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Run Fatty Run for Android, Side Scrolling Fun Yet Somewhat Offensive?

In a world where the government must take extreme measures to fight the war on obesity, citizens of large mass are forced to run for their lives from tigers. Crazy, I know. You play as one overweight person who dares to outrun the tiger, but in doing so, maybe you’ll become healthy. Naturally, you get tired from running so much so food is your ally during the levels. 

It’s an interesting game to say the least and my only suggestion would be to try it out then refund your dollar if you don’t care for it. It’s always nice to try something a little out of the ordinary though.

Play Link ($0.99)

  • RichFromBX

    only “legitimate fatties” should be offended

    • InyRules


  • Edward Smith

    It’s cool as long as it’s also OK to joke about selective eugenics for the willfully moronic.
    Not those injured or born with a mental deficit but those that choose to be stupid.
    Like those idjits on the Jack Links Messin` with Sasquatch commercials.

  • iBRINGtheEND

    Most people who get really fat do it to themselves. They have no right to be insulted by being made fun of. Quit being lazy and stuffing your face. You get yourself fat. You will cause your own misery and discomfort and could get diseases. A fat person getting offended over this game or being called fatty or insulted in some other manner is like calling a smoker a future cancer patient.

    • Nathan Corachea

      True, but then gay people chose to be gay. And it’s a hate crime to make fun of them. Or well i think it is….ahahah

      • NotGayGuest

        Actually they say you are born gay, that its caused by a gene. So most people who are gay, would say that its their genetics, followed by childhood trauma, then just being a sexual perversion perv.

      • InyRules

        People don’t choose to be gay, It’s been proven over and over again. There are also no mental disorders associated with being gay. A gay person is still a person.

        • [email protected]

          How is wanting it in the butt from another dude not a mental disorder? It is a mental disease because its not “normal” behavior. If everyone was gay, the human population would cease to exist. Thats like saying that a person doesn’t choose to be born retarded but they dont have a mental disorder.

          • InyRules

            How is a woman wanting it in the butt any different? And just because you’re gay doesn’t mean your reproductive organs stop working. There are plenty of ways for gays to have children. And your analogy is flawed because a person BORN with a mental disability IS mentally handicapped. Being gay does not impair anyone mentally. And gay behavior has been documented for centuries in human history. Romans and Greeks to name a few, which had some of the most sophisticated societies in history. So your argument that it is not “normal behavior” is also flawed.

          • [email protected]

            Not all woman want it in the butt, most do not. So dont try to push that one. There is no proper way for gays/lesbos to have sex. How does it not impair them mentally? They think and act like the wrong sex. They want attention and desire to be noticed because they know what they are is not normal and is wrong. It is not normal behavior no matter how much you argue it is normal. Just because it has been seen throughout history or because other animals may participate in gay sex, it does not make it normal or acceptable human behavior. We are higher thinking animals and we know better and we know being gay is not right, that is why no guy likes to be called a [email protected] or homo.. The gays seek so much attention because they know their behavior is not normal and is not acceptable to most people. Political correctness manipulation is responsible for making people think being gay is acceptable or normal.

          • mgamerz

            You lost me at ‘acceptable human behavior’. Didn’t realize we had an expert here

          • [email protected]

            Well its obvious that being gay is not acceptable human behavior because there is no proper way to reproduce or have intercourse between 2 males or between 2 females. How blind are you to not see this?

          • InyRules

            My previous comment might not make it because of some choice technical terms so I’ll dumb it down – if you’re saying that because there is no proper way to reproduce that it is wrong, then straight couples that can’t naturally have children and look to science are also an abomination. If your definition of the “proper” way to have intercourse is “boy parts in girl parts,” then we should all cease putting our mouths on anyone’s junk.

          • InyRules

            And most gay dudes I know don’t like it in the bum either. So now we’re back to SOME PEOPLE like it, and SOME don’t. And I take your comments about “attention seeking” as meaning pride parades, which the only reason we do is because our American-born rights are in constant danger. Some of these laws “protecting” marriage are also harmful to straight couples that choose not to get married.

          • JoeyJoeJoeJrShabadoo

            The stupid, it burns.

  • fanboy1974

    I’m fat but not that fat. I find the picture funny.

  • dsass600

    Hahaha… Fat people are so funny!

  • kidheated

    Imagine this as a “Biggest Loser” episode?!

    • kidheated

      “Okay, people. Settle down. In cooperation with the Wildlife Foundation, it’s my great pleasure to introduce you to Mohan. Mohan is an rare, adult white bengal tiger from the jungle preserves of India… and today you’re going to be running from him! Good luck to you all!”

      • kidheated

        Fat people are the new meow-mix!

  • Disqus Sucks

    Looks fun, but I made a vow to myself that I’ll never pay for another game on my phone again. Not one game that I’ve paid for had held my interest. Only one game ever has held my interest, that being “Real Blackjack”.

    • InyRules

      Fruit Ninja continues to hold my interest. I don’t play often, but when I don, I can’t put it down for hours.

  • Austin Jones

    This game is not offensive. Making fun of handicap people, that is offensive. Being fat is a choice people make. Run Fatty Run – awesomeness and I haven’t even played it.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Definitely reminds me of this!

    • nightscout13


  • EvanTheGamer

    For a fat hungry guy, he can sure run like hell when there’s an even hungrier Tiger chasing him. Wow.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I am disgusted at how offensive this game really is.

    D…isgusted with a capital D!

    …actually, wait, no I’m not.

  • rodney11ride


  • Everything is offensive if you let it be. Not sure if that makes sense but the world would be better off if people just took the sticks out their asses.. O_o

    Oh, and that Mexican jumping bean game was way more offensive than this xD

    • JustTrollin69


  • kidheated

    This is Awesome! Talk about “Hunger Games!”

  • Jason

    As a fat American and tech geek (we are such a rare flower) I find this totally distasteful and f-ing hilarious.

    • nightscout13

      I always enjoy poking fun at obese white males who can’t see their vienna sausage while standing up. It’s your own fault…….

      • EvanTheGamer

        That’s a bit much dude.

        • nightscout13

          Ya, but it’s funny. Aryan’s have done this to themselves. Maybe if we poke at them, they will stop eating so many Twinkies.

          • Allen Byrd

            Aw, come on man. Chill out. Be kind and courteous to everyone.

            Except Apple-tards, pedophiles, and terrorists of course.

          • nightscout13

            Truth hurts, but it still needs to be spoken.

            EDIT: Now i see why pedo’s and Terrorists are in the same group, but why Apple-tards? For me This is my list: Black criminals, Politicians, Pitch-men, and Terrorists.

          • EvanTheGamer

            You, sir, are distasteful and should be banished to the other place.

            Also, why just black criminals? Why not white criminals, yellow criminals or red criminals? You racist!

          • nightscout13

            Hey, it’s my choice to have a list of people i don’t like that have wronged me. I got robbed at gun point by a black criminal, i think i deserve to dislike them.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Alright, fair enough.

            I guess if I was robbed by a masked elephant at trunk point, I’d hate elephants, too. Each their own.

          • nightscout13

            My kids were 10 feet away from me when this happened, and this guy did not care that he endangered mine and my kids lives for $2,500. Also, i grew up in a all black area, and have witnessed first hand the brutal crimes they commit. Prior to my robbery, I did not consider myself racist. But now i can proudly say, i HATE black criminals. And if i ever get a chance to repay one of them for what they did to me, i will gladly do it.

          • Terry Coles

            A white man attempted to rape my black mother, yet I don’t feel hate for all white people and/or criminals. What I will say is when you do get your so called chance to repay one, I hope you’re quick…then again I hope you’re not. People like you should have been swallowed as sperm. Enjoy your hatred buddy.

          • nightscout13

            You say he attempted. Now if he would have succeeded, you might have thought about it differently. Don’t lie, you obviously have hatred for whites, it’s clear in your statement.

          • Terry Coles

            You need me to have hate for whites, but I’m sorry that I was raised with better lessons than to hate someone by colors and race. I don’t believe in it, and won’t teach it to my children. I could only hope you wouldn’t teach it to yours. You actually posted your hates with the intentions of engaging a race war. I know your type though, an online badass. Good luck with that.

          • nightscout13

            Someone asked my why blacks, so i answered. We don’t agree on racial issues and that’s fine by me. I will DEFINITELY teach my children not to trust Urban blacks.

          • Terry Coles

            That’s fine, what bothers me is when the “I’m not a racists” people single out people as if their race isn’t guilty of the same and worst. Wasn’t a black guy in Colorado for example, and he actually shot everyone including babies. See my point? I’m sure you won’t.

          • EvanTheGamer

            That someone was me yo. lol

            Also, trouble seems to find racist people though, so uhh….be careful out there!

          • michael arazan

            I am not racist, I hate everybody equally : P

          • Allen Byrd

            Loooool, love that quote.

          • EvanTheGamer

            I was WAITING for someone to comment with that quote! HELL yeah!

          • Will somebody please ban this racist BITCH?

          • nightscout13

            Look whose the racist…..Your colors are showing….

          • And I will teach my children not to trust assholes who take pictures of themselves with guns to compensate for their cowardice and small dicks.

          • nightscout13

            There you go 🙂 That’s more like it. At least now we’re both being honest about racism.

          • cruzfl0w

            Excellent post.

          • mgamerz

            This is the internet. Nobody cares about your life story.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Agreed with that statement!

          • Well at some point, you’ve probably been wronged by a white girl; so I guess that means you’re now gay.

          • JustTrollin69

            “Sir” is a sign of respect, I’m a little confused, but I agree with you.

          • EvanTheGamer

            It was just a joke comment any how lol. Also a bit of sarcasm…which is why I used “sir” instead of “troll”.

          • EvanTheGamer

            Especially Apple lovers. They can just get ran over by a horde of angry fire breathing unicorns for all I care.

            Also, I’m joking…no Apple lovers were harmed in the typing of this comment.

            Or am I? No one truly knows, not even I.

        • moew

          Since we are discussing fat people…. why do they piss on the floor all the damn time at work. I mean, it’s not hard to point it, even if you can’t see it, right?

          Nothing worse than walking into the bathroom to gallons of piss all over the damn floor.

          • Seth Schorr

            How do you know it’s fat people pissing on the floor? Are you looking at there sausage that closely?

          • EvanTheGamer

            Also, it could be kids…or someone just trying to be funny, or someone doing it on purpose ’cause he hates the f’n world!

      • GazaIan

        Things I see wrong with your comment; Makes you looked fucked up, and how would you even be able to know their can’t see their sausage? You’d have to have seen their sausage, and if you have seen it then you shouldn’t be one to judge.