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Ice Cream Sandwich Update Now Available for Motorola XYBOARD WiFi 10.1 and 8.2

As a fresh way to kick off the week, Motorola has announced that an Ice Cream Sandwich update is available for both models of the XYBOARD WiFi tablets. As you would imagine, the jump from Honeycomb to ICS is rather massive, so the changelog is quite extensive. Some of the more intriguing features users will notice is the re-vamped notification area, re-sizeable widgets, and face unlock.

If you happen to own of these tablets, install the update and let us know how you’re liking ICS down below.

Via: MotorolaDroid Dog

  • badchoice

    bought a used xyboard is ther any way to use it with other carriers like my galaxy

  • I actually just picked an VZW LTE 32gb version over the weekend… had a Xoom for the longest time, but ICS sealed the upgrade for me. Though the bootloader is still locked, at least I have ICS and Root. Xyboard is really nice, my favorite part about it is the Micro-USB charger… now my Rezound and Xyboard can both charge using the same cables!

  • I actually love my xyboard 8.2 because for me, it’s really the perfect size. I have the ipad and my husband has the nexus 7, but I like the inbetween size of the 8.2. I’m eagerly awaiting the ICS update but nothing yet.

  • CP

    Still no update available here….. anyone who got it?

  • Russ Thacher

    The update is for the 10.1 versions only and not the 8.2

  • thenew3

    my xyboard 8.2 still shows no update available.

  • hkklife

    What an utter disaster the Xyboard line has been for Moto. First, they saddle them with that retarded name and branding for the US market. Secondly, they drop the microSD slot that has been a hallmark of every prior (and subsequent) Moto Android device and put an atrocious Blur version of HC on the tablets and were late to the ICS party. Finally, worst of all, they get all tied in with VZW on some kind of rotten exclusivity and only sell the wi-fi versions direct from Moto’s webstore, with NO B&M retail presence whatsoever in other outlets.

    A shame, really, as these guy charged reliably over microUSB, were slightly thinner and sleeker than the Xoom, and had better screens and build quality. They were just underwleming spec-wise and horribly, horribly overpriced.

  • terafloppy

    More hearsay? Can we please have an actual Xyboard owner confirm this? I own one and as of 20 seconds ago, there is still NO system update available for it.

  • Now we only beed it for the XYBOARD 10.1 LTE ! So probably another three months???haha

  • jeesung

    is this killer feature in my Razr ICS?

    “When you shoot videos, you can now choose from a number of silly faces and other fun effects which recognize individual facial features so you can give your friends big eyes, squeeze heads, make noses bigger, or change the scenery with background replacement.”

  • bakdroid

    And this is the difference between WiFi devices and Verizon devices. Verizon devices are delayed updates until the last possible second while the others hit their mark on time. The 4G people and the Bionic complainers, blame Verizon not Moto. 1) Find and run the leaks. 2) Shut your pie holes!

    • Buy This

      +1 from a Bionic owner


      Word of warning about the leaks, at least in my experience: Your tablet will not enter deep sleep which means when your tablet would normally sit idle and draw next to no power, it will now sit at 300MHz killing your battery much faster than you’d like.

    • RJ1008

      Just because you find it convenient to install some leak with bugs, other are supposed to follow it? I pay huge money every month for these phones and service and VZW/Moto are supposed to take care of it officially. So, shut your pie hole. OK.

      • bakdroid

        Perhaps you need to do some actual research instead of just mouthing off. If you look into the leaks, there are very solid ones out there with fewer bugs then the Razr’s OTA. .232 for the Bionic is extreamely solid with no issues to speak of and you can still get back to the OTA path.

        • The collective

          Thay is beyond the point, we shouldn’t have to install leaks. With as much money a month we pay there shouldn’t be any 4G issues is what he means. It goes beyond the money too it’s the fn principal. Can’t tell if you’re an interwebz propagandist working for verizon? Or just some duche.. frymeme.png

          • The collective


          • bakdroid

            Wow, so basically you are clueless. You talk about money then say it isn’t about the money. So who is the douche now? Your sense of entitlement is ridiculous. Perhaps you should yell at Microsoft for not sending you an install disc for windows 8 for free since you are running windows 7. Also, nowhere in his post does he say anything about 4g issues. Go find someplace else to troll where people are gullible enough to believe your crap!

  • Russ Thacher

    I have been checking for this update since yesterday when I saw it reported on and nothing yet.

  • J. Gilbertson

    Wait… people still run Honeycomb? Those poor poor souls… With Xoom already on JB you wouldn’t think that newer devices would still be doing HC.

    • JoshGroff

      The Xoom is also an unofficial Nexus. So that makes sense.


    I’m going to need someone to pull the update for me. I jumped on the leaked build and while it is a lot nicer than HC was, my tablet will not enter deep sleep.

  • jimmydeans

    So where is it for Verizon Xyboard 10.1 LTE ????

    • Buy This

      Why do you even post this? You know VZW has to sign off and approve. How about being happy that it is receiving support and this is an indication that sometime in the future, it will be released for you.

      • jimmydeans

        why do I post this? Because Motorola has some of the best hardware. Or had, before their screens started becoming pentile garbage. And Verizon has the best network. But due to their greed or incompetence or both, they have far inferior products. FAR. Asus tablets have JELLY BEAN. The price of the Xyboard is SKY HIGH. I mean seriously it’s over 500 bucks on a contract. !!! And yet while Xoom has Jelly Bean meanwhile Xyboard is stuck with POS 3.2 HoneyComb. Ugh. You know it’s funny. The Xoom was like the OG Droid. Then the management idiots there probably came in and said nope, we have to Blur it ,that’ll really “help”… : / Watch the Android poweruser exodus.. and we influence others’ buying decisions. I hope the bootloader unlock tool will come to Xyboard but I doubt it.

      • jimmydeans

        Also VZW I’m sure has had this for months. They just want to drag their feet until the “Xoom 3” or whatever is out, so they can sell that with one selling point as it comes with ICS. Such BS.

  • Buy This

    cue that “Bionic” guy whining about not receiving ICS yet.

    • JoshGroff

      Isn’t there a leak he can install? I don’t know why people bother waiting for the “official” updates.

      • Buy This

        Ha of course, but it’s easier to just come here and complain apparently. I think I am gonna do it today just for kicks.

      • Mr Waldo

        Why would I install an unfinished leak that has bugs in it?

        • JoshGroff

          With how buggy stock sometimes ends up being, you really aren’t that much worse off (usually.)


    Ones and ones of people just got excited…

    • Buy This

      haha dude have you actually played with one. They are just…not that great. I have been rockin a Xoom wifi for a while now and my only beef is the screen being mediocre. Otherwise it’s an absolutely fantastic tablet and continues to perform great. Those Xyboards though, and I realize I was using one with Honeycomb, they were just awful. Every criticism leveled against the OG xoom was pretty much left untouched or unimproved in the upgrade.

      • hkklife

        In all fairness, the Xyboard were ruined mostly by astronomical pricing, trying to force LTE versions down uers’ throats instead of wifi versions, and the horrible Blur HC. Hardware-wise they were quite solid (I especially liked the formfactor of the 8.2″ version) but failed to improve on the OG Xoom in enough key areas. I have a feeling Moto has built their final tablet. Otherwise, I’d LOVE to see a continuation of the Xoom line as wi-fi only, unofficial Nexus tablets.

    • JoshGroff

      I actually considered getting one, but the Xoom won out in the end. (mainly because of Tegra Zone, and the horrendous pricing structure of the Xyboard.)

  • BrianLipp

    requisite first comment wherein Verizon is bitched at for not updating their version