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Pebble Shows Off Watch UI Progress in Latest Video

The Pebble E-paper watch was the talk of the town back in April as it crushed every Kickstarter record known to man. As an affordable “smart watch,” it claimed it could do all sorts of magic, thanks to an e-paper display that can last up to 7 days. It also has much of the same functionality that you will find in the MotoActv or Sony Smartwatch, except that at $115, it comes in at a fraction of the price.

In a recent update to the project, the Pebble team apologized for their last update, which briefly mentioned a delay in manufacturing (September is no longer happening), but to help make up for it, released this video that shows some UI elements. You can see that this is definitely still a work-in-progress. Emulators for real time developing have been created, however, they still have a ways to go before this thing is going to be ready for shipping. With said, I’m really liking the minimal styling that this e-paper display presents. 

  • Rob

    they got over a million dollars to make this from kickstarter and now there saying the septemeber date is a no go now. Thats bull crap. PPL paid for this watch and now its delayed. Thats bull crap. I think they need to be refunded and the company should fund the project them selfs. They funded the original watch so why not this one. Oh its because no one wanted the older watch.

    • Forbes5

      This is a start up company that has never released a product. There is bound to be a couple s.n.a.f.u.s along the way. But with luck they may be ready before christmas.
      I hope they aren’t made in china. Too bad investing in kickstarter doesn’t give you a small profit of percentage from the company sales for early investment like real companies do.

      • This is not a start up company. they have been n busy for a few yrs now and they made the first watch which was for blackberry then for android.

  • Sean Lally

    Is there a gps in the pebble? If not, can’t compare it to the Motoactv. Not sure about the Sony watch.

    • Tommy Thompson

      Sony watch doesn’t have GPS. Not sure about Pebble, if it did I would definitely consider it. I am hoping Moto comes out with a new Actv. I love mine.

    • Laki S.

      Neither Pebble or Smartwatch have built in GPS. They get all their information from the cellphone they’re linked to.

  • tomgillotti

    Come on Google with a Nexus W 😉

    And rumor mill, turn! 😛

  • nhizzat

    Just picked up an 8gb Motoactv for $140 and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. The pre-order site is showing $150, where are you seeing it for $115? I’ll buy one at that price even right I’ve got a Motoactv on my wrist.

    • spickle

      it was $115 if you backed it on Kickstarter (which i did). but i believe as you stated it will sell for $150 when they hit stores.

  • nightscout13

    Looks good. I want.

  • Tasty

  • KleenDroid