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How to: Set Up Lock Screen Owner Info on Jelly Bean [Beginners’ Guide]

You always want to make sure your Android device is secure. But what happens when you accidentally leave your phone somewhere and someone picks it up? In some cases, they’re likely to turn it on to see if there is contact information available. Luckily, Android offers a fantastic option for placing owner’s information right on the lock screen for this circumstance.

Let’s go ahead and set it up, that way the next time someone finds your phone, you’ll get it back safe and sound. 


1.  Open the Settings menu on your device.

Press the Menu button and then Settings. On some devices without a Menu button, you can pull down your Notification menu and select the Settings icon.

2.  Under “Personal,” select the “Security” menu.
3.  Below “Screen Security,” select the option for “Owner Info.”
4.  Check the box for “Show owner info on lock screen.”
5.  Enter the information you would like to be provided on the lock screen.

For example:

“John Doe – (123) 456-7890 – [email protected]

6.  Once your info is added, back out of that menu.
7.  Make sure it’s set up properly by turning off your screen. Turn it back on and you will see your info on the lock screen.

You have now enabled Owner Info on your device.

*Android Beginners Guide is a way for people new to Android to get to learn how Android works. We will be posting many tips and tricks on how to optimize your usage of the Android operating system.

  • Zabinator

    if it does not seem to work: DISCONNECT FROM THE CHARGER!!!

    The owner info is not shown if the phone is on a charger, and the % of charge is shown instead

  • How do you activate this on the HTC Droid DNA?

  • david

    On my Note 2 you get to this by Settings>personal>lockscreen>Owner Information

  • Tom

    I don’t know what ICS is (Ice Cream Sandwich, I gather), but I just got a Razr Maxx yesterday (Aug 21, 2012), updated the software (now Android 4.04) and with an animated wallpaper (the stock waving grass) this doesn’t work. I could well be doing something wrong, but thought you should know… Thanks for the effort. I’ll be going to South America next week and will check back for a possible update before then.

  • Tyler

    I think replacement apps such as keyboards, launchers, browsers and stuff like that would make a good tutorial. Things like how to change keyboard/homescreen. How to get it back to the stock keyboard, and stock homescreen (clearing defaults). There are some great alternative keyboards such as Swiftkey or Swype.

  • This feature actually saved me last month.

    After a night of drinking scotch straight from the bottle, I (this is all pieced together the next day mind you) threw up on my pants and shoes, took them off in the middle of the street and wandered 2 miles in the wrong direction from my apartment. The next morning I woke up without pants and shoes, much to my surprise, and walked a very shameful walk home. I got home and opened up my computer and there it was, AN EMAIL FROM SOMEONE WHO FOUND MY WALLET, KEYS, AND PHONE (G Nex) because I had my email on my lock screen.
    Dude was really classy about it too because I offered a $50 reward, but he refused.

    Actual email:
    miguel v @gmail.comJul 8to meMy name is miguel I found a phone & wallet that match your name at fremont elementary school this morning @ 8:30 am. If you get this email contact me at [redacted]. If I don’t get a response I will take it to the local police station .

    • Raven

      Saved my wife too. I had put, “If found, please call [my number].” on her phone. After having a few too many Tequila shots with some friends she left her phone in the bathroom of the bar. I had already taken her outside to the car when I got a call. It was a nice lady inside with her phone.

  • jeesung

    this is not a JB only feature.

    i have it on 4.0.4 ICS Razr Maxx, though as someone said, it puts everything onto one line vs. how you enter in settings on different lines.

  • noc007

    What I’d like to know is how to do multiple lines. At least under ICS on the D4, new lines are not registered on the lock screen. Ex:

    What gets entered:
    Line 1
    Line 2
    Line 3

    What gets displayed:
    Line 1 Line 2 Line 3

    • Droosh

      Root your phone and their is a text file you can edit. There are also root apps in the play store that will do it for you.

      • Can you please provide a link? I can’t seem to locate an app that does this.

        • Droosh

          Try JRummy’s rom toolbox
          You can change these files, back-up apps, overclock, file browse, etc.

  • Jim Brewer

    I guess RIM will sue them now because I had this on my Blackberry 5 years ago.

  • J.

    Thanks for the tip. Some of us do appreciate it. J. 🙂

  • Just out of curiosity, I would really like to see a “How to” of flashing roms and restoring previous UI settings.

    Not necessarily the first flash, but how everyone flashes their roms.

    For example, when I see a new rom out, I create a titanium backup and nandroid back up> download the zip file and gapps on my phone> boot into recovery> wipe data/cache> install new zip and gapps> reboot phone> restore titanium backup and everything goes back to normal.

    Is this how everyone else flashes new roms or is there an easier way or smoother way? Just wondering.

  • tech247

    Seriously, is this entire series some SEO bait to increase traffic and generate ad revenues??? Most of these “tutorials” are common sense and just beyond silly that they are even offered…..

    • noc007

      Not everyone is as savvy. There are some people that just wouldn’t know unless someone told them. It’s a fact of life.

  • jpiasecki17

    I will agree that this is a cool function, but it is not a jelly bean feature. This came with ICS I’ve been using it on my Verizon Gnex from day one. I use it on my Gnex, Nexus 7, and Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700.The instructions are the same to follow. Enjoy!!

    • michael arazan

      Also its about time android os builds a customize feature for your lock screen any way you want. By adding icons for quick features up to like 6-8 features in the circle, similar to what moto did with ics, but more icons.

  • How should I wipe my ass? /s

  • Corey Hass

    How is someone supposed to call you when they have your lost phone?

    • Theoretically they could call and leave a voicemail and if you have something like google voice, you’ll get a notification that you received a message… who knows

    • Have it call your mom’s phone.

      • Corey Hass


      • Tyler

        Or your google voice number maybe?

    • Roberto Elena Ormad

      Just get another SIM card from your carrier and use it on another phone.

  • In a perfect world, you’d get your phone back, but something tells me there’s a good chance it wouldn’t happen.

    • Rob

      It at least gives the option of easily finding the owner to honest people. I found a phone once and when i called a contact on the phone they wouldn’t even help me by telling me who the phone belonged to. I just turned it in to the office to let them try to figure it out after that.

  • Muddy B00ts

    I guess I can take off the post it with my info now…