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Galaxy Nexus LTE Update IMM76Q Sneaks Into Some Replacement Phones, is Not a Good Thing

Remember the mysterious IMM76Q update that showed up on a developer Galaxy Nexus LTE a couple of weeks ago? According to a handful of readers, this update has been pre-loaded onto a batch of replacement G-Nex devices, and this isn’t a good thing. 

One of our readers went through 3 replacement devices over the last week, all of which ran this new IMM76Q software. He said that his phone has been unable to hold a 4G connection for more than a few minutes at a time. It could have something to do with new radios in the update, as the baseband has changed to I515.10 V.FC04, from the I515.09 that came with IMM76K. (Edit:  As some have pointed out, the .10 refers to the hardware version, not software. It’s a mystery then as to why IMM76Q is destroying connectivity.)

He is also noticing that the on-device search seems to have been dumbed down and no longer returns results for apps or contacts, something we were afraid would come with the next update thanks to ongoing battles with Apple.


We aren’t sure exactly why only replacement devices are coming pre-loaded with this update. We also do not think that all replacements have IMM76Q, but if you get stuck in a batch of replacements that have been, you may be in for a rough ride. We are hearing that some stores have marked the devices with “Updated” stickers and are sending them back in some cases because of the number of issues that users have experienced. In fact, one of our readers took his device in to be looked at, and once the rep saw the “Updated” sticker, immediately knew the issues at hand.

Update:  As many readers have pointed out, this could have to do with the .10 version of the device, or just replacements in general. I’ll just say this – hopefully none of you have to get a replacement any time soon, as our comments on this thread alone are filled with users who have had nothing but problems with them.

If you have received a replacement Galaxy Nexus from Verizon over the last couple of weeks, how has your device been acting? Is it running IMM76Q?

Cheers Tim!

  • hilbillybone

    I’m on my third one soon to be fourth they’ve all had the updated sticker on them all with this number on them every phone has a different problem but nonetheless still nota an operating phone

  • konocwa

    Anyway, I got an IMM76Q replacement from Verizon and it worked horribly. Could not stay connected for more than a couple minutes. I rooted the phone and did not realize that this IMM76Q is not available, so now I have a rooted phone that I can not return to factory specs and I already got another replacement, so I need to send this back to Verizon. The second replacement works better, but not as good as my IMM76K phone did.

    Anyone know where to get the IMM76Q image?

  • konocwa

    I though this was an IMM76Q discussion.

  • Unfortunately I have one of these phones that run IMM76Q, and it blows. Pretty irritating actually. Everything that was described on this topic has been happening.

  • I got a replacement Gnex from VZW a few weeks ago, running IMM76Q, and sure enough I have this exact problem.

  • I am on my fifth device all of which keep arriving with IMM76Q. They can’t hold a signal for more than a few minutes. Others in the same room with the same phone but IMM76K do not have a problem. On a number of calls to Verizon, they’ve reached out to Samsung but there has been no comment from Sammy. Verizon has offered an alternative phone but of course it is a yesteryear phone and not something comparable. I’m about to ask for a sixth device — if anyone has any advice then please let me know.

  • teevirus

    Just activated my replacement device about 16 hours ago and it became clear that I got a problem device. After going through the troubleshooting with verizon they transferred me to Asurion the insurance company and they are going to ship me my 2nd replacement phone.

    They said this phone would be a new phone versus what I can only assume is a referb phone. Fingers crossed hope this is the last time I have to do this.

  • Christopher St. John

    I received a replacement Galaxy Nexus on 8/23/2012 with I515.10 and IMM76K. It has been dropping the 4g connection every 5-or-so minutes in the Atlanta area. If I switch to CDMA mode it seems to work better, but not perfectly.

    After getting to 2nd tier technical support, I was offered a Droid RAZR replacement because “an engineer has noted that the Nexus [does not work well] in your area.” I suggested a RAZR Maxx, and he agreed.

    • Tim Swann

      I have gone through 3 replacement devices and have the same problem on every one of them. I was actually the one that sent in the screenshots. I was offered the HTC Rezound and told them they were on crack (not really, but wanted to)

      • Christopher St. John

        I’m using the RAZR Maxx today. All of my connection and call quality problems are gone. I’m wrestling with bloatware instead and the lack of a good Gallery app, but all in all I’m pretty happy with the trade.
        I wonder if the Jelly Bean update leaked yesterday would help matters with the Nexus, but I just don’t have the patience to stick with it anymore.
        I really wanted Verizon’s experiment with the Nexus line to be a success. This is a disappointment.

  • Received my 5th Nexus today, Build IMM76Q BASEBAND I515.10 V.FC04 / I515.FC05

    And this one works it hasnt dropped signal or calls yet, running for about 3 hours now.

    only difference i spotted between this phone and the previous 4 is the REV. This new replacement phone is REV 12.06 the previous 4 were REV 12.07 and 12.01

  • On my 4th replacement nexus all have same problem no data connection or mobile network found when CDMA/LTE is enabled. Build IMM76Q BASEBAND I515.10 V.FC04 / I515.FC05

    • Tim Swann

      I have been going through this for a month now. Same exact problem.

  • I think its definetly hardware. Verizon and samsung have told me that there is a known issue and they dont want to ship out any more refurbed galaxy nexus phones. They are offering me a Razr which i dont want. Verizon has been very bad in this situation I wish we could get the thousands of people to gather some kind of lawsuit.what can we do

    • Tim Swann

      I would be happy to get involved in a class-action suit. I was the one who sent in the screenshots and figured out (after he posted) that it had to be hardware-related and not software-related. Still don’t have a phone that works.

  • ShyGuy1983

    So where does one go to get Jelly Bean for the IMM76Q?

    Any links or accessory info would be helpful. I’m coming from a Droid X to Galaxy Nexus (HUGE Improvement) No problems so far with connectivity and I have an IMM76Q. However, the FIRST Galaxy Nexus I got, I decided to test before I left the parking lot, 4G dropped 5 times while there. Took it back into the store and they instantly replaced it. Seemingly no problems since then… Now I want my Jelly bean but dunno where abouts to get it… On Verizon of course… Any help I would be grateful. I’m somewhat tech saavy and rooted my last phone so I’m not completely ‘blonde’. Just looking for a starting point… Thanks Guys!

  • Jay Lefkowicz

    Sent my phone into Samsung so they could clear the NFC chip, I locked it up. They didn’t fix NFC, but sent the phone back with IMM76Q. Yuk!

    • Tim Swann

      you got sent a replacement device. not the same phone. the took the lazy way out.

      • bigknowz

        nope, same device with new version

        • Tim Swann

          ouch. that sucks

  • Dennis Vernazzarro

    I am currently going through this problem. My Nexus replacement came in a little more than a week ago and had the connection problem. It starts off with a display that looks like I have a signal. When trying to use the internet multiple times the phone realizes it does not have a connection. The signal display changes to an x and then tries to find a signal. It eventually finds the signal and displays it. This can take minutes.

    I called today to get the replacement fixed. Verizon tech support told me they know of this problem and that any replacement will likely have the same problem. They asked me to try replacing the sim card first. Just got back from a trip across the street to my local Verizon store. Replacing the card had no effect.

    They have mentioned giving me a different model as a replacement, but unless it is a Galaxy III it would feel like a step down.

    • Hey what is your resolution i have the same problem they want to send me a droid razr
      Not acceptable !!!!!

  • Joshua Colon

    My replacement Nexus has this “update”. It’s truly HORRIBLEEEEE! I’ve never had a worse experience with a phone. My previous GNex was having connectivity issues as well, which is why the store rep ordered the replacement. But this one is completely worse. Not only that, but the volume is so weird. Notifications sound off normal, but when calling, it’s impossible to hear the other person unless I have them on speaker. Music stored on the device and Pandora will not emit any type of sound. Random. What should I do? I don’t think Verizon can really help….

  • JetmanFL410

    After 3 replacements with the dropped network problem, I finally got one that works. Really weird purple tint to it, but I’m not sending this one back to just get another one that drops thenetwork! Verizon sucks now!

    • Hey what is your resolution i have the same problem they want to send me a droid razr
      Not acceptable !!!!!0 •Edit•Reply•

      • JetmanFL410

        I’m not sure where u find the resolution at. The screen is still crisp and looks good, but just have the purple tint to it on certain black or grey pages. They wanted to give me the razor too and I said no thanks. The GN is there first phone I have been happy with minus the camera

        • I have now been through 5 and went to two store that all have the revision 12.01 that doesnt work. I cant get them to send me a new one in the retail box. they are scum. they need to make this right

  • ok I got what I thought was a brand new phone, charged for a brand new phone (I was due for new every 2 anyway) and I have an UPDATED sticker and the build referenced here. Signal has been hit or miss but is this telling me I just bought a refurb/replacement nexus for full price? And how do I fix it without rooting it?

  • TheBigK

    I think the Verizon holdup with JB is they are working on some fix for these signal issues to release with the JB build. Just my opinion, but I can’t believe they would be dumb enough to release new software without also addressing a known issue in their previous build release. Stay patient,I for one think we will see an end to the signal issue when they finally push the OTA

  • TheBigK

    I’m running IMM76Q and just got my device a couple of weeks ago new. I too cannot hold a 4G signal for more than a few mins at a time and most of the time it is 30 secs or less. Wheni switch to CDMA I have no issues. I for one don’t care much about 4G as it is spotty around here, and having it on CDMA helps my battery. The phone is fast enough on 3G for me so I’m good with it.

  • Yep – got a replacement a few weeks back, running IMM76Q. Doesn’t hold a data connection worth crap, device search is retarded 😛

    The best part is that I requested a replacement due to the data connection issues with my first one, and this is actually a step back 😛

  • Patents are the #1 reason to root your phone these days. It’s the only way to ensure your tech ins’t stymied by the fat cat patent wars.

  • Jimmah555

    I recently (August 9, 2012) made the jump from T-Mobile to Verizon and got two of the free Galaxy Nexus phones from Best Buy. Both are IMM76Q, and I have yet to have a problem with them. They had little stickers on the box and the plastic bag the phone was in (inside the box) that said “Updated” on them. I immediately hacked both (within an hour), but they are still running stock ROMs with zero problems. I’m betting the IMM76Q update is just taking the blame for a huge batch of bad phones that are circulating, but I’ve been wrong before 🙂

  • Guest

    I recently (August 9, 2012) made the jump from T-Mobile to Verizon and got two of the free Galaxy Nexus phones from Best Buy. Both are IMM76Q, and I have yet to have a problem with them. They had little stickers on the box and the plastic bad the phone was in (inside the box) that said “Updated” on them. I immediately hacked both (within an hour), but they are still running stock ROMs with zero problems. I’m betting the IMM76Q update is just taking the blame for a huge batch of bad phones that are circulating, but I’ve been wrong before 🙂

  • cmcfalls2

    I’m telling you people, it’s a hardware issue. Check your phone’s baseband (Settings > About Phone). I’m willing to bet the overwhelming majority of you having the data issues have .10 versions.

    This is the updated hardware (made in China) and is apparently inferior to the .09 version (make in Korea).

    The majority of .09’s do not have the issue, while there are VERY few .10’s that do not.

  • Jim

    I actually just got my 3rd Gnex today. It is running IMM76Q. Oddly enough, it is the first device that I’ve gotten that HASN’T dropped 4G every 5-10 minutes. (This is why the first two went back.) I don’t know if the ‘Q’ is having problem, but I’m glad that I finally got a good piece of hardware. At least, I think I have. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  • Julien Duplant

    I got my Galaxy Nexus on launch day and I’ve never had any issue with 4G connectivity. Two of my close friends did the same and they never had trouble either.

    A few months ago, I got my girlfriend a brand new GN at our local Verizon store–it could never hold a 4G connection. We swapped it out for another new one in the store–same issue. Finally we did a warranty swap and the new phone had the same trouble. We sent it in one last time and finally got one that worked.

    I was amazed at how many phones seemed to be affected. It was even more frustrating at how unwilling Verizon was to help us. They sold us a lemon in the store and expected us to keep swapping refurbs until we got a good one. One of the worst customer service experiences I’ve had.

  • JY20

    I think the signal dropping has to do with Verizon’s 4G towers. I have a Thunderbolt and it’s been dropping all data every now and then. I rooted it and am running Liquid smooth, but the drops still happen.

    I have a stock Galaxy Nexus LTE for work and it doesn’t drop signal, but sometimes it lags in getting a 4G signal. Thought for the longest time it was the phone, but after rooting and seeing a thread going on the Verizon Wireless discussion boards, I really think it’s a Verizon 4g tower issue. Anyone else experiencing the same?

  • my dad got a brand new nexus with this update on it. his connectivity was crap until i put cm9 on it for him. such a pain.

  • Manny Subia

    I just recieved my SGN back from Samsung for Repairs. I was noticing that my LTE connectivity is HORRIBLE now,……..WTH??

  • BTLS

    I got 2 replacements, both
    IMM76Q. The first one could not make a single call, but the 2nd one (running .09 version) has been great