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Phosphor Game’s Horn Launches for Mobile Devices, Coming to Android “Soon”

This is starting to become a theme for the good Android games. This morning, the anticipated new game Horn from Phosphor Games (the makers of Dark Meadow) was released onto iTunes, but no love yet for Android. The game was previewed at Google I/O and looks genuinely awesome. The game is a third-person action adventure title where players roam around a “console-like” world all with touch controls. 

You play as Horn, the town’s young blacksmith. You wake up to find that the town is under a terrible curse that turns all living things into monsters. Naturally, you’re the only person that can lift the curse. Guess we’ll just have to wait for “soon” to come so we can get our hands on the game for a full review.

  • ashish

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  • AnotherAndroidKid

    You do not release for mobile devices if you don’t release for android. Android is more than 50% of the market now.


    • TheDrizzle

      Sadly iOS is more profitable (well it used to be), and developing on Android is “harder.” I agree that developers are missing a huge part of the market if they don’t bring their app to Android, however this game is coming to Android, it just released on iOS first.

      • Alex13111

        It’s coming out next week to Android, no worries

    • yet, iOS is, without accurate numbers on hand, over 75% of mobile gaming revenue. Plus easier to make 1 version that works for all the iOS people. With android so many different device issues. Which is one of the great things about Sony’s SDK for android… gives devs a jumpstart in making sure it works on so many devices from the start.

  • TheDrizzle

    Skeptical, yet intrigued…

  • Justin

    Hopefully not a repeat of Dark Meadow – you can’t get very far without using their in-game purchases. I’d rather pay for the initial App and have a monetary system in-game than have to pay to get the money to use in-game.

    • The game was released on iOS for like $6.99 or something, so I’m guessing there are no in-app purchases. Hopefully they don’t cry foul on piracy or something weird like that.

      And to poke at your Dark Meadow claim, I beat that game without using in-app purchases. Just sayin… 🙂

      • EvanTheGamer

        Dark Meadow is awesome(haven’t beat it yet though), but that’s pretty reassuring, knowing that you beat the game with no IAP help. Good!