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Chameleon Launcher Beta Updated, Custom Wallpapers and Plenty More Inside

If you happen to be a part of the Chameleon launcher beta, then you’ll be happy to know that a new update was published last night to Google Play. Inside there are a ton of bug fixes along with some added features. Taking center stage is the ability to use custom wallpapers (finally), no longer needing your Google Play password for verification, and they have also laid the groundwork for many more widgets to come in future updates. 

They haven’t given specifics on which widgets we can expect to see, but we look forward to it. Here is the full (huge) changelog:

Here are some of the things we’ve fixed/improved:

  1. Added ability to use custom wallpapers.
  2. Internet connection is no longer required when starting Chameleon.
  3. Users no longer need to enter their Google Play password during verification.
  4. Fixed issue where App Tray icons would sometimes be duplicated when getting App info.
  5. Improvements to Home Screen Manager interface.
  6. Improvements to Widget and Wallpaper icon graphics.
  7. Implemented additional Widget APIs in preparation for upcoming Widgets.

Here are some of the things we are still working on:

  1. GMail widget sometimes not working as expected.
  2. There aren’t enough widgets (no more widgets in this update, but subsequent updates will include more widgets).
  3. Widgets appearing blank (widget is still there, but no content is displayed).
  4. Widgets being drawn twice in the same area (text doubling).
  5. Chameleon can take a long time to start.
  6. Chameleon restarts when connecting/disconnecting from dock.
  7. Chameleon not working with ROM “X” (our current focus is on maximizing compatibility with official Android versions and tablets).

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Our first walk through:


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  • To be honest Chameleon reminds me of that (now dead) Slidescreen launcher for phones (
    http://gizmodo.com/5453321/slidescreen-android-app-replaces-homescreen-with-beautiful-information ). It’s data first, rather than Apps first. I had high hopes for this approach then, as I do now.

  • i have an issue. I have the nexus 7 and downloaded the app (email received and all) but when i tap the bottom center home button, it automatically closes chameleon and goes back to the stock launcher. I’ve tried downloading home replacer app, but it just crashes. so my question is, how to I set chameleon as my default?

  • Kickstarter_regrets

    I blame the Tech online magazine reviewers who led us to believe this was the biggest thing in Android…. Very disappointed.

  • minghao


  • jaybird

    I’m sorry – what are the changes? yes, it boots faster .. still no new widgets – can’t add programs to the home screen .. no new wallpaper – want new wallpaper you have to upload it to them? WHY? it’s like a locked-down launcher .. it’s still beta .. how many months has it been in beta? .. i’m staying with Go Launcher HD on my tablet, and Go Launcher EX on my phone .. and what the hell happened to LauncherPro that was so hot a year ago? okay, that’s my friday venting ..

  • JulianZHuang

    that’s it? $50k well spent. thank god i didnt chip in.

  • KevlarGibs

    What ever happened to Cornerstone (http://www.onskreen.com/cornerstone/)
    I was way more excited about that than I am about Chameleon…

  • Keith Win

    $10!!! get the f outta heree

  • Seems this should be called an Alpha release more so than a Beta. Really not much there there, at least on my 10.1.

    • michael arazan

      People are really complaining about this app under the comment section of this app in the play store too.

  • Russ

    One thing I’m a little disappointed in is that there is no support for stock Android widgets. That seems like something that shouldn’t be too hard to do.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Don’t you need root for that?

  • muffnman

    They’ve stated on their twitter feed that they plan to release updates on a fairly tight schedule. Mondays and Thursdays. New widgets likely coming this week.


  • J Nano

    how do you put a custom wallpaper?

    • Christopher Green

      file explore (Astro) where your pictures are and tap and hold to choose send and you will see Chameleon Lancher listed

  • napes22

    Can’t wait for the new widgets. The launcher has some serious promise. Hope to see some additional app drawer options as well.

  • paladaxar

    Hey look! Real hands 🙂

  • WAldenIV

    Thank goodness they got rid of the Google password verification. Safety aside, it wouldn’t recognize my password at all. Now I can at least try the damn thing.