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Google+ App Updated, Teens Can Create Hangouts from Mobile and Other Goodies

Google’s social network Google+, just received an update that is now live on Google Play. The update includes some added features for Hangout users including the ability to join a ‘Hangout on Air’ from your mobile and teens can now create their own mobile Hangout sessions. Reportedly, people under a certain age were unable to create a Hangout before this update. Did not know that. Full changelog down below. 

What’s in this version:

  • Teens can now create and join Hangouts from mobile
  • Join Hangouts on Air from mobile
  • Floating timestamp in photos view
  • Shortcuts for post creation
  • Ability to report abuse in Events

As of late, I find myself using G+ less and less. It’s quickly becoming my red-headed step child social network. Same for you too?

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Cheers Christopher! 

  • Im using it more and more. I only have Facebook on my old iPhone 3GS and not on my Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 7, I use the browser for FB now.
    The Google+ mobile app makes it easy to go to and use first.

  • This is very off topic but I have a gs3 and when I go to my gallery I see a bunch of pictures that I uploaded to google+ awhile back and I don’t know how to get rid of them. i have checked all of my accounts and disabled most of the sync options except contacts and events. Does anyone know any solution to my problem? Thanks in advance!

  • I’m using G+ more and more. I’ve deleted my FB account and am seriously thinking of deactivating my Twitter as well. There is just so much nonsense and little engagement on the latter two, whereas on G+, there are much more meaningful and enlightening discussions.

  • MrEnglish

    Great. Teens can create hangouts. Probably going to kill the network like they did cell towers. The rush begins. meh

  • br_hermon

    I actually have been using G+ more lately. Of course, I have such a strong dislike for Facebook that my use of G+ has been more of a conscience effort. For those deep inside facebook it’s an insane asylum. I hope everyone gets out while there’s still time. Not only that but I’m pulling for G+ to continue to grow and expand.

  • I have switched completely to G+ as many of the others here. Truly amazing people on there.

  • fauxshizzl

    The “Timeline” that was forced upon me sent me to G+ way more often. I used to check it about once a day, now I check FB about once a day and spend the rest of the time on G+. Aside Timeline, I feel like there is real substance in the G+ posts. Awesome articles, lots of tech minded people posting things I don’t see anywhere else, and direct contact with some of my favorite tech writers. I could do without ever seeing another sepia instagram picture of someones food again, so FB will have to take the backseat from here on out.

  • Matthew Ross

    Not that it matters to much but my vote also goes to google plus. I do not use twitter (never have) and facebook is never constructive lol. At least on google plus I have a lot of people that are professionals in various industries that share a lot of their work and tips and such and there is a good number of hangout/podcast shows these days as well.

  • msnight04

    The funny thing is the iOS version was updated as well. Web links in G+ now open on Chrome if it’s installed. Hahaha

  • Yes, I personally started using it a lot more lately. Don’t know why, but it’s growin on me. The “teen” thing is intersting though

  • Prefer facebook cause of more users. G+ seems exactly the same to me. Except I see pictures like “share this potato for no reasons” from people i have no idea who they are on G+.

  • vonbane

    Google+ is my social network of choice, so much so that I pulled the plug on my Facebook account last week. No regrets yet.

    • Michael G

      Good for you. I’ll be doing the same by the new year.

    • I tried deleting my FB account but it was very difficult because most friends are there. So i compromised. I have both. I honestly have deleted all my FB apps from my Android phones and use the browser to log on now. I am on G+ way more now.

  • kaufkin

    agreed w/ DigitalDK and Michael G. after the FB update, I’ve moved more and more to G+. FB w/ the new and “improved” look is useless, IMHO. especially Mobile.

  • jjrudey

    No. Every other social network just gets on my nerves. I use Google+ everyday.

  • Adam Emshwiller

    I do not agree…. G+ is my most commonly used app on my GNEX and N7

  • Pdiddy187

    I prefer G+ and Twitter over everything else.

  • DigitalDK

    Same here, I sure as hell can’t stand Facebook, Twitter is really just for following Developers, and G+ is for fun, social, and facts.

    • Really? Seems like a ghost town to me. Facebook is where I get my comedy for the day, Twitter is where I get the news, and Google+….eh.

      • Google+ is a great place to meet new people who share your interests. Try using the search bar….you might just start meeting awesome people.

        • Shaun is right. With G+, you get out of it what you put into it. After conversing with new folks/strangers on G+, i’ve since met many of them in real life, and have developed lots of new friendships that i would otherwise never have made. G+ truly makes you be more social.

          • Ken Bosse

            I feel that facebook is more for people you know already. Like you said G+ introduces you to people/pages that I would of never of known of.

      • Michael G

        Comedy in the form of other people’s drama?

  • Michael G

    I’ve actually been using G+ a LOT more lately.

    • I keep giving it a chance, but since only internet acquaintances seem to use it, I can’t dedicate much time to it. I love the feature set of G+, it just seems like it needs a more active base. Or maybe I just don’t know how to use it properly. 😛

      • br_hermon

        I know what you mean there. The most use I get out of it is from reading news stuff and posts from Devs. But I figure the only way to get a more active base… is for me to be active 🙂 Hopefully more follow.

      • Michael G

        I was able to get the backdoor invite from a friend when it first rolled out. I was really excited because I love all that is Google and I really wanted to get away from Fb. It’s been over a year and I’m slowly starting to get my core friends to join as well as family members. I have a “Google+ Peeps” circle of internet friends who’ve added me from reading posts. When I lost root when my Galaxy Nexus updated I could not get it back no matter what I tried. It was people from Google+ that pointed me in the right direction to a different su.zip that worked. If people only realized the potential there’d be a bigger user growth.

      • I never use it except when bored just to see what’s trending. If I actually knew people who used it I’d use it a lot more. Almost everyone I know has an Android smart phone with a front facing camera, my small town just got 4g, and no one uses hangouts because no one is on G+. It sucks because I want to use it as my primary social app/site so bad. IMO its superior to Facebook and Twitter in every way.

        • Michael G

          Just be an annoying SOB about your friends joining ’til they actually do. That’s basically what I did. lol
          Hell, my wife finally upgraded from a flip phone to a Nexus this week and I tricked her into starting a G+ page when she created her GMail account. She’s so trusting… lol

    • GK

      Same here. I recently started using it LOTS more because of its imagesharing and videochat features.