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More Galaxy Note 2 Pictures Leaked, Home Button is Here to Stay (Update)

Thanks to a tipster of Know Your Mobile, this is the first full frontal shot of the mysterious Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung. Just days ago, we wrote up another leaked image of the device’s bezel and it looks exactly the same, even that huge home button along the bottom. Unfortunately, it looks like Samsung is sticking with that darn button. 

Along with the picture, the tipster has confirmed a 5.5″ display size, one of Sammy’s Super AMOLED displays (no specifics), their new 1.5GHz quad-core Exynos chip inside, 2GB of RAM, and Jelly Bean. Official unveiling of the device is to take place later this month at IFA in Europe.

Update: Just as we posted this, another picture has leaked!

Update 2: As with any other leak of this type, let’s try to remain hopeful, but also skeptical. That’s the nature of the Internet. In a world of a shady tipsters and fantastic Photoshop work, let’s take these as just a small stepping stone until official reveal at IFA later this month. Thanks, folks.

What are your thoughts? Anyone else hoping they ditch the home button before August 29?

Via: Know Your Mobile, Phandroid

  • Home Button Kick Ass!!!

    Home buttons kick ass!!! I’d say that Apple copied Windows, as they always had Home buttons on their earlier PDA phones.

  • dlcpa

    Just measured the height and width of the screen and I got a 16 X 10 ratio on the “When Magical Moments Come Alive.” Anyone else try this?

  • dmagicp

    Folks Samsung has already shown us the Note 2 in one of their commercials. I was sitting on the couch and had my friends siii in my hand when it came on. I said dude why does the siii that guy is holding look so damn wide? He didn’t believe me so I rewinded the commercial and paused it.I held up his siii and compared it with the phone the guy was holding on the commercial, and sure enough, it was definitely a different phone but looked almost exactly like a bigger wider version of the siii. It was a general Samsung commercial that wasn’t focusing on any particular device.

  • minghao


  • Ha Hyun Chung

    I for one hate soft buttons. I like hardware buttons. Some apps, without compatibility, doesn’t come out full screen with soft buttons. I hate that. Hardware buttons for the win. Thats the only reason I bought the S3.

  • Ron_Swanson

    These aren’t fake…..

  • Please Jesus let this come to Verizon!!

  • i would try to get a case that can hide the hard buttons and then install a custom rom with soft keys

  • ok i truly dont understand. samsung releases the galaxy nexus with on screen buttons, then continues to produce even more phones that have no on screen buttons. it really truly makes no sense to me.

  • Artistan

    Ugly. Too big. Not a fan just like the original Note.

  • NeveloII

    I personally like the home button to be honest

    • anon

      ♫Choices, everyone has ♪ choices!

      +1 cause I sorta like my home, now.

  • anon

    wahhh a button OMG it eats up all the phone! Common that space is filled even without it. Really do not like it do not buy it. End of story. Top image is shooped, note how thin the side bezels are the grain in the reflection and how uneven the spacing is around the home button not to mention proportions of the doodads at the top! hah still represents the phone enough to say GSIII and still like back to the predecessor.

  • you all act Like this Home Button is going to Destroy this Phone, when in all Reality you guys have been using Physical buttons since android First Came out. If it comes to Verizon our questions have been answered! This Device will be Awesome just like the OG Note, So calm DOWN with this Bashing!

    • SA_NYC

      Come on Ryan the home button is SO HUGE it takes up the entire photo, there’s literally no room left for screen–just look at the picture! It’s gonna be the world’s first all-button, zero-screen phone.

  • And this thing is coming to Verizon…. when?

  • George264

    I laugh sometimes when I see the bash on Apple products in the comments about how”OMG APPLE STILL USES HARDWARE BUTTONS? STILL A BIG FAT HOME BUTTON? god, so old, like their software, why not use that space for a bigger screen and use on screen buttons or capacitive!!!”
    Then Samsung makes home buttons EVERYWHERE
    “They are not copying apple, its rectangle”
    for 3 generations still there.
    “Yeah I like the home button it’s useful.”
    Cmon. I’m not an apple fanboy, but when I see the different feelings about the same thing just because it’s another brand. Don’t start saying how something is bad if you actually like it, but don’t like the brand.


    I would MUCH rather have physical buttons than software ones. I can’t see the appeal of on-screen software buttons.


    I would MUCH rather have physical buttons than software ones. I hate the idea of general buttons using valuable screen real-estate.

  • Detonation

    Honestly what’s the big deal with having a physical home button? Not trying to troll, just looking for some valid reasons on why everyone thinks it’s so bad.

    • JazzoRenee

      I’m still waiting too, because this whole “eats up the screen space” is dumb too and only relative. Who’s to say they would make the screen larger without the home button??

  • Answer2K1

    Maybe my computer is playing tricks on me but………..the two physical home buttons seem to have a different shape in both pics when looked at very closely…..

    • George264

      YOU ARE RIGHT! Genius bro. Yeah the bottom one does seem to be more of a trapezoid, and the top is more oval like. The bottom one seems to be the legit one because the SIII has a trapezoid home button. Top, maybe a prototype photo or a fake.

  • Tim242

    Another update is needed. This is a proven fake.

  • Usty

    Going from a GNex to GS3 I initially hated the home button, but in the past month I’ve come to get really used to it. I definitely like that it wakes up the phone and that there’s no screen real estate occupied by buttons. My issue is more with the capacitive buttons being accidentally hit when I’m typing in landscape.

  • Stewie

    Totally true! They;re not copying Apple, yet home button after home button …. Cmon Sammy, don’t actually change to a non-apple lookalike eh ?

  • Durango Jim

    That’s actually the new iPad mini

  • commenter

    I don’t understand why this phone is trying to compete with a Tablet. its not even a tablet/phone hybrid, just an oversized phone…on top of that, it’s still in production meaning it can still have parts upgraded to beat the Nexus 7 so obviously they would go around saying they’ll make the nexus 7 look “outdated.” Not interested in ALL of your iPhone 3G copy looking phones Samsung.

    • commenter

      To add onto why is this phone trying to compete with a tablet, if it’s trying to do so then that’s basically saying its trying to eliminate the tablet market..then why make tablets Samsung? Also, the price isn’t even in the same range as the Nexus 7. The Nexus 7 gave up some features for a lower price to appeal to everyone’s wallet while this one is gonna try to empty it.

      • Debbie Parker

        Sammy isnt trying to eliminate the tabket market with this, more like their selling to people like me who dont want a tablet because we dont want or feel the need to carry it AND my cell phone around.

  • jphanes24

    I could care less about a stupid physical home button or not. This WILL be my next phone, unless the new nexus has anything to say about it. If Verizon doesn’t get it…. so long, Big Red!!!

    • Luck

      You could care less? Meaning that you do have some care for it?

    • Tim242

      I think you mean “couldn’t care less.”

    • SA_NYC

      Love my GNex other than the battery life, but that part is SO bad (let’s be honest, people, and yes, I have it on 3G and wifi off, etc.) plus this huge screen and I will admit to being intrigued. Come on, Verizon!

  • Bionicman

    i actually dont mind the home button. i use it on my wifes gs3 and its not terrible. of course i prefer the on screen buttons but i dont think its as terrible as others have commented on.

  • interpol

    I really dont mind having a home botton. Like having the 2 options to wake the phone

  • I personally love the hardkeys on my Droid 4 and will be sad the day they get rid of my menu and search keys in favor of a useless “recent apps” key (home key long press already takes care of this). I hope (futilely) that Moto keeps their current hard key sets.

    But I guess I am the minority…

    • Daniel Maginnis

      I thought so too when I got the nexus 7. I currently have a droid 3. But even the menu button is superfluous. TThere is always menu dots at top right corner. I find myself using the recent apps all the time when I never did on my phone. I hate the fact they got rid of the search button. Especially going to miss my hold press voice search. But Google now is just a swipe up away. So they knew what they were doing.

    • Rob

      Yep, right there with you.

  • Destroythanet

    Customizable softkeys were possibly my favorite thing about my GNex. We need more OEMs to get on board with this.

    • Daniel Maginnis


      • Tim242

        Yes. You can add some, delete some. Change their size, or remove them. You can map long presses to them. Brought to you by AOKP and other custom ROM’s.

        • Daniel Maginnis

          ahh i see.. i only have a rooted droid 3 and a stock nexus 7. havent seen anything like that yet.

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    I think if we want to see OEMS fall in line with no hard keys or putting out vanilla android HTC can help make that happen. Right now HTC is struggling. I think a quick way to help them recover would be to put out vanilla android handsets the way it should be. I have no doubt they would see success and hopefully other OEMS would follow the lead. Moto is already owned by Google so we know they could go vanilla at any time. Samsung would probably be the last to fall in line, but I think our eco system needs a little consistency.

  • triangle8

    But is it coming to Verizon?

  • Zachary F
  • Doan

    Having a combination of hardware/capacitive buttons is terrible design. It completely destroys the smooth flow of the device when I’m navigating the screen and capacitive buttons with just a slight touch, and then I have to press down on the physical home button. Not to mention the button’s so damn thin that it’s even more annoying having such a small specific area that must be pushed down.

  • Greyhame

    Really sad to see the top android manufacturer (not to mention the manufacturer of the buttonless nexus) continuing to manufacture phones with hardware buttons. …ESPECIALLY a PHYSICAL home button like you know who.

    • SA_NYC


  • interstellarmind

    I would actually leave verizon for this phone.

    I sold my SGSIII so I could get the developer edition when it comes out… but now, I’m just waiting for thus beast!

    • Tim242

      No need for the dev edition. Easily unlocked from a simple app from the play store : )

  • Luck

    I really like having the buttons. I may have no use for Search button on my old Droid X but I love having the other 3 small buttons. Everytime I use a phone without the buttons it completely throws me off.

    • Right with you man, I don’t understand this hate for the hardkeys

      • gokusimpson

        I just have a hate for hardkey (single). Make them all buttons or on screen. None of this half and half.

        • I agree, that is silly. Worse then either/or

  • Seriously, OEMs cannot drag themselves away from using hardware buttons. And that is why, ladies and gentlemen, I will never buy anything but Nexus from now on.

    • UrDoGG

      Absolutely. Hardware buttons should be a thing of the past. Plus, my friend has the GS3 and the home button just seems like another way that Sammy is trying to mimic Apple.

      • anon

        you people do know home buttons or a central button is not a apple invention. Just as bad as the sheeple. Physical button avoids accidental presses of the capacitive home button when attempting to hold a near non existant bezel device.

        • UrDoGG

          I absolutely know that a physical home is not just an invention of Apple. I just think that Samsungs use of it resembles the iPhone too much on the gs3. What you describe in your statement “Physical button avoids accidental presses of the capacitive home button when attempting to hold a near non existant bezel device” has never once happened to me using either my gnex or nexus 7. Don’t get so butt-hurt.’

          • JonD

            lol it looks like an iPhone really ?? Its not round and it has chrome trim and matches the phone. And I wish my nexus and Gnex had them because I press it all the time… its one of the reasons I got a sg3 maybe you just have small hands

    • Greyhame

      Not all manufacturers (Motorola). Just sayin’.

  • RoyD

    I thought I would hate the home button on my S3, but I have enjoyed it quite a bit. It makes it easy to orient my hands on the device while not looking directly at it.

  • Name Name

    Samsung should ditch the FU***NG MENU button!

  • moelsen8

    wow sexy

  • Why do they keep going with a physical home button if they don’t want people thinking that they were/are copying Apple? Lose the physical button! And capacitive buttons. On screen buttons are the way to go.

    • DroidDoesnt_2

      They just can’t help themselves 🙂

    • paul_cus

      Must have extra buttons laying around the factory that they need to use up.

    • I for one like the physical home button on the GS3. That being said, the home button so low on a big device may be too awkward so I give it a good chance it is not there. THAT being said, a space at the bottom is necessary for the keyboard to be high enough for effective typing, which is a reason why the bevel is so big on N7 – so who the heck knows. 50/50. 🙂

      • tomn1ce

        My G-Nexus doesn’t have a physical button and the keyboard is high enough to type on it comfortably…

    • master94

      Because the fact that a company can own the rights to a button is stupid.I agree capacitive buttons are nicer.

    • Xephrey

      I’d hate to have only capacitive buttons! Especially ones that take up screen real-estate.

  • EEEEEEEEEEEEE…. im so happy!

  • itsacardigan

    That is 100% fake. It may look similar but that is a fake

    • Look at the new picture. Looks pretty legit from our end.


      • its fake photoshop

        • Conspiracy theorist 😛

          • droidman101

            The first one is a picture of a picture of the phone (either that or the new note is extremely thin).
            The second one is a decent Photoshop-not sure if it is real or faked.

          • mustbepbs

            I don’t know, man..I think your tin foil hat is on a little tight.

          • droidman101

            I was just pointing out what I saw. Note (no pun intended) that I also said that the second one I couldn’t tell.

          • The jury is always out until Samsung officially unveils it. 🙂
            Everyone has a right to be skeptical.

          • yimengh

            I think the new photo is still fake. On the leaked bezel the top and bottom are slightly curved (like the Samsung Capitvate), and the two sensors and front facing camera are slightly higher than the earpiece. The second photo has none of these things.

          • Rob

            Android Police is claiming it’s a fake. But DL and A&M are claiming to be true. Who is right?

          • It doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong. It’s a leaked picture. Let’s chill until IFA 😛

          • Rob

            lol, I was trying to make it look like, “who’s right? I can’t sleep until I find out. I must know nowwww!” like some crazy dude who just has to know. I’m just curious how one site can claim it’s fake and others either not catch on or know that it isn’t necessarily a fake and the other site is just trippin’.

          • droidman101

            Apparently, slashgear is saying they’re both fakes, the second one was a mockup by a guy named Daniel Uy, and the first was someone’s edit of it.

    • JBartcaps

      The bottom one looks fake because the photoshopped the invitation to the screen, which also probably explains why the bottom one looks like it has a bigger bezel

  • nope love the home button.

  • TheWenger

    Full frontal. Lawl.

  • Why so much hate hatin the home button?I don’t get it.I think it’s good to have that one button and have the other two buttons light up

    • htowngtr

      Would be nice to ditch the home button and use that real estate for a bigger screen or a smaller bezel

      • NicholasMicallef

        problem is there has not yet been a case where the real estate “taken by physical buttons” has been replaced with anything but the same size bezel. In other words, until technology permits that bezels can be made so small that it would be worth placing soft buttons instead of hardware, hardware buttons are the way to go. that said, I would like a recent apps switcher button instead of a menu button (with ICS and JBs awesome implementation I use it so much that long pressing home is getting annoying).

      • arc

        hating on the physical home button is fine and all, but maybe it’s just me but that bezel is insanely small! and 5.5″ not big enough for you? htowngtr is #notimpressed.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Why not have the home button but like the other 2 if you’re really going to have it though? . . . Nothing worse that actually having to PRESS the home button. Especially long pressing for the Recent List

    • DJyoSNOW

      Just saying (as did one other already) isn’t the Samsung home button one court case away from crapples punk a$$….

  • Amenemhat1

    first! Hate the home button!

    • sc0rch3d

      FIRST — to give you a -1

    • RoyD

      Congratulations, either for turning 12, or discovering late 90’s internet behavior. Here in the ‘future’, no one is impressed.

    • HTC1

      why do people always do this (especially when they are NEVER first). Please stop fool