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Moto Unlock Tool Not Coming to Older Devices Like the Bionic or DROID 3

To no one’s surprise, Motorola mentioned on Twitter today that older devices such as the DROID Bionic, DROID 3, and DROID X2, will not be a part of the unlocking program that they launched at the end of last week. At least they are currently not in the plan. The only devices on the list of participants, includes the newly launched Photon Q (which we unlocked), the European RAZR Developer Edition, and the XOOM.

They didn’t mention anything about the DROID RAZR, but it would surprise the hell out of me to see anything but new devices receive the unlock treatment. At this point, you should probably focus your attention on getting the RAZR HD unlocked.

Via:  Twitter

  • bill

    this issue needs a class action suit. they promise updates for months and charge us dearly and then dont give the updates. remember these phones are not a year old yet and after months of promises, nothing. bye bye verizon and motorola. both deserve to fail. never again for either.

  • 1pissdoffD3owner

    So the D3 gets crapped on all over.. gg Moto. Looks like I may NOT get a Droid phone in March

  • d4owner

    I’m not a BIONIC owner but I must say Moto, you totally f*cked them over. You delay the release of the phone, official ICS still hasn’t be sent out, and now this too? Sorry BIONIC owners =/

  • thors1982

    Yup… might as well piss off an already pissed off crowd with the Droid 3. I am never buying another motorola phone again.

  • MafiaMM


  • motofail

    Jumping on the “never again buying moto phone” wagon.

  • Jarrod Hinson

    The bionic phone isn’t even a year old yet and its newer than the photon. If they release for RAZR is bs because because it is only a week or so newer…

  • jpox

    My droid3 is less than a year old and still under contract. Yet I receive no more support after about 6 months. It would be cool if Moto would consider phones “new” at least until contracts run out, ya know, like 2 years.

  • JeffDenver

    Is anyone really surprised? This is Motorola. You are lucky they are unlocking anything.

  • chris420o

    You people make me laugh…when u gonna realize chilish people blogging on droid life < businesses/ business customers…motorola is a business as is Verizon they want the business market away from blackberry hense the locked/encryption…also the dev community < business customers….so when u bitch n moan about this n that try to think before u blurt nonsense motorla doesnt owe u anything they owe their workers and investors… and another thing how did moto screw you when did they say "we are unlocking the bionic eventually"… i dont think ever so u bought the phone knowing fully well it was locked so use the methods out to flash roms and stop your bitching…this is a great step in the right direction for moto i believe the securities in ics/jb and futher development(along with googles influence) have made it so moto can appease now both the businesses/ normal consumer/ AND the dev community along with all us flashaholics by developing future phones with the safety of encryption and the choice of unlocking it…you guys should praise this not bitch n moan like moto owes you anything… im excited for this and pray the droid hdis aall n more then it can be so i can punt my samsung garbage of a nexus across the street

    /end rant

  • igotsurvivalism

    what about the Atrix 2?