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Google Hosting Live Q&A Today Centered Around Google Wallet’s Features and Future

Today, Google is hosting a special live Q&A session surrounding Google Wallet. They will talk about the features already found in Google Wallet and also what people can expect from the mobile payments platform down the road. The public is asked to submit their own questions for the Google team to answer during the session as well.

The event goes live at 10AM PST or 1PM EST.

Watch it here.

Cheers Brian!

  • Scott

    Is there a download for us who aren’t rooted? Some info for when Google is going to stand up to the carriers would be nice.

  • r0lct

    Around me there are some popping up, including some big stores like Home Depot. Still very slim selection, but growing.

  • Wish I could even get my Nexus to not die in an hour to actually try wallet.

    • jim

      turn all that crap in the background off

  • VinMessina

    Ha! In Google’s Wallet Q&A they basically just told me to buy an unlocked phone and get another carrier when answering my question about Google Wallet on Verizon!

  • wickets

    I think wallet payments should be considered cash payments at gas stations

  • HotRodJohnson

    Got it working on my VZW phone, just need to find a store to support it.

  • Justin

    I find it interesting that I can’t watch this on my Nexus 7, even though its in HTML5.

  • feztheforeigner

    Hopefully they will announce support for rooted devices and stop carriers (Verizon) from illegally blocking its use…

    • I use it to buy my cheeseburgers. I’m have a rooted nexus on Verizon. As long as I can get it to work I don’t care whether it’s legal or not.

      • Q

        Same here, but Wallet is never going to take off if it’s limited to Sprint and phone nerds who have sideloaded the app

        • Tune into the conference. It’s pretty good.

        • vincet3

          I believe verizon removed the restriction after the FCC hand slap for tethering blocks..

          • PSU_DI

            I think you are right, but I think that you have to be running the Jelly Bean update for it to be available on the phone through the market

          • k_nivesout

            Nah, running CM10 on toro and play store still shows wallet as imcompatible.

    • KleenDroid

      It’s not blocked… Many of us have rooted phones and are using Wallet with no issue.

  • Q

    Yea, hopefully someone asks, “WHY are all the carriers except Sprint hating on Wallet? Why exactly cant Verizon people install wallet from the play store without hacks, hoops, and sideloading? WTF is going on?

  • benz

    In my area, especially at the mall. It’s in most places, couldn’t be happier!!! 🙂 I always get that “WTF” look..lol.. but yeah.. more is better!

  • Liquidretro

    So Google Wallet on my Rooted N7 says the device is unsupported. I can still use it despite this right?

    • Yep

      • Liquidretro

        Thanks that is what I thought.

    • Executor

      That banner appears on all rooted devices, but the app can still be used regardless.

      • Liquidretro


  • John

    Hopefully they answer “When will more companies be supporting PayPass/Wallet functionality”

    • Q

      I think Carrier Support is important too. I have a few coworkers with GS3s and they came up to me asking, “HEY WE HAS NFC!!! HOW CAN WE DO WALLET!?” .. Sadly I didnt know what to tell them.

      • KleenDroid

        Verizon depends on it’s subscribers being un-informed. VZ Navigator is a good example… they know people will pay because they don’t know they have the same ability for free. And as we all know most people are very happy not knowing what’s going on or what they could really do with their phones if they wanted.

        We don’t need carrier support, we need them to unlock our phones and let those that want more out their phones have it. Have your friends come here and learn that they can unlock their S3’s and learn how to do all sorts of good stuff.

        It is very easy to get Google Wallet installed and working perfectly. But like John said… it would be nice if more businesses accepted it.

        • jim

          vz does have a few things that you dont get on google nav, but still not worth paying for it

          • michael arazan

            FYI, I got an email from Google now telling me I can add all my cards to google wallet now, about time!