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Google Play Gift Cards on the Horizon, $10 and $25 Options


A new Google Play store version 3.8.15 started trickling out to handsets yesterday, bringing with it some hidden gems that point to the introduction of gift cards. As you can see in the screenshots above, you will soon have a new option in your Action bar menu for “Redeem” that leads you to an input page for gift card numbers. There is no telling when the Android team will make this all official and activate it, but with pictures of the actual gift cards popping up (pictured below) and $25 and $10 denominations, it certainly seems like it could be at any time. 

Also included in this new Play store is a tab for “My Wishlist.” If you have a growing list of apps, books, movies, or devices that you can’t afford now, but will some day, this will be the place to keep them organized.

You can download the new 3.8.15 Play store here.

Thoughts on gift cards? Have your dreams been answered?

Via:  Android Police | Android Central

  • Seth Crain

    I wish it was called play money…

  • I just want the ability to use my Google Play balance up, even if it won’t cover the complete cost of the app, song, or whatever, and be able to pay the rest with some other means. Not being able to spend the little that remains is bogus.

    • Charlie

      Just like good old Microsoft Points on the Xbox 360. 🙁


    Screw the gift card, I just want to be able to use the ten dollars from my google wallet account!!!

    • desiman26

      They’ll probably have a way to buy digital gift cards (not just physical) and use google wallet to buy them.

      • ERIC REED

        I got the ten dollars free with my Nexus 7 purchase. But thanks to Verizon I just can’t use it. So this may just be the ticket!!!

  • vonbane

    I would much prefer being able to buy and “gift” an app directly from the store, and send it to a specified email address. (Wife, mother, friend, etc…) I would probably use that more than just giving them a blanket amount gift card. They would be nice stocking stuffers, though.

  • Josh White

    I work at Target and just saw the gift cards in a cart waiting to be put out. Check by the checkout lanes.

  • I know what I’m getting the kids for Christmas 🙂

  • admmck

    I installed it on my N7 and my Maxx and the option don’t appear either… Verified in downloaded apps that it was the updated version on both. No luck thus far.

  • ruhawaiian

    This is awesome..every holiday/birthday i have received at a minimum of one stupide itunes card…and I don’t know about anyone else on here, but I can’t stand ANY apple products…i don’t have anything and whenever i get a card i just give it to someone else because its TRASH to me!

  • Trueblue711

    About time! This is part of the reason Apps in the iTunes store sell more. It’s not always because iPhone users like to spend more money, it’s because they get numerous gift cards from friends and family members and it’s like free money to spend that they might not otherwise spend if it was coming out of their pocket.

    • cns2007

      Exactly!! The whole “Android users are cheap” label is bogus. This has always been a major advantage Apple users have had over us.

      • ERIC REED

        We never said they were “cheap”, we said they were “poor”!!

        • cns2007

          “Poor”…”cheap”…both incorrect.

  • jesterz

    No love for Droid 4 owners using 3.8.15 and probably for that matter any other smartphone using hardware nav buttons. You see there is no … appearing next to the search icon to allow access to this feature. I have also checked and the menu items do not show up any where else that I have seen. So I guess well have to wait for an update for “legacy” phones. :-p

    • You press the menu button to get the list.

      • Justin

        I updated my N7 to 3.8.15, and I don’t have Redeem or Wishlist in my menu.

      • jesterz

        I did press on the menu button and those menu items do not appear. All I get is My Apps, Accounts, Settings, and Help. So what menu button are you pushing? And are you a Droid 4 user?

  • jesterz

    No love for Droid 4 owners using 3.8.15 and for that matter probably any smartphone that has hardware nav buttons… You see there is no … at the top next to search icon. Pressed my menu button and no added items to that menu. So I guess well wait for another update for “legacy” phones. :-p

  • DanWazz

    These are what I will be asking people for on Christmas and birthdays from now on. One day I will have enough to buy a Nexus Q… when they are sold again.

  • Rob Nance

    I’m not seeing My Wishlist or Redeem on either my Nexus 7 or Verizon Galaxy Nexus… Anyone else not?

    • goatodoom

      I’m seeing the same thing…just tried on both.

      • goatodoom

        Or not seeing, as the case may be.

    • cns2007

      This hasn’t been released to the public as yet.

      • goatodoom

        Then what is the download link in the post to?

        • cns2007

          A file-sharing service, not Google.
          Like other apks, this was made available ahead of time by someone with the skills to pull and post the file.

        • the new market, those features just aren’t turned on yet by Google.

  • Buy This

    Awesome. AWESOME. Asking for this for every minor holiday and birthday. Everyone wins with a 10 dollar gift card.

    • Buy This

      Also. I just had a thought. If I save them over a year, that’s a pretty solid chunk out of a N7. I have a Xoom wifi so waiting a year would either bring something better OR perhaps a reduced cost n7. Again win/win. These cards are exponentially win

      • cns2007

        Hmmm..interesting. The card does read, “& MORE”. Would assume that implies devices too.

        • Erickbernal27

          I Would Assume It Dumps It Into Google Checkout, Which You Would Be Able To Use With Devices As Well.

        • PuzzleShot

          Probably implies Magazines and TV Shows.

          • cns2007

            Those too.

  • Been sitting on a $15 iTunes card and I have no idea what to do with it. These are actually usefull!

  • Ryan Powell

    Hopefully they sell them through the Google Play store with $10 shipping. I want to ensure that I get mine after everyone else.

  • Zach Armstrong

    Its about time.

  • Adam Emshwiller

    perfect! XMAS gift for my Android Buddies!

  • cns2007

    About Friggin’ time.

    I see a future DroidLife Gift Card Giveaway.

  • ace


    • Nex__

      I’ve always said that’s the one thing they need to get people to purchase instead of just using free apps.

      • JB

        It’s a lot easier to buy apps for your kid’s device if you don’t have to worry about them racking up thousands of dollars of charges on your card buying virtual items.

  • sc0rch3d

    if i get one more itunes card, i’m gonna scream