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Question of the Day: What’s the Worst Gadget You’ve Ever Purchased?


With Wozniak’s recent confession that the HTC Thunderbolt was one of the worst purchases he’s ever made, we’re out to find the same thing from all of you. With a wide variety of tech goodies out there, it’s quite possible to have purchased a flop that you completely regret. Was it a computer, camera, phone, tablet?

As for us, Kellex still shakes his head at the purchase of a Motorola XOOM LTE – “No updates ever, it weighs a ton, has an awful screen, and I have probably used it for all of 8 hours total.” As for me, I regret buying an old $80 PDA back when I was in eighth grade that I had absolutely no use for. I think I got it just to look cool. Mission failed.

What’s the worst gadget you’ve ever purchased?

  • lostsync

    My wife somehow talked me into a Storm 2 bc of Verizon’s BOGO offer right after the OG Droid came out. I was so, so happy when it got stolen and I got my Droid.

  • 2LCL

    HP Laptop and og Xbox360. Just before the RROD reports started happening.


    Droid X2 for sure

  • Blackberry Storm

  • Michael Peppler

    itouch 1, I don’t even know wtf I was thinking.

  • JaysonKnocks

    Droid Charge…SMH. cant wait to replace this thing!!!

  • adhyperactivityd

    archos 5 table

  • tv tuner cards and/or webcams

  • ty

    I bought an iPod touch the day it came out. It was cool for a while but I literally haven’t touched it since I got my OG Droid (again, on release day.)

  • tseeley

    LG Revolution – I bought it the first week it came out being one of the first ones from verizon with a 4G LTE phone with a large screen and reversible camera. It has the worst battery life and there is no support (OS upgrades) possible for it. I tried selling it on EBAY and nobody wanted it!

  • frobroj

    The logitech harmony hockey puck remote!! Once I went to ICS it stopped working. Thanks Logitech for not supporting your own product. I get it l. You’re still pissed about the revue. Get over it and support your paying customers ya dirty Jakckenapes!!!!

  • Angel

    Asus transformer pad infinity

  • Slappa D.

    Nintendo VirtualBoy… Yea I had one, that happened.

  • jnmigr

    Driod Bionic with the lapdock.

  • Dell Axim x50v … useless except for the IR TV remote program that let you change the channel in restaurants lol

  • docboombox

    The Magnavox CD-i. There was only one game really worth playing on the system (burn:cycle which was later ported to the pc). Out of the numerous versions of that “console” the Magnavox version didn’t look like VCR on ‘roids. Crazy expensive price point for a mediocre system with mediocre games (remember the 3 non-canon Zelda games? two used probably the worst cartoon animations for cut scenes ever. HORRIBLE) and probably the lowest quality video cds (think of watching beverly hills cop 2 on youtube on the lowest resolution). FAIL!!!!

  • ChrisTraeger1

    I’d have to say the iPod Nano back when they first came out. Worst POS ever. Returned it 2 days later to Circuit City and never looked back at an Apple product again.

  • Gangsta

    Motorola Atrix 4G, I had to replace him the touch screen on two occasions, at least 1 year.

  • Devincean

    Hands down asus transformer prime thank god for best buy allowing me to trade it for a asus transformer infinity best tablet i have ever owned now

  • Logitech Revue. Gosh what a load

  • Vistaistehbest

    For me, it was an SGI Fuel running IRIX. SGI went bankrupt shortly thereafter and IRIX support is all but non-existent.

  • sgtreesh37

    Panasonic DSnap

  • Steve-O

    1. HP Pavillion DV6000 laptop
    2. WebTV

    • Dude I just bought a DV6000 yesterday! What’s the bad about it??

  • GrisLieber

    Hands Down w/out a Doubt: Verizon Samsung Omnia w/ Windows Mobile

  • Sakiel

    Probably Kinect, I still have a little hope though. Maybe a 32X, maybe a Logitech Revue.

  • Fred Hoffmann

    LG Dare!

  • Amenemhat1

    nothing beats my Jupiter Jack! Thanks BIlly Maze for taking my money…

  • mithmal

    BB Storm worst phone ever! Last BB i ever buy.

  • Picktor

    Worst game system: PS3 Worst tablet: Blackberry Playbook Worst phone: T-Mobile Sidekick (BUT I HAD TO HAVE MYSPACE CONNECTIVITY!) or HTC Thunderbolt

  • Fattie McDoogles

    the HTC Imagio. WinMo 6.5! Makes the Storm look like the iPhone. One of the first devices to have Sense on it. Problem was that Sense was only on the home screen… everything else was still WinMo… *gags*

  • Anthony

    HTC Hero, it got me into android and flashing, but it was so underpowered and Android was so clunky back then.

  • PSU_DI

    I think the Motorola Q was the worst gadget I bought.

  • jason


  • hatetopickonsammy

    samsung glyde

  • garnetandblack

    I gotta agree with Woz – the HTC Thunderbolt may be the biggest crapfest I’ve ever owned…

  • Leroy Waddermelon

    Droid X2 What a waste of my upgrade.

  • “Big Red”

    I would have to say my galaxy tab 10.1 32gb…. Was promised by Sammy none the less for that ICS update that never happened for me. Because I unloaded mine a day or 2 before the update…lol…. Wait wait wait I lied I think my over hyped Motorola has to take the cake on this one!!!!

    • “Big Red”

      Bionic…. Damn I need to proof read before I post

  • TC

    Palm Zire

  • weathermanJake

    Unfortunately my Logitech Revue. It is so buggy that it is just not worth the hassle. Streaming content over PS3 is so much more stable. It is sad because I had high hopes for Google TV.

  • Justin H.

    Droid X2 was one of my bad (upgrades) purchases, My Droid X was way better and had less glitches, less lag, and less random reboots, also it had a better looking screen then my Droid X2. My Droid X2 has a duel core processor that should of made it an awesome phone that should of been capable of doing a much much much better job than how it works right now. I mean my DX2 has the ability to upgrade to ICS like all the other phones that were upgraded but Motorola for some reason decided to never put it on the list to upgrade. FAIL on Motorola’s part but I was very disappointed in my Droid X2. I still prefer my Droid X over the X2.

  • Justin

    Mine is the LG Banter from about 5 ish Years ago. Replaced it at least 4 times due to manufacturer defect, then went back to my original Moto RAZR 🙂

  • balthuszar

    i was giong to say the LG enV2…but then i remembered when microsoft sent out an update to the zune and it bricked all the 80GB zunes, and then refused to do anything for all of us 80 GB zune owners

  • blewis

    im going to have to go with my beloved portable mp3 cd player

  • Cowbrains

    HTC Rezound

  • boooyahhh

    blackberry curve 8330. I know.. I know.

  • Jorian W.

    Droid Bionic

  • JetBlue

    LG Revolution.

    Still have to use this until I can get a new phone.

  • Magnacox

    The Magnavox Odyssey. Everyone else in my neighborhood got an Atari gaming system. My parents went to the appliance store and the fast talking salesman said that because the Odyssey had a keyboard it was essentially a ‘computer’ and more useful than just for playing games. It featured two bit graphics and atari rip off games like the Pac-Man-esque K.C. Munchkin. WTF? Thanks Mom and Dad.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks


    Just my honest opinion. I bought one brand new, played it for a week, and it collected dust until I sold it after about 3 months.

  • misphit_917

    creative mp3 twice!

  • Crane476

    Ipad 2

  • IzzleDizzle

    LG Dare was easily the worst gadget I ever bought. I even was suckered into getting a data package with it for it’s browser. Good thing I only paid for that for a month.

  • ErieT30

    My Dell Duo…. who puts a camera where it wont work in tablet mode…. what was i thinking buying it.

  • a.c.

    Palm Pre. Who’s with me on this????

  • Eluvatar

    Droid Bionic Laptdock ;(

  • UrDoGG

    Like many of us posting here, I was cursed with Verizon and Blackberry’s answer to the iPhone 3G back in December 2008 – the Blackberry Storm. Worst device eva.
    Runner up would be the HTC Thunderbolt which I had replaced 3 times due to the radio failing.

    • Jwhap

      ouch….that is a double fail!!!!! Sorry man!

  • simranjit

    HP Touchpad is pretty bad stock.
    Bought it for 150 for 32 gigs hard drive. Stock OS blows and it’s not even supported anymore.
    Thank goodness there’s android for it now.
    But I’d still rather use my thunderbolt or my Nexus 7.

  • sb

    Archose 7 WiFi – buggy software inside bad hardware

  • ricko

    Ipod…because a new better came out a week later. Pos apple.

  • g_what

    I don’t think I have ever made a bad mobile device purchase… started with the OG Droid. Upgraded to the GNex. Recently purchased a N7. No complaints about any of them.

    My Sony Vaio has lasted me for over 5 years.

    I guess if I had to choose it would be my WD 500 gig external from about 4 years ago. Only reason for that is cause it needed to be plugged in to an outlet for power. Other than that, I was happy with it.

  • terry

    Logitech Google TV box, without a doubt. Even at the clearance price. A low price didn’t make it better, just cheaper to try.

  • Zacharypt

    Sony MiniDisc Recorder/Player 🙁 Was Totally catching the next wave after CD’s…. epic fail.

  • Swift_LawnGnome

    Sony Mylo 2. Worthless $300 piece of junk.

  • hayemt

    Droid 3

  • hench

    Droid Charge

    • Jwhap

      Agreed…..100%! I feel Kellex’s pain on the lte xoom but the droid charge was absolutely the worst purchase I have ever made! Wasted an upgrade on that POS!!!! It was so bad I bought the gnex off contract!

  • RBI411

    The Gamecube, followed closely by the Wii.

  • butters
  • Droid

    Droid 3

  • shannon

    Samsung Omnia – worst phone ever. I had such a bad experience with it, I have not even considered buying another handset from them. When the G Nex came out tgis year, it wasn’t even a question. No way!

    • shannon

      *this* sorry

    • Jwhap

      Sadly, I felt the same way about the droid charge. I bought the gnex and could not be happier……This phone rocks!

  • droidman101

    I think you should have a poll here for best device ever purchased as well. I have a feeling that the frontrunners would be the OG Droid and the HTC HD2 (after you install android of course).

  • Steve

    This! My portable player was great…but this attached to my stereo was such a waste, as the only way I got music to the MiniDisc was via CD, which right next to this deck.

    • Steve


  • omniskeptic

    HTC tilt w ATT account, running Win mobile. Unusable. Fired both of ’em – never again.

  • droidman101

    Just a question here-what device is on the right in the picture, the one with the keyboard (no, not the Droid, your OTHER right).

  • master94

    Everything Apple

  • zach

    Lg Revolution.. that phone SUCKSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • droidman101

    Kindle Fire. It literally (no joke) is a brick right now. No front facing camera, as well as Amazon’s locked down-ness made it suck. When trying to flash a rom on, something corrupted /emmc while wiping, and I can’t unbrick it. What’s worse is that I actually have morals so I decided not fake ignorance and get a new one from the warranty because I had already broken warranty.

  • Mario Mendez

    HTC Thunderbolt

  • Lte

    Motorola Xoom hands down

  • LK

    iPod Touch

  • neutrontwin

    A Kin Twom. Had it before my nexus

  • redragn5

    iPod touch (2nd Gen 16GB) hands down – always had issues with iTunes and after 13 months the WiFi antenna died (with a 12 month warranty). Went to apple to try and get it fixed and they told me it would be $150 to replace with the same model (the 4th Gen just came out too) so I decided to take that money to eBay. Bought an OG Droid and the rest is history…

    Family mention: my dad passed up the OG Droid in favor of the Droid Devour, I’m still shaking my head at that one…

    • droidman101

      The only thing the Devour had that was better than the OG droid was a snapping keyboard.

      • redragn5

        Yeah I liked that part – though I hated the keyboard layout. Putting the space bar in between the N and B keys was just too awkward for me

  • noc007

    UT Starcom/HTC XV6700:
    No gadget has ever made me rage so much as that thing did. It couldn’t function as a phone much less a PDA and the build quality was a joke. With it weighing, shaped, and functioning like a brick, I was tempted to throw that damn thing through a window.

    There have been other crappy gadgets and bad/regrettable purchases, but that damn thing made by HTC was the worst. That reminds me, I need to gather all of my old cellphones (12 years worth) and hawk them on fleaBay to see if there someone that would be willing to give me money for any of them.

  • RobertLamb256

    The original Blackberry Storm.

  • RCA Lyra 10GB MP3 Player circa 2002-2003. Even back then I was anti-Apple. Nightmare navigation controls, was the size of the original Sony Walkman, and weighed like 8 pounds.

  • Sixhammers

    HTC Thunderbolt….Last piece of HTC hardware I will ever own….(unfortunate)

  • FelisLachesis

    For me, it’s the original Motorola RAZR, the one from 10ish or so years ago. I don’t know why, but I hated that phone. I was able to return it within the 15 day window, but, ugh that phone was awful I don’t know why I didn’t like it, just didn’t like how it felt.

  • Blades

    Creative Labs MP3 Music player on a USB stick(MUVO). 128MB and when it worked it was fine. But it would lock up all the time or get stuck on the same song. While it would last 12 hours on one AAA battery, it just wasn’t reliable and cost a crapload back in the day.


    HTC Tilt 2 (windows 6.5)

  • SagarPatel

    Archos media player first and a close second wad a Toshiba gigabit media player. Only bought cause I refuse apple….

  • steveliv

    click..click..click…dead zipdisk drive 🙂

  • An LG Bluetooth Stereo headset (when the first came out)

    I forget the model number but this thing was horrid. poor reception, uncomfortable to wear for more than 5 minutes, and only loud enough to hear music in the basement of a library.

  • Blackberry Storm. Nothing else even comes close.

  • steveliv

    The Augen Gentouch78 android tablet from Kmart. The worst android tablet in existence, good thing i was able to return it. Second, would be the Viewsonic GTablet….

  • lucky Dre

    Been lucky enough so far to not have one, but once I get those stylish Google glasses

  • Batfan

    Bought a brand new Casio Cassiopeia E-125 when I was in High School. Terrible battery life, little memory, pretty much useless.

  • Hack

    LG Vue with tv antenna

  • areffes

    Without a doubt, the Kyocera Smartphone. Back in 2001, it was$500 and I just had to have it.

    • Jwhap

      I think I bought that same pos……lol

  • jeff

    EVO 2

  • Illwillnukka

    I purchased a HTC Thunderbolt on launch day and then turned around and bought the XOOM LTE on launch day. Those were the two worst purchase I ever made.

    • Jwhap

      ouch! I feel your pain on the lte xoom. I bought a charge when I dunked my incredible in the pool……Sadly the 3g incredible was a faster phone than the charge! I still pick up my xoom, if I would have thought about that purchase a bit more I would have bought the wifi only and not got caught up in bs verizon contracts though!

  • anon

    Ipod nano, spent more time waiting for it to reboot than listening to music, then the hours fixing computers due to bonjour embedded in itunes. Thank you winamp, though the stupid thing still reboots on some songs.

  • wmsco51

    Droid 2

  • QQpayne

    zip drive, was relevant for all of 6 months

  • Viciousking1914

    iPod Touch….the one and only apple product i’ve ever owned.

  • jathak

    Notion Ink Adam

  • UrDoGG

    The original Zune did indeed suck. However, the Zune HD was pretty awesome. I had an ipod touch and Zune HD, and the Zune kicked its ass without question. The only thing the ipod touch had on the Zune is app selection.

  • toyosup88

    Verizon LG Chocolate…POS lol

  • jarrett

    The honest truth, my itouch 3rd gen, that thing was such a piece of crap. it constantly had to be formatted cause of some glitch that would cause the date to like reset to 1969 and as a result I couldnt download anything from the app store, then it would take about 4 hours to reset the damn thing, I would have to hit agree 50 friggin times and sign in 200 times by the time I got it working, and at that point I just didnt want to even use the thing. Then I got my Droid, and I never looked at the itouch again, it’s still to this day sitting in its original case being unused

  • Rich

    The Jawbone UP. I bought it and it lasted less than a week.

  • kixofmyg0t

    I had a Storm2. Long story short I beat it into a million pieces with a sledgehammer before I had anytbing to replace it and not a single f#ck was given.

  • Dr_Buttballs

    Still use my original Zune that I bought when they first came out. Thing is still a best.

  • hldc1

    Original iPad. Bought it because I thought it doubled as membership in the Cool Kids Club. Turns out I needed an Android tablet for that, so I sold the iPad to an unsuspecting “genius” named Steve.

  • jordan

    I LOVE every device except 1 (all 5 years old or less)

    3 Samsung monitors

    sennheiser HD280 pro headphones
    46″ LG LCD
    Xbox 360
    Blackberry Tour
    EVO 4G
    EVO 4G LTE
    Moto Xoom WiFi
    I5 (google I/o version) Chromebox
    Yamaha surround sound
    Logitech android Bluetooth mouse/keyboard
    Logitech Revue w/ Camera
    Logitech g15 keyboard
    Logitech performance mouse (2x)
    Acer Laptop
    HD DVD player
    spinning dpad xbox 360 controller
    Logitech Harmony 700
    Canon SD780is (low end camera)

    winner is ACER laptop

  • indygrump

    Palm Pilot Vx

  • vyperbc

    My vita, lack of software and games

  • KleenDroid

    The Zune is far superior to any iPod. But not because of software or search features but because of the quality of of files it could play and the fact it was non proprietary. But it was above most people.

    But sadly most enjoyed the compressed, proprietary, simplicity of the i devices.

    • boobs are good

      Yep, still use my Zune classic as well, love it. The best feature for me is that it has video out so I can plug it into the in-dash monitor in my car and use it through there, greatly decreasing the chance of me running over a baby while driving and trying to change the song.

  • Dr_Buttballs

    Samsung Eternity. My coworker says he’s never heard me curse so much with a 6 month time other then when I owned that pile.

  • Rob

    My worst was a Kyocera smartphone on Alltel. It ran Palm Garnet and it sucked! It was a flip phone with crappy functionality!

  • Maddymaxx

    I had a N-Gage, it was garbage was a wast of Money

  • mule0331

    I would have to say the Galaxy Nexus I had for about 2 weeks.

  • nightscout13

    Archos 101 Tablet

  • Zonald

    Sega Gamegear. 🙁

  • dark_funk

    PC-Based Sony Optiarc Blu-Ray Drive with (shudder) PowerDVD 7.3 Blu-Ray Edition. Yeah, you just go ahead and try to play a legit Blu-Ray with that setup. It’s an exercise in the sheer madness and anti-consumer hell of DRM. What a colossal failure.

    • nightscout13

      I agree.

  • Buckgrad

    Dual answer..an LG phone (Spectrum) on Verizon Wireless. No support from LG, or VZW. And no interest from developers. Never again. It’s a shame too, because with its specs, it could have been a great phone.

  • aaaaaaa

    motorola Q. I remember I was so excited for a “flat” phone I could put in my front pocket and not bulge out. Turned out to be HORRIBLE! I went to 4 different Verizon stores to find it on day of release. Also, Xoom LTE. Got it the same time as the iPad 2. Had both for about a week trying to convince myself that the Xoom was “it” and that Google would be updating it to be the best tab ever. Last minute decision to keep the iPad and send the Xoom to ebay paid off

  • ChonChon

    32x was worse, at least the Sega Cd had some glorious RPGs such as Vay and Lunar 1/2.

  • nikmakay

    droid 2 and droid 3

  • me.

    I bought a thing that I used once and threw away called the REX PDA.. This was about 10-15 years ago though.

    • Evan

      I remember that!!! I used to work at Best Buy and would try to sell those. I don’t remember selling one. Once the Palm Pilot came out, Rex was dead.

  • Mike Hawke

    Samsung Glyde, seriously the biggest POS i’ve ever seen in my life. f*** that phone

  • Prime7


    • Theo

      The wii is AMAZING once you’ve hacked it.

  • coolsilver

    OH HELL YES. I love but LOTHE my Thunderbolt. It would been better if they made it like the Rezound. I was going to say the Original Galaxy Tab… but AOKP ICS made that sooo soo good.

  • machete

    This POS Galaxy Nexus

    • Jwhap

      hmmmm…..guess you are still running ICS and probably stock then! My bugless beast is absolutely perfect in every way Jelly Bean FTW!!!!

  • AMGala

    Blackberry Storm…I want to forget that part of my life…

    • Michael Schnider

      Agreed. Remember when you had to shut it down? Like an hour to get it running again lol

  • Laki S.

    My worst gadget purchase off the top of my head is getting the Original Galaxy Tab. Gawd, that thing sucked. Constantly froze, randomly reboot, heavy as a brick…. It should’ve never have been released. I bought one from AT&T and loathed it. A year later I apparently didn’t learn and got one from Verizon and I think that one may have been worse. I love Samsung, but the Tab seriously wrecked my opinion of them.

    • Jwhap

      have you attempted to flash ICS on it??? I have heard it really makes the tablet much better!

      • Laki S.

        I’d love to, but I don’t even know how to root the damn thing. I’ve been searching online for months for a way to root it before I just gave up and got the N7. From here on out, all I want are nexus tablets.

  • jseah114

    Back in the late 90’s, I purchased a GPS device that attached to a Palm III. It came with a Rand McNally map application so you could download maps to the Palm and use it like your typical GPS today. Never used it. It was basically useless since there was a very small limit as to how big of a map you could install.

    • Evan

      I also had that. I realized it was better to connect to the laptop, but the intentionally degraded singnal sucked!!

  • DinoRick

    Droid 3 and its less than six month life span

    • droidman101

      It doesn’t have LTE does it?

  • paul_cus

    Samsung E-105 on T-Mobile back in 2005. It was awful enough that I didn’t keep it more than a week before bringing it back. Haven’t bought anything from Samsung since then.

  • paul_cus

    My brother had one of those. Yeah, it was pretty awful.

  • Jim McClain

    galaxy nexus

  • Either aiwa mini disc player or Microsoft Zune. And agree with Xbox hddvd

  • NicholasMicallef

    not sure if it counts as a gadget, but the worst electronic device I ever bought was an Acer laptop. Seemed like a good price for the specs but build quality was crap, keyboard was crap it weighed a tonne and I only took it outside of my house twice in 4 years !! considering I bought a decent gaming rig as soon as I could afford it after that, I barely use it at home myself, now my younger brother uses it to watch youtube videos.

  • BCcowgill

    Tiger Gamecom handheld gaming system…good idea, failed execution. (maybe my post won’t be erased this time….)

  • oldtimer

    1980s RCA Videodisc player.

    • CopierITGuy

      The discs were like LP-sized CD’s! They were freakin’ awesome! Some rich kid in my neighborhood showed me his dad’s collection of about 20 movies. I thought it was the coolest thing ever! What did I know? I was 10!

      • PC_Tool

        Yep. My Dad has a player and some of the discs (Terminator, being his most showed-off).

        …and yeah, it was epic when he bought it.

  • devilock

    Although I love cow on products, the iaudio e2 was the worst mp3 player I ever purchased.

  • winkeye

    bought a sony ericson bluetooth ball – pos!

  • Xperia Play for Verizon. It was my first smartphone, i was foolish and gaming was a big part of my life at the time. I think it goes without saying that the lack of many official games for the phone is what soured my taste enough to buy a Razr Maxx outright and jump ship.

  • BCcowgill

    Tiger game com…good idea but failed execution of handheld gaming…

  • Am I the only person who hasn’t bought a gadget that I regret? I get scared of regretting a purchase and research everything I possibly can about a device before buying. OGDroid, GNex, and N7 later still no regrets! Admittedly I did buy an extended battery for the gnex that’s worthless now, it was too cumbersome so I got a spare OEM battery to replace it.

  • Jonathan Carnesciali

    Galaxy Tab 10.1

  • NicholasMicallef

    not sure if it counts as a gadget, but the worst electronic device I ever bought was an Acer laptop. Seemed like a good price for the specs but build quality was crap, keyboard was crap it weighed a tonne and I only took it outside of my house twice in 4 years !! considering I bought a decent gaming rig as soon as I could afford it after that, I barely use it at home myself, now my younger brother uses it to watch youtube videos.

  • My most disappointing was a 2010 MacBook Air. Way slower than I expected.

    But probably the worst was a Nokia 6280. It used to crash multiple times a day, and the calendar UI was so buggy it drove me crazy.

  • BCcowgill

    Tiger Game.com FAIL of a hand held gaming system.

  • Worst phone by far : Droid Eris, what was I thinking with the OG droid there

    Worst game system: Sega CD nuff said.

    Worst Laptop: 17in HP pavilion. Thing was so effing big it might as well have been a desktop.

    • Jwhap

      the droid eris sucked balls…..sega cd a certain close second!

  • Nazzi_Muhammad

    The deice which invented the term “lag” on android. The HTC Eris. What a sorry POS that was.

  • LG Voyager. had 11 of them.

  • Motorola KRZR. You think the Thunderbolt’s battery is bad? I couldn’t get the thing to last more than 8 hours.

    • GSAI

      That’s golden compared to a Thunderbolt! 4 hours maximum, light usage.

      • Seriously? I can get my stock battery, unrooted Thunderbolt last for 10-12 hours with medium usage. It gets me though the day.

  • Detonation

    A Viewsonic gTablet…thankfully I was able to sell it to some other poor soul

  • Sony Ericsson LiveView. What a piece of utter crap.

  • 1) Logitech Revue
    2) Logitech Harmony Link

    Why because Logitech refuses to properly support either of them ( I get the Revue) the link software needs so much updating it isn’t even funny and they really need to allow the same customization they have for their remotes.

  • George264

    I used to say the Motorola XOOM but with recent updates to Jelly Bean… it’s a different story. Anyways, the absolute WORST device ever, probably the Galaxy Nexus for my parents. *sigh* That phone, so many radio problems, so many drops. Apparently A LOT of people seem to disagree, but a lot agree. Idk. And the missing updates. It’s supposed to have Jelly Bean for over a month now, but Verizon, assholes, held it back. GN probably is the worst device I’ve got. Close second is my stupid mistakes, when I was a tech noob, I got a HP computer. Not too bad right? I can still upgrade parts and whatnot. No, I was an idiot and bought a Slimline. No graphics. Those are the #1 and #2 of the worst tech gadget mistakes thus far.

  • Rob

    Palm T|X. At the time it was so awesome – right before Smartphones exploded (06-07). Now it totally sucks, I don’t know what I should do with it. It has been collecting dust since 07 or 08.

  • M C

    probably the xoom, it would be the gadget i’ve bought that has gotten the least use.

  • New_Guy

    LG Ally (for my wife)…what a POS that thing was…

  • Falasophist

    The LG Voyager… went through 7 of them 🙁

  • Derek Ross

    Absolutely without a doubt the worst product I ever bought was the Sidekick phone in like 2003. That thing was such a pile, even for it’s time. It broke ALL the time and I am very easy on my electronics. At one point, I had 3 or 4 of them in my possession from DOA replacements. The screen would stop working all of the time and to call people until the next replacement showed up I had to remember the button pushes and number of clicks to get to them. I think I had to replace that phone like 12 times for things that were of no fault to mine. Even when it did work it sucked though, that screen was somewhere between a modern display and the very first Nokia displays. I remember getting on the internet with it and you’d see a picture and barely even recognize what it was supposed to be.

    The next phone I bought was my 2nd worse choice in a product, the Motorola Q. Form factor was useful but there was no support for it whatsoever and it was buggy as hell. But hey, at least it didn’t break constantly.

    Dell DJ Diddy – I really don’t even have to explain this one. Absolutely the worse MP3 player ever. It broke before even a year and I didn’t even bother getting it fixed.

    Sega CD – Bought it and it was almost immediately EOL. I think I only ever played like 2 games on it.

    Mini disk player and home recorder (mid-late 90’s purchase?)- Actually a cool product for it’s time but just never got the support it needed to take off.

    I’ve had a few other purchases that didn’t quite pan out but those were the ones that really stood out to me as the worst of the worst.

  • Huawei Ideos.. it wasn’t worse at the time I bought it.. I bought it because I needed a phone when Nokia one stopped working. I still use it for tethering with Nexus 7.

  • Tristan Cunha

    Not a gadget, but easily the worst tech purchase I’ve ever made was Windows7. Even after hours of help from MS tech support it wouldn’t run correctly. And I was looking forward to it for months, instead it left me a little poorer and without a computer for most of a week.
    (just for reference, I’d built my last two windows machines at that point, and was doing a clean install on a new HD).
    I actually haven’t had any gadget I really regret that I can think of… Maybe a cheap mouse or pair of headphones or something? But nothing that stands out.

    • UrDoGG

      There must have been other factors at play with your Windows 7 install (like the hard drive). I’ve installed Windows 7 over 50 times on different hardware configurations and never had any issues as you have described. I don’t mean to come off as some pissed guy on tech blog or anything, but I just feel the need to stick up for what I have always found to be a great product.

  • bakdroid

    Kellex can be a real douche some times. How is the Xoom a bad device. It was the first. Get it, first! Yes it is heavy but does not weight a ton. No updates? It is running ICS on Verizon with JB waiting in the wings and the Wifi is the only 10″ to run JB. What other device runs JB right now on Verizon? Z…E…R…O!!!

    As for worse, I would say first Moto flip phone that featured a camera. Don’t even remember the model number but it was a POS.

    • Jwhap

      As a LTE xoom owner, I think you are mistaken! ICS on the xoom is buggy as hell, it lags with everything. The browser force closes often. The BS contract for 4g when you could have purchased the wifi and just tethered to your 4g phone…..I could keep going!

      Seriously the xoom lte is a horrible device with horrible support from verizon! I bought a nexus 7 for my wife, and the tablet kills my xoom, even with the lack of sd card! If i did not still have to pay for the data plan I would have dropped it a long time ago!

      Kellex is dead on!

      *****also, I am a root and rom guy. I have yet to mess with the xoom but it is on the short list of things I need to do!

  • hands down the Cybiko I bought… useless

  • Nagini

    Droid 2. Also wish I would’ve waited for the Galaxy S III instead of buying the GNex. The GNex’s screen is absolutely pathetic (uneven color, nav button and notification bar burn in, dim screen and very yellow whites). Not to mention the camera sucks and the phone overheats all the time. Oh, and super crappy battery life and a very low quality speaker. Overall bad phone.

  • Blackberry Storm. It was my first foray into the smartphone world and I was fairly disheartened about it until the Droid X came along. I loved that buggy 4.3″ SOB even with that locked bootloader. I rooted, flashed ROMs, bricked, revived, nandroided, overclocked, underclocked, themed, & customized everything I could to that phone :’)

  • r.willms

    the APen A3 <<< Sucks!

  • Mason Lammers

    A surround sound system from a guy off the street. . . New in the box and retail value of $2,999.99. And I thought I was the lucky one. Worst $200 of my life! Not bitter though as it was a good life lesson.

  • DJyoSNOW

    Besides owning a windows mobile Samsung Omnia. Now my current Droid Charge. So I’m really passed with Samsung and now would have to pay an arm and a leg to stick with Verizon and or Samsung to keep my unlimited data. To think I’m a loyal Samsung customer.

    • droidman101

      I really like their TV’s though, they’re nice. The 32-inch 720p LCD crushes the others I have seen, and it was cheaper than them too.

    • Jwhap

      I too am a bitter charge guy! that phone sucked!!! I almost gave up on samsung til I bought the gnex……

  • Derrick

    Motorola Q. Worst phone of all time!

  • Drew

    Samsung Intensity. My first phone ever. Poor build quality and horrible reception was what made me skip the galaxy nexus for my Razr Maxx with good build quality and good sound. I don’t really regret it a whole lot, but if I had to choose again I’d choose a Nexus.

  • I’m gonna have to agree with Wozniak and go with the Thunderbolt. The Eris was pretty slow but even that thing was stable.

  • Matt

    DROID 3!!!!!

  • Ian

    I am dating myself, but a Sega Genesis 32X. Also the Samsung Omnia.

    • RedPandaAlex

      32X for me too. Only about half the games promised at launch actually came out for it.

  • punkroyale

    I had 5 replacement phones for my Thunderbolt. I am on the same page as the Woz it was the worst phone I ever had. Crapgadget.

  • Matthew Merrick

    LG vortex

  • Ryan Martin

    Audiovox XV6700. That thing was a brick

  • Droid Eris was a piece of slow moving garbage too…

  • rey

    Nintendo DS, peice of shtuff. My OG GB brick still works, not so much for the DS.

  • Dan

    Apple iPod Touch 4G and iPhone 3G both had their careers ended early due to the lack of Gorilla Glass.

    Come to think of it, any product without Gorilla Glass is the worst !

  • Raven

    My Intel Atom N270 powered Netbook. What a waste of money that was. It was even a high end one with 2GB RAM and an Nvidia Ion GPU. It was still so slow and underpowered compared to my 5 year old 2GHz Core2 Duo laptop that it was a joke. I have not used it since I got my ASUS Transformer with a Keyboard Dock.

  • HP Jornado PDA…old school and worked like crap…add my original Palm Pilot. May as well walked around with a Manual Rolodex…

  • EvanTheGamer

    Why in the freaking hell are some of these comments getting flagged? You people make no sense.

    • enob

      Like all of them…

    • GazaIan

      People here get offended when others say an Android product is the worst they’ve purchased. They don’t take it lightly.

      • KleenDroid

        There aren’t many members of Mensa hanging out in here… 🙂


    HTC Touchpro 2. I loved the keyboard but I still have nightmares about the clock. I still cant buy an HTC or windows phone because that one was always frozen on the clock screen.

  • Sam Ponjican

    Palm T|X. It had WiFi and could technically browse the web, but it was so slow and websites simply weren’t yet optimized for mobile devices so it was useless. That was 2006, though!

  • enob

    Sony Erricson Live View Bluetooth Remote….

  • Mordecaidrake

    iPhone and BB Storm

  • EvanTheGamer

    Easy…the BlackBerry Sh*t Shorm.

  • mpinter

    Palm Pre Plus. Sure, it got me onto Verizon, and I replaced with my GNex (just jellybeaned with CM10 – total awesomeness). But, my god, the pain of watching Palm writhe in it’s death throes while waiting for the promised upgrades, only to get excited that it would be bought by HP and advance, then to watch HP writhe in it’s own WebOS death throes.

    My only consolation – I never bought a TouchPad! Went straight to the Iconia A500 and kindled my love affair with Android.

    And after waiting, and waiting, and waiting (and waiting and waiting) for Palm to update PalmOS/WebOS, I’m a Nexus man for life. The OS is under my control!!!!!!!

  • Matt Hodson

    BB Storm. Worst. Phone. Ever.

  • derek connolly

    Augen Gentouch 78.

  • Brian

    Worst gadget was the Samsung Glyde cell phone. What a horrible device to use.

  • Wyveryx

    Honestly, it was my Viewsonic G-Tab. Sure it’s still has an awesome dev base and there is a JB ROM in Alpha for it, but seriously, I haven’t used it that much. Or at least as much as I thought I would.
    I like my PC too much when I’m at home and my Gnex when I’m not.

    • derek connolly

      Same, I still have mine and it had zero manufacture support.

  • Hmmm…this is a tough one…I guess maybe the Sony Tablet S I purchased for my brother and it’s not the device but just the locked bootloader. Other than that I never regret my purchases…

  • Toshiba e355 PDA here, I used it to play solitaire on the shitter. It cost $400 and I felt like it erased all the data every time the battery died…

  • Adam Lafin

    Logitech Google TV

  • Zachary Manville

    Pokemon Snap

  • fauxshizzl

    Samsung Omnia running Windows mobile.

  • MagnaCartaHG

    Creative Zii Egg. It took 15 minutes to boot Android 1.5…

  • Xoom 4g LTE with the launch honeycomb version. Market used to crash on it for god’s sake.

  • danofiveo

    Sony Bravia Internet Video addon for HDTV. Way, way overpriced (even though I got it for a substantial discount). Power supply/motherboard died after warranty expired. Piece of junk!

  • T Hall

    Neo Geo Pocket Color – sweet little device until a month later they quit making games for it…

    Currently though probably the Bionic – screen, camera, 4g connectivity all terrible.

    Got a Nexus this week and I am 😀

    • ChonChon

      I loved mine even after SNK killed support for it. Metal Slug Pocket 1/2 and Card Fighters Clash 2 were awesome!

  • NothingsShocking

    VZW Galaxy Nexus. Still can’t get a Jelly Been Rom to boot.

    • danofiveo

      VZW gives Nexus a bad name.

    • xformulax

      mines been on JB for months.

    • Jwhap

      Really???? I have been running bugless beast for a while and Jelly bean since the very day it was leaked and had zero issues! Try flashing BB from peter alfonso you will not regret it!

  • gimlet72

    I bought a Dell Axim X50… I even had an attachable keyboard. It was right when eveyone had a plam pilot and we started seeing the old HP smart phones

  • zmpinqc

    HTC Thunderbolt

  • droidarmy

    Atari Jaguar

  • Knlegend1

    Some Motorola cricket phone.

  • Sky Terrier

    Asus Transformer Prime. Six months after its release, and buying it, The GPS didn’t work, wifi was very weak, it rebooted on a whim and was just unstable. Numerous software updates didn’t fixed it. Asus bought mine back; and I bought an Asus Transformer Infinity that is a breath of fresh air. Everything about it is top line. Second time around Asus got it right and made me whole.

    • Droid Connoisseur

      How did you get them to buy it back? I have two TF300’s I need to get rid of.

  • hkklife

    Worst smartphone: BB Storm on VZW by FAR

    Worst PDA: The first-gen Compaq PPC I had was definitely horrible (especially coming from Palm OS) but the biggest letdown was the PalmOne LifeDrive. Great OS ruined by horrible hardware and design choices and the absolute final nail in Palm’s coffin IMO.

    Worst Tablet: Viewsonic G-Tablet or Archos 101. The Viewsonic in stock, unROMmed form was worse

    Worst Digital Camera: Kodak DC50 digital camera (but hey, this was 1998 so this was an early consumer digicam) OR for something newer, Logitech’s Pocket Digital Camera in 2002. For the most part I’ve had better luck with digicams that most other product categories.

    Worst STB: Either the Philips CD-I or whatever the first-gen Toshiba HD-DVD player I had back in 2006 or 2007. Considering how much the CD-I cost and how lousy it was for every function other than playing audio CDs, it’s probably the “winner”.

    Worst Game Console: A toss-up between Tiger’s Game.com, the Neo-Geo Pocket, Sega CD or the Atari Jaguar. Considering I put $ into the Jaguar that could have gone into the original Playstation, I think the Jag takes the cake.

    Worst Computer: The Atari XE was probably the biggest stinker since it was just a rebranded Atari 8-bit PC instead of the budget ST suggested by Atari’s marketing. The Apple IIc is a close runner-up because my parents bought me that instead of the C64 I wanted for gaming in the first place!

  • Oh lord, the Droid Charge, and it’s not even close. That was the biggest turd of a phone EVAR. Seriously, when the bootup animation is the best part, you’re doing it wrong…

  • omgitzjose

    dell mini10 netbook.i still till this day dont understand anyone who bought a netbook and thought “im so glad i bought this!”

  • durangojim

    Blackberry Storm bar none

  • jpfrasier

    Coby tablet. It was for my son but it only lasted about 2 months.

    • paul_cus

      Anything from Coby.

  • Google TV, even at $99, has been a POS since day 1. It’s kind-of-better now, but still sucks compared to Roku.

  • Alvin

    A Sony Bloggie. 100 bucks for a hd camera without a flash. -_-

  • Neil Voskeritchian

    Blackberry Storm

  • Kyle Lehman

    Viewsonic G Tablet. Worse name-brand tablet ever created. I dished out $400 bucks shortly after these hit the shelves and it was the biggest waste of money. I community definitely gave it some life but the hardware was atrocious. I know I was expecting a lot from a display manufacturer but the screen was the worst part! It had to have a 5 degree viewing angle which was mounted upside-down in the bezel so if any app forced the orientation, it would be upside-down. NVIDIA refused to update that version of the Tegra 2 which rendered the processor useless since you could not enable hardware acceleration. It is now a glorified paperweight that will never pick up again. I have been punching myself for the waste of money ever since by not buying a real tablet. Only thing I have bought since was the Kindle FIre which I was unimpressed by and regift it to my girlfriend.

  • dhirensavalia

    One of those pens that was also a voice recorder. As soon as I bought it, I though to myself, “I’ve made a huge mistake.”

    • Rodney Bolden

      This comment had me laughing out at work because its so true hahahahaha

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Blackberry Bold. Got it and immediately saw how cool android was…

  • storm36x

    A samsung galaxy nexus, biggest pile I have ever owned, sold it and got a real phone

    • EvanTheGamer

      You, sir, are a n00b, a douchebag, oh, and don’t forget…a troll.

      Have a NICE day!

  • Jawbone Jambox = biggest POS ever. Every single time I used it with my MBP it would turn into a skipping mess of audio due to issues with Broadcomm bluetooth chips in the macbooks (aka all of them until recently). I had them send me 3 new ones and every single one had the same issue…

  • HD DVD player

    • mbaldwin85

      Didn’t they offer to buy those back after they conceded to the Blu-Ray format?

  • Ken Bosse

    Blackberry curve

  • Forehead

    Prometheus – Ridley Scott….

    Sorry, still upset about that pile of crap.

  • Meister_Li

    Motorola Milestone, the very first and last Motorola phone I ever purchased. It almost killed Android for me.

  • Droid Connoisseur

    Asus TF300^2. I had high expectations for this tablet. Its practically unusable when its in the middle of downloading basic data like emails which forecloses any app that your in. Even browsing the net on Chrome can foreclose if the webpage is downloading a lot of data. Then the first firmware update bricked the tablet and it took Asus over 3 weeks to resolve. I was hoping the Jelly Bean update with “project butter” would save the day but it just made it worse. Now it lags when the screen transitions from horizontal to vertical. I thought it was just mine but the wife has the same foreclose and lagging issues. She also had to send her’s back into Asus because the touch screen stopped working. This is unacceptable for a quad core running Jelly Bean. We both just got the Nexus 7 which has similar specs and the 7 blows it away when it comes to performance. If anyone wants to take the two TF300’s off my hand, let me know.

  • Droidzilla

    It’s a tie between the Archos A70HDD and the Dell streak 7. Who am I kidding? Archos was the worst. The Dell still sucked, though.

  • Nick

    Motorola DROID X2. That thing sucked. Best gadget: GS3.

    • calum wilper

      a friend got it… absolutely agree, worst phone ever

  • I’d have to say the Logitech Revue. It is usable but it is just so slow that I can’t even use the web browser. Now I can’t even use WiFi at all for no apparent reason…sigh. Great concept, poorly executed

  • Actually … my old Blackberry Tour was probably the worst!

    • CrewF24

      Yup… I made the same mistake. should have gone droid

  • kretz7

    ViewSonic gTablet

  • slow68

    Viewsonic G-Tablet – XDA did great supporting the device too bad same can not be said for Viewsonic

  • Moseying Dave

    My worst purchase was a Windows Vista pc. Vista’s stability and compatibility problems are the stuff of infamy. But the icing on the cake was when Microsoft ran commercials showing consumers taking a blind OS test and just loving, LOVING, the Vista computers. “Get it, all you whiners? You’re just too stupid to realized what a great OS Vista is!” Microsoft has had zero credibility with me ever since…

    • calum wilper

      it’s funny cause windows 7 is just vista after they sorted out all the compatibility issues, the just renamed it and sent it back out with a slightly revamped aero style

      • So basically, they fixed the kernel, optimized everything, fixed compatibility, made some updated drivers? That is like saying running Windows XP is the same as Windows 7. Those reasons are way more then enough for a new OS.

        • droidman101

          Think of it this way: Microsoft makes a giant leap in UI/functionality/whatever and release it. They then test it for bugs. (See Windows ME/2000>XP, Vista>7)

          • Vistaistehbest

            Windows 2000 and Windows ME are completely different OSes. You can’t compare them. There used to be two separate tracks for Windows: NT and 95. Windows 2000 was built on NT and was one of the best OSes that Microsoft ever came out with. XP was just an upgrade from 2000. ME was rightfully left by the wayside, as it was part of the antiquated 95 track.

    • Vistaistehbest

      Vista is actually incredibly stable, but you have to have an IQ of at least 40 to use it. Sorry.

  • dj

    HTC HD2 i was excited to get it, then hated myself for getting it.

  • Zune… sadly returned and purchased iPod touch say 5 years ago

    • mbaldwin85

      I LOVED the Zune. I had the OG brick and the 2nd Gen

    • CopierITGuy

      As a genuine McApple hater, I refused to buy an iPod. When MS launched the Zune, I jumped on board. Bought the 32GB 2nd Gen. It was a great product, but the masses (sheeple) had already drunk the Kool-Aid on iPod. (Once again, MS is late to the ever-changing game!) The accessories were never there, so another MS product bombed. The software was really great and the device was a very solid build. Used it until I got my OG Droid!

      • I loved the app selection of the iPod touch. Zone had zero apps like instant messaging. Yup same OG droid now my Galaxy Nexus! Nexus forever

  • satsmine2k4

    1. iphone 3g
    2. Motorola xoom

    • Teng Taing

      I love my Xoom wifi….. but sadly i use my N7 more now

      • yeah I have an LTE Xoom and I use it everyday. Sure the screen resolution is kinda crap, but it’s a damn useful device.

  • Motoguy

    For me it was the HP touchpad..although just paid $150 when it was on fire sale…

  • Frank F

    Logitech revue….the most expensive Netflix player ever on earth!!!!

  • Omega Zip 100 Drive

    • CopierITGuy

      Loved those HUGE disks! They were virtually indestructible!

  • John-Mark Clawson

    Back in the 90’s I got this electronic video game handheld. You were supposedly able to play games against kids around you who also had one. I went to the mall to try it out and realized that unlike the commercials, I was the only kid standing around with one.

  • Serpico

    BlackBerry Storm

  • Calhrim

    Blackberry storm. My…….God.

  • droid209

    the OG ’caused it got me hooked to android…otherwise, i might have stayed with a feature phone.

  • anon

    LG Env from VZW…I would’ve traded it for a 2001 Nokia if I could’ve.

  • ndog21


  • Kevin Radloff

    “As for us, Kellex still shakes his head at the purchase of a Motorola XOOM LTE – “No updates ever, it weighs a ton, has an awful screen, and I have probably used it for all of 8 hours total.””

    Er, what? The LTE Xoom got updated to 3.1, 3.2, and then 4.0. And will probably be getting 4.1. (But yes, it does have an awful screen.)

    • Android1997

      It gets the updates too late. Even my Acer A500 got ICS before it

    • Updates are late, but it’s a Nexus-level device. I’ve had Jellybean on mine for a while now and it flies.

    • calum wilper

      personally i love my xoom lte. I have 4g in my area and the Xoom’s antennae are by far the most powerful of any 4g device i own (never less than 3 bars of 4g). also there isn’t any tablet out there that has been such a leap forward from it. And people only started complaining about the screen when something with a better one came out, i think it’s alright.

  • bmos18

    Nintendo WII

  • so many…Sony Walkman MP3 player with a MagicGate memoroy stick, XBOX360 HD player, Blackberry Storm, HP Touchpad, Wii, Bionic. Soooo many bad decisions!

  • xformulax

    iPhone 4S…. gave it a try shortly after getting the Galaxy Nexus (iphone through a plan with my work)…. terrible device.

  • A BB Playbook! good hardware awful software! Thank God for Ebay!

  • LG Dare – I was so excited for my first “touch screen” phone. Luckily VZW let me upgrade very early for the Droid Eris.

  • LG Dare man that thing sucked sold it and bought a OG Droid

    • i had a dare before the OG as well. the 3,2mp shooter on that thing is still the best camera ive ever had on a phone

  • Mike Keefner

    Lap dock 500. Great concept poor interface. It could be so much better

  • Nikolai197

    Droid 2

  • ricksta

    galaxy nexus on verizon

    • EvanTheGamer

      Being a troll comes natural to you.

  • HP iPAQ

    • I also owned a minidisc player. I made some poor decisions

      • tomn1ce

        I think I still have one of those with about 8-10 minidisk laying around somewhere….

  • Samudra Sanyal

    iPod nano from Apple

    • Android1997

      the fifth gen with a camera was my favorite birthday gift in like ever. Because it was blue lol, but the 5G is the only good one, the ones before and after it suck

  • Kindle Fire, the screen was unresponsive and awful

  • slow68

    Viewsonic G-Tablet – it was a fun device yet Viewsonic dropped support within the first 3 months of announcing the device. The owners were stuck with no where to go and no support.

  • HTC Thunderbolt, worst smart phone ever created!!!!

  • Ouch, this hurts!

    BEAT THIS YOUNGSTERS! A freaken 5.25 Disk Drive for $300 for my commodore 64! in 1984. What to hell was I thinking? Did I forget to mention 300 bucks? I might have saved something on two disks.

    • Android1997


  • Sony Mini Disc! Analog recording via rca cables, no MP3 support, and well, all those Mini Discs! It was back to the floppy disk era!

  • MrSteve920

    LG Versa, followed closely by the Droid 2.

  • Android1997

    Like Woz, i gotta say the T-Bolt. Within 2 weeks i was back on my Fascinate (For me, fascinate is the best phone i ever owned, because it took my smartphone virginity and did everything i needed)
    Im on my 3rd Razr now 🙁 Speaker blows on it

  • bobukcat

    I didn’t buy it, it was supplied by my company but I would have to say a Motorola Q9M. Windows Mobile, enough said….

  • john

    wow you guys are making me feel smart!!

  • bwarwick98

    Handspring Visor Deluxe….

  • Samsung Glyde. Worst. Phone. Ever.

    • I could not agree more

    • New_Guy

      Oh my God!!! I thought I was the only sucker to buy one of those thing =D!!! replace it 4 times until I traded it for an LG Dare (best feature pohne ever).

    • S9779

      I still have mine buy it now for 80 bucks.

    • jakebites

      I went through 5 of these before getting the Eris for free when it first came out. Glyde was the worst phone I’ve ever owned.

      • New_Guy

        What the hell was up with the touch screen on that thing. It was more twitchy than a Mexican jumping bean!

      • ChrisTraeger1

        LOL +1000 for that. I went through 5 before I finally made them give me the LG ENV Touch

    • Austin

      I loved mine! Sure it was small, I was only 12. No replacements whatsoever. And you didn’t like the constellation wallpaper?

  • MLSchleps

    LG Env Touch. Worst. Phone. Ever. I got like 4 replacement phones from Verizon! Finally got rid of it for a Samsung Rogue…. which was bad too, but nowhere near as frustrating.

    • Android1997

      I went from Env3 to a rouge to a Fascinate lol

  • TeeWhiskey

    HTC Thunderbolt

  • picaso86

    Motorola headset S9 (old version) – It sucked!!!

  • Samsung Moment. Hell from day one

    • Sobr0801

      yep, no multi touch was the worse, bought the epic next. I no longer buy Samsung.

  • Brian Jones

    FOSCAM wireless camera!

  • Ben Baird

    LG chocolate

  • Rear-facing only viabrator. I think I’m doing it wrong.

  • BlackBerry Storm 1 — easily the worst thing I ever purchased. Even worse than the Motorola XOOM LTE that is collecting dust here on my desk.

    • itsgonnalast

      In 2009 I was shopping for my first smartphone and had to decide between the Storm and the OG Droid. So glad I bought the Droid.

    • droidman101

      My sister had one of those. She went through at least 5 of them. Each one had software issues, as well as issues with the screen getting stuck and not being able to click.

  • itsgonnalast

    I have three:

    1) Polaroid i533 camera,
    2) Sega 32X
    3) … or a Compaq desktop I bought in 2001.
    My current phone is the HTC Thunderbolt but it’s not the worst by a long shot.

    • Android1997


  • Ambugger

    I join my compatriots by agreeing that the Blackberry Storm was one of the worst devices ever made.

  • Probably the Nintendo DSi XL. Not because it was bad itself, but because there were so few good games for it.

  • akazerotime

    A 8 disk DVD player. Still sitting under my bed collecting dust. Thanks Netflix

  • Lucky Armpit

    I had an “advanced point-and-shoot” camera that took fantastic pictures on the default settings. It was only 4MP so for some reason, I decided that I needed a dumbed-down, fit-in-your-pocket camera as an upgrade. I bought one from the same manufacturer and was bitterly disappointed that it took HORRIBLE pictures compared to my 4MP, even though it was a 12MP camera. The sensor was something that must have been picked up off the floor at the factory because it was terrible. I immediately bought my current camera, which is a 12MP 14x optical zoom advanced point-and-shoot with the same style sensor as my 4MP camera. It, like it’s predecessor, takes absolutely beautiful pictures.
    I sold the “mistake” camera to someone who at first was wary, since so little time passed between when I bought it and when I sold it. His fears were allayed when he got the camera and saw that it was pretty much brand new. He also commented on what great pictures it took. So I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

  • scooter1265

    I’ve got the same laptop! HP G72!
    I usually research what I want before I buy it, but the one I was most disappointed by was my 8GB Zune. The back button wore out, which nearly rendered it useless, and I was extremely disappointed about how Microsoft basically ditched it.

    Now that I have Pandora, Play Music, and Spotify all over my devices, I just use those instead.

  • Droid me!

    HTC Droid Eris. That phone could not suck more it was underpowered before good phones started to come out!!!

    • krysis

      my first android phone. bought it about a month before the incredible came out. le sigh. then i bought a samsung continuum off of craigslist for 100. it was a vast improvement, but it still sucked ass. Never received an os upgrade on either of those. needless to say after that frustration i was glad to use my last unlimited data upgrade for a gnex.

      • Droid me!

        I was happier with the eris before it got update, then it got slow and hated. Love the new features but too slow with them.

    • The Eris was pretty awful, but it still holds a special place in my heart. When I got it running CM7 it was actually fairly good and it was my first Android phone. It’s what made me love Android, and hate OEM skins in that with Sense on it it was truly terrible, but with stock Gingerbread, it was pretty good.

      • Droid me!

        I did love it in the beginning!!! Then a droid 2 was there and had to have it. 🙂

        • I simply can’t tolerate a phone with a physical keyboard. Such a waste of space.

  • Dell Mini 10v

  • Captain SysAdmin

    HTC Evo 4G is not a device I have purchased. But as a SysAdmin, 5 of the 90+ employees I support owned this phone and every single one of them have had the worst experience syncing to Exchange. It’s been a known issue on HTC’s radar, but they moved on and chose not to fix the issue. Hell, you can still buy this phone!!! 3/5 users got Samsung/Motorola phones since and are much happier. I feel bad for the other two, 14 and 16 months from upgrade eligibility on their contract :-/

  • mog386

    Nintendo Wii… Such a piece of garbage

    • trumpet444

      Its better when modded, and there are some good games for it. But I agree, nowhere near 360 or ps3 quality. Nintendo had the capability to make it better

    • Hack it and breath life back into it.

  • Jose C

    Thunderbolt, hands down…

  • Teng Taing

    Blackberry Storm. Talk about a FLOP. This was before Android made its way onto VZW BTW

  • Sam

    Creative Zii Egg

  • Dominik Rozek

    NotionInk Adam Tablet Total Fail

  • Neutronxray

    My $399 Samsung Droid Charge. Otherwise know as Verizon and Samsungs B as tar d Child! Totally ignored and neglected from the day I purchased it. Terrible radio! GPS would take 10 minutes to get a fix.

  • krysis

    Xbox 360 HD DVD player =D

    • LOL. Oh those things.

    • Sobr0801

      God I have to agree.

    • xformulax

      really? i still use mine and there is a huge library of back titles i haven’t seen that are cheap as dirt…. with the price of bluray my ps3 is a worse purchase than my xbox 360 hddvd.

      • cphilano

        really? 8 core processor, 3D playback of games and movies, six axis rechargeable remotes, bluetooth support, wireless from the get go not added later, free online play, no purchase necessary for netflix, blu ray if you want, 100-300+ GB hard drive for media, free internet browsing, and all for the near amount that they are/were charging for the XBOX.
        I just don’t get how I come across comments like the “PS3 was a worse purchase than an XBOX.” I have both and the Wii. XBOX has better servers for online play, but come on the better bang for the buck is the PS3 hands down.

        • ShadowGTX

          “Come on the better bang for the buck is the PS3”
          They never said what was better bang for the buck. They said worse device you feel you purchased. I have xbox 360, wii, PS3, NDS, PC games, itouch, and android tablet. Worse one one that list is my PS3 to be honest. I bought it since everyone said it was an awesome bluray player. Know how many blurays i own? 2. i have 1080p movies on my external hard drive. Now as for the gaming aspect of things or just buying the systems. I bought the GoW3 edition xbox 360 so i feel like i got a way better deal then when i bought my PS3. came with 2 special controls, headset, game, special in game items, built in n wireless card, hdmi cable, 320gb hard drive, my PS3 MW3 edition was 100 bucks less, but also came with less things. My girlfriend, and i play xbox online so i have the family pack for the year, and we added her little sister so she plays with us. Game play on xbox 360 is so much better. Finding games, people who play online, and imho games in general have a better choices on xbox. I gave my girlfriend my old xbox 360 Halo 3 Edition xbox 360 after a year of us being together. That xbox still works and has had no RRoD. That xbox has to be what like over 5 years old now? since i bought it when it just came out. My PS3 has had 2 YLoD. If it was my list on what was the worst purchase i ever made. Iphone 4s… my girlfriend convinced me to it. i returned it within a week since i felt so constricted coming from a OG Droid. Now i own a RAZR Maxx, and she loved mine so much she now has one too.

    • r0lct

      I really did almost pull the trigger on that one, so glad I didn’t.

    • New_Guy

      That thing lasted for about five minutes =D!

    • totally forgot about that…..i agree…thankfully i got it for like $50 and some cheap DVD’s but still worthless.

    • Lol! Yea that sucks at the top of the list!

    • Laki S.

      I got one for Christmas, and I remember reading in the news two days before how the final movie studio hopped on the Blu Ray bandwagon. The day after Christmas, I rushed over to Gamestop to try to sell it for whatever I could get and the kid at the counter said he was instructed not to accept those anymore. I’ve never even turned it on as I didn’t own any HD DVDs.

    • LOL I have one of those…it’s in its box sitting on a bundle of ethernet cable keeping it coiled up

  • theentropic

    The HTC Imagio, with Windows Mobile 6.5… the OS that was dead the day it was released.

  • Davros

    mac book air

  • HTC Corporation


    • LOL – at first I just saw “Beats” and didn’t get it. Well played

    • lol well done sir. +1 interwebs

    • I would have to agree on principle but it’s a good thing I never bought a pair heh

  • Shocker

    Blackberry Storm. Enough said…

    • I am so, so sorry…. 🙁

    • Wongjo

      Me too and HTC thunderbolt!

      • UrDoGG

        Yeah, me too. I almost gave up on smart phones altogether because of them…

    • angermeans

      Ha ha that was mine as well. What a horrible phone.

    • GT500_Grad

      Agreed!! That and iPad 2. Should have gone transformer…

    • Illegitimi non Carborundum

      Storm 2 here. Argh. Still haven’t recovered fully.

    • eddy

      oh my god, that was a horrible phone….

  • AroundTheFur

    I bought a Sony Vaio laptop, had to replace the hdd and all of the plastic trim and mouse buttons broke after 2-3 months. Never again

    • Droid me!

      Thats sad, I have one for 2 plus years now and its in mint condition and I use it a lot. I do tend to use a bluetooth mouse with it. I lug it between home and work everyday.

      • i still have a VAIO from 2006 running a fresh install of XP. its my vacation machine now for emails and light photo processing.

  • Samsung Droid Charge!!

  • Rex


  • eclipsegst4mee

    Samsung Omnia hands down. They had no idea how to make a touchscreen phone.

  • gbenj

    A controller for Xbox that had a built in screen. Two of them. I don’t think I ever used them and somehow the screen fell off and disconnected from the controller.

    Amazon wouldn’t take them back, although I’m sure their customer service is better these days than it was 10 years ago.

  • ragnarok180

    Nintendo 3DS… The games they’ve released so far are either unoriginal or just plain crap…

  • 3800$ gaming pc. Between school and work I don’t use it anymore. Now on eBay for 1900$ w around 500$ worth of accessories for free. ;(

  • patsfan630

    I bought a minidisc player in about 2001. Total waste

    • Sobr0801

      These where actually kinda cool, they just never caught on.

    • Jose Garcia

      jajajajaj i was rocking one too! I used to be the cool kid! thanks for the memories!

    • CrewF24

      Loved mine at the time, but now have a bunch of music stuck on those discs

    • paul_cus

      Me, too. I liked it for the few years I used it though.

    • Bauce40

      I had one too, actually got a lot of use out of it. I actually still have mine though, not sure why, guess the nostalgia was more than the $20 I could get on ebay

    • harryharry

      The little stereo microphone that came with mine was super handy for grabbing quick recordings of band practices. Kind of a shame they never really took off otherwise though

  • Steve Wojciechowski

    My wife and I both got iPods back in the day. Apple gear is garbage. Just the fact you have to use iTunes is the biggest deal breaker, and it is by far the worst experience anyone could ever have. Give me UMS, or at least MTP. It’s sad because the Zune was such a far superior device, but never caught popularity because of iDiots.

    • scooter1265

      I debated long and hard about buying a Zune HD or a Droid. I decided for the Droid, and I’d say it was a good choice!

    • droidman101

      I do have to say, the Zune was the one mobile device that Microsoft made that hasn’t totally and completely sucked (and its actually GOOD too!).

  • trixnkix637

    Virtual Boy. Hands down.

    • trumpet444

      I always wanted one as a kid, but it also looked like it would give you a migraine

      • I had a friend that got one and it did give migraines. I played it for about 10 minutes and I was sick for hours.

    • ooh good one. I remember playing that back in the day and thinking ‘why the hell would anyone buy this???’

  • Samsung Facinate, the crap of TouchWiz and the useless Bing search made it freaking terrible. Only had it for two months, didtched it as soon as I could.

  • Gus

    A set of Skull Candies.

  • Michael Reidlinger

    I like Kellex have purchased a new Motorola Xoom LTE but at the price I was able to finagle with Verizon (150.00), I can put up with the screen and the updates issue.

    • Now that I have 4g at my house, I wish my Xoom was LTE. And I have no regrets about purchasing a Xoom. Its little quirks arent enough to bother me. I still use it regularly and I own a Nexus 7.

      • Droid me!

        Other than crap service from Verizon, I love my Xoom LTE and with icecream sandwich its performance has been flawless. I not in a rush to get a new tablet but that new samsung note 10.1 is looking mighty fine. It would go well with my Galaxy S3. 🙂

        • I would love to use the stylus on the Note 10.1. I bought my Xoom thinking I could use it for pdf textbooks and note taking for college, but my school has a lot of WiFi dead zones.
          ICS is worlds better than Honeycomb.

  • HANDSPRING PDA. still got it!

  • John

    LG EnV by far. Biggest piece of shi t I’ve ever owned.

    • trumpet444

      The V was better. Compared to today’s tech its crap but I was happy with the V at the time (2005 I think?). With good lighting it took great pictures for a phone

  • jmich

    Sony Mini disc player

  • Matthew Rosidivito

    Palm TX

  • r0lct

    Compaq iPaq because I thought it was cool device, what a waste of hundreds of dollars.

  • Jack

    My Worst Purchase Was The Galaxy Tab 10.1 I Just Prefer My iPad

  • jake

    Worst gadget I purchased would have to be my DROID X2…

  • TG

    blackberry storm. it helped me move to android, purchased the moto droid right after and never looked back


    Im embarassed to say this but… My father bought…. a palm pre 🙁

    Please don’t judge me

  • Blackberry Storm

  • trumpet444

    back when I actually owned an iPad, the iRig was the worst thing I’ve ever bought. It was chock full of expensive in-app purchases and it was merely a parlor trick anyway

  • Gary

    Logitech Revue What a waist of $399.00

  • I’ve probably had worst purchases but the Droid Charge is the first one I came up with while thinking about this.

  • lostboiwonder

    it’s between the Palm LifeDrive and the LG Ally for me…

  • edwoordd

    Blackberry storm! mother of god that phone lagged all the time

  • Jacob

    The quality is awesome and OS is honestly well designed… but there’s like no apps for this.
    Wish I could put android on it.

  • Joshua Carroll

    I think you should send me your nexus Q so i can test it out to see if that would be my worst product. If not then I would have to say the work product i ever owned was for 3 days and that was an iPhone while I waited for my Droid 3 to get fixed.

  • The LG Voyager. It was my last feature phone before I picked up the OG droid. I shouldn’t complain too much. I only paid for one…the 5 replacements were free :-

    I do have to admit that it had one of the best physical keyboards I have ever used.

  • tiptoptommy

    Samsung stratosphere

  • WrlsFanatic

    Palm Pre. No question. WebOS STILL isn’t ready for prime time. Conversely, I’m still ridiculously happy with my TouchPad running Android.

  • Voyager

    • Sobr0801

      Motorola Voyager, bought one for my step son so I could have an upgrade on my line. Works fine for a basic phone with no data.

      • LG* ?

        • droidman101

          Wasn’t there the Voyager and the Voyager 2? I can’t remember exactly but I think they were made by different manufacturers.

          • i dont think there was a voyager 2. there was the envy2 which was basically the voyager but with a keypad on the front.

          • After a short Google search All the results pointed to LG- I had an LG voyager but thought maybe another company had a phone of the same name? Anyways seems to just be LG.

  • twistedsyx

    Chinese iPad clone the aPad, ran android 2.0 or 2.1, I forget by now. It was a terrible 7 inch tablet that the power port disconnected after about 6 months of use. Or my 17 inch Dell notebook.Vista preinstalled. I’ve learned a bit since then.

  • Baconator

    HP touchpad. It weighs a lot and is slow and buggy. Would have rather bought a Galaxy Tab.

  • The Droid Eris. My BB Storm crapped out on me and I had to get another phone. It was 2 months away from the Incredible being released, but my hand was forced. I ended up adding another line to my family plan and getting the Incredible about 9 months later.
    And may not qualify, but a Sega CD. Way over priced for its time and it had a terrible shelf life.

    • r0lct

      Blasphemy, my Sega CD and 32X where worth every penny! 😛

      • Lol, what did you play on Sega CD? I liked Vay and Lunar, but that was about for me.

        • r0lct

          Sonic and Ecco the Dolphin were probably my favorites but also had eternal champions, Mortal Kombat, earthworm jim and some others.

  • dazz1996

    Lol and my BB storm 2

  • There isn’t anything. I always research before buying something

    • Liderc

      Agreed. I research everything I buy, I’m never surprised by anything or let down by anything.

  • EDNYLaw

    Droid Bionic, by far. That thing dropped signal like it was designed to do that. Thankfully I complained enough to Motorola and they shipped me a Razr to replace it, but that Bionic, that was my first dissatisfaction with a Moto product, then the whole Razr, Razr Maxx and now Razr HD thing, I’m dissatisfied with the company in general. Moto Nexus 2012, YES WE CAN!

  • Tommy Thompson

    iPod Photo, died within a year of ownership.

  • Jerrod Schultz

    I think Logitech Revue is up there…

    • I sent that thing back the day I got it.

      • Erik Meyers

        C’mon. I bought mine at $99 and it is great at that price. Will be better when movies and TV are part of it too

        • I bought mine for $150 and it actually made watching TV harder. My blu ray player’s web apps performed way better than Google TV did at the time. With better hardware, I would consider getting Google TV in the future, but I just really didn’t like the Revue. I had friends and family come over and play with it and it was unanimous.

    • r0lct

      If I had paid $300 for mine I might agree, but being part of the $100 fire sale, it’s worth it IMO.

  • James Urquhart IV

    Palm Pilot

  • dazz1996

    I would have to say my droid X2 and Verizon Xoom lte

  • Chad

    An iPad!

  • Man_Pancake

    Sony SmartWatch… embarrassed to say I even bought that thing

  • Bionic was just terrible.

  • JJ

    BB Storm 1

  • Recently, I think the Droid 3 would have to be the worst gadget I’ve ever purchased.

    • thors1982

      agreed… Droid 3. NO UPDATES whatsoever. This is also why I will never buy another motorola device. Until they completely change.

    • Disagree. Droid 3 was my favorite Droid and I loved the design. Amazing battery life too.

      • Daniel

        You guys should relax a little, the CM team is working on a unified kernel that will work across Droid 3, 4, Bionic, and Razrs and allow them to port ICS and JB back to the Droid 3 since Moto gave up on it. So hang tight!!

    • Eric

      Its nice when traveling abroad

    • aross6

      Droid 3 was the WORST device I ever purchased, hands-down! Thank God I was able to off this piece on Craigslist and Verizon let me upgrade early to the GNex!

  • Zune HD — The device itself was really nice, but they never actually did anything with it. It was just a test run for Windows Phone 7.

    • The Zune HD was a fantastic mp3 player…my car was broken into and my Zune was stolen…it was a sad day.

      • Some guy broke into my car to steal my original Zune. I face palmed.
        Then tracked my laptop (that he found) and lead the police to him. Got the laptop but no zune.
        Zune > iPod. Zune > iTunes. I hate the world that let the Zune die. so much better as a mainstream device.

  • MJZ

    Tom Tom GPS – bought it 3 months before the OG Droid came out.
    I haven’t touched it since.

    I also bought an iPhone4… horrible device.

    • droidman101

      Whenever I use one of my family’s iPhones (my sister dad and mom all have one) I have to remind myself that Apple was stupid and put settings for apps under general settings.

  • cb2000a

    Acer tablet…won’t buy their product again.

  • ManBearPig618

    Bionic sucked pretty hard

    • MJZ

      My Bionic is rockin. Awesome device which just keeps getting better. ICS is smooth as silk on it.

  • Paul Novak

    Blackberry Storm. ‘nuf said.

    • I liked it at the time. Considering the Iphone was the only alternative for touch devices at the time.

    • xformulax

      never had one but a few friends did…. definitely the most worthless “smartphone” in recent memory… even worse than the wifes first droid… the Eris.

      • lostsync

        The Eris had a strong and dedicated community. IIRC it was also the first phone with an SDK port of ICS. Out of the box, it was basically worthless, but it had some great ROMs that made it perfectly usable. My duaghter still uses my wife’s old one with CM6.

        EDIT: I just realized I’m posting on a 16 day old thread…

    • Droidzilla

      I had a buddy with a BB that upgraded to a Thunderbolt. The poor thing thinks that the Thunderbolt is an awesome phone!

      • TheUI

        Solid Snake. Disqus.

  • cody

    any LG device….

  • Guest

    A fake weiner

    • Steve Wojciechowski

      This is the “worst” not the “best” purchase 😛

  • sway

    Iphone 3gs