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HTC Posts Kernel Source Code for DROID Incredible 4G LTE to HTCDev.com

HTC’s latest version of the DROID Incredible line didn’t impress many people, namely because it couldn’t stand up against the One X and even the One S. Nevertheless, some people did stick with the Inc 4G LTE and those customers are going to be happy with today’s news. HTC has taken to their developer website HTCDev and posted the kernel information for the device, available for download right now. This should spur some better development for the device, so if you do any work on the Incredible 4G LTE hit the source link and get your download on.


  • Jsank

    I have this phone and this it’s great. There is no other phone right now that has 4G lte, removable battery, sd slot, and is not huge. My only issue with it is there is no root method at the moment. Does anyone know how to root / rom now that htcdev has pulled it from the Site?

  • Justin

    Will this help even though the bootloader is locked currently by HTC/Verizon? I was lucky enough to get mine unlocked just before they flipped that switch. That is a pretty big wall in terms of development.

  • LionStone

    Yea it didn’t impress many especially when people put it down without any basis and touting everything Samsung these days. It didn’t impress many because it didn’t have the 4.5″ HD display, but really that’s all it doesn’t have. Maybe if there was a little bit of support for it people would know that it’s actually a solid phone, (a full review here for example would be helpful). When more phones are coming out more and more without the options we all grew to love…SD card slot, removable battery, the DROID Inc4 still gave those options. On top of that its the same chipset of its bigger brother the OneX, just underclocked to give what everyone is concerned about, GREAT battery life!

    I posted screenshots of my battery life in the 4Glte article yesterday and that was with the stock 1700mAh battery! Are you kidding me!? 4.5 hrs of screen time! This thing has NFC, connects to my car and truck seamlessly with Bluetooth, has great radios and camera (as usual), has great call quality and speaker, great slim form factor and option to add a 2150 mAh battery that doesn’t make it a brick…now how is that an “embarrassment”? Especially since later this year we’ll most likely have a version on VZW that will give a bigger form factor, higher specs and screen quality. People complained “too many phones!” and now that HTC is sticking to its word, people cry that it should’ve been this or that.

    • Pandalero

      I agree. I have one and it’s a solid phone. Some people are just spec whores… if they don’t see numbers that make them drool they dismiss the phone as crap. It’s foolish. I was lucky enough to get it and keep my unlimited data and get it unlocked and rooted before they locked it down. This device is no slouch.

    • Sobr0801

      Agreed. Great phone. They did everything right with it.

  • DanWazz

    The Incredible 4G should have just been a One X with red accents. Sad.

  • mmoreimi


    • Thanks for nothing again HTC


  • And not one f&%$ was given that day.