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Humble Bundle #3 is Live – 4 Games at a Price You Decide, Bonus if You Pay Enough

The Humble Bundle has returned this morning for a third time, giving gaming enthusiasts a chance to pick up four games at a price they can set themselves. As is always the case, you get to specify where your money goes when buying these games. You can choose to help fund a charity (Child’s Play or the EFF), give back to the developers of the games, or toss in a tip to the Humble Bundle crew. You can spend a dollar if you’d like, or you can jump up the price to whatever you feel is necessary. If you pay more than the average price, you’ll get access to a 5th game.

The Humble Bundle #3 games are Fieldrunners, Bit.Trip Beat, SpaceChem, Uplink, and Spriits. 

Here are the full details:

For two weeks, fans can pay whatever price they want to support the developers and receive the following games for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux:

  • the retro-inspired music rhythm game BIT.TRIP BEAT from Gaijin Games, making its Android and Linux debut
  • renowned tower defense title Fieldrunners from Subatomic Studios, making its Linux debut
  • the maddeningly addictive puzzle game SpaceChem from Zachtronics Industries
  • the cyberpunk hacking puzzle-adventure Uplink from Introversion Software, making its Android debut

If a buyer decides to pay more than the average price at the time of their visit to the site, then they will also receive:

  • Spirits from Spaces of Play, a darling puzzle platformer making its Windows, Android, and Linux debut

Purchasing a bundle for $1.00 or more will also unlock a Steam key for all the games.  Additionally, all the games are made available on the Ubuntu Software Center.



  • ashish

    Pls try out my new free android game:”Join Them” by searching “Fivecraft” in the google play

  • SpaceChem seems like it could be awesome, but their tutorial is broken. BAD.

    I’m at a point now where it says something, doesn’t indicate what to do, just says “you can switch between layers by touching the Toggle Layer” button” I hit the button, it does nothing.

    Kind of frustrating. Had one instance where it just stopped the tutorial completely. I had to muddle my way through the level figuring out why it didn’t work.

    • Ok, now that I am passed the odd tutorial, this is everything I hoped it would be!

  • Raven

    Just purchased. I have so far bought every single PC and Android Bundle. It is a great thing to support.

  • moelsen8

    sweet, done. what does everybody contribute to, just out of curiosity? i’ve done the default split the last two times.

    • David Henry

      Did default also, seems fair enough to me

      • moelsen8

        yeah i figure the same.

  • David Henry

    I like the set of games they gave out especially Spirit, which is an interesting take on the old Lemmings game style. Always love when these come around 🙂

  • mgamerz

    Is that McGoiter?

  • Spacechem is the best game ever!

  • br_hermon

    That stupid, annoying and GAWD AWFUL video single handedly makes me not want to buy this. What an embarrassment. It’s for charity so I’ll bite, but fire the guy who makes your promos, PLEASE!

    • David Rosen

      holy crap are you right. already purchased but just watched the video and that’s the worst thing i’ve ever heard.

  • EvanTheGamer

    HELL yeah! Have been waiting for another one of them Android Humble Bundles!

    Done and bloody done!