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Amazon Goldbox Deals: SanDisk Class 10 32GB and 64GB microSD Cards for $24 and $50

For those of you who picked up a Galaxy S3 over the last couple of months, but has yet to grab a 64GB high-speed microSD card for it, you may want to cruise through Amazon’s Goldbox deals of the day. SanDisk and a variety of their storage solutions are featured, but to most of you, the highlights will be their microSD cards. You can pick up a 64GB Class 10 card for $49.99 or a 32GB Class 10 card for $23.99. Those, my friends, would be considered impressive deals.

If microSD cards aren’t your thing, and you have other backup needs, SanDisk has you covered. You can grab solid state hard drives or regular sized SD cards on the cheap as well.

Amazon Links:  32GB Class 10 microSD | 64GB Class 10 microSD

More Links:  All SanDisk Goldbox Deals

  • Mataman

    Just ordered my 64GB for $43 free shipping. Estimated delivery date oct29-nov1.

  • icecore

    Where can i find shipping to Israel? Amazon doesnt allows that…

  • minghao579


  • Pegleg

    CAVEAT EMPTOR! These do not work in all devices! Make sure your device can recognize these before shelling out your $$$$ Bought one for my ASUS Infinity Tablet and it isn’t recognized in any format…NTSF or exFat.

  • RoadsterHD1

    Got mine……


    If you click on the ”
    64GB Class 10 microSD ” link the price is $57.89 + $3.99 shipping but if you click on the ”
    All SanDisk Goldbox Deals ” link the price is $49.99 with free shipping. The choice is yours.

  • da

    Anyone know where I can get a adapter for micro sd that is like this
    http://www.lexar.com/products/lexar-jumpdrive-firefly-usb-flash-drive?category=207 with the usb part that pulls away from the keychain so I don’t have to have my keys sitting on top of the computer?

  • Sean Wood

    Serendipitous… My GB card that I’ve had since my OGDroid just crapped out on me… 32GB done.. and done…

  • possomcrast1

    I just got the same 32gb card at best buy for 24 dollars. It was a deal of the day.

  • Just pulled the trigger on the 64GB. Selling my 32GB to a coworker for $20 cold

  • Matt

    They were out of 64 by the time I got there. I went ahead and got a 32 though as iits still an upgrade from my current 16gb.

    • 64GB is back, but at $57 + $3 shipping.

      • George264

        Nope still 50$ but ships in 10-13 weeks. I don’t mind. GETTING IT 😀

        • ScottyByrd

          After I read your post I noticed my estimated delivery was 7-14 Sept lol. Its all good though I would have still gotten it. $180 card for $50 is my kinda deal

  • Levi Wilcox

    Got the 64GB for my Infinity. 🙂

  • kwubba

    Prime baby…will have it in 2 days free shipping!

  • Raven

    If only my Nexus 7 had a MicroSD slot. I already have 32’s in my 2 other tablets and phone.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Got my 32 From Amazon a couple weeks ago for 30. I’ts always pretty affordable. Wasn’t going to be 50 for the 64 any way to be honest… 32+16 is more than enough

  • noc007

    For those not finding the deal, go here:

    The link that DL has is for the product page and for some reason it’s not defaulting to the seller being Amazon or the lower price. You can use DL’s links, just hit the link on the product page for the different sellers. The 64 GB one says “17 New from $49.99”: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B007WTAJTO/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new

    • Detonation

      That’s because it out of stock now and won’t ship for 3-5 weeks

      • noc007

        Ahh. Missed that part. For that price, I’m willing to wait.

    • Just bout 2 64’s..one for the SG3 and one for the wifes R_MAxx..still 49.99 w/ free shipping too

  • Manuel Coronado


  • Ken Bosse

    Sold out…UGH

  • Too bad both the Gnex and N7 don’t accept expansion cards. :sadpanda:

  • 64GB OOS. Higher price now.

    • Detonation

      Still $50 from Amazon (look on the right side) but doesn’t ship for 3-5 weeks

    • It isn’t OOS. Check the other buy options. You can still get from Amazon for 49.99.. Keyword, buy it from Amazon and not the CalvinNHobbs dealer.

  • Radgatt


  • Detonation

    Apparently 64GB micro sd’s also work on the RAZR

    • No they don’t. I’ve tried.

      • Charlie

        Yes they do, once you format the card through the Razr.

        • Do you have to format anything for the RAZR..OR JUST READY TO GO??

    • they work on the bionic too

    • noc007

      Droid 4 as well. Just like the RAZR, just insert and tell it to format.

  • Just ordered both…WIN…