some ways im sure it would have felt like a downgrade (talking solely about features here and not OS comparisons). i instead got her the GSIII and she is nuts over all it can do. plus she doesn’t have to squint when reading facebook…

        • Wow, I did. The same with the misses, just got her the galaxy s3 yesterday.. And she loves it, coming from her small iphone 4s

    • If you ever get ICS, i will recommend you to put nova launcher. It is very smooth and fast.

  • I was going to buy one. And then I tried it in store.

    It feels absolutely horrible in hand. The materials transition from an overly grippy, uneven rubber, to a way-too-hard is-it-metal around the power switch. And the power button is on the top, so you have to reposition your hand to press it every time the display goes to sleep.

    You could work around that problem by buying a case. But then it won’t fit in the desktop dock or car dock.

    And yeah, the keyboard. Aaargh!

    Shame. It’s the only 4-inch Android phone on Verizon with 2012 hardware specs.

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Rezound is 4.3″ … (I know, just a bit over your sweet spot) but it is a very capable device with outstanding features and running ICS.

      • Apparently the Rezound has very bad battery life?

        • Lactose_the_Intolerant

          *had*… Rezound *had* a very bad battery life. Phone was not optimized for Gingerbread (laggy, processor was under-utilized, battery life was abysmal). Fast forward to Ice Cream Sandwich: speedy/snappy, no lag, dual-core processor is firing on all cylinders… and the best thing: battery life is stellar. Able to get through a day on 4G LTE with juice to spare when I get home.

          The bonus kicker: it is a world phone. Traveling to England? No worries – pop in a sim card and you good to go. Roaming charge? What roaming charges? We don’t need no stinking charges? :p

          • LionStone

            Apparently you can with the Dinc4 as well, someone on XDA tried it, reset radio with LTE ON/OFF app, swap out sim, bam…it was that easy.

          • Lactose_the_Intolerant


    • blazingwolf

      Actually the car dock that Verizon sells works with a case (TPU but a case none the less).

      • LionStone

        And the car dock will work with extended battery as well as the stock one which is great for those that do not use cases on their phone 🙂 It has an insert that you take out when you’re running the bigger battery.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Yo Kellz you should think about Scores for devices…. with a listed pros and cons set….

    • For this phone, 4 out of 10. 2 points for battery life, 1 for the camera, and another one because a 3 out of 10 just looks bad. 😛

      • Who cares what Kellex thinks? He only looks at the specs, and screen size.

        • This guy is cracking me up today. “Spec troll!” Is Spec Troll the next “hypebeast”?

          • I guess, cause No one is going to respect you anymore. I stopped reading BGR for the same Bullcrap. Buck up, stop crying about Pixel Density, and including zoom shots in your reviews, and if this is your JOB, think about someone accept yourself who worships Galaxy Notes.

          • I’d expect people to respect my real opinion. I don’t give off fluff in reviews like many sites do. There is no reason to hold back if I have an opinion on something. If you don’t like my opinion on this phone, that’s just fine with me. I don’t expect everyone on the planet to agree with me. If they do, this world sucks.

          • LionStone

            The only thing is your real opinion is prejudiced. You’ve already griped enough about Sense and the screen size, we get it, but you keep griping about things that you personally don’t like which many of the people that would appreciate this phone, won’t and don’t have a problem with. Things like the haptic feedback!? Really? That is something that you can very easily turn off, like I did, but do you mention that to the readers? No, but you highlight it as one of its downfalls’

          • You also have a point too. Many individuals will feel that the haptic feedback will be a very big problem and they will not buy this device because of that. I feel mid rage devices need some credits too.

          • I am with you Kellex. You always say the good and the bad about the new upcoming devices. We can not hide the cons.

          • Sobr0801

            Dude, chill the F out. Are you married to HTC or something?

          • Sobr0801

            On the phone, I think the screen looks good albeit a bit to small. I like my Rezounds screen, and cant stand what Samsung is using in their phones these days.
            I am thinking Nokia is my next phone of choice, actually, I know it is. HTC served me well but time to move on.

          • Kellex, read your comments. Its not just me who thinks your Antics are ridiculous in this review. Sorry, but this time you screwed up.

          • Haha, man. You care way too much about a mid-range phone that you don’t even own. Wow.

            A review on my site, based off of my opinions, like all reviews, caused all of this from one guy. I’m baffled, right now.

        • Jonathan Williams

          Apparently, you do. Its fine to disagree, but don’t attack the man on his opinion.

          • He cares a lot. Like, a lot a lot. Can you imagine me and Mike out to dinner, and trying to decide on a pizza to share?

          • The large is too large and you are WRONG on your opinions regarding extra cheese…

      • Lactose_the_Intolerant

        i lol’d… as a Rezound user, I look at this phone and ask “why did they even bother to make you?” … Rezound was already Verizon’s red-headed stepchild – they didn’t need a second one.

        • LG

          I have rezound and I got this phone for my wife(first time android/smart phone user). She likes it and battery life is amazing. She does Facebook and other things that could eat up battery. 3-4 days compare to my 1 day on Rezound and don’t do Facebook.

      • The HTC one x it is the best HTC devices. It only missed the 2 g of ram that the GS3 has. It has better display than the gs3 and better camera as well.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    GOt Halfway through the Name of the phone and just stopped reading….

  • Radgatt

    I don’t like this review at all. Its very opinionated. I was trying to see if it was going to come from an unbiased perspective but it didn’t. But this is from my perspective.

    • Of course, its a terrible review. read my comments below

    • jahsoul

      Most reviews are mostly subjective. It’s honestly been that way for years because most people have their own preference. I can say, regarding the Inc4G, that AnandTech gave the most objective review of this phone, comparing its performance to a wide range of phones.

  • I think this review is one of the absolute worst I have read about the Incredible LTE.

    First off the fact that Kellex is obsessed with screen technology, and its size, should not detract from the overall phone, which is a fine device.

    As you claim in the review, the phone is mid range, which is actually not. The phone has the latest s4 processor, if he knew anything about processors clock speed does not matter in performance that much. Effecitvely the CPU is just every bit as potent as the S4 at l.5 ghz.

    The Screen is beautiful, It looks great, super LCD is a great technology.

    The problem here with the phone is nothing.. Its a great powerful modern high-end smartphone.

    The reviewer ONLY looks at SPECS, and because he didnt get to check his 720p box, his 4.7+ inch screen box, his 1.5 instead of 1.2 ghz processor box,

    He says Avoid this phone.

    Sorry Kellex, not everyone is obsessed with specs like you, and in Actual reality, the phone performs well, and all components are very high end.

    Day to day use, the phone was meant for people who appreciate a slightly smaller form factor.

    I use to respect this site, but its obvious, Kellex loves to zoom in to a phone screen and inspect individual pixels… (in normal use you cant see any of this BS)

    Bottom Line… Phone is great for its target market. Kellex is a Specs troll.

    • We all have opinions, that’s the great thing about being able to write reviews. You get to weigh with yours in the comments.

      To me, this phone is a massive disappointment. I pointed out in one bullet that the specs are not impressive. The rest, was real world use and opinions based off of that use. I’d hardly call that being a “specs troll” and basing an entire review on specs alone.

      It’s cheaply made and not on par with any other high-end device, therefore, it’s mid-range. Even Verizon agrees, as they priced it at their mid-range level of $149.

      • For being a professional, I would STRONGLY suggest you cut the specs arms race BS and realize you are reviewing it for a WIDE audience not just for Yourself! Please stop zooming in on screens to count the Pixels.. So childish.. Nobody looks at their screen from 1 inch away with a magnifying glass.

        • Did you not read anything that I just wrote? One bullet based on specs, yet you have come to the conclusion that the entire thing was written by looking at a spec sheet.

          This is supposed to be my opinion, not “Hey, let’s be as generic as possible as to appease everyone.” I don’t like the phone and would never recommend that anyone buy it unless it’s a last resort. There are better options out there in my opinion.

          If you bought this phone, which it’s pretty clear that you did, I hope you enjoy it. Something clearly caught your eye and that’s awesome. We just have different tastes in phones and the tech that makes them.

          • Your bottom line of the review, is HEAVILY knocking the phone calling it Midrange based on your Assumption that verizon price equates with if the phone is targeted to midrange or high end. You sir are mistaken, for the things I wrote above.

            For your information I Did NOT buy this phone, I own a Galaxy Nexus, but I am very into phones and technology. Even I know that this is a good product.

      • Kellex, its not cheaply made. My points are valid, as you trashed the phone soley based on that.

        • Jonathan Williams

          Dude… Calm down. We all have opinions. People always have the choice to look at multiple points of view as well as test out phones prior to purchase. I have a Galaxy Nexus as well, and we all know how many different “opinions” are out there about it.

      • If 149.00 is considered midrange? what is High end? Gs3 is 199.99

      • As a Journalist, you need to be objective, and you lose a lot of credibility when you publish something like this.

        • Losing credibility because I gave you my opinion? That makes a lot of sense. 😛

          • Kellex, Im not trying to be a jerk or a pain to you.. Im simply trying to get you to learn how to review phones without knocking them for things you don’t have any business complaining about.

          • Oh boy.

        • LionStone

          Agree. And people wonder why ‘DROID’ doesn’t mean as much…well if you put it down and dog it, how can it be recognized positively?

      • Also, I got a Galaxy Nexus for 1.00 on contract. IS that low end? because of the price?

    • Bionicman

      I thought Kellex was right on the money. and considering i had an OG Incredible, I was looking forward to reading about the Inc 4G but the specs, sense and smaller screen are a big turn off.

      • The screen is smaller than the original Incredible? I thought all Incredibles had 4″ displays?

        • Bionicman

          actually i think the OG Inc had a 3.7 screen. i meant smaller screen as in smaller than most new higher end phones. i never believed bigger was better in phone screen size until I got the GNex.

      • jahsoul

        What’s wrong with the specs? They are on par with a 2012 phone. The only difference with the processor of the Inc4G and the SGSIII is the clock speed.

        Sense is one of the things that you either love or hate. I prefer vanilla Android but I also know that Sense brought things to the table that is now used in the vanilla OS (i.e. Facebook integrations)

        And smaller screen? It is a little bit bigger than the original..lol

    • Apostrafee

      If you compare this phone to the Incredible 2 or Thunderbolt or Droid Charge(some of last years models) then this phone is great, and it is great for the general public. However he isn’t writing a review for the general public. He is correct, if you’re looking for a phone that will be relevant for a while this really isn’t it when you have options like the S3 or even the Razr Maxx.

  • Poots

    the question i always ask is…..is it better than the rezound (which felt like the dinc2 successor)?

    • jahsoul

      I was actually looking this up when deciding to buy a phone and majority of the people that have had both say that although the Rezound’s screen is 1000 times better, the Incredible 4g is on par or better in every other area.. That’s just what I’ve read though.

    • way better the rezound is brick.

  • I like this phone. The screen is awesome in my opinion, and i haven’t noticed any color reproduction issues. performance has been great. I’m not sure why it gets so much flak for being mid range. From what i can tell performance is just as good if not better than my rooted, rom’d galaxy nexus.
    I respect your opinion, kellex. I guess i just have a soft spot for phones with good cameras.

  • Daniel Rogers

    I know I am in the minority here, but I prefer the 4 inch form factor. After using a Galaxy Nexus for the past 6 months, I miss being able to comfortably use my phone with one hand. Will anyone try to make a properly equipped yet modestly sized handset?

    • Adam Cox

      Yeah me 2. Still rocking the nexus S until another “normal sized” nexus comes out.

      • michael arazan

        I hate small phones. I’m 6’2 and the nexus fits in my hand perfectly, i even type when i choose to with my thumb, usually i just use voice to text though. But to each their own. I only like large screen phones because i like to watch videos, or catch the extended daily show interviews w/o having to go to my pc, and I’m on a budget and can’t afford a tablet. If the S3 didn’t have TW and had stock android I’d get that phone for its better processor and screen. This phone looks outdated already half way through ’12, even for a medium/ low end phone.

    • dangolds

      I agree completely. I have the GS3 as well as an iPhone 3GS for work. GS3 is fantastic for browsing and videos, but I look ridiculous when I hold it up to my ear to make a phone call. Plus, operating it with just one hand is nearly impossible. By contrast, the iPhone is a little too small for videos and browsing, but it actually looks and feels like a phone. To me, a 4 inch screen with the resolution of a GS3 or iPhone 4S would be the ideal size. I don’t think that will simply be an Apple Fan Boy claim when the new model comes out – I think there’s a legitimate argument that 4 inch screens are ideally sized for a phone and there’s a complete dearth of these in the Android world at the moment. If you really want a large screen for certain mobile functions, use your tablet.

      • 4.3 it is the perfect size maybe a 4.5 with minimal bezels.

    • dcont

      I agree!!! This phone is alone in having nice specs AND being smaller sized. All the other “small” Androids are the free starter smartphones with 800 MHz single core CPUs and 3MP cameras.

  • John

    I still don’t understand why Internet has a web browser like icon next to it.

  • deadsix

    Sad day for the Incredible line of phones. My first smartphone was the original Incredible and it was top of the line the Incredible should of been a One X with a name swap.

  • Ugh.. everything on this review screams “You need a custom ROM to tweak it so that it’s normal” which is not good at all.

    • chey023

      I agree. I still have a dinc and can’t even think of running sense. Some people like it though.

    • blazingwolf

      Not at all. I own one and the phone ran just fine without a custom ROM. It’s probably the best HTC has done on Verizon.

  • Just a year ago (or whenever that was) Kellex said that 4″ was the perfect size. As the world turns eh?

    • Bigger ended up being better. Even a 4.3″ device feels small these days. 4″ is just too damn small for my liking.

      • Daniel

        I entirely disagree. 3.7″ was the best size imo, and my Droid4 at 4″ is great and all, but for my hands, and using it with my right hand and right thumb most of the time, I find it harder to reach across all 4″+ phones and applaud Verizon for at least trying to release a smaller phone amid all these giants. Bigger is not better always, and I do not like the trend of all phones getting larger and larger and larger

        • KleenDroid

          I wouldn’t let all the ladies on here know you have tiny hands with tiny fingers.

          I much prefer the larger phones, but there is a point that it is getting too large. A Note is nice and all but you have to haul it around like a tablet…. The Nexus is perfect for me mainly because I don’t want to work with the tiny screens after getting used to the larger ones.

          • The Galaxy S3 to me, is even on the verge of being too big. Galaxy Nexus is quite a nice size though. I’m scared of that new HTC 5″ phone and the Galaxy Note 2.

          • cory dunbar

            It seems like its time for another screen size preference poll

          • yes i am agreeing, lets say who like the tiny devices or the larger ones.

        • Agree on the 4″ sweet spot. Any bigger is too big. I’ll use my tablet if I want a screen that big. I’m hoping they make some high end android devices at 4″ and not all the best ones being nearly 5″. My pockets are only so big!!!

        • I have always said that the manufactures can not make the mistake of making just big phones. They need to build 3.7 and 4.0 devices for the people with small hands and the midgets lol

      • Jarred Sutherland

        It’s crazy to think .. but I agree. Not too long ago (it seems) I was using the Droid with a 3.5″ screen and it seemed big.

      • read my comments.

      • blazingwolf

        I disagree. A 4″ is much better then some of these giant phones that are getting put out. I don’t want to put a brick up to my head when I talk on it. When I put this phone next to a GS3 I realize I made the right call.

        • dangolds

          Agree totally. I love my GS3 but as a pure phone it’s too big. I think a lot of people will find the new iPhone to be an attractive option because there are no longer any top of the line Android models with 4 inch screens.

          • LionStone

            Yea it would’ve been a great review to compare it to the ip and how it blows it away with ICS, LTE, NFC and the S4 processor even ‘after’ the next version with ios6…but instead pits against the larger Android screen phones and says don’t buy it!?

          • dangolds

            Personally I’d take an iPhone with LTE over this version of the Incredible because of the physical build and screen quality, but agree that this might have made for an interesting comparison. Still personally not sold on ICS over iOS or vice versa. I like them both for different reasons. Guess that’s why I’m glad I have one of each.

          • Totally hit the nail on the head here. I’m firmly in the “dainty little hands” camp and I was seriously considering a switch to iPhone before this phone was announced. I still wish the 3.8″ or so form factor of the original Incredible was still around even; even 4″ is proving a little too large for me!

        • go get an iphone then.

          • blazingwolf

            Why would I want an iPhone? This phone beats the iPhone in every possible way.

      • Stevedub40

        I agree, after using the Gnex for longer than I have any phone in the past couple years, anything smaller than 4.5 is just a child’s toy.

        The real problem here is the epidemic of small baby hands we are facing! J/K guys 😛

      • jahsoul

        It’s funny how all this is turning out. We want our phones bigger but our tablets smaller…lol

      • It depends on the hand size of the person. I feel 4.3 and 4.5 is a good size.

      • I think whatever we have in our hands is going to be the perfect size. We just can’t help but like boobs on the the girl we are currently banging;)

    • r0lct

      A year ago I thought there was no point to 7″ tablets and now I love my N7. Is it not OK to change your opinion over time?

      • Well sure it’s ok. I’m not saying we are hypocrites, I just find it fascinating how we change our minds and make decisions and whatnot.

    • True, read my comments above.

  • Adam Cox

    I’d love to see a review these days (not just Dlife but almost everyone) that when talking about display we see real world pic/video instead of a pic of a zoomed in icon where i can count the pixels.To me, that’s just nitpicking. I dont know anyone who holds their phone 2 inches from their face.

    • Greg Morgan

      That’s true. But it is a major topic since Apple started marketing the Retina Display.

    • r0lct

      It’s indicative of the real world use.

      The problem with “real world” pics it’s like watching a commercial for a TV on your TV, are you really going to be able to see if it is better and or know where the problem lies?

      This is just a good indicator that is more objective than subjective.

      • jahsoul

        Actually, this is more of an objective view of the screen…


        • r0lct

          Agreed, and I think the numbers and the pic combined give you a very good idea of what to expect when you can’t get in the store. I’m sure we’ll all agree this is all non-sense in a way as you’re not going to buy a phone without seeing it for yourself anyway. This stuff if just all blog/comment fodder.

    • blazingwolf

      Completely agree. That image can in no way represent what I see on the phone. Who cares what it looks like blown up like that.

    • Exactly… Nobody uses a magnifying glass to look at a screen.

    • Exactly, Kellex keeps deleting my comments, because hes ashamed.

      • I do not delete comments. Let’s be sure that we aren’t insulting and spamming though.

        • moelsen8

          i vote banhammer

    • ++++++++


    • stubbX

      I personally love to see the pixel structure and density.

    • I could not agree more lol. The displays that were very bad were the ones on the bionic photon and droidx2. The rest of the displays are decent not quiet like the htc one x, gs3 nor the retina, but still very good.

  • Greg Morgan

    Verizon strikes again….!

  • nightscout13

    So i see Verizon will continue enabling the WIFI even after you try to disable it. Is this the future of all Verizon phones?

    • Probably

      • moelsen8

        that’s some hardcore bullsh*t on verizon’s part. what a douche move.

      • KT

        They have the best network, but want us to use WiFi….SMH.