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Question of the Day: What’s the Worst Gadget You’ve Ever Purchased?


With Wozniak’s recent confession that the HTC Thunderbolt was one of the worst purchases he’s ever made, we’re out to find the same thing from all of you. With a wide variety of tech goodies out there, it’s quite possible to have purchased a flop that you completely regret. Was it a computer, camera, phone, tablet?

As for us, Kellex still shakes his head at the purchase of a Motorola XOOM LTE – “No updates ever, it weighs a ton, has an awful screen, and I have probably used it for all of 8 hours total.” As for me, I regret buying an old $80 PDA back when I was in eighth grade that I had absolutely no use for. I think I got it just to look cool. Mission failed.

What’s the worst gadget you’ve ever purchased?

  • lostsync

    My wife somehow talked me into a Storm 2 bc of Verizon’s BOGO offer right after the OG Droid came out. I was so, so happy when it got stolen and I got my Droid.

  • 2LCL

    HP Laptop and og Xbox360. Just before the RROD reports started happening.


    Droid X2 for sure

  • Blackberry Storm

  • Michael Peppler

    itouch 1, I don’t even know wtf I was thinking.

  • JaysonKnocks

    Droid Charge…SMH. cant wait to replace this thing!!!

  • adhyperactivityd

    archos 5 table