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Microsoft SkyDrive App Coming Soon to Android

The Microsoft SkyDrive team announced today that they have built an Android app which will be available in the coming weeks. After releasing a newly revamped web version of SkyDrive, along with new Windows and OSX clients, they mentioned that this new Android app will allow users to “browse your SkyDrive, upload files to SkyDrive, as well as share SkyDrive files with “Send a link.” You’ll also be able to open SkyDrive files from other apps, as well as upload, save, and share to SkyDrive from other apps.”

For those not familiar with SkyDrive, simply think of it as a cloud storage service similar to Google Drive or Dropbox, but built by Microsoft. 

Here are a couple of screenshots from the app:

A look at the new web SkyDrive:


Via:  Inside SkyDrive

  • Been waiting for this. This makes it easier to share docs if I decide to pick up a windows phone or surface tablet.

  • feztheforeigner

    Google won my soul and my cloud solution… Sorry…

    • do they still claim rights to all your stuff you upload?

      • Noyfb

        Nobody went to windows os, so microsoft is trying to bring it to you through the android market.
        So if apple brings their icloud to the android market, do they sue themselves?

        • i dont see how this is relevant to my comment on google drive…

      • Droidzilla

        That’s Facebook you’re thinking of.

        • Nope, when Google Drive launched anything you uploaded Google had free grabs at. I’m asking if they changed the ToS away from that yet.

  • Capt. Crunch

    Maybe MS Office is coming soon

    • I wouldn’t be surprised, they already have the beta out for Office 2013, and the UI is extremely similar feeling to Skydrive/Outlook now.

  • Aegis

    I know they’re probably different dev teams, but I’m more interested in the team that’s supposed to give us the SmartGlass app.

  • The problem is all the Office apps only work with Dropbox or Drive. Some with Box. But until 3rd party apps can directly use skydrive, my free 25GB is going to sit sadly empty.

  • desiman26

    Yay!! About time Microsoft made this as an Android app. Looking forward to it. Reminds me of the new Hotmail (or now called Outlook) look.

  • lamenting

    I don’t think this has desktop sync though right? So it should be more compared to Amazon’s Cloud Drive.

    • it does. its called Mesh and it works great.

      • lamenting

        Ah nice.. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/skydrive/mesh-users I’m deciding which syncing solution I’m going to put my money into. Leaning towards Google Drive for the price, but love the ubiquity of Dropbox.

        • Sean Maloney

          Even better than Mesh is native integration with Windows 8. If you log on to Windows 8 with your MS account, it will sync your files and settings with SkyDrive, in real-time, between all your Windows 8 devices. You can even log on to someone else’s PC and all your stuff will appear to be local. I don’t know if the Android app plans to be as full featured as the Windows Phone 8 version, but we’ll see soon!

          • lamenting

            Well it wouldn’t be practical to sync down gigs to your phone since space is limited. 😉

        • Imo Box is better than Dropbox. I think theres an desktop app if you pay. If there is i think it probably beats dropbox

          • lamenting

            You only get desktop syncing with their Business or Enterprise accounts. The business account requires a minimum of 3 users at $15 each = $45/month. No go on that..

          • Right. I never looked into it. I use social folders for syncing, but its not as fluid and painless as dropbox

          • LOL box just emailed me about Box Sync. Guess its free now. Edit: or i guess only if you have a custom domain email.

          • lamenting

            ha yeah saw that on Lifehacker. 100MB filesize limit though. I think I’ll be buying more Google Drive storage.

          • just zip them into 99mb files. not like it takes any longer to do anything. but free 50gb of storage is hard to ignore for me. and i can make as many accounts as i want with that.

    • desiman26

      They have a desktop program, similar to the dropbox program. Not really part of Mesh. https://apps.live.com/skydrive

      • lamenting

        nice.. just downloaded. synced as normal with a folder on the computron.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    FinallY! . . . A Better way to ENJOY MY Free 25GBs! Online UI is really great too.

  • Flat_Stanley

    Also, the OneNote app was updated to support Jelly Bean

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I don’t care

    • Zane


      • Cowboydroid

        Why would anyone with an Android care about Microsoft’s “mobile products?”

        • chris

          Well how about its free cloud storage up to 7gb. I have every free cloud storage service I can find makes me safer about my pictures and what not. Plus its not really a mobile product as much as mobile access to their product.

          • Cowboydroid

            People can get a free 5GB on Google Drive, that works seemlessly with their Android. Why go through the hassle of using a Microsoft product that almost assuredly will take much more effort to use?

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            What’s so seamless about the Drive APp? It works just like any other 3rd party app. Nothing special about it. And Microsoft gave 25GB free…before they switched up… now its 7GB free/more than Google.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          People who aren’t blinded fanboys ^^

  • I would use this, but I have a feeling that if Windows Phone 8 ever picks up, this app will be abandoned, and I’d be stuck with all my stuff on their servers.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I highly doubt that. It’s another revenue stream for Microsoft… just like everything else they do

  • Dropbox forever