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HTC Thunderbolt Official Ice Cream Sandwich Build Leaks, Ready for ROM Flashers to Entertain

Thunderbolt owners! An official Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.3) build has been released in ROM form for you to take for a spin. Thanks to Team BAMF, you can taste the sweet update ahead of Verizon’s approval. The build number is 7.00.605.2, which bumps the device up to Sense 3.6 and an experience most Thunderbolt owners will be pleasantly surprised with. The separate “Quick Settings” tab that HTC includes is top notch. The Settings menu has also been completely revamped to match ICS styling.

The ROM itself is stock (deodexed), but does include root. HTC’s “spyware” has also been removed. You can grab the file from the source link below.

So until HTC and Verizon finalize everything in order to meet their self-imposed August deadline, this should hold you over. And feel free to the flip the bird to Woz.

Via:  BAMF

Cheers Josh!

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  • Alex

    I already downloaded the leak update but nothing changed. Was there something more I was suppose to do? HELP!

  • truckjoe79

    so how exactally do i install it after downloading?

  • JOSBT112


  • John

    Ok, so here we are at the very last day of the month, well tomorrow and just like I suspected, no actual release. HTC did it again. We should be able to return this phone and trade it in for something better. At least a nexus. This really sucks man, I getting my hopes up high and nothing out just a buggy leak…..

  • John

    It looks really good but the battery life really sucks, Its been a week on this leak and no new other builds off this, why? I don’t think that HTC will release an official because its too buggy. So long to the TB getting ICS. We’re just going to use this leak and hope for the best.

  • TurtleMX37

    I downloaded this, and ran it recovery, when I went to reboot my phone it freezes at that Thunderbolt start up screen, any solutions ?

  • Amelissa

    Can someone tell me how to u root das bamf from my thunderbolt please?

    • Amelissa1

      “un root”

  • Ontheteebox

    Downloaded fine. Now am getting error: “there is a problem parsing the package”. Help!

  • me

    anyone running wifi tether on ICS? I’m using this ROM . . .everything works great except wifi tether . . . seems to have broken it. Anyone got it working?

  • wawabink

    Download the things and now what??? I don’t see anything

  • ljedik

    what does it mean if it is stuck on the HTC logo after booting back up?

  • jeesung

    hmm, need to find my TB and charge her up to check this out.

  • Dan

    When I seen this post, i looked over to my desk draw where i have kept my tbolt since gs3. Right away I installed this new ICS rom. I have always loved the TBOLT. I remeber buying it the first day it came out and no phone in my eyes except the gs3 has lived up to it. I have purchased every (BIG) phone the day of release and got rid of them all for verous reasons. Since the TBolt release, I have had the Bionic, Razor and GNex getting rid of them all and back to the TBolt, the gs3 has been the only phone that is living up to my expectations. I love the TBolt and loaded ICS on it this morning. I posted it on CL and if somebody does buy it for the 150 i’m selling it for will get an amazing device. -Dan

    • Dan

      Sorry about the miss spells

  • JoshGroff

    Just flashed it a few hours ago, loving it so far.

  • C-Law

    Too bad its not 4.0.4! The difference in speed and smoothness was very noticeable on my gnex

  • Pippy P. Poopypants

    Who the hell is Woz?

    • Josh

      Wozniak, apple, Steve-O, the bearded Appletonian.

  • Jose C

    I hate to admit that i have never done this before. I already downloaded the files from BAMF on my phone, i extracted all files, and have rebooted the phone. Nothing new has happened to my phone. I would appreciate your help as to what I am missing in the process. Thank you all

    • josh

      you must be rooted, must have a custom Recovery installed (TWRP or CWM, for example), reboot into Recovery, wipe data/cache, install zip from sd card, choose zip, find the downloaded file, highlight yes, when it’s finished–reboot system now, wait for ICS to be on the phone once booted up.

      • Jose C

        Thank you, i am reading more on rooting, a little scary for potentially losing all your information. Thank you nonetheless

        • josh

          no worries; there are Auto-Root kits (check out Android central, thunderbolt forums, roms & rooting. before you root (which wipes), you can backup all your texts/pics via 3rd party applications that store the info on your sd card. after rooting, install the app, then restore the info. then, later, install TitaniumBackup which creates a backup of all apps (and app data) which can be restored after each ROM flashing.
          it gets much easier with time 🙂

          • Jose C

            Thank you Josh, i appreciate the help and tips

  • JoshGroff

    Totally stoked to try this out, what better to do on a Wednesday than to sit back with a cigar and flash an ICS ROM to my T-Bolt?

  • edwoordd

    I have it running but you can only overclock it to 1024 ghz 🙁

    • JoshGroff

      Aka you can’t overclock. That’s max stock frequency.

  • cdick133

    Getting an OS update 9 months after its release isn’t really much of an argument against Woz’s point.

  • Larry

    It’s back up and running with mirrors now

  • Mario Mendez

    And everybody was dissing the Thunderbolt lol

  • rey

    Why the fk is there no mirrors? Seriously did bamf not think their site was going to get DDoSed?

    • Larry

      It’s back up and running with two mirrors

  • coolsilver

    Thanks now no one can download due to the flood. No Mirrors ….

  • LionStone


  • Tetons

    Oh please get ahold of yourself…Leaked ROMs mean nothing…the Bioninc nightmare.. So think as you will..it’s a view from the Verizon goggles. Scewd, obscured, unrelenting disrespects of a customer, if you buy into it.

    • hkklife

      The last 3 leaked Bionic ICS ROMs have actually been very, very good. I blame VZW for sitting on the updates and delaying testing. In fact, other than possibly being off the upgrade path and not having a way to FXZ back to Gingerbread, the latest 238 Bionic ICS leak is certainly good enough to be a daily driver. So yeah, If I was still hanging on to a TB, I’d definitey give this one a whirl.

      Now the big question is if the Inc2 will receive ICS officially. I say…no.

  • David Dudovitz

    Dang! When will the Inc2 receive some love?

    • Me

      Check out androidpolice or xda for an ics leak by nitsuj17

  • disqus_IHpm8UzFns

    Does anyone know if this means we finally have the ril we’ve been waiting on?

    • RobMorris


  • dbentley

    bamf is down for the count

    • Larry

      Their site must be getting blown up by Thunderbolt users wanting to take ROM for a spin.

    • Larry

      Ok, it’s back up and running with mirrors

  • *This* is ICS?
    It hurts my eyes!

  • TheDrunkenClam

    So does this mean that one could extract the Radios (RIL/Binaries) from this and build an AOSP Rom? Much like Slayher did with the gingerbread leak! And, based on what we saw with the GNex, since the ICS and JB radios aren’t much different, could an AOSP JB Rom be made possible with this?

    • Romnen

      Yes sir! This is what the Thunderbolt community has been waiting for! Now we should see a few AOSP roms pop up. As for JB I’m not sure. I don’t see why they wouldn’t be able to since ICS to JB isn’t the same jump as GB to ICS was. The question I think is more along the lines of is anyone willing to develop a JB rom for the TB. I really hope so though!

  • monster413

    noob? sorry do i download this to my phone and just run the ROM

    • New_Guy

      Please don’t try that. You need root permission and a custom recovery (preferably clockwork mod). You will want to either do some heavy research or ask a friend for help.

  • aharrson

    This download is going about as fast as the speed of the BIONIC’s release after CES 2011

    • JoshGroff

      117 KB/s with business class Verizon internet. >.> Almost a day after it was posted…

      • aharrson

        One of the mirrors last night was up to 2MB/s on Comcast.. Must have been freshly added.

        • JoshGroff

          well, a 30 min download at work isn’t horrible, but dang a 3 minute download would be awesome.

  • nightscout13

    Funny, right after the Woz states the Thunderbolt was the worst phone ever made…..

  • iseenolight

    looks very similar to Rezound ICS.

    • collinjw51

      Will be. They are both running Sense 3.6.

  • dbentley

    Oh man the d/l is going to take years lol

  • teh_Jughead

    need mirror or torrent badly.


    Any word on this thing in my hand called a Bionic?

    • JoshGroff

      Not that I’ve heard. >.> You could try Gummy ICS though, last I recall it was working. (I.E. like 3-4 months ago when I still had it.)

  • collinjw51

    Bamf is completely bogged down, download failed at 7%

    • Larry

      Try again now

  • dbentley

    Is link down? I am unable to load!! lol its like crack

    • Larry

      Not anymore

  • Butters619

    Did HTC add quick settings or did the devs? I know on all the One X ROMS that has been added in by devs.

    • Pretty sure this was HTC this time.

      • JoshGroff

        HTC had quick settings since GB. I’m pretty sure only devs allow you to change them though.

  • slpbird

    I would wait for the official update from verizon. I installed a leaked version of ics on my rezound and now I am unable to pull the official version from verizon.

    • TheFirstUniverseKing

      Have you reverted to a stock ROM? If you’re on a modified Android ROM (that even includes ROMs that have merely had their “bloat” removed) on any device, you probably won’t be able to receive an official update.

    • Larry

      That may have to do with how you rooted your phone because those that used the HTC website to root their Rezounds are experiencing issues with Verizon’s OTA update because using HTC’s website has partially unlocked your phone and Verizon has figured out how to block those users. From what I’ve ready you have to be fully rooted with S-Off or completely stock to install the official ICS OTA update released by Verizon. So unless your Thunderbolt still has S-On, then you won’t have the same issues that your’re experiencing with your Rezound.

      • Larry

        To add on to that lengthy response, HTC has made is possible with the Rezound for it to be rooted through a website they built, which is what I think you may have used just like I did without turning S-On to S-Off. I don’t believe that option existed for many rooted Thunderbolt users who rooted their phones before HTC officially brought their website online. So if you were a late root user of the Thunderbolt that used HTC developer website, then yes you could be just as vunerable as Rezound users such as myself who took the easy way of rooting the Rezound out and used the HTC developer website. The easy way of rooting through HTC developer website simple means that you can root your phone and install custom ROMs and kernels, but you can’t alter the radio because S-On is still active. So either Verizon has figured out how to block official OTA update from installing because your phone isn’t truly set to S-Off or the offical OTA ICS update for the Rezound includes a radio update and the phone still having S-On is causing it to reject the update. As soon as the traffic dies down on BAMF website, I’m going to take this ICS update for a spin.

    • JoshGroff

      You have to revert to stock and boot to fastboot, type fastboot oem lock
      and re-lock the boot-loader, otherwise you can’t install an OTA.

  • I’ll load this up on my TB just for giggles.

  • steve0617

    Whoa, Bamf site HOSED right now.

    • Larry

      It’s back up and running with mirrors

  • Murphy

    Holy!!! 🙂

  • s23

    Wonder how long the battery will last with ICS? Lol

  • SomeDooD123

    God, that skin looks NASTY.

    • New_Guy

      Ohhh, you just wait. There have been plenty of custom roms waiting in the wings for this to release. They need the RIL to work. I’m fairly stoked right now 🙂

  • New_Guy

    Woooooooooo!!! Take that Woz!!!

    • Tom

      I have the Thunderbolt and still feel it’s the worst phone I have ever owned. Terrible radio, battery (need I say more), reboots sometimes for no reason.

      • JoshGroff

        Enter comment about how Thundershed will save your life. Also, being the first phone with LTE implemented, what did you expect, get an extended battery if it’s that bad.

        • mgamerz

          I have a friend with an extended 3500mAh battery. Its a tank but he tethers it for 5 people when I work with him at my university (the wifi is horrendous!) and that thing chugs all day and night and still has 30% when he gets home.

          • JoshGroff

            See, that’s how you’re supposed to roll. Either that or a mophie 4000mAh juice pack. 😉

    • Larry

      Yeah, it appears that they now have two mirrors up to support the mass downloads

      • Larry

        Ok, I think I’ll just stop posting updates on the links for this ROM because Team BAMF can’t seem to make up their minds about whether to leave them up or take them down. As right now they are down again.

    • picaso86

      Do you know how long I waited for this to happened? I switched to my Razr Maxx and I am loving it 🙂