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Rumor: No RAZR MAXX HD Coming, Only an 8MP Camera in the RAZR HD

According the latest RAZR HD rumors, the device may not be all it has been cracked up to be. Word out of Phone Arena suggests that the device won’t have the 13MP camera that has been included in device talks for months now, and will instead carry an 8MP shooter. They are also hearing that the RAZR MAXX HD rumor, which was started over the weekend, is false. Can’t say we are surprised by that, having questioned it on Sautrday as well. Motorola apparently feels as if the 2530mAh battery inside the RAZR HD will be enough, something we would tend to agree with thanks to the incredibly efficient Snapdragon S4 processor inside

Other than that, nothing else is new out of this report. This past weekend’s rumor stated that the device may not launch until October, something also mentioned in this new report. The RAZR and RAZR MAXX will hit “EOL” (end of life) status in October, so this sort of makes sense. I still think it is going to be difficult for Motorola to sell many of these should it launch post-iPhone 5.

So according to the two most recent rumor reports, we have no mega-battery, no 13MP shooter and no launch until October. It will have the same stunning ColorBoost HD display as the Atrix HD, but is there anything else pulling you in? If all of these rumors are true, I’m starting to wonder how this device will be any better than the Galaxy S3, a smartphone that has been out for over a month already.

Thoughts on the RAZR HD now?

Via:  PhoneArena


    I’m ready for my Nexus Morph….Moto body, retina display, htc camera, maxx battery, S4 processor(or maybe something Intel)….feel free to add. ***oh and JB!!


    That is one ugly phone…

  • bikerbill

    I been waiting on this since after the RAZR launched and the HD RAZR showed up in china .. now I’m just disappointed… goes I’ll go with the HTC beast with 1080 and the beast processor

  • BigRed4X15

    For those who have not checked out the screen on the Atrix HD, you need to. The screen is really nice, and in my opinion on par with other high end devices. I compared side by side with my Maxx and it is definitely a huge leap in the right direction. Add to the screen a faster more efficient processor and NFC and you have definitely an improvement to the Razr current line up. I am not sure if the jump is big enough to justify paying full price for it, but we will see.

  • Andrex

    Really glad I got my MAXX when I did. It’s plenty fast for me, full-featured, and if HD is the only “upgrade,” I see no real benefit.

  • duke69111

    Why would anyone think that a smaller battery is ok, when you have a shot at a bigger one.

  • Jeffrey Tarman

    So basically you’re getting a phone that’s between the Razr & the Maxx but with larger screen? If the camera sensor hasn’t changed, get the Razr Maxx when it’s listed dirt cheap at Big Red.

  • cooksta3276

    So the new iPhone will be the first quad core LTE phone with an over 8mp camera on VZ? What a fail….

  • Stewie

    ” the device may not be all it has been cracked up to be.”
    but of course …

  • needzmoarHD

    Still thinking about buying this phone. I’m stuck back on my ORIGINAL Droid since I had major issues with the Gnex muting issues. See bug report here, many guys had and still have this problem:

    Passed on the S3 b/c of this, can’t go wrong with Moto call quality. For my money, if this thing has a 1.5Ghz dual core, 1GB ram, 8mp, 2530mah, 4.5″ screen, on screen keys, and build/call quality of motorola I’m buying it. Would really prefer JB, but hey ICS is a huge upgrade over my OGD right now -_-

    • jack

      Why don’t they stick the bigger battery in it for godsakes?!! I use my Droid 2 and Id stuff as much juice in there as possible!

  • daryle barden jr

    It would be a nice surprise if they’re not in a rush to get this phone out before the iPhone release because it’ll be shipped with stock ICS. Haha yeah I know pinch me so I can wake up from this dream 😛

  • I was waiting for this phone purely for the camera. Now it’s no longer worth it.

  • fixxmyhead

    yea right a couple months later they will release the maxx HD

  • Honestly, I would have more annoyed if they HAD released a MAXX HD. You don’t need two goddamn models of every phone you make, Moto.

    • Big_EZ

      It wouldn’t be a bad thing as long as it’s released at the same time, or at least announced so people van make the decision to wait for the Maxx or just het the HD.

  • What’s up with all the Droid hate? It’s call “Droid Life” for a reason??? Site should be change d to “Samsung Life” Lol.. wanted to keep my Droid, unfortunately I have jump ship to the dark side as well. Not the *phone, but Samsung (almost *phone like fan boi’s..lol) Gotta love Android!! No hate.. wanna to try something not MOTO.. been impress so far! 😉

  • Considering your average consumer will consider SIII and the Razr to be of the same quality. As will the Radio. Most average people don’t live in fring areas, or even really read up on radio performance. What will matter “I think” to consumers: 1) What VZW tells their employees to push. Likey Moto. 2) Batery size. I’m not sure if that even matters. They just look at talk time. 3) Screen size. If they are the same size phone, most will want the larger screen. Average consumers dont care about pentile and neither do I on HD devices. 4) Screen “glamour”. Both are beautiful screens, but if you hold them side by side, the much dimmer screen of the SIII will turn them off. [img]https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-BetH6fQxIWU/UCL06hJHzlI/AAAAAAAAAYk/DwEBHN2Nz-Q/s653/2012-08-08_13-44-13_864.jpg[img] SIII vs. Atrix HD on full brightness!

  • Gregero

    Someone please help me out here.

    We know they already have tester phones in the wild. What in the world could possibly make them hold this phone back until Oct-Nov…made to compete directly with the new iPhone…and still only be ICS, not Jelly bean? Either VZW, Moto or both are colossally stupid or there is something very wrong with this phone, because like everyone is saying, this is BIONIC all over again.

    Moto is like Duke Nukem Forever… every time they try to be bleeding edge they can’t stop themselves from tweaking.

    The only other thing I can think of is they have jack squat in the pipeline to push after Thanksgiving, and we can’t have that.

  • Tim242

    OMFG @ everybody calling the next iPhone, the iPhone 5. The 4S was the 5th gen iPhone. The next iPhone would be the 6, but it will just be called the new iPhone. Why do blogs insist on calling it the 5??
    -end of rant

    • Greyhame


    • InyRules

      I actually thought the same thing when they announced the 4S with people saying, “I’ll just wait for the 5th one.” -_-

  • Detonation

    Was looking forward to this…but having to pay retail, I might as well just buy a used Maxx for a fraction of the cost…

  • paddypants

    You forgot to mention that it would ship with ICS and likely not see JB until 2013. I’ve already got one foot out the door to go buy a GS3

    • Tim242

      It has an unlockable boot loader. There will be many JB ROM’s.

      • Greyhame

        Motorola phone on VZW with an unlockable bootloader… hmm…

        Well, that would explain the delay until late this year. If these spec rumors hold true, it’s not going to generate a lot of sales, and I could therefore see VZW allowing an unlocked bootloader.

      • Mike Yost

        Please inform as to how you know this?

        • Tim242

          Motorola stated not long ago, that beginning with the Photon Q, all future handsets will have unlockable boot loaders. I work in a Sprint store. The Moto rep brought the Q for our training. It is confirmed to have an unlockable bootloader.

          • Greyhame

            How many times has moto already stated this, yet failed to live up to their promise? I’ll believe it’s unlockable when I see it.

          • Tim242

            I saw it.

          • LionStone

            On Sprint but VZW is a whole ‘nother animal.

          • Tim242

            Nexus and all HTC phones on Verizon are unlockable.

  • Southrncomfortjm

    Would be nice to see a RAZR HD MAXX since battery life is a big deal to me. I always feel like my GNEX’s battery is in free fall whenever I use it, and that’s why I bought a 3800mAh extended battery. Problem, of course, is that the extended battery makes the phone huge. So, I end up dealing with the bad battery most of the time (with charger handy) and then putting in the extended battery when I’m going out on the weekend.

    • Tim242

      Extra standard battery is much better. It comes with its own charger. You just pop it in. Never a need to plug your phone in to charge, no bulky extended battery.

  • jak_341

    Wow. Launching with ICS? An OS nearly a year out of date. Pathetic Motorola. Absolutely pathetic. Can’t Google just close em down already and give the Samsung sole rights to Android?

    • Tim242

      Really??? I hope you are being sarcastic. JB is only out for Nexus devices. The Google/Moto deal just closed. Not to mention, they operate totally separate from Google.

      • All true, but JB was released in July. If the delay isn’t to finish testing on Jelly Bean, what’s the delay for?

        • Being that the device has never been announced, how do we know there’s any delay at all? Calling unannounced devices “delayed” is just odd to me.

  • Chad

    I’ll be picking it up regardless. Mainly because of Moto’s superior radio’s. I bought a S3 just so I could keep unlimited and the signal at work is terrible, where my 3 previous Moto devices always had a solid signal there. So I’ll be selling the S3 to subsidize the full retail that I’ll be paying for the Razr HD.

    • jak_341

      Motorola radios are overrated. Samsung are just as good, if not better.

      • Emad Zia

        Ha ha are you serious??

        • DontBeConfused

          I’m sticking with the s3. My radio has been good. I didn’t get any signal in the elevator at work and had several dead zones with my DROID x, but have yet to lose signal with my s3. I honestly think that issues with radios tend to be exaggerated

          • ERIC REED

            No…my SIII has a terrible signal. But other then that, it’s pretty awesome!!!

          • ezpotato

            No, the Nexus (the 2 i tried for a few weeks) had a terrible signal and crap battery life. The s3 is a world better on both ends for me.

      • Jack Holt

        I would normally agree. However the Galaxy Nexus radios just plain blow.

        • Mike Yost

          I agree with this. I can check dBm all I want, but what I see is that half the time when my GNexus only has 3G my friend with a Razr has 4G. Plain and simple.

      • LiterofCola

        And I own a unicorn that craps golden turds.

    • Emad Zia

      this is exactly what I did and exactly what I will still do

    • Tim242

      Stop looking at signal bars and look at dBm. Moto’s signal bars are inflated.

      • trust_me_im_a_lawyer

        Looking at dBm on my old Droid 2, my current Galaxy Nexus and my wife’s SIII shows that the Moto radio wasvastly superior.

        • Tim242


          • OfTheDamned

            Not really. My Razr Maxx has signal where my Nexus did not. My Razr Maxx has 4G where my Nexus couldn’t even get 3G. I’ve had plenty of Samsung and Moto devices and Moto radios on Verizon are vastly superior to Samsung.

        • T4rd

          Lies indeed. My Gnex was about 5-10dBm less than my old (and my wifes while she still had it) OG Droid. And you really can’t compare them directly because Samsung only shows their dBm rating in 10-15dBm increments (every signal bar correlates to one dBm value, no idea why they did that), whereas the OG droid it was more like in 1-2dBm increments, so it showed a more accurate rating compared to the Gnex. So they could be about the same, but the Samsung was closer to the lower increment so it just displayed that instead. Regardless, everywhere I got signal with my OG Droid, I get with my Gnex and my wife does with her Rezound, so I don’t see why it matters.

      • Lucky Armpit

        It has nothing to do with “inflated signal bars”, it has to do with how the device performs in real-world scenarios. I traded a POS Galaxy Nexus for a wonderful Razr Maxx and couldn’t be happier. I couldn’t make a phone call at work with the Nexus while the Maxx works everywhere at work – even holds a 4G signal. While I’m not inclined to get rid of my Razr Maxx for a Razr HD, you can be damn sure I’m not trading it for a Samsung of any kind. Been burned my Samsung’s horrible build quality and 1990’s-era radios one too many times.

        • jake

          my gnex gets better single then my dads razr and my old droid. but if you insist

          • LiterofCola


        • ezpotato

          Agreed. Went to the nexus, and within 2 weeks I was back on the razr. THe GS3 does perform a lot better, honestly havent had as many issues but when i travel the razr still had better call retention and stuff.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Your information is almost a year old and it shows.

        BTW Moto’s signal bars are accurate now, you may want to look it up.

  • Jeremy

    Problem is many phones have good enough battery but the MAXX was for those who still needed more on one charge. Good enough will not wow users especially with Samsung advertising the hell out of the S3 for a month now.

  • ag70

    I’m starting to lose interest in this thing. I may still get it, but if it’s not a drastic step-up from the currently available devices (much less the iPhone 5) waiting an extra month or so for the next Nexus might be the way to go.

    • Emad Zia

      why do people always say it’s either this or the iphone ? how is that even an option ?? is the current line of android phone so bad that you want to switch over to the iphone just because this 1 is not up to par of your expectations

      • ag70

        I wasn’t saying it’s this or the iPhone (I hate that thing). I was saying if the specs are on par with phones out now, and not a drastic improvement, I’d wait for the next Nexus. The reference to the iPhone was based on my assumption that it will have improved specs that could be better than the Droid RAZR HD.

      • Scott

        I was say yes, tired of getting the OS shaft on android. I will give Apple a shot , have a current OS, great hardware , bypass the carrier.

        • Scott

          12-16 month release cycle

          • Scott

            better camera

          • ezpotato

            that’s a good thing to leave android for iOS for. see ya in a few months.

            i would rather be on Gingerbread than use any iOS device.

    • Whats funny is that the iPhone 5 probably wont even be up to par with the s3/hd

    • Daniel Maginnis

      Will the nexus be out by 2013? I can’t wait to upgrade my D3 bUt this is the only phone on the horizon. Even if the rumors are true, I’ll buy it. Moto over Samsung and the form factor is much more pleasing to handle.

  • chris125

    Bionic round 2??? Come on moto

  • Ravi Shanghavi

    Wow, based on the rumours. I’d slotted it in for purchase come release after my S3. Namely as a result of the added battery. If they don’t do that. I am unlikely to bother. Shame. At a time when they need as many selling features as possible, they’re falling into mediocrity.

  • They are doing the same the same thing to Motorola Bionic….drag so long that people just gave up. I’m glad Google bought them they have a terrible roadmap on releasing products

  • JustSayin’

    MPs really don’t matter that much. It’s really about the quality of the sensor and the f/stop or aperture. Motorola has basically had a 5MP sensor with software to upscale to 8MP, which is why the picture quality can be pretty poor on some devices. Couple that with aggressive JPEG compression and JPEG settings that cause pictures to be encoded at 95% quality, and well, you get the idea.

    I’d rather have a higher quality 8MP camera than an 8MP capable sensor upscaled to 13MP via software just for advertising purposes.

    • Chad

      Well put! I’m a semi-pro photographer and you’re exactly right!

    • The main problem with 13MP cameras in smartphones, to me, is the sensor size.

      If it’s the same size, you get a considerable increase in noise; compare Sony’s 18MP sensors to Panasonic’s 12.1MP ones.

    • gokusimpson

      Agreed. The 8MP camera on my DX is crazy noisy. I’d much rather have a great sensor. I don’t need to make poster-sized prints either.

      • michael arazan

        My friend has the sprint Moto Photon from July 2011 with the 8mp camera, and shoots a lil better than my nexus from the pix he sends me. No noise in it at all either

    • It’s amazing how many sheeple still get suckered into the megapixel game in the current day, even the ones who write these articles. All they want to do is brag about specs. I would steer clear from a 13mp camera on a cell phone as the sensor size will be way too small for that many megapixels. And the result will be crap.

      I’d like to see phone builders decrease the megapixels and stuff the biggest sensor they could physically fit. THAT would improve image quality, not the little lettering next to your lens.

    • Jasaero?

  • Aardvark99

    Over the S3: On screen keys, a slightly larger battery, and *maybe* better radios/antennas. There’s aspects of Blur I like better than touch wiz. Not enough for me to feel bad for getting the G3 – esp since it isn’t even out yet.

  • I can give you reasons it will be better.
    1) Better Battery
    2) Motorolas Radios
    3) Motorolas Build Quality
    4) No Pentile
    5) Possibly shipping with JB?
    6) Thinness
    7) Blur is like AOSP
    8) On screen buttons

    • Keith Sumner

      It’s not shipping with JB, It’s shipping with ICS.

      Source: I held one in my hand.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Did your unit have the quick preview tabs for Dialer/SMS/Email etc?

      • Right..

      • Alexander Garcia

        From my source… they’re pushing for releasing it with JB, which is why the release date was pushed back to October.

    • paddypants

      It’s reportedly NOT shipping with JB.

    • Aaa

      There’s no way it is shipping with JB. Let’s be realistic.

      • How can you say a phone coming out in two months when JB came out a month ago cant ship with it? Worst comes to worst it will ship with ICS and get JB within the month. According to the leaks the model looks about done, what else could they be working on besides software?

    • T4rd

      I bet the bootloader is still encrypted despite what Moto said about no more locked bootloaders after the Photon Q.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Moto said no more locked bootloaders after the Q? Where did you hear that jibberish?

        Im pretty sure it was they will allow bootloaders to be unlocked starting with the Q and “other” various products.

        All bootloaders aee locked….some are unlockable and some are encrypted.

        • I highly doubt that they will unlock the Razr HD. This is Verizon we are talking about. Sprint is the one that allowed the Q to be unlocked.

        • All bootloaders are locked, some can be unlocked. Some other bootloaders are also encrypted but with the equivalent of 12345 as a password, and easily cracked and unlocked. Moto went with slightly more secure encryption (like you might find at the NSA or DoD).

    • 2) is likely incorrect, as the S4 chip has LTE on-die (one of the reasons it’s so efficient), though Moto may have tweaked the software to get better performance out of it than Samsung or HTC.
      4) is not reported as an issue on a screen that high res, as you can never see the pixels.
      5) just, no.
      7) & 8) These are the ones that make it for me. Old Blur is dead, and Motorola has embraced AOSP, while at the same time adding things that are actually useful ala CM9/10.

  • Marcus Schoen

    If this phone is priced at 299.99, it will stand no chance against Galaxy S iii and the 6th Generation iPhone. The only reason people buy the Razr Maxx is because of its battery, build and it being thin. I believe that a 13 megapixel camera with a Colorboost display would be the thing that will make this phone. If the camera is a failure like the models before it, Motorola could go unprofitable for much longer. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

  • Capt. Crunch

    Damn I think I’m starting to think the ATRIX HD is better

    • CopierITGuy

      Better…on at&t!?!? HA! That’s funny!

  • Stacey

    They could target it for a holiday launch, and try to sell it to consumers with no product knowledge. Other than that, unless Moto decided to go with a different chipset the phone will be the same as any other device that came out this year….So why even bother?

  • mecevans

    Was holding out, But looks like its the GS3 for me

  • Destroythanet

    In keeping with Moto’s marketing savvy, the MAXX HD will come out three months after the RAZR HD. Great way to keep customers happy and build brand loyalty lol.

  • mustbepbs

    You know what would save this phone from being completely overshadowed by the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3?

    An unlocked bootloader. Moto’s skin is close enough to stock that people would eat it right up. Moto has one shot at making this thing a hero, or a zero.

    • RiotingPanda

      Give it a rest already man…

    • Tim242

      It is unlockable.

    • gokusimpson

      Again, 99% of people don’t even know what a bootloader is and don’t care. To get market share Moto has to come out with a better overall product, not a product with an small niche feature.

  • NorCalGuy

    Situation is starting to feel a little BIONIC to me

    • zepfloyd

      Bionic announced and shown. Razr HD, unannounced, unknown. Not at all the same.

      • Well, announced and shown, then taken back, changed completely & finally released 10 months later. I think what NorCalGuy was getting at was if you wait damn near a year to release a great phone, it’s not going to be nearly as great compared to the “new phones” it’s up against.

        • zepfloyd

          That is certainly true, but the Bionic made its mark by being publicly delayed almost into Duke Nukem Forever territory. An unannounced phone can’t be delayed. Look the GSIII had multiple specs floating around in demo units a few weeks before release. Everything here is just speculation so it’s still not like the BIonic.

  • DMAN

    Let’s just hope they get to make an awesome Nexus device, because this thing is dead in the water.

  • Paul

    It still would have been an amazing phone earlier, but it was just held back too long.

  • Jigga_Z

    Kellen, I heard the battery life on the Atrix HD wasn’t too great (maybe due to the screen tech). Have you experienced that with your model, and will we get a full-fledged review? I worry that it might be the same case on this phone, even though it has a bigger battery.

    • steve0617

      The Atrix has a 1780 ma battery. The SIII has a 2100. So hopefully the 2530 should be more than enough for a day’s worth regardless of how thirsty the Moto screen is.