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Feel Like Leaving AT&T or Verizon? Sprint Has $400 Waiting for You

We all complain about our cell carriers every now and then, but if this leaked flyer from Sprint is to believed, the Now Network is daring you to act on those words. The guys over at Phone Arena have come across a document that says if you transfer at least 3 lines over to Sprint from AT&T or Verizon you will qualify for a $400 rebate.

You can sign on with the Everything Data Share plan or the Simply Everything plan, one of the last true unlimited data plans in the business. The only catches to this rumored deal is that modems, tablets and accessories do not count, and one of the phone lines has to be transfered directly from another carrier.

$400 is a lot to throw around but not really enough to cover early termination fees. Still though, this is something to consider if you’re fed up with your carrier and at the end of your contract. Would you give this a serious look?

Via: Phone Arena

  • Dwight k

    I am so tired of all the carriers. times will change soon because how long can we keep up with this $80-90+ dollar cell phone bills. were does it end . the only way is to go with no contract. it just getting to be crazy…..

  • yarrellray

    Trust me Verizon is NOTHING SPECIAL but neither is Sprint. I have been there done that kicked both to the curb. Tmobile in New York City bitch slaps both of them.

  • joe

    I’ll leave when they take away my unlimited data. Otherwise, I’m here to stay.

  • Tim242

    I work in a Sprint store. This is valid. Also, you can get a free Overdrive hotspot, or free ZTE Optik with the purchase of a smartphone. Even as a Sprint employee that could have free service…I hold on to my Verizon service : )

  • shehippie

    I dont think the $400 would cover the gas it would take me to drive to a spot that has sprint coverage, everytime I wanted to make a call. Guess I will stick with VZW.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    If it worked on one line maybe. But they have bad service seemingly everywhere in Portland

  • Cameron Cox

    My AT&T contract is up… but I wont leave till my wife’s is up. When I do leave… I am not going to go to another contract. T-Mobile Value Plan is my best non-contract cell plan. Its still unlimited data (technically) and I can order a Nexus Device straight from Google and it will work just fine!

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    As someone looking to make the switch from Verizon, would T-Mobile be a good alternative? It seems like no one likes Sprint ’round these parts.

  • cgalyon

    1) I don’t have three lines to transfer, just two, 2) it doesn’t cover the ETFs (as already noted), and 3) Sprint’s pricing is hardly competitive and their network is just plain worse than VZW. If not for those reasons, I’d jump over in a heartbeat (really #3 weighs the heaviest). Like others have said, I think I’d just look at switching to a pre-paid plan on a GSM provider (Straight Talk or something like that). While the networks may not be quite as good around here, at least the pricing is far more competitive.

  • PC_Tool

    Seriously considering the three lines for the kids over to sprint (1 smart, 2 basic) and using the $400 to buy myself an SIII.

    I figure I’d then move one of the kid’s phones back to VZW, and get the SIII through Sprint.

    Would rather switch to T-Mo though….not a huge fan of Sprint.

  • edmicman

    How much are the ETFs? I thought they were like $375 which this would more than cover?

    • Jon

      Per phone. You have to do 3 phones.


    I have had quite a few of Verizons newer phones and bought them off of Craigslist. I always get them in great condition and fairly cheap($300). There is no need to leave Verizon to get a subsidized priced phone when you have that option.

  • William Murrell

    Sprint’s coverage is absolute crap. Period. I recently switched from them as I had zero coverage at my work and at my home and I live in a large metro area with LTE coverage on all the major carriers. Seriously think about it before switching to Sprint, is $400 worth crappy coverage and continuous dropped calls?

  • Butters619

    If they covered my ETF and had LTE in San Diego, I would do it.

  • cooksta32676

    This would be like leaving your trophy wife for a hooker.

    • Butters619

      As least the hooker knows what you like….

  • shdowman

    I have VZW for personal and the GS2 for Sprint as my work phone. I live in SoCal and I can say that I gave very SERIOUS thought to switching due to the savings I would receive. After 2 months of “trying out” Sprint on my work phone, I can say the service is positively HORRIBLE. Would take quite a bit for me to switch to them…

  • Guest

    Upon visiting Droid-Life, this is what I saw. I chuckled and had to share with everyone.

    • EricRees

      It’s like we planned it or something..

  • Sam Ponjican

    Not a chance. I left Sprint because of horrible data bandwidth last fall. It’ll be years before I consider them again. Upgrade your network, Sprint!

  • $400 for unlimited crap – not worth it an any price.

  • SprintNetworkLoL

    Upon opening Doid-Life to check the newsfeed….


      Hah, I thought the same when I saw “It’s a trap!!!” right under “Sprint has $400 waiting for you.” 🙂

  • MJZ

    If Sprint or TMo were to cover my ETF I’d be very tempted to leave VZW.
    I only have a single line… so the $400 promo doesn’t apply to me.

  • I hate Verizon, but I love my unlimited 4G LTE.

    If Verizon insists on not allowing me to upgrade my device at a subsidy, I might consider leaving, or I might just buy a used device.

    If Verizon forces me to migrate from unlimited data, I will leave with very little thought.

    • Futbolrunner

      Couldn’t agree with you more

    • autoverse

      While I’m a slave to the contract (with 23 months to go!), I think the best bet (for now) is no-contract. The monthly cost is still cheaper, you can get out whenever, AND most of them are unlimited data. It makes better sense. The only drawback is the lack of choice for cheap phones.

      Obviously you’re free to buy a non-contract phone at the non-contract price. The $600 I saved (or whatever) was great, but I think in the long term, paying in full and then going contractless would have been smarter.

      Oh well. Next time.

    • Day

      Y’all must not read fine print to well, but sprint data is ONLY unlimited on there network, and I know out here in Ga sprint is normally roaming off another tower. And you can only use 300mb while roaming and your bill will be ridiculous. So I left them alone

  • you literally couldnt pay me to go to sprint….hehe.

    • Tim242

      I’m a Sprint employee. Their free service isn’t enough for me to switch haha

  • Hell No!

  • tomn1ce

    What are they smoking (icrack), $400 doesn’t cover ETF or the price for the 3 phones…not to mention their network is lousy….

  • I’d actually like to see Republic wireless take off. The concept they have is very intriguing. If they got Google as a partner, they could change the game

  • anon

    these guys treat you like car salesmen. First they seat you down take your name contact info and put you in a lobby waiting room and call you up. I am not here for a doctors appointment or waiting for my tyre rotation to be done. I have not need to give my contact info just to get plan rates and shop the store. Now they dangle rebates like the car salesmen they are. I walked out to AT&T cause Verizon was ripping me 80$ a month over everyone else for the past 3 years. Unlimited plan for 1 more year is not worth that additional cost.

    • anon

      Forgot had them when I lived up north via business deal. Were great except warranty service. Move south huge snow storm takes out local tower. Most of the county has no sprint service. Call in they insist we (the entire county) left out phones out and they got to cold and “broke the radio crystals”. This went on for 2 months before someone went and fixed the tower.

  • mmoreimi

    wimax is lame and it’s going to take a while before their LTE coverage gets decent

  • Br_d

    I don’t have 3 lines, but I will seriously consider moving to Sprint when my contract is up. I have 6 months left, and if Sprint has LTE in my area by then, I will switch. The only way I will stay on VZW is if they back off on their not-offering-phone-subsidies-to-unlimited-data-customers stance.

    • michael arazan

      Sprint has 5-7 markets now with true 4g lte. 6 months before they said their start up of 4g markets was suppose to happen in 2013, sounds like a good start. I know KC and San Francisco are 2 of them.

  • Considering I just left Sprint because of all the poor coverage and SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW data speeds. I’m on AT&T now and even without LTE 4G I’m getting over 14 times the speed on my Galaxy Nexus. Unlimited data isn’t an issue either, I use around 2GB on a heavy month. Using 2GB on Sprint’s slow network was painful!

  • $400 to switch to a different carrier that gets horrible service where my family lives, non-existant/roaming where they go every weekend and I sometimes join them with a medicore cell phone selection. I think I just might do it and give up my Limited Edition Droid Razr Maxx

  • Max Luna

    No I wouldn’t. Data speeds are reminiscent of dial-up modems I had back in college, and make VZW’s 3G seem fast.

  • paul_cus

    Um, no.

  • Abrahan Reyes

    I’ll wait for my contract to expire and then will see. Leaning to leave Verizon but will see still more than a year to go maybe they will change whihc I doubt.

    • chris125

      Same most likely to a gsm carrier so I can get whatever phone I want and updates right away no carrier bs

      • JoshGroff

        So true, lol. Carriers ruin everything, they should learn they’re just a pipeline and nothing more.

    • Paying $100 for good/excellent coverage is better than paying $80 for non-existent dial-up speed coverage. If you do switch, plan on evaluating things carefully after your initial 14 days, otherwise you’re screwed for 24 months.

  • Hello no. My girlfriend has Sprint, and their service is god-awful. Verizon may be gouging me, but compared to the competition I’m STILL getting my money’s worth.

    • Agreed, Verizon is pricey but you get coverage, EVERYWHERE. And I don’t mean janky barely there coverage. Like good 3G and even 4G pretty much all over the entire country.

      • anon

        no in calif namely Sacramento down to so SF 3g is crap. You can get decent speeds of say 30kB, but the lag and packet loss are so horrible it takes forever to do anything. Google maps load so slowly it is faster to drive around until you find what your looking for. 3G was great until they got LTE. But yeah Sprint, is worse. go anywhere away from retail spaces and no data, no cellular service. Go into a large building signal drops. Drive through rich neighborhood (= no towers cause towers are ugly) no signal. AT&T is ok here but go into the boonies and your roaming if that.

        • LionStone

          So SF is covered in 4G lte, SJ to SF…keep driving north US101 to Marin, after that 3G.

      • Jarred Sutherland

        Come around where I live and 3G gets you not much better than dialup in most places. Sure the coverage is good, but the actual data speeds are garbage. LTE is even starting to slow down.

  • TheRPN

    If I ever decide to leave VZW, it will be for a no-contract provider. Period.

    • Max Luna


      • Kehin Faux

        no doubt

        • ChrisTraeger1


    • Jarred Sutherland

      Same here!

    • Just change “if” to “when” and count me in!