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Moto Unlock Tool Not Coming to Older Devices Like the Bionic or DROID 3

To no one’s surprise, Motorola mentioned on Twitter today that older devices such as the DROID Bionic, DROID 3, and DROID X2, will not be a part of the unlocking program that they launched at the end of last week. At least they are currently not in the plan. The only devices on the list of participants, includes the newly launched Photon Q (which we unlocked), the European RAZR Developer Edition, and the XOOM.

They didn’t mention anything about the DROID RAZR, but it would surprise the hell out of me to see anything but new devices receive the unlock treatment. At this point, you should probably focus your attention on getting the RAZR HD unlocked.

Via:  Twitter

  • bill

    this issue needs a class action suit. they promise updates for months and charge us dearly and then dont give the updates. remember these phones are not a year old yet and after months of promises, nothing. bye bye verizon and motorola. both deserve to fail. never again for either.

  • 1pissdoffD3owner

    So the D3 gets crapped on all over.. gg Moto. Looks like I may NOT get a Droid phone in March

  • d4owner

    I’m not a BIONIC owner but I must say Moto, you totally f*cked them over. You delay the release of the phone, official ICS still hasn’t be sent out, and now this too? Sorry BIONIC owners =/

  • thors1982

    Yup… might as well piss off an already pissed off crowd with the Droid 3. I am never buying another motorola phone again.

  • MafiaMM


  • motofail

    Jumping on the “never again buying moto phone” wagon.

  • Jarrod Hinson

    The bionic phone isn’t even a year old yet and its newer than the photon. If they release for RAZR is bs because because it is only a week or so newer…

  • jpox

    My droid3 is less than a year old and still under contract. Yet I receive no more support after about 6 months. It would be cool if Moto would consider phones “new” at least until contracts run out, ya know, like 2 years.

  • JeffDenver

    Is anyone really surprised? This is Motorola. You are lucky they are unlocking anything.

  • chris420o

    You people make me laugh…when u gonna realize chilish people blogging on droid life < businesses/ business customers…motorola is a business as is Verizon they want the business market away from blackberry hense the locked/encryption…also the dev community < business customers….so when u bitch n moan about this n that try to think before u blurt nonsense motorla doesnt owe u anything they owe their workers and investors… and another thing how did moto screw you when did they say "we are unlocking the bionic eventually"… i dont think ever so u bought the phone knowing fully well it was locked so use the methods out to flash roms and stop your bitching…this is a great step in the right direction for moto i believe the securities in ics/jb and futher development(along with googles influence) have made it so moto can appease now both the businesses/ normal consumer/ AND the dev community along with all us flashaholics by developing future phones with the safety of encryption and the choice of unlocking it…you guys should praise this not bitch n moan like moto owes you anything… im excited for this and pray the droid hdis aall n more then it can be so i can punt my samsung garbage of a nexus across the street

    /end rant

  • igotsurvivalism

    what about the Atrix 2?

  • I read that wrong, and got myself really excited there….. Damn, just…..damn.

  • WarEagleVI

    I’m done with Moto. The treatment Bionic owners get from these guys has convinced me they don’t need my money.

  • sporto

    Done with Moto after my Maxx poops out. Will probably go with T-Mo’s new deal and get me a Sammy phone as long as it’s unlocked. Tired of this nonsense. ‘We’ll unlock this one but not THAT one’ bs…..

  • Bionic

    I figured as much. It would require too many man hours to go back and write the programming for all these old phones. I really have no need to unlock my bionic anyway

    • moelsen8

      ya know, i’m sure the programming wouldn’t be that difficult at all. they just need to reprogram the bootloader to not f*ck itself when it detects nonstandard crap (and then unlock it totally). they must have an in-house unlocked bootloader. they’re probably just beginning to mitigate the blowback that’s going to happen when we find out about all verizon moto devices [ever].

      i’d wager all they need is to push an ota to each “historical” device to make this happen. but they’re verizon’s monkey-boy.

  • What’d I tell you, folks? I’m really not mad @ them. It better suits Moto for you to buy their newer phones. {{-_-}}

  • Whoresbane

    Galaxy Nexus FTW!

  • Wyveryx

    Utter BS, the Bionic isn’t that old…Oh well…
    Guess that’s why I left and went to Samsung.

  • J Nano

    son ova b@&#$! I was hoping for moto to release the unlocker for the razr maxx

  • Realistic87

    not surprised

  • the f**k Motorola?

  • JustSayin’

    The Bionic was DOA on release anyway. It existed as the Bionic Etna/Tegra 2 (turned into Droid X2 in hardware minus 512MB RAM and front facing camera) and after about 8 months, the Bionic Targa/OMAP4 was released. It was too late by then. You really don’t have time to go back to the drawing board in the smartphone market. It’s moving way too fast. Either you exceed expectations, you meet expectations, or you fall short of them. Both Bionics did the latter.
    (BTW, even though the DX2 has capable hardware, it’s far and away one of Motorola’s worst phones ever made thanks to its buggy OE software and Froyo based kernel that was adapted from the OG Droid – you’ll find references to Sholes all over it)

  • kauthor47


  • Riley

    I will never buy another Motorola device again, after the way they have supported the Bionic. I always liked Motorola, having previously owned a StarTac, a v60 and a real RAZR. But no more, I’m done!

  • azndan4

    Just die Motorola.

  • ed

    Droid x is locked up so tight even moto cannot unlock it!

  • Mario Mendez

    * Throws Droid X against wall

  • Daniel Maginnis

    Am I the only one that buys the whole, this is actually a carrier issue and not something to blame on motorola? (i.e. verizon does not allow them to sell an unlocked device)

    • Nope, I’m with you on it and have been from the start. Moto has been VZW’s go-to for enterprise devices as the locked & encrypted bootloader sounds all secure (when in fact it means little; the on-device, on-the-fly data encryption is the real kick-ass feature on Moto devices for security). So, an agreement between the two that Verizon promotes Moto devices, and Moto keeps them “secure” for enterprise customers makes perfect sense to me, and would explain the entire situation.
      However, logic, deduction, and insight into business practices are not welcome here, so the above paragraph does not exist.

  • Aaron

    I want Google to sell Motorola to Asus. They have been good at supporting their Transformer tablets and if a cdma Padfone ever gets built I am in for one. Give Asus Moto’s radios and they are ready to go. I’m sure somebody else has had this thought, just wanted to put it out there,

  • MicroNix

    Goodbye Moto

  • al brown

    can’t seem to get updates (ics) for the bionic, why would anyone expect to be able to unlock one ??

  • Never again will I purchase a Motorola, thank god this phone was a gift and I didnt waste my money.

  • I was hoping that they’d open up ALL Motorola bootloaders so that developers can develop awesome ROMs for those in the community who do not care to switch phones anytime soon. So much potential still lost.

    • Don’t you think that’s a reason though? To encourage people to get a new phone.

  • dylan84

    I knew they wouldnt be bringing this to older devices. Never got my hopes up otherwise

  • TimothyJacques

    Moto moto moto… your such a dick.

  • Motorola needs some catching up to do. I am a big fan of Motorola, but they are building the same devices with one additional feature.

  • rw-1

    Hahahahahahaha! Suckers!

    I WAS moto, but no longer…

    Did anyone think for a femtosecond that they would unlock popular devices?

    See sentence #1, repeat.

    • KleenDroid

      I also never thought they would really unlock

  • Droidzilla

    I’m cool with this. I could see Motorola having signed deals with Verizon to keep bootloaders locked, and Google telling Verizon to pound sand from here on out.

  • Kyle Cummings

    why would they tell us otherwise though? Moto is bad at keeping dates and promises, and they know it, so why would they say anything but at this point. it wasn’t an outright no, just a “we’re not looking into that right now”. I’m sure they wont unlock their older devices, and i don’t really blame them for that. They make a product that i really like and if they plan to offer an unlocked bootloader for future devices then i will continue to give them my business.

  • Boo…I was hoping to be able to pull out my original DX and mess with it.

  • Drew

    Oh Motorola. I have a Razr Maxx now, but when my contract ends in a little over a year, I’ll be going Nexus. Depending on which OEMs are making Nexus devices at the time, I’ll decide which one I want then.

  • jeesung

    shocker!!! call Geraldo!

  • staticx57

    Mean while HTC unlocked all their Verizon phones…

  • Greg Morgan

    This kinda sucks because they promised this unlock tool a long time ago and people bought these devices expecting this and now Moto’s basically screwed them over. Great job Moto!

  • Silver Veloz

    I don’t care about unlocking as I’ve stayed stock. All I want is the OTA release of ICS for the Bionic.

    • Anon

      With the delays on ICS for the Bionic, they ought to skip it, and with a few extra weeks, tell owners, “Surprise! We got you Jelly Bean!”

      I’m dreaming, I know. But it’s a nice thought.

    • kane

      Numerous ICS leaks are available for the Bionic that work perfect. Motoblur with the crappy bloatware intact one of which will more than likely be final

  • rockstar323

    I have a feeling that this won’t be available for any Verizon phones, and may be why they said it isn’t currently in the plan since the phones that were asked about are all on Verizon. This will probably fall under the “Verizon says we can’t” excuse.

    • Trueblue711

      Agreed. What’s the point in them locking it up, only to have people unlock them when they buy them? It doesn’t make sense.

  • Love Hate with Verizon

    Something tells me that Verizon wont want the Droid HD unlocked.If it is though it will definitely be my next phone.

    • KleenDroid

      I guess if the development scene is of no importance then a Motorola phone could be an option.

  • MafiaMM

    How DARE Droid-Life call the Bionic an “older device”. My Bionic is not OLD!

    Maybe it is………Motorola screws Bionic Owners once again. Isn’t being screwed by Verizon enough as it is?

  • florious80

    That’s funny, because buying a new Moto phone is also not currently in my plan….

    • no_moto

      Vote with your wallet, folks. This doesn’t really surprise me, but it squashes the little hope for my old device that was left.

    • Michael Quinlan

      I was a Motorola can for a long time. aside from my recent nexus purchase and a six month stint with BlackBerry, I’ve been pure Motorola for over seven years. not any more.

      • Nick S

        I used to be a Motorola can like you, but then I took an arrow in the knee.

  • Prime7

    Of course it isn’t.

  • That was quite blunt. Well played Motorola.

  • Guest

    I must be missing something as I can’t find this on their Tweets

  • Leon Ozug

    If the Razr HD is able to be unlocked, I’m picking it up on the day it drops. No question about it.

    • Ash Hanna

      You’ll regret not waiting three weeks for moto to drop “what the RAZR HD should have been” device lol

  • rudeboyliv

    That is never again, i own the Original Droid, the Bionic, my contact is up net June, that it for moto

  • fauxshizzl

    Not a huge surprise. Current customers never matter. Why did they even count the Xoom as a supported device? It was unlockable from day 1.

  • Butters619

    I’m guessing since none of those phone were designed to be unlocked it would be a major PITA to make them unlockable and probably not possible. I think it sucks too and I’d love to see them all unlocked, but the new Moto management may have their hands tied with this one.

    • I think your statement is a load of bullhockey. The new Photon Q is encrypted in the same manner as other Motorola devices. It is however supported by their fancy new tool that allows security checks on the kernel and bootloader to be overridden.

      There is no good excuse as to why this is.

      • Hmm….

        Do a search for “eFuse.” Encryption isn’t the problem.

        • Except that the encryption is what triggers or doesn’t trigger the eFuse. Nice try though.

          • Hmm….

            Nope. You’ve got it wrong. Once the fuse is hard set, you can’t get around it. That’s why some are “unlockable” versions, and some aren’t.

          • Right, so when the Motorola Atrix got unlocked *contains an eFuse* using leaked firmware *from Motorola* it somehow magically bypassed the eFuse in a way that isn’t possible on other devices containing nearly identical internals?

            Go on, I’m listening..

  • El Big CHRIS

    Is anyone surprised though? That’s why I won’t own a moto device unless it’s a nexus

    • Lambo_21

      i wouldnt own the first Moto Nexus, bc who knows how they will support it (granted its SHOULD be a given theyd have to, but you never know)

      • eightysevensix

        it isn’t really the OEMs that “support” Nexus devices to begin with so that’s a non issue. Worst they could do is botch up a soak test somehow but to my knowledge that doesn’t really happen.

        • tyguy829

          exactly why they would make such a great nexus. bootloaders would be a non-factor, and it isn’t up to them to support it, just google. the only thing moto has to support (which samsung has failed miserably at) is accessories. And as much as I hate moto’s locking policies, they DO make great accessories for their phones, and lots of them.

      • enerjak

        A Google owned Moto Nexus would be supported forever because it’s Google. Right?

        • sc4fpse

          Well, longer than a non-Nexus, but not indefinitely. The Nexus One never got Ice Cream Sandwich, although that was because of its dated hardware and not because of any manufacturer incompetence.

          • Not A Name

            That leads the question, with today’s technology, will nexus phones be supported forever? I know software will demand more in the future, but honestly I think a quad-core phone is enough to handle Android in 2020.

          • Timothy Miller

            And it wasn’t that long ago that Gates and Jobs believed that “512kb of RAM ought to be enough for anybody”. Just something to think about. Android runs on Java, which is very resource intensive and frankly a bad platform choice. As they add more eyecandy, the requirements will go up exponentially. Will it be several years? Sure.

          • Yes and how a 3 gigabyte hard drive was way bigger than you’d ever need for a PC. How Floppy disks were enormous(in capacity). A 166mhz processor would never be maxed out.

            I think a 2 year (official)support life is more than enough. Beyond that, it will just make the OS look clunky and inefficient.

        • KleenDroid

          Nope… look what Google is allowing to happen to Moto.

          Maybe Google is going to sell Motorola to some little company or let it finely die and just keep the patents.

          • enerjak

            I see Google cleaning house and streamlining Motorola while focusing on the future. Google can’t implement major change in just a short amount of time. They spent money on Moto, they’re gonna prove it was a good move, beyond just patents.

          • KleenDroid

            I hope you are right. But to do so it seems as though they will need to get real hands on with them.

          • Oh, you mean like HP did with Palm….

          • capecodcarl

            They’ll probably keep the patents and sell off the smartphone business to LG or Huawei or something.

    • KleenDroid

      No surprise at all. At least Motorola had one good phone… the Droid1

  • Lambo_21

    yup done with Moto. BYE BYE once my contract is up. first the entire Bionic debacle and now this. and still no ICS, yeah they may have the best builds but the worst PR and customer service and updating

  • Hmm….

    Kexec is the only hope for present devices. Moto’s bootloader lock is a hardware issue, once they’ve set it.

    • Not really a hardware issue, the kernel and bootloader software is what is checking in. More so the bootloader itself. Motorola does make changes to official kernels they just need to be properly signed so the bootloader doesn’t spaz out.

      • Hmm….

        It’s baked into the eFuse chip. That’s a hardware issue once it’s done, and can’t be reversed. Hoping Kexec really will be a viable workaround.

  • This kind of figures it would require patching the old bootloaders to support the fastboot command if they don’t already support it. I have not tried this on my DX2 yet though to be able to confirm. fastboot oem get_unlock_data

  • TheFirstUniverseKing